Paclitaxel and epirubicin versus paclitaxel and carboplatin as first-line chemotherapy in patients with advanced breast cancer: a phase III study conducted by the Hellenic Cooperative Oncology Group (Structured abstract)      
Paclitaxel and gemcitabine vs. paclitaxel and pegylated liposomal doxorubicin in advanced non-nasopharyngeal head and neck cancer: an efficacy and cost analysis randomized study conducted by the Hellenic Cooperative Oncology Group (Structured abstract)      
Paclitaxel hypersensitivity reactions: assessment of the utility of a test-dose program (Structured abstract)      
Paclitaxel plus carboplatin, compared with paclitaxel plus gemcitabine, shows similar efficacy while more cost-effective: a randomized phase II study of combination chemotherapy against inoperable non-small-cell lung cancer previously untreated (Structured abstract)      
Paclitaxel plus carboplatin versus gemcitabine plus paclitaxel in advanced non-small-cell lung cancer: a phase III randomized trial (Structured abstract)      
A paediatric telecardiology service for district hospitals in south-east England: an observational study (Structured abstract)      
Pain after transrectal ultrasonography-guided prostate biopsy: the advantages of periprostatic local anaesthesia (Structured abstract)      
Pain control following elective gastrointestinal surgery: is epidural anesthesia warranted? (Provisional abstract)      
Pain relief for reduction of acute anterior shoulder dislocations: a prospective randomized study comparing intravenous sedation with intra-articular lidocaine (Provisional abstract)      
Painful procedures in children with cancer: comparison of moderate sedation and general anesthesia for lumbar puncture and bone marrow aspiration (Structured abstract)      
Painless intravenous catheterization by intradermal jet injection of lidocaine: a randomized trial (Structured abstract)      
Palivizumab for immunoprophylaxis of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) bronchiolitis in high-risk infants and young children: systematic review and additional economic modelling of subgroup analyses (Provisional abstract)      
Palivizumab for respiratory syncytial virus prophylaxis in high-risk infants: a cost effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Palliation of inoperable malignant colonic obstruction: comparison and cost effectiveness analysis between stent placement and stoma creation (Provisional abstract)      
Palliative treatment of advanced esophageal cancer. Comparative study: auto-expandable metal stent and isoperistaltic esophagogastric bypass (Structured abstract)      
Palliative treatment of advanced esophageal cancer with metal-covered expandable stents: a cost-effectiveness and quality of life study (Structured abstract)      
Palonosetron hydrochloride is an effective and safe option to prevent chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting in children (Provisional abstract)      
The palpable breast nodule: a cost-effectiveness analysis of alternate diagnostic approaches (Structured abstract)      
Pamidronate for the prevention of skeletal-related events in multiple myeloma: what does the public think it is worth? (Structured abstract)      
Pamidronate in prevention of bone complications in metastatic breast cancer: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Pan computed tomography versus selective computed tomography in stable, young adults after blunt trauma with moderate mechanism: a cost-utility analysis (Provisional abstract)      New 
Pancreas transplantation in Ohio: a 15-year outcomes analysis (Structured abstract)      
Pancreatic cancer: cost-effectiveness of imaging technologies for assessing resectability (Structured abstract)      
Pancreatic-stent placement for prevention of post-ERCP pancreatitis: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Provisional abstract)      
The pancreaticojejunal anastomotic stent: friend or foe? (Provisional abstract)      
Panitumumab: human monoclonal antibody against epidermal growth factor receptors for the treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer (Provisional abstract)      
PAPNET-assisted rescreening of cervical smears: cost and accuracy compared with a 100% manual rescreening strategy (Structured abstract)      
Parathyroidectomy versus cinacalcet hydrochloride-based medical therapy in the management of hyperparathyroidism in ESRD: a cost utility analysis (Provisional abstract)      
Parent "cocoon" immunization to prevent pertussis-related hospitalization in infants: the case of Piemonte in Italy (Provisional abstract)      
Parenteral nutrition combined with enteral nutrition for severe acute pancreatitis (Provisional abstract)      
Parenteral nutrition does not improve postoperative recovery from radical cystectomy: results of a prospective randomised trial (Provisional abstract)      
Parenting programme for parents of children at risk of developing conduct disorder: cost effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Partial-breast irradiation versus whole-breast irradiation for early-stage breast cancer: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Partial hepatectomy or orthotopic liver transplantation for the treatment of resectable hepatocellular carcinoma: a cost-effectiveness perspective (Structured abstract)      
Partial versus full sternotomy for aortic valve replacement (Structured abstract)      
Partially hydrolysed 100% whey-based infant formula and the prevention of atopic dermatitis: comparative pharmacoeconomic analyses (Structured abstract)      
Participation of the general gynecologist in surgical staging of endometrial cancer: analysis of cost and perioperative outcomes (Provisional abstract)      
Partner notification for syphilis: a randomized, controlled trial of three approaches (Structured abstract)      
Partner notification to prevent pelvic inflammatory disease in women: cost-effectiveness of two strategies (Structured abstract)      
Passive immunisation against respiratory syncytial virus: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Provisional abstract)      
Patellar resurfacing in total knee replacement: five-year clinical and economic results of a large randomized controlled trial (Structured abstract)      
Paternity leave in Sweden: costs, savings and health gains (Provisional abstract)      
Pathologic evaluation of routine pediatric tonsillectomy specimens: analysis of cost-effectiveness (Provisional abstract)      
Patient and hospital benefits of local anaesthesia for carotid endarterectomy (Structured abstract)      
Patient blood management in elective total hip- and knee-replacement surgery (Part 1): a randomized controlled trial on erythropoietin and blood salvage as transfusion alternatives using a restrictive transfusion policy in erythropoietin-eligible patients (Provisional abstract)      New 
Patient-centered management of complex patients can reduce costs without shortening life (Provisional abstract)      
The patient-centered medical home an evaluation of a single private payer demonstration in New Jersey (Provisional abstract)      
Patient-centered outcomes of a value-based insurance design program for patients with diabetes (Provisional abstract)      
Patient-centred and professional-directed implementation strategies for diabetes guidelines: a cluster-randomized trial-based cost-effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Patient characteristics associated with vasectomy reversal (Structured abstract)      
Patient-controlled analgesia compared with interval analgesic dosing for reducing complications in blunt thoracic trauma: a retrospective cohort study (Provisional abstract)      
Patient-controlled analgesia versus conventional intramuscular injection: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Patient-controlled sedation and analgesia, using propofol and alfentanil, during colonoscopy: a prospective randomized controlled trial (Provisional abstract)      
Patient-delivered partner treatment for Trichomonas vaginalis infection: a randomized controlled trial (Provisional abstract)      
A patient education program is cost-effective for preventing failure of endoscopic procedures in a gastroenterology department (Structured abstract)      
Patient level decision making in recurrent acute rhinosinusitis: a cost-benefit threshold for surgery (Provisional abstract)      
Patient-motivated prevention of lifestyle-related disease in Japan: a randomized, controlled clinical trial (Provisional abstract)      
Patient navigation for breast and colorectal cancer in 3 community hospital settings: an economic evaluation (Structured abstract)      
Patient outcomes and economics of once-daily tacrolimus in renal transplant patients: results of a modeling analysis (Structured abstract)      
Patient outcomes, economic benefits associated with a heparin change in hemodialysis, and nurses' satisfaction (Provisional abstract)      
Patient referral by telemedicine: effectiveness and cost analysis of an intranet system (Structured abstract)      
Patient-reported outcomes after single-incision versus traditional laparoscopic cholecystectomy: a randomized prospective trial (Provisional abstract)      
Patient satisfaction and cost-effectiveness following total pancreatectomy with islet cell transplantation for chronic pancreatitis (Provisional abstract)      
Patient satisfaction and costs associated with insulin administered by pen device or syringe during hospitalization (Provisional abstract)      
Patient satisfaction is comparable to early discharge versus overnight observation after elective percutaneous coronary intervention (Provisional abstract)      
Patient self-management of anticoagulation therapy: a trial-based cost-effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Patient self-management program for diabetes: first-year clinical, humanistic, and economic outcomes (Provisional abstract)      
Patient self-testing of prothrombin time after hip arthroplasty (Structured abstract)      
Patients' costs and cost-effectiveness of tuberculosis treatment in DOTS and non-DOTS facilities in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Provisional abstract)      
Patients whose GP knows complementary medicine tend to have lower costs and live longer (Provisional abstract)      
Patients with coronary stenosis and a fractional flow reserve of >=0.75 measured in daily practice at the VU University Medical Center (Provisional abstract)      
Patients with polycystic kidney disease would benefit from routine magnetic resonance angiographic screening for intracerebral aneurysms: a decision analysis (Structured abstract)      
Patients with severe stroke benefit most by interdisciplinary rehabilitation team approach (Structured abstract)      
Patients with type 2 diabetes benefit from primary care-based disease management: a propensity score matched survival time analysis (Provisional abstract)      
Patterns, costs and cost-effectiveness of care in a trial of chemotherapy for advanced non-small cell lung cancer (Structured abstract)      
Patterns of care, outcomes, and direct health plan costs of antiepileptic therapy: a pharmacoeconomic analysis of the available carbamazepine formulations (Structured abstract)      
Patterns of sickness absence a decade after pain-related multidisciplinary rehabilitation (Provisional abstract)      
Payer decision-making with limited comparative and cost effectiveness data: the case of new pharmacological treatments for gout (Provisional abstract)      
The pediatric asthma intervention: a comprehensive cost-effective approach to asthma management in a disadvantaged inner-city community (Provisional abstract)      
A pediatric asthma unit staffed by respiratory therapists demonstrates positive clinical and financial outcomes (Structured abstract)      
Pediatric continent reservoirs and colocystoplasty created with absorbable staples (Provisional abstract)      
Pediatric distal radial fractures treated by emergency physicians (Provisional abstract)      
Pediatric endocrine surgery: who is operating on our children? (Provisional abstract)      
Pediatric robot-assisted laparoscopic varicocelectomy (Provisional abstract)      
'Pedometers cost buttons': the feasibility of implementing a pedometer based walking programme within the community (Structured abstract)      
Peer-delivered smoking counseling for childhood cancer survivors increases rate of cessation: the Partnership for Health Study (Structured abstract)      
Peer referral for HIV case-finding among men who have sex with men (Provisional abstract)      
Pegaspargase versus asparaginase in adult ALL: a pharmacoeconomic assessment (Structured abstract)      
Pegfilgrastim for the prevention of febrile neutropenia in patients with epithelial ovarian carcinoma: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Provisional abstract)      
Pegfilgrastim prophylaxis is associated with a lower risk of hospitalization of cancer patients than filgrastim prophylaxis: a retrospective United States claims analysis of granulocyte colony-stimulating factors (G-CSF) (Provisional abstract)      
Pegfilgrastim reduces the length of hospitalization and the time to engraftment in multiple myeloma patients treated with Melphalan 200 and auto-SCT compared with filgrastim (Provisional abstract)      
Pegfilgrastim-versus filgrastim-based autologous hematopoietic stem cell mobilization in the setting of preemptive use of plerixafor: efficacy and cost analysis (Provisional abstract)      
Pegfilgrastim vs. filgrastim for supportive care after autologous stem cell transplantation: can we decide? (Structured abstract)      
Peginterferon alfa-2a versus peginterferon alfa-2b as initial treatment of hepatitis C virus infection: a cost-utility analysis from the perspective of the Veterans Affairs health care system (Structured abstract)      
Peginterferon alfa and ribavirin for chronic hepatitis C in patients eligible for shortened treatment, re-treatment or in HCV/HIV co-infection: a systematic review and economic evaluation (Provisional abstract)      
Pegylated interferon alpha-2a and -2b in combination with ribavirin in the treatment of chronic hepatitis C: a systematic review and economic evaluation (Provisional abstract)      
Pegylated interferon-associated retinopathy is frequent in hepatitis C virus patients with hypertension and justifies ophthalmologic screening (Provisional abstract)      
Pelvic endometriosis: impact of magnetic resonance imaging on treatment decisions and costs (Structured abstract)      
Pelvic floor consequences of cesarean delivery on maternal request in women with a single birth: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Pelvic reconstruction with allogeneic bone graft after tumor resection (Provisional abstract)      
Pemetrexed disodium for the treatment of malignant pleural mesothelioma: a systematic review and economic evaluation (Provisional abstract)      
Penetrating neck trauma: sensitivity of clinical examination and cost-effectiveness of angiography (Structured abstract)      
Peng's binding pancreaticojejunostomy after pancreaticoduodenectomy. An Italian, prospective, dual-institution study (Provisional abstract)      
The Pennsylvania project: pharmacist intervention improved medication adherence and reduced health care costs (Provisional abstract)      New 
Percutaneous and surgical treatment of pyogenic liver abscesses: observation over a 21-year period in 148 patients (Provisional abstract)      
Percutaneous cardiac assist devices compared with surgical hemodynamic support alternatives: cost-effectiveness in the emergent setting (Provisional abstract)      
Percutaneous cholecystostomy using a central venous catheter is effective for treating high-risk patients with acute cholecystitis (Provisional abstract)      
Percutaneous closure devices for endovascular repair of infrarenal abdominal aortic aneurysms: a prospective, non-randomized comparative study (Provisional abstract)      
Percutaneous coronary intervention with oral sirolimus and bare metal stents has comparable safety and efficacy totreatment with drug eluting stents, but with significant cost saving: long-term follow-up results from the randomised, controlled ORAR III (Oral Rapamycin in ARgentina) study (Provisional abstract)      
Percutaneous cryoablation of metastatic lesions from non-small-cell lung carcinoma: initial survival, local control, and cost observations (Provisional abstract)      
Percutaneous cryoablation of metastatic renal cell carcinoma for local tumor control: feasibility, outcomes, and estimated cost-effectiveness for palliation (Provisional abstract)      
Percutaneous device occlusion and minimally invasive surgical repair for perimembranous ventricular septal defect (Provisional abstract)      New 
Percutaneous dilatational tracheostomy: a safe,cost-effective bedside procedure (Structured abstract)      
Percutaneous dilation tracheotomy versus surgical tracheotomy: our experience (Structured abstract)      
Percutaneous dilational tracheostomy in neurosurgical patients (Structured abstract)      
Percutaneous dilational tracheostomy or conventional surgical tracheostomy? (Structured abstract)      
Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy reduces total hospital costs in head injured patients (Structured abstract)      
Percutaneous ethanol injection vs. resection in patients with small single hepatocellular carcinoma: a retrospective case-control study with cost analysis (Structured abstract)      
Percutaneous large core needle biopsy versus surgical biopsy in the diagnosis of breast lesions (Structured abstract)      
Percutaneous nephrostolithotomy versus flexible ureteroscopy/holmium laser lithotripsy: cost and outcome analysis (Provisional abstract)      
Percutaneous palliation of pancreatic head cancer: randomized comparison of ePTFE/FEPÔ??covered versus uncovered nitinol biliary stents (Provisional abstract)      
Percutaneous radiofrequency ablation for the treatment of early stage hepatocellular carcinoma: a health technology assessment (Structured abstract)      
Percutaneous radiofrequency ablation of hepatocellular carcinoma compared to percutaneous ethanol injection in treatment of cirrhotic patients: An Italian randomized controlled trial (Provisional abstract)      
Percutaneous radiofrequency ablation versus repeat hepatectomy for recurrent hepatocellular carcinoma: retrospective randomized control study (Provisional abstract)      
Percutaneous radiologic, surgical endoscopic, and percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy gastrojejunostomy: comparative study and cost analysis (Structured abstract)      
The Percutaneous shunting in Lower Urinary Tract Obstruction (PLUTO) study and randomised controlled trial: evaluation of the effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and acceptability of percutaneous vesicoamniotic shunting for lower urinary tract obstruction (Provisional abstract)      
Percutaneous stenting of incidental unilateral renal artery stenosis: decision analysis of costs and benefits (Structured abstract)      
Percutaneous tracheostomy: a cost-effective alternative to standard open tracheostomy (Structured abstract)      
Percutaneous tracheostomy: one center's experience with a new modality (Structured abstract)      
Percutaneous transhepatic biliary stenting vs. surgical bypass in advanced malignant biliary obstruction: cost-effectiveness analysis (Provisional abstract)      
Percutaneous treatment of biliary cast syndrome after orthotopic liver transplantation: comparison of mechanical versus hydraulic rheolytic cast extraction (Provisional abstract)      
Percutaneous treatment of malignant jaundice due to extrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma: covered Viabil stent versus uncovered Wallstents (Provisional abstract)      
Percutaneous treatment of thrombosed arteriovenous fistulas: clinical and economic implications (Provisional abstract)      
Percutaneous versus conventional tracheostomy in burned patients with inhalation injury (Structured abstract)      
Percutaneous vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty for pathologic vertebral fractures in the Medicare population: safer and less expensive than open surgery (Provisional abstract)      
Percutaneous vertebroplasty and percutaneous balloon kyphoplasty for the treatment of osteoporotic vertebral fractures: a systematic review and cost-effectiveness analysis (Provisional abstract)      
Performance and cost-effectiveness of selective screening criteria for Chlamydia trachomatis infection in women: implications for a national Chlamydia control strategy (Structured abstract)      
Performance and cost efficiency of KRAS mutation testing for metastatic colorectal cancer in routine diagnosis: the MOKAECM study, a nationwide experience (Provisional abstract)      
Performance and cost evaluation of one commercial and six in-house conventional and real-time reverse transcription-PCR assays for detection of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (Structured abstract)      
Performance goals for an adjunct diagnostic test to reduce unnecessary biopsies after screening mammography: analysis of costs, benefits, and consequences (Provisional abstract)      
Performance of a commercial polymerase chain reaction test for endocervical Chlamydia trachomatis infection in a university hospital population (Provisional abstract)      
Performance of English stop smoking services in first 10 years: analysis of service monitoring data (Provisional abstract)      
Performance of various testing methodologies for detection of heteroresistant vancomycin-intermediate Staphylococcus aureus in bloodstream isolates (Provisional abstract)      
A performance, safety and cost comparison of reusable and disposable endoscopic biopsy forceps: a prospective, randomized trial (Structured abstract)      
Performing a cost-effectiveness analysis: surveillance of patients with ulcerative colitis (Structured abstract)      
A peri-operative cost analysis comparing single-level minimally invasive and open transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (Provisional abstract)      
Peri-operative tolerance to large-dose 6% HES 200/0.5 in major urological procedures compared with 5% human albumin (Structured abstract)      
Perimenopausal bone density screening: will it help prevent osteoporosis? (Structured abstract)      
Perinatal HIV transmission and the cost-effectiveness of screening at 14 weeks gestation, at the onset of labour and the rapid testing of infants (Structured abstract)      
Perinatal screening for group B streptococci: cost-benefit analysis of rapid polymerase chain reaction (Structured abstract)      
Perioperative advantage of radical perineal prostatectomy over radical retropubic prostatectomy (Structured abstract)      
Perioperative analysis of laparoscopic versus open liver resection (Provisional abstract)      
Perioperative anticoagulation for patients with mechanical heart valves: a model comparing unfractionated and low-molecular-weight heparin (Structured abstract)      
Perioperative closure-related complication rates and cost analysis of barbed suture for closure in TKA (Provisional abstract)      
Perioperative cost-finding analysis of the routine use of intraoperative forced-air warming during general endotracheal anaesthesia (Structured abstract)      
Perioperative infection prophylaxis and risk factor impact in colon surgery (Structured abstract)      
Perioperative metabolic therapy improves redox status and outcomes in cardiac surgery patients: a randomised trial (Provisional abstract)      
Perioperative outcome and cost-effectiveness of spinal versus general anesthesia for lumbar spine surgery (Provisional abstract)      
Perioperative outcomes after adrenalectomy for malignant neoplasm in laparoscopic era: a multicenter retrospective study (Provisional abstract)      
Peripheral arterial disease: clinical and cost comparisons between duplex US and contrast-enhanced MR angiography - a multicenter randomized trial (Structured abstract)      
Peripheral blood stem cell mobilization in multiple myeloma patients treat in the novel therapy-era with plerixafor and G-CSF has superior efficacy but significantly higher costs compared to mobilization with low-dose cyclophosphamide and G-CSF (Provisional abstract)      
Peripherally inserted central catheters: a randomized, controlled, prospective trial in pediatric surgical patients (Structured abstract)      
Peritoneal dialysis and on-centre haemodialysis: a cost-utility analysis from a UK payer perspective (Provisional abstract)      
Periumbilical laparoscopic surgery through triple channels using common instrumentation (Provisional abstract)      
Permanent pacemaker implantation after cardiac transplantation: extra cost of a conservative policy (Structured abstract)      
Persistence, reproducibility, and cost-effectiveness of an intervention to improve the quality of osteoporosis care after a fracture of the wrist: results of a controlled trial (Structured abstract)      
A persistency and economic analysis of latanoprost, bimatoprost, or beta-blockers in patients with open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension (Structured abstract)      
Persistent Allergic Rhinitis and the XPERT Study (Provisional abstract)      
Personalization in the health care system: do personal health budgets have an impact on outcomes and cost? (Structured abstract)      
Personalized cost-effectiveness of boceprevir-based triple therapy for untreated patients with genotype 1 chronic hepatitis C (Provisional abstract)      New 
Personalized targeted mailing increases mammograms among long-term noncompliant Medicare beneficiaries: a randomized trial (Structured abstract)      
Personalizing mammography by breast density and other risk factors for breast cancer: analysis of health benefits and cost-effectiveness (Structured abstract)      
Persons with disorders of consciosness: are oral feedings safe/effective? (Provisional abstract)      
Perspective on the cost-effectiveness of transapical aortic valve implantation in high-risk patients: outcomes of a decision-analytic model (Provisional abstract)      
Pertussis and pertussis vaccine: further analysis of benefits, risks and costs (Structured abstract)      
Pertussis immunization of adolescents in the United States: an economic evaluation (Structured abstract)      
Pertussis in adolescents and adults: should we vaccinate (Structured abstract)      
Pertussis vaccination strategies for neonates: an exploratory cost-effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
PGD for all cystic fibrosis carrier couples: novel strategy for preventive medicine and cost analysis (Provisional abstract)      
Pharmaceutical care in medical progressive care patients (Structured abstract)      
Pharmaceutical economics & health policy: economic assessment of the community-acquired pneumonia intervention trial employing levofloxacin (Structured abstract)      
A pharmacist-initiated program of intravenous to oral antibiotic conversion (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacist intervention in activated protein C therapy for severe sepsis: influence on health and economic outcomes (Provisional abstract)      
Pharmacist intervention to improve medication adherence in heart failure: a randomized trial (Structured abstract)      
A pharmacist-led information technology intervention for medication errors (PINCER): a multicentre, cluster randomised, controlled trial and cost-effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacist monitoring of QTc interval-prolonging medications in critically ill medical patients: a pilot study (Provisional abstract)      
Pharmacist-provided anticoagulation management in United States hospitals: death rates, length of stay, Medicare charges, bleeding complications, and transfusions (Structured abstract)      
A pharmaco-economic analysis of patients with schizophrenia switching to generic risperidone involving a possible compliance loss (Structured abstract)      
A pharmaco-economic analysis of second-line treatment with imatinib or sunitinib in patients with advanced gastrointestinal stromal tumours (Structured abstract)      
Pharmaco-economic aspects of in-vitro fertilization in Italy (Structured abstract)      
Pharmaco-economic assessment of the HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors (Structured abstract)      
Pharmaco-economic consequences of losartan therapy in patients undergoing diabetic end stage renal disease in EU and USA (Provisional abstract)      
Pharmaco-economic evaluation of a disposable patient-controlled analgesia device and intramuscular analgesia in surgical patients (Structured abstract)      
A pharmaco-economic evaluation of deferasirox for treating patients with iron overload caused by transfusion-dependent thalassemia in Taiwan (Provisional abstract)      
Pharmaco-economic evaluation of universal HIV-screening of pregnant women: a cost-effectiveness analysis for Amsterdam (Structured abstract)      
The pharmaco-economics of peri-operative beta-blocker and statin therapy in South Africa (Structured abstract)      
The pharmaco-economics of peri-operative statin therapy (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A reductase inhibitor therapy for the secondary prevention of coronary heart disease (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of 3 treatment strategies for cytomegalovirus retinitis in patients with AIDS (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of adjuvant oral capecitabine vs intravenous 5-FU/LV in Dukes' C colon cancer: the X-ACT trial (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of adjuvant therapy with exemestane, anastrozole, letrozole or tamoxifen in postmenopausal women with operable and estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of amphotericin B lipid complex versus liposomal amphotericin B in the treatment of fungal infections (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of ampicillin-sulbactam versus cefoxitin in the treatment of intra abdominal infections (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors in type 2 diabetes: a Markov model (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of antidepressants for major depressive disorder in the United Kingdom (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of beimparin and enoxaparin as prophylaxis for venous thromboembolism in total knee replacement surgery (Provisional abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of capecitabine versus 5-fluorouracil/leucovorin as adjuvant therapy for stage III colon cancer in Taiwan (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of cefmenoxime dual individualization in the treatment of nosocomial pneumonia (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of ciclopirox nail lacquer solution 8% and the new oral antifungal agents used to treat dermatophyte toe onychomycosis in the United States (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of cilostazol for the secondary prevention of cerebral infarction (Structured abstract)      
A pharmacoeconomic analysis of compliance gains on antipsychotic medications (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of consolidation therapy with pemetrexed after first-line chemotherapy for non-small cell lung cancer (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of DPP-4 inhibitors (Provisional abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of empirical therapy with ceftazidime alone or combination antibiotics for febrile neutropenia in cancer patients (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of fondaparinux versus enoxaparin for the prevention of thromboembolic events in orthopedic surgery patients (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of guidelines for treating mild diabetic foot infections: a decision-tree model for Canada (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of hypertriglyceridemia treatment at the medical institutions (Provisional abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of liposomal amphotericin B versus conventional amphotericin B in the empirical treatment of persistently febrile neutropenic patients (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of liposomal amphotericin B versus voriconazole for empirical treatment of febrile neutropenia (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of microbiologic techniques for differentiating staphylococci directly from blood culture bottles (Provisional abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of oprelvekin (recombinant human interleukin-11) for secondary prophylaxis of thrombocytopenia in solid tumor patients receiving chemotherapy (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of oral antifungal therapies used to treat dermatophyte onychomycosis of the toenails: a US analysis (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of oral therapies for onychomycosis: a US model (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of palifermin to prevent mucositis among patients undergoing autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (Provisional abstract)      New 
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of paliperidone palmitate for treating schizophrenia in Greece (Provisional abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of paricalcitol and calcitriol in the treatment of secondary hyperparathyroidism in haemodialysis: impact of hospitalisations and survival (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of recombinant factor Vlla versus APCC in the treatment of minor-to-moderate bleeds in hemophilia patients with inhibitors (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of selected antibiotics in lower respiratory tract infection (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of sequential treatment pathways in the treatment of onychomycosis (Structured abstract)      
A pharmacoeconomic analysis of sertindole in the treatment of schizophrenia in Sweden (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of sertraline treatment of depression in patients with unstable angina or a recent myocardial infarction (Structured abstract)      
A pharmacoeconomic analysis of severe psoriasis therapy: a review of treatment choices and cost efficiency (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of sevoflurane versus isoflurane anesthesia in elective ambulatory surgery (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of short-scheme praziquantel in the treatment of neurocysticercosis (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of smoking-cessation interventions (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of stress ulcer prophylaxis for critically ill patients (Structured abstract)      
A pharmacoeconomic analysis of the impact of therapeutic drug monitoring in adult patients with generalized tonic-clonic epilepsy (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of the new oral antifungal agents used to treat toenail onychomycosis in the USA (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of thiopurine methyltransferase polymorphism screening by polymerase chain reaction for treatment with azathioprine in Korea (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of topical treatment for tinea infections (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of using Sinemet CR over standard Sinemet in Parkinsonian patients with motor fluctuations (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of venlafaxine in the treatment of major depressive disorder (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of voriconazole vs. caspofungin in the empirical antifungal therapy of febrile neutropenia in Australia (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic aspects of adjuvant anastrozole or tamoxifen in breast cancer: a Slovenian perspective (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic aspects of antibacterial therapy with azithromycin of community-acquired pneumonia in servicemen (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic aspects of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug gastropathy (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic assessment of clinical pharmacist interventions for patients with moderate to severe asthma in outpatient clinics: experience in Taiwan (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic assessment of HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor therapy: an analysis based on the CURVES study (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic assessment of implementing a universal PCV-13 vaccination programme in the Valencian public health system (Spain) (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic assessment of olanzapine in the treatment of refractory schizophrenia based on a pilot clinical study (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic assessment of propofol 2% used for prolonged sedation (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic assessment of specific immunotherapy versus current symptomatic treatment for allergic rhinitis and asthma in France (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic benefit of antibiotic step-down therapy: converting patients from intravenous ceftriaxone to oral cefpodoxime proxetil (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic comparison between homeopathic and antibiotic treatment strategies in recurrent acute rhinopharyngitis in children (Structured abstract)      
A pharmacoeconomic comparison of amoxicillin/clavulanate and cefpodoxime proxetil in the treatment of acute otitis media (Structured abstract)      
A pharmacoeconomic comparison of antithymocyte globulin and muromonab CD3 induction therapy in renal transplant recipients (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic comparison of Helicobacter pylori eradication regimens (Structured abstract)      
A pharmacoeconomic comparison of misoprostol/diclofenac with diclofenac (Structured abstract)      
A pharmacoeconomic comparison of monotherapy with Tegretol, Finlepsin and Trileptal (preliminary data) (Provisional abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic comparison of treatments for the eradication of Helicobacter pylori (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic consequences of amlodipine besylate therapy in patients undergoing PTCA (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic considerations associated with the use of intravenous-to-oral moxifloxacin for community-acquired pneumonia (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic considerations in peripheral arterial thrombolytic therapy (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic evaluation of 10- and 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccines (Provisional abstract)      
A pharmacoeconomic evaluation of 7-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in Canada (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic evaluation of a combination of ipratropium plus albuterol compared with ipratropium alone and albuterol alone in COPD (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic evaluation of a pharmacist-managed hypertension clinic (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic evaluation of alternative antibiotic regimens in hospitalized patients with community-acquired pneumonia (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic evaluation of anti-hyperlipidemic agent fenofibrate (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic evaluation of antimuscarinic agents for the treatment of overactive bladder (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic evaluation of antipsychotic therapy for schizophrenia (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic evaluation of caspofungin versus liposomal amphotericin B in empirical treatment of invasive fungal infections in Turkey (Provisional abstract)      
A pharmacoeconomic evaluation of cisplatin in combination with either etoposide or etoposide phosphate in small cell lung cancer (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic evaluation of clozapine in treatment-resistant schizophrenia: a cost-utility analysis (Structured abstract)      
A pharmacoeconomic evaluation of escitalopram, a new selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (Provisional abstract)      
A pharmacoeconomic evaluation of escitalopram versus citalopram in the treatment of severe depression in the United Kingdom (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic evaluation of fluconazole, posaconazole and voriconazole for antifungal prophylaxis in patients with acute myeloid leukaemia undergoing first consolidation chemotherapy (Provisional abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic evaluation of flumazenil for routine outpatient EGD (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic evaluation of gastrointestinal tract events during treatment with risedronate or alendronate: a retrospective cohort study (Structured abstract)      
A pharmacoeconomic evaluation of intravenous fosphenytoin (Cerebyx) versus intravenous phenytoin (Dilantin) in hospital emergency departments (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic evaluation of linezolid versus teicoplanin in bacteremia by Gram-positive microorganisms (Structured abstract)      
A pharmacoeconomic evaluation of major depressive disorder (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic evaluation of oseltamivir as prophylaxis against influenza infection (Structured abstract)      
A pharmacoeconomic evaluation of results from the coronary angioplasty amlodipine restenosis study (CAPARES) in Norway and Canada (Provisional abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic evaluation of roxithromycin versus amoxycillin clavulanic acid in a community-acquired lower respiratory tract infection study (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic evaluation of schizophrenia in Taiwan: model comparison of long-acting risperidone versus olanzapine versus depot haloperidol based on estimated costs (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic evaluation of Simulect prophylaxis in renal transplant recipients (Structured abstract)      
A pharmacoeconomic evaluation of statins in the treatment of hypercholesterolaemia in the primary care setting in Spain (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic evaluation of the effects of atorvastatin on early recurrent ischemic events in acute coronary syndromes (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic evaluation of the MF59-adjuvanted influenza vaccine in the elderly population in Italy (Structured abstract)      
A pharmacoeconomic evaluation of the Myocardial Ischaemia Reduction with Aggressive Cholesterol Lowering (MIRACL) study in the United Kingdom (Structured abstract)      
A pharmacoeconomic evaluation of the Myocardial Ischemia Reduction with Aggressive Cholesterol Lowering (MIRACL) study in Canada (Provisional abstract)      
A pharmacoeconomic evaluation of the use of dexrazoxane in preventing anthracycline-induced cardiotoxicity in patients with Stage IIIB or IV metastatic breast cancer (Provisional abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic evaluation of tiotropium bromide in the long-term treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in Italy (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic evaluation of venlafaxine compared with citalopram in generalized anxiety disorder (Provisional abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic evaluation of voriconazole versus posaconazole for antifungal prophylaxis in acute myeloid leukaemia (Provisional abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic evaluation of voriconazole vs. liposomal amphotericin B in empiric treatment of invasive fungal infections in Turkey (Provisional abstract)      
A pharmacoeconomic evaluation of zuclopenthixol compared with haloperidol and risperidone in the treatment of schizophrenia (Structured abstract)      
The pharmacoeconomic impact of amlodipine use on coronary artery disease (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic impact of different regimens to prevent cytomegalovirus infection in renal transplant recipients (Provisional abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic impact of factors affecting compliance with antibiotic regimens in the treatment of acute otitis media (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic impact of inhaled corticosteroids (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic impact of rational use guidelines on the provision of analgesia, sedation, and neuromuscular blockade in critical care (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic implications of lenalidomide maintenance therapy in multiple myeloma (Provisional abstract)      New 
Pharmacoeconomic issues in the treatment of depression (Structured abstract)      
A pharmacoeconomic model of divalproex vs lithium in the acute and prophylactic treatment of bipolar I disorder (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic model of enoxaparin versus heparin for prevention of deep vein thrombosis after total hip replacement (Structured abstract)      
A pharmacoeconomic model of outpatient antipsychotic therapy in "revolving door" schizophrenic patients (Structured abstract)      
A pharmacoeconomic model to aid in the allocation of ambulatory clinical pharmacy services (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic modeling of nesiritide versus dobutamine for decompensated heart failure (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic study of antibiotics used in the treatment of lower respiratory tract infections in ICU patients: a case study in an Egyptian hospital (Provisional abstract)      New 
Pharmacoeconomic study of DMARDs in the management of rheumatoid arthritis (Provisional abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomic study of tacrolimus-based versus cyclosporine-based immunosuppressive therapy following liver transplantation (Structured abstract)      
A pharmacoeconomic study of the antibiotic treatment of the acute manifestations of chronic bronchitis in primary care (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomical evaluation of clinical pathway in gastrectomy patients (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomical evaluation of combination therapy for lifetime hypertension treatment in Japan (Structured abstract)      
A pharmacoeconomical model for choice of a treatment for pregnant women with gestational diabetes (Provisional abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomics of antidepressants in moderate-to-severe depressive disorder in Colombia (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomics of antiviral therapy for influenza in a Japanese hospital setting (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomics of aztreonam-clindamycin versus gentamicin-clindamycin in the treatment of penetrating abdominal injury (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomics of ciprofloxacin plus metronidazole vs. piperacillin-tazobactam for complicated intra-abdominal infections (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomics of Cyclamen europaeum in the management of acute rhinosinusitis (Provisional abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomics of depot antipsychotics for treating chronic schizophrenia in Sweden (Provisional abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomics of intravenous regional anaesthesia vs general anaesthesia for outpatient hand surgery (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomics of piperacillin/tazobactam and imipenem/cilastatin in the treatment of patients with intra-abdominal infections (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomics of quetiapine for the management of acute mania in bipolar I disorder (Provisional abstract)      
Pharmacoeconomics of therapy for Guillain-Barre syndrome: plasma exchange and intravenous immunoglobulin (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacogenetic-guided psychiatric intervention associated with increased adherence and cost savings (Provisional abstract)      
Pharmacogenetic-guided selection of warfarin versus novel oral anticoagulants for stroke prevention in patients with atrial fibrillation: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Provisional abstract)      
Pharmacogenetic testing in the clinical management of schizophrenia: a decision-analytic model (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacogenetics of clopidogrel: comparison between a standard and a rapid genetic testing (Provisional abstract)      
Pharmacogenomic testing to prevent aminoglycoside-induced hearing loss in cystic fibrosis patients: potential impact on clinical, patient, and economic outcomes (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacogenomics-based tailored versus standard therapeutic regimen for eradication of H. pylori (Provisional abstract)      
Pharmacokinetic and economic evaluation of piperacillin/tazobactam administered as either continuous or intermittent infusion with once-daily gentamicin (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacologic management of neovascular age-related macular degeneration: systematic review of economic evidence and primary economic evaluation (Provisional abstract)      
Pharmacologic regimens for knee osteoarthritis prevention: can they be cost-effective? (Provisional abstract)      
Pharmacological control of secondary hyperparathyroidism in hemodialysis subjects: a cost consequences analysis of data from the FARO study (Provisional abstract)      
Pharmacological treatment of depression with and without headache disorders: an appraisal of cost effectiveness and cost utility of antidepressants (Provisional abstract)      
Pharmacological versus micro vascular decompression approaches for the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia: clinical outcomes and direct costs (Provisional abstract)      
Pharmacotherapy for people with Alzheimer's disease: a Markov-cycle evaluation of five years' therapy using donepezil (Structured abstract)      
A pharmacy-based health promotion programme in hypertension: cost-benefit analysis (Structured abstract)      
Pharmacy diabetes care program: analysis of two screening methods for undiagnosed type 2 diabetes in Australian community pharmacy (Provisional abstract)      
Pharmacy savings generated by preoperative administration of clonidine (Structured abstract)      
The Philadelphia High-School STD Screening Program: key insights from dynamic transmission modeling (Provisional abstract)      
Photodynamic diagnosis for superficial bladder cancer: do all risk-groups profit equally from oncological and economic long-term results? (Provisional abstract)      
Photodynamic therapy for Barrett's esophagus with high-grade dysplasia: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Photodynamic therapy vs radiofrequency ablation for Barrett's dysplasia: efficacy, safety and cost-comparison (Provisional abstract)      
Photoselective vaporization for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (Provisional abstract)      
Physical activity for the over-65s: could it be a cost-effective exercise for the NHS? (Structured abstract)      
Physical activity on prescription (PAP): costs and consequences of a randomized, controlled trial in primary healthcare (Provisional abstract)      
Physician extenders for cost-effective management of hypercholesterolemia (Structured abstract)      
Physician-ordered aerosol therapy versus respiratory therapist-driven aerosol protocol: the effect on resource utilization (Provisional abstract)      
Physician-pharmacist comanagement of hypertension: a randomized, comparative trial (Structured abstract)      
Physician specialty and the outcomes and cost of admissions for end-stage liver disease (Structured abstract)      
Physiologically focused triage criteria improve utilization of pediatric surgeon-directed trauma teams and reduce costs (Provisional abstract)      
Picture archiving and communication system: effect on reporting of incidental findings (Structured abstract)      
PillCam ESO versus esophagogastroduodenoscopy in esophageal variceal screening: a decision analysis (Structured abstract)      
Pilot project for education of patients with type 2 diabetes by pharmacists (Provisional abstract)      
Pilot project of a pediatric Antibiotic Stewardship initiative at the Hauner Children's Hospital (Provisional abstract)      
A pilot randomised controlled trial in intensive care patients comparing 7 days? treatment with empirical antibiotics with 2 days? treatment for hospital-acquired infection of unknown origin (Provisional abstract)      
A pilot randomised controlled trial of a telehealth intervention in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: challenges of clinician-led data collection (Provisional abstract)      New 
A pilot randomised controlled trial of an internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy self-management programme (MS Invigor8) for multiple sclerosis fatigue (Structured abstract)      
A pilot randomised trial to assess the methods and procedures for evaluating the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of Exercise Assisted Reduction then Stop (EARS) among disadvantaged smokers (Structured abstract)      
Pilot RCT of two dressing regimens for the management of skin tears (Structured abstract)      
Pilot study: effects of parenteral glutamine dipeptide supplementation on neutrophil functions and prevention of chemotherapy-induced side-effects in acute myeloid leukaemia patients (Structured abstract)      
A pilot study of the economic cost and clinical outcome of day patient vs inpatient management of active rheumatoid arthritis (Structured abstract)      
Pilot study of the feasibility and effectiveness of a natural laxative mixture (Provisional abstract)      
A pilot study of the impact of housing first-supported housing for intensive users of medical hospitalization and sobering services (Provisional abstract)      
A pilot study to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of ondansetron and granisetron in fractionated total body irradiation (Structured abstract)      
A pilot study to evaluate the feasibility of using willingness to pay as a measure of value in cancer supportive care: an assessment of amifostine cytoprotection (Structured abstract)      
Pilot study to validate a computer-based clinical decision support system for dyslipidemia treatment (HTE-DLP) (Provisional abstract)      
Pimecrolimus vs. tacrolimus for the topical treatment of unresponsive oral erosive lichen planus: an 8 week randomized double-blind controlled study (Provisional abstract)      New 
Pioglitazone and vitamin E for nonalcoholic steatohepatitis: a cost utility analysis (Provisional abstract)      
Pioglitazone versus rosiglitazone treatment in patients with type 2 diabetes and dyslipidemia: cost-effectiveness in the US (Provisional abstract)      
Piperacillin/tazobactam versus imipenem: a double-blind, randomized formulary feasibility study at a major teaching hospital (Structured abstract)      
Pitfalls in the economic evaluation of thrombolysis in myocardial infarction: the impact of national differences in the cost of thrombolytics and of differences in the efficacy across patient subgroups (Structured abstract)      
Placental alpha-microglobulin-1 to detect uncertain rupture of membranes in a European cohort of pregnancies (Provisional abstract)      
Placing a price on medical device innovation: the example of total knee arthroplasty (Provisional abstract)      
Planning influenza vaccination programs: a cost benefit model (Provisional abstract)      
Planning long lasting insecticide treated net campaigns: should households' existing nets be taken into account? (Provisional abstract)      
The planning of cervical cancer screening programmes in Eastern Europe: is viral testing a suitable alternative to smear testing? (Structured abstract)      
Plant breeding to control zinc deficiency in India: how cost-effective is biofortification? (Provisional abstract)      
Plant stanol esters are potentially cost-effective in the prevention of coronary heart disease in men: Bayesian modelling approach (Structured abstract)      
Plasma exchange after initial intravenous immunoglobulin treatment in Guillain-Barre syndrome: critical reassessment of effectiveness and cost-efficiency (Provisional abstract)      
Plasma exchange versus intravenous immunoglobulin for myasthenia gravis crisis: an acute hospital cost comparison study (Structured abstract)      
Plasma itraconazole concentrations in patients with neutropenia: advantages of a divided daily dosage regimen (Structured abstract)      
Plasma substitutes: strategies for use in intensive therapy to maintain a correct ratio between therapeutic efficacy and costs (Structured abstract)      
Plastic freezer bags: a cost-effective method to protect extraction sites in laparoscopic colorectal procedures? (Provisional abstract)      
Platelet-rich plasma injection is more effective than hyaluronic acid in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis (Provisional abstract)      
Plerixafor on-demand combined with chemotherapy and granulocyte colony-stimulating factor: significant improvement in peripheral blood stem cells mobilization and harvest with no increase in costs (Provisional abstract)      
Pleural fluid interferon-gamma and adenosine deaminase levels in tuberculosis pleural effusion: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Pleurodesis in patients with malignant pleural effusions: talc slurry or bleomycin? Results of a prospective randomized trial (Structured abstract)      
Pneumatic dilation versus intrasphincteric botulinum toxin injection in the treatment of achalasia cardia in India: an economic analysis (Structured abstract)      
Pneumococcal pneumonia in the UK: how herd immunity affects the cost-effectiveness of 7-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV) (Structured abstract)      
A pneumonia practice guideline and a hospitalist-based reorganization lead to equivalent efficiency gains (Structured abstract)      
Podophyllin 05% or 20% v podophyllotoxin 05% for the self treatment of penile warts: a double blind randomised study (Structured abstract)      
Point-of-care (POC) testing of lactate in the intensive care patient: accuracy, reliability, and costs of different measurement systems (Provisional abstract)      
Point-of-care testing: a prospective, randomized clinical trial of efficacy in coagulopathic cardiac surgery patients (Provisional abstract)      
Point-of-care Xpert MTB/RIF for smear-negative tuberculosis suspects at a primary care clinic in South Africa (Provisional abstract)      
Point-of-entry screening for C. trachomatis in female army recruits: who derives the cost savings? (Structured abstract)      
Policies to clean up toxic industrial contaminated sites of Gela and Priolo: a cost-benefit analysis (Provisional abstract)      
Policy analysis of cervical cancer screening strategies in low-resource settings: clinical benefits and cost-effectiveness (Structured abstract)      
Policy analysis of the conversion of histamine2 antagonists to over-the-counter use (Structured abstract)      
A policy model to evaluate the benefits, risks and costs of warfarin pharmacogenomic testing (Structured abstract)      
Polymorphisms and the pocketbook: the cost-effectiveness of cytochrome P4502C19 genotyping in the eradication of Helicobacter pylori infection associated with duodenal ulcer (Structured abstract)      
A 'Polypill' aimed at preventing cardiovascular disease could prove highly cost-effective for use in Latin America (Provisional abstract)      
Polysomnography in patients with obstructive sleep apnea (Provisional abstract)      
Pooled HIV-1 RNA viral load testing for detection of antiretroviral treatment failure in Kenyan children (Provisional abstract)      
Pooling cervical swabs and testing by ligase chain reaction are accurate and cost-saving strategies for diagnosis of Chlamydia trachomatis (Structured abstract)      
Pooling ocular swab specimens from Tanzania for testing by Roche Amplicor and Aptima Combo 2 assays for the detection of Chlamydia trachomatis: accuracy and cost-savings (Provisional abstract)      
Pooling of urine specimens for detection of asymptomatic Chlamydia trachomatis infections by PCR in a low-prevalence population: cost-saving strategy for epidemiological studies and screening programs (Structured abstract)      
Pooling urine samples for ligase chain reaction screening for genital Chlamydia trachomatis infection in asymptomatic women (Structured abstract)      
The poppy seed test for colovesical fistula: big bang, little bucks! (Provisional abstract)      
Population-based clinical decision support: a clinical and economic evaluation (Provisional abstract)      
A population-based cohort study comparing laparoscopic cholecystectomy and open cholecystectomy (Structured abstract)      
Population-based comparison of laparoscopic and open pyeloplasty in paediatric pelvi-ureretic junction obstruction (Provisional abstract)      
Population-based comparison of open vs laparoscopic esophagogastric fundoplication in children: application of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality pediatric quality indicators (Provisional abstract)      
A population-based cost-effectiveness analysis of olanzapine and risperidone among ambulatory patients with schizophrenia (Provisional abstract)      
Population based cost utility study of interferon beta-1b in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (Structured abstract)      
Population-based health-economic evaluation of the secondary prevention of coronary heart disease in Finland (Structured abstract)      
A population-based nested case-control study of the costs of hip and knee replacement surgery (Provisional abstract)      
Population-based outcomes following endovascular and open repair of ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms (Provisional abstract)      
Population-based pharmacoeconomic model for adopting capecitabine/docetaxel combination treatment for anthracycline-pretreated metastatic breast cancer (Structured abstract)      
Population based screening for chronic kidney disease: cost effectiveness study (Provisional abstract)      
Population-based versus practice-based recall for childhood immunizations: a randomized controlled comparative effectiveness trial (Provisional abstract)      
The population cost-effectiveness of interventions designed to prevent childhood depression (Structured abstract)      
Population health impact and cost-effectiveness of monitoring inactive chronic hepatitis B and treating eligible patients in Shanghai, China (Provisional abstract)      New 
Population health impact and cost-effectiveness of tuberculosis diagnosis with Xpert MTB/RIF: a dynamic simulation and economic evaluation (Provisional abstract)      
Population-level cost-effectiveness of implementing evidence-based practices into routine care (Provisional abstract)      
A population model evaluating the costs and benefits associated with different oral treatment strategies in people with type 2 diabetes (Structured abstract)      
Population screening for abdominal aortic aneurysm: do the benefits outweigh the costs? (Structured abstract)      
Population screening for colorectal cancer: the implications of an ageing population (Structured abstract)      
Population strategies to decrease sodium intake and the burden of cardiovascular disease: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Population-wide benefits of routine vaccination of children against influenza (Structured abstract)      
Porcine factor VIII: pharmacoeconomics of inhibitor therapy (Structured abstract)      
A portable, economic drainage device to prevent pocket hematoma of pacemakers (Provisional abstract)      
Portfolios of biomedical HIV interventions in South Africa: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Provisional abstract)      
Posaconazole prophylaxis during front-line chemotherapy of acute myeloid leukemia: a single-center, real-life experience (Provisional abstract)      
Posaconazole versus fluconazole or itraconazole for prevention of invasive fungal infections in patients undergoing intensive cytotoxic therapy for acute myeloid leukemia or myelodysplasia: a cost effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Posaconazole vs fluconazole/itraconazole in the prophylaxis of invasive fungal infections in immunocompromised patients: a cost-effectiveness analysis in Greece (Provisional abstract)      
Positive cost effectiveness of early diagnosis of colorectal cancer (Provisional abstract)      
Positive economic and diagnostic accuracy impacts of on-site evaluation of fine needle aspiration biopsies by pathologists (Structured abstract)      
Positive effect of modified goeckerman regimen on quality of life and psychosocial distress in moderate and severe psoriasis (Provisional abstract)      
The positive impact of initiation of hospitalist clinician educators: resource utilization and medical resident education (Structured abstract)      
Positive urinary antigen tests for Streptococcus pneumoniae in community-acquired pneumonia: a 7-year retrospective evaluation of health care cost and treatment consequences (Provisional abstract)      
Positron emission tomography (PET) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for the assessment of axillary lymph node metastases in early breast cancer: systematic review and economic evaluation (Provisional abstract)      
Positron emission tomography with selected mediastinoscopy compared to routine mediastinoscopy offers cost and clinical outcome benefits for pre-operative staging of non-small cell lung cancer (Structured abstract)      
Positron emission tomography/computed tomography introduction in the clinical management of patients with suspected recurrence of ovarian cancer: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Provisional abstract)      
Positron emission tomography/computerised tomography imaging in detecting and managing recurrent cervical cancer: systematic review of evidence, elicitation of subjective probabilities and economic modelling (Provisional abstract)      
The possible cost effectiveness of peripheral blood stem cell mobilization with cyclophosphamide and the late addition of G-CSF (Provisional abstract)      
Post-acute care for older people in community hospitals: a cost-effectiveness analysis within a multi-centre randomised controlled trial (Structured abstract)      
Post hoc economic analysis of temozolomide versus dacarbazine in the treatment of advanced metastatic melanoma (Structured abstract)      
Post-hospital sub-acute care: an example of a managed care model (Structured abstract)      
Post-operative infection after minimally invasive versus open transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF): literature review and cost analysis (Provisional abstract)      
Post-shunt resource consumption favors small-diameter prosthetic H-graft portacaval shunt over TIPS for patients with poor hepatic reserve (Structured abstract)      
Post-treatment CIN: randomised clinical trial using hrHPV testing for prediction of residual/recurrent disease (Provisional abstract)      
Postdischarge oral versus injectable anticoagulation following major orthopedic surgery (Provisional abstract)      
Posterior-only correction of Scheuermann kyphosis using pedicle screws: economical optimization through screw density reduction (Provisional abstract)      New 
Postmarketing evaluation of mycophenolate mofetil-based triple therapy immunosuppression compared with a conventional azathioprine-based regimen reveals enhanced efficacy and early pharmacoeconomic benefit after renal transplantation (Structured abstract)      
Postneonatal circumcision with local anesthesia: a cost-effective alternative (Structured abstract)      
Postoperative acquired coagulopathy: a pilot study to determine the impact on clinical and economic outcomes (Provisional abstract)      
Postoperative antibiotic therapy for children with perforated appendicitis: long course of intravenous antibiotics versus early conversion to an oral regimen (Provisional abstract)      
Postoperative autologous blood salvage drains: are they useful in primary uncemented hip and knee arthroplasty? A prospective study of 186 cases (Structured abstract)      
Postoperative heart block in children with common forms of congenital heart disease: results from the KID database (Provisional abstract)      
Postoperative management of stage II/III colon cancer: a decision analysis (Structured abstract)      
Postoperative morbidity, mortality, costs, and long-term survival in severely obese patients undergoing orthotopic liver transplantation (Provisional abstract)      
Postoperative outcomes associated with topical skin adhesives among women having hysterectomies (Provisional abstract)      
Postoperative pain control after lumbar spine fusion: patient-controlled analgesia versus continuous epidural analgesia (Structured abstract)      
Postoperative pain management after craniotomy: evaluation and cost analysis (Provisional abstract)      
Postoperative radiographs after total knee arthroplasty: a cost-containment strategy (Structured abstract)      
Postpartum length of stay and newborn health: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Postpartum thromboembolism: severe events might be preventable using a new risk score model (Provisional abstract)      
Postpolypectomy haemorrhage following removal of large polyps using mechanical haemostasis or epinephrine: a meta-analysis (Provisional abstract)      
The potential clinical and economic benefits of silver alloy urinary catheters in preventing urinary tract infection (Structured abstract)      
Potential clinical and economic outcomes of CYP2C9 and VKORC1 genotype-guided dosing in patients starting warfarin therapy (Provisional abstract)      
The potential clinical and economic outcomes of pharmacogenetics-oriented management of warfarin therapy: a decision analysis (Structured abstract)      
The potential clinical and economic outcomes of pharmacogenomic approaches to EGFR-tyrosine kinase inhibitor therapy in non-small-cell lung cancer (Structured abstract)      
The potential cost and benefits of raltegravir in simplified second-line therapy among HIV infected patients in Nigeria and South Africa (Provisional abstract)      
Potential cost-effective use of spine radiographs to detect vertebral deformity and select osteopenic post-menopausal women for amino-bisphosphonate therapy (Structured abstract)      
Potential cost-effectiveness and benefit-cost ratios of adult pneumococcal vaccination in Germany (Provisional abstract)      
Potential cost-effectiveness of a family-based program in mild Alzheimer's disease patients (Structured abstract)      
Potential cost-effectiveness of a new infant tuberculosis vaccine in South Africa - implications for clinical trials: a decision analysis (Provisional abstract)      
Potential cost-effectiveness of a preventive hepatitis C vaccine in high risk and average risk populations in Canada (Structured abstract)      
Potential cost-effectiveness of a rotavirus immunization program in rural China (Provisional abstract)      
The potential cost-effectiveness of acellular pertussis booster vaccination in England and Wales (Structured abstract)      
The potential cost-effectiveness of adding a human papillomavirus vaccine to the cervical cancer screening programme in South Africa (Provisional abstract)      
The potential cost-effectiveness of amblyopia screening programs (Provisional abstract)      
Potential cost-effectiveness of annual influenza immunization for infants and toddlers: experience from Canada (Structured abstract)      
Potential cost-effectiveness of C-reactive protein screening followed by targeted statin therapy for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease among patients without overt hyperlipidemia (Structured abstract)      
Potential cost-effectiveness of denosumab for the treatment of postmenopausal osteoporotic women (Provisional abstract)      
The potential cost-effectiveness of general practitioner delivered brief intervention for alcohol misuse: evidence from rural Australia (Structured abstract)      
The potential cost-effectiveness of infant pneumococcal vaccines in Australia (Structured abstract)      
Potential cost effectiveness of initial myocardial perfusion imaging for assessment of emergency department patients with chest pain (Structured abstract)      
Potential cost-effectiveness of maternal and infant antiretroviral interventions to prevent mother-to-child transmission during breast-feeding (Structured abstract)      
Potential cost-effectiveness of one-time screening for lung cancer (LC) in a high risk cohort (Structured abstract)      
Potential cost-effectiveness of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV) in Turkey (Provisional abstract)      
The potential cost-effectiveness of prophylactic human papillomavirus vaccines in Canada (Provisional abstract)      
Potential cost-effectiveness of prophylactic use of the implantable cardioverter defibrillator or amiodarone after myocardial infarction (Structured abstract)      
Potential cost-effectiveness of public access defibrillation in the United States (Structured abstract)      
The potential cost-effectiveness of quadrivalent versus trivalent influenza vaccine in elderly people and clinical risk groups in the UK: a lifetime multi-cohort model (Provisional abstract)      
Potential cost-effectiveness of rifampin vs. isoniazid for latent tuberculosis: implications for future clinical trials (Structured abstract)      
Potential cost-effectiveness of schistosomiasis treatment for reducing HIV transmission in Africa: the case of Zimbabwean women (Provisional abstract)      
Potential cost-effectiveness of the nonavalent human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine (Provisional abstract)      
Potential cost-effectiveness of therapeutic drug monitoring for depressed patients treated with citalopram (Provisional abstract)      
Potential cost-effectiveness of therapeutic drug monitoring for depressed patients treated with citalopram (Provisional abstract)      
Potential cost-effectiveness of therapeutic drug monitoring in patients with resistant hypertension (Provisional abstract)      
Potential cost effectiveness of tissue plasminogen activator among patients previously treated with streptokinase (Structured abstract)      
Potential cost-effectiveness of universal access to modern contraceptives in Uganda (Provisional abstract)      
Potential cost-effectiveness of vaccination for rotavirus gastroenteritis in eight Latin American and Caribbean countries (Provisional abstract)      
Potential cost saving of epoetin alfa in elective hip or knee surgery due to reduction in blood transfusions and their side effects: a discrete-event simulation model (Provisional abstract)      
Potential costs and benefits of newborn screening for severe combined immunodeficiency (Structured abstract)      
Potential costs and benefits of statewide smoking cessation in Pennsylvania (Provisional abstract)      
The potential economic benefits of improved post-fracture care: a cost-effectiveness analysis of a fracture liaison service in the us health care system (Provisional abstract)      
Potential economic benefits of lower-extremity amputation prevention strategies in diabetes (Structured abstract)      
The potential economic consequences of cognitive improvement with losartan (Structured abstract)      
Potential economic impact of glycoprotein IIb-IIIa inhibitors in improving outcomes of patients with acute ischemic coronary syndromes (Structured abstract)      
The potential economic value of a cutaneous Leishmaniasis vaccine in seven endemic countries in the Americas (Provisional abstract)      
The potential economic value of a hookworm vaccine (Structured abstract)      
The potential economic value of a human norovirus vaccine for the United States (Provisional abstract)      
The potential economic value of a Staphylococcus aureus vaccine among hemodialysis patients (Provisional abstract)      
The potential economic value of a Trypanosoma cruzi (Chagas disease) vaccine in Latin America (Provisional abstract)      
The potential economic value of a 'universal' (multi-year) influenza vaccine (Structured abstract)      
The potential economic value of screening hospital admissions for Clostridium difficile (Structured abstract)      
Potential economic viability of two proposed rifapentine-based regimens for treatment of latent tuberculosis infection (Structured abstract)      
Potential effect of cyclooxygenase-2-specific inhibitors on the prevention of colorectal cancer: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Potential epidemiological and economical impact of two rotavirus vaccines in Colombia (Provisional abstract)      
Potential for bone turnover markers to cost-effectively identify and select post-menopausal osteopenic women at high risk of fracture for bisphosphonate therapy (Provisional abstract)      
The potential health and economic benefits of preventing recurrent respiratory papillomatosis through quadrivalent human papillomavirus vaccination (Structured abstract)      
Potential health and economic impact of adding a human papillomavirus vaccine to screening programs (Structured abstract)      
The potential health and economic impact of implementing a medically prescribed heroin program among Canadian injection drug users (Structured abstract)      
Potential health economic impact of intravenous iron supplementation to erythropoiesis-stimulating agent treatment in patients with cancer- or chemotherapy-induced anemia (Structured abstract)      
Potential impact and cost-effectiveness analysis of rotavirus vaccination of children in Israel (Provisional abstract)      
Potential impact and cost-effectiveness of multi-biofortified rice in China (Provisional abstract)      
The potential impact of expanding antiretroviral therapy and combination prevention in Vietnam: towards elimination of HIV transmission (Provisional abstract)      
The potential impact of increased treatment rates for alcohol dependence in the United Kingdom in 2004 (Provisional abstract)      
Potential impact of nutritional intervention on end-stage renal disease hospitalization, death, and treatment costs (Provisional abstract)      
Potential impact of population-based colorectal cancer screening in Canada (Structured abstract)      
The potential impact of pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV prevention among men who have sex with men and transwomen in Lima, Peru: a mathematical modelling study (Structured abstract)      
Potential impact of reactive vaccination in controlling cholera outbreaks: An exploratory analysis using a Zimbabwean experience (Provisional abstract)      
The potential impact of RV144-like vaccines in rural South Africa: a study using the STDSIM microsimulation model (Structured abstract)      
Potential impact of single-risk-factor versus total risk management for the prevention of cardiovascular events in Seychelles (Provisional abstract)      
Potential impacts of the Alberta fetal alcohol spectrum disorder service networks on secondary disabilities: a cost-benefit analysis (Provisional abstract)      
Potential lifetime cost-effectiveness of catheter-based renal sympathetic denervation in patients with resistant hypertension (Provisional abstract)      
The potential monetary benefits of reclaiming hazardous waste sites in the Campania region: an economic evaluation (Provisional abstract)      
The potential of smoking cessation programmes and a smoking ban in public places: comparing gain in life expectancy and cost effectiveness (Structured abstract)      
Potential population health outcomes and expenditures of HIV vaccination strategies in the United States (Provisional abstract)      
Potential risks and benefits of HIV treatment simplification: a simulation model of a proposed clinical trial (Structured abstract)      
Potential role of comanagement in "rescue" of surgical patients (Provisional abstract)      
The potential role of suppressive therapy for sex partners in the prevention of neonatal herpes: a health economic analysis (Structured abstract)      
Potential savings in Mexico from screening and prevention for early diabetes and hypertension (Provisional abstract)      
Potential savings of a program to prevent ankle sprain recurrence: economic evaluation of a randomized controlled trial (Provisional abstract)      
Potential unintended pregnancies averted and cost savings associated with a revised Medicaid sterilization policy (Provisional abstract)      
The potential value of Clostridium difficile vaccine: an economic computer simulation model (Provisional abstract)      
Power Doppler imaging: initial evaluation as a screening examination for carotid artery stenosis (Structured abstract)      
Practical bench comparison of BBL CHROMagar Orientation and standard two-plate media for urine cultures (Structured abstract)      
A practical cost analysis of bivalirudin (Structured abstract)      
A practical cost-effective management strategy for gallstone pancreatitis (Provisional abstract)      
Practical implications of differential discounting in cost-effectiveness analyses with varying numbers of cohorts (Structured abstract)      
Practical pharmacogenetics: the cost effectiveness of screening for thiopurine s-methyltransferase polymorphisms in patients with rheumatological conditions treated with azathioprine (Structured abstract)      
The PRaCTICaL study of nurse led, intensive care follow-up programmes for improving long term outcomes from critical illness: a pragmatic randomised controlled trial (Structured abstract)      
The practical utility of routine postpartum hemoglobin assessment (Provisional abstract)      
Practical value of intravenous urography combined with add-on CT in diagnosing ureteral abnormalities (Provisional abstract)      
Practice-based study of the cost-effectiveness of fissure sealants in Finland (Provisional abstract)      
Practice, efficacy and cost of staging suspected non-small cell lung cancer: a retrospective study in two Dutch hospitals (Structured abstract)      
Practice nurse involvement in primary care depression management: an observational cost-effectiveness analysis (Provisional abstract)      
A practice pathway for the initial diagnostic evaluation of isolated sixth cranial nerve palsies (Structured abstract)      
Practice patterns and outcomes of percutaneous coronary interventions in the United States: 1995 to 1997 (Structured abstract)      
A pragmatic and cost-effective strategy of a combination therapy of interferon alpha-2b and ribavirin for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C (Structured abstract)      
A pragmatic cluster randomized controlled trial of an educational intervention for GPs in the assessment and management of depression (Structured abstract)      
A pragmatic cost-effectiveness study of routine epidural corticosteroid injections for lumbosciatic syndrome requiring inhospital management (Structured abstract)      
A pragmatic multi-centre randomised controlled trial of fluid loading in high-risk surgical patients undergoing major elective surgery: the FOCCUS study (Structured abstract)      
A pragmatic multicentered randomized controlled trial of yoga for chronic low back pain: economic evaluation (Structured abstract)      
A pragmatic parallel arm multi-centre randomised controlled trial to assess the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a group-based fatigue management programme (FACETS) for people with multiple sclerosis (Structured abstract)      
A pragmatic randomised comparison of transcervical resection of the endometrium with endometrial laser ablation for the treatment of menorrhagia (Structured abstract)      
A pragmatic randomised controlled trial of 'PhysioDirect' telephone assessment and advice services for patients with musculoskeletal problems: economic evaluation (Provisional abstract)      
A pragmatic randomised controlled trial of the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of ?PhysioDirect? telephone assessment and advice services for physiotherapy (Provisional abstract)      
Pragmatic randomised controlled trial to evaluate guidelines for the management of infertility across the primary care-secondary care interface (Structured abstract)      
A pragmatic randomised controlled trial to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of a physical activity intervention as a treatment for depression: the treating depression with physical activity (TREAD) trial (Provisional abstract)      
A pragmatic randomized controlled study of the effectiveness and cost consequences of exercise therapy in hip osteoarthritis (Provisional abstract)      
Pragmatic randomized trial evaluating the clinical and economic effectiveness of acupuncture for chronic low back pain (Structured abstract)      
Pragmatic study of diacerhein: results on clinical signs, quality of life and medico-economic costs (Structured abstract)      
A pragmatic triage system to reduce length of stay in medical emergency admission: feasibility study and health economic analysis (Structured abstract)      
Pramipexole and levodopa in early Parkinson's disease: dynamic changes in cost-effectiveness (Structured abstract)      
Pramipexole v. levodopa as initial treatment for Parkinson's disease: a randomized clinical-economic trial (Structured abstract)      
Prasugrel compared to clopidogrel in patients with acute coronary syndrome undergoing percutenaous coronary intervention: a Spanish model-based cost effectiveness analysis (Provisional abstract)      
Prasugrel vs clopidogrel in patients with acute coronary syndrome undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention: a model-based cost-effectiveness analysis for Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Turkey (Provisional abstract)      
Pre-cesarean blood bank orders: a safe and less expensive approach (Structured abstract)      
Pre-emptive virology screening in the pediatrichematopoietic stem cell transplant population: a cost effectiveness analysis (Provisional abstract)      
Pre-hospital continuous positive aireway pressure (cpap) for acute respiratory failure: an economic analysis (Provisional abstract)      
Pre-hospital ECG for acute coronary syndrome in urban India: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Pre-immigration screening process and pulmonary tuberculosis among Ethiopian migrants in Israel (Provisional abstract)      
Pre-insertion local anesthesia at the trocar site improves peri-operative pain and decreases costs in laparoscopic cholecystectomy (Structured abstract)      
Pre-operative CT coronary angiography in patients with mitral valve prolapse referred for surgical repair: Comparison of accuracy, radiation dose and cost versus invasive coronary angiography (Provisional abstract)      
Pre-operative optimisation employing dopexamine or adrenaline for patients undergoing major elective surgery: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
The pre-test risk stratified cost-effectiveness of 64-slice computed tomography coronary angiography in the detection of significant obstructive coronary artery disease in patients otherwise referred to invasive coronary angiography (Provisional abstract)      
Preclinic group education sessions reduce waiting times and costs at public pain medicine units (Provisional abstract)      
Preconceptional screening of couples for carriership of cystic fibrosis in the Netherlands: expenses and savings (Structured abstract)      
Predicted costs and outcomes from reduced vibration detection in people with diabetes in the US (Structured abstract)      
Predicted effects of a new combination vaccine on childhood immunization coverage rates and vaccination activities (Structured abstract)      
Predicting preterm birth: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Predicting the cost-effectiveness of introducing a pre-erythrocytic malaria vaccine into the expanded program on immunization in Tanzania (Provisional abstract)      
Predicting the health economic performance of new non-fusion surgery in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (Provisional abstract)      
Predicting the impact of polypill use in a metabolic syndrome population: an effectiveness and cost-effectiveness analysis (Provisional abstract)      
Predicting treatment costs and life expectancy for end-stage renal disease (Structured abstract)      
Predicting trends in HIV-1 sexual transmission in sub-Saharan Africa through the drug resource enhancement against AIDS and malnutrition model: antiretrovirals for reduction of population infectivity, incidence and prevalence at the district level (Provisional abstract)      
Prediction of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia grade 2-3 using risk assessment and human papillomavirus testing in women with atypia on Papanicolaou smears (Structured abstract)      
Prediction of costs, effectiveness, and disease control of a population-based program using home sampling for diagnosis of urogenital Chlamydia trachomatis infections (Structured abstract)      
Predictive genetic testing of first degree relatives of mutation carriers is a cost-effective strategy in preventing hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer in Singapore (Provisional abstract)      
A predictive model of the economic effects of an influenza vaccine adjuvant for the older adult (age 65 and over) population (Structured abstract)      
A predictive model of the health benefits and cost effectiveness of celiprolol and atenolol in primary prevention of cardiovascular disease in hypertensive patients (Structured abstract)      
Predictive model to determine cost/benefit of early detection and intervention in occupational low back pain (Provisional abstract)      
Predictive value and cost-effectiveness analysis of a rapid polymerase chain reaction for preoperative detection of nasal carriage of Staphylococcus aureus (Structured abstract)      
Predictors, cost, and outcomes of patients with acute coronary syndrome who receive optimal secondary prevention therapy: Results from the antiplatelet treatment observational registries (APTOR) (Provisional abstract)      
Predictors of cost of liver transplantation in children: a single center study (Structured abstract)      
Prednicarbate versus fluocortin for inflammatory dermatoses: a cost- effectiveness study (Structured abstract)      
Preevaluation of clinical trial data: the case of pre-emptive cytomegalovirus therapy in patients with human immunodeficiency virus (Structured abstract)      
Preference and resource utilization in elderly patients: InnoLet (R) versus vial/syringe (Structured abstract)      
Pregabalin and gabapentin in matched patients with peripheral neuropathic pain in routine medical practice in a primary care setting: findings from a cost-consequences analysis in a nested case-control study (Structured abstract)      
Pregabalin versus gabapentin in the management of peripheral neuropathic pain associated with post-herpetic neuralgia and diabetic neuropathy: a cost effectiveness analysis for the Greek healthcare setting (Provisional abstract)      
Pregabalin versus SSRIs and SNRIs in benzodiazepine-refractory outpatients with generalized anxiety disorder: a post hoc cost-effectiveness analysis in usual medical practice in Spain (Provisional abstract)      
Pregnancy and economic outcomes in patients treated for recurrent preterm labor (Structured abstract)      
Pregnancy dose Tdap and postpartum cocooning to prevent infant pertussis: a decision analysis (Provisional abstract)      
"Prehabilitation" prior to CABG surgery improves physical functioning and depression (Structured abstract)      
Prehospital classification combined with an in-hospital trauma radio system response reduces cost and duration of evaluation of the injured patient (Structured abstract)      
Prehospital discharge defibrillation testing in ICD recipients: a prospective study based on cost analysis (Structured abstract)      
Prehospital telemedicine electrocardiogram triage for a regional public emergency medical service: is it worth it? A preliminary cost analysis (Provisional abstract)      
Prehydration alone is sufficient to prevent contrast-induced nephropathy after day-only angiography procedures - a randomised controlled trial (Provisional abstract)      
Preimplantation genetic screening in older women: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Preinduction cervical ripening with commercially available prostaglandin E(2) gel: a randomized, double-blind comparison with a hospital-compounded preparation (Structured abstract)      
Preliminary analysis of the cost-effectiveness of the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program: demonstrating the potential value of comprehensive real world data (Structured abstract)      
Preliminary cost-effectiveness evaluation of an oral sonographic contrast agent using a decision modelling technique (Structured abstract)      
A preliminary economic evaluation of percutaneous neuromuscular electrical stimulation in the treatment of hemiplegic shoulder pain (Structured abstract)      
Preliminary findings of analysis of chiropractic utilization and cost in the workers' compensation system of New South Wales, Australia (Structured abstract)      
A preliminary model-based assessment of the cost-utility of a screening programme for early age-related macular degeneration (Provisional abstract)      
Preliminary results of comparative pharmacoeconomic prospective study of different therapies of arterial hypertension (Provisional abstract)      
A preliminary study on the medical expenditure of Chinese medicine and integrative medicine treatment for influenza A (H1N1) in the fever clinics (Provisional abstract)      
Prenatal cystic fibrosis screening in Mexican Americans: an economic analysis (Structured abstract)      
Prenatal prevention for severe thalassemia disease at Srinagarind Hospital (Provisional abstract)      
Prenatal purified protein derivative skin testing in a teaching clinic with a large Hispanic population (Structured abstract)      
Prenatal screening and treatment strategies to prevent group B streptococcal and other bacterial infections in early infancy: cost-effectiveness and expected value of information analyses (Provisional abstract)      
Prenatal screening for cystic fibrosis carriers: an economic evaluation (Structured abstract)      
Prenatal screening for Down syndrome in Australia: costs and benefits of current and novel screening strategies (Provisional abstract)      
Prenatal screening for Down syndrome in Australia: costs and benefits of current and novel screening strategies (Provisional abstract)      
Prenatal screening for Down's syndrome using inhibin-A as a serum marker (Structured abstract)      
Prenatal WIC participation can reduce low birth weight and newborn medical costs: a cost-benefit analysis of WIC participation in North Carolina (Structured abstract)      
Preoperative acute hypervolemic hemodilution with hydroxyethylstarch: an alternative to acute normovolemic hemodilution? (Structured abstract)      
Preoperative bowel preparation in children: polyethylene glycol versus normal saline (Provisional abstract)      
Preoperative cardiac evaluation: when should the surgeon consult the cardiologist? (Structured abstract)      
A preoperative decolonization protocol for staphylococcus aureus prevents orthopaedic infections (Provisional abstract)      
Preoperative duplex vein mapping (DVM) reduces costs in patients undergoing infrainguinal bypass surgery: results of a prospective randomised study (Provisional abstract)      
Preoperative endoscopic sphincterotomy versus laparoendoscopic rendezvous in patients with gallbladder and bile duct stones (Structured abstract)      
Preoperative evaluation of pancreatic cystic lesions: cost-benefit analysis and proposed management algorithm (Provisional abstract)      
Preoperative immunonutrition and its effect on postoperative outcomes in well-nourished and malnourished gastrointestinal surgery patients: a randomised controlled trial (Provisional abstract)      
Preoperative intensive, community-based versus traditional stoma education: a randomized, controlled trial (Structured abstract)      
Preoperative screening strategies for bacterial vaginosis prior to elective hysterectomy: a cost comparison study (Structured abstract)      
Preoperative serum albumin but not prealbumin is an excellent predictor of postoperative complications and mortality in patients with gastrointestinal cancer (Provisional abstract)      
Preoperative staging of lung cancer with PET/CT: cost-effectiveness evaluation alongside a randomized controlled trial (Provisional abstract)      
Preoperative statin therapy is associated with improved outcomes and resource utilization in patients undergoing aortic aneurysm repair (Provisional abstract)      
Preoperative stent placement decreases cost of ureteroscopy (Provisional abstract)      
Preoperative use of mupirocin for the prevention of healthcare-associated Staphylococcus aureus infections: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Preoperative use of recombinant human erythropoietin in pediatric orthopedics: a decision model for long-term outcomes (Structured abstract)      
Preoperative versus postoperative endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography in mild to moderate gallstone pancreatitis: a prospective randomized trial (Structured abstract)      
Preplacement nerve testing for carpal tunnel syndrome: is it cost effective (Structured abstract)      
Preprogrammed, unmonitored ovarian stimulation reduces expense without compromising the outcome of assisted reproduction (Structured abstract)      
Prereferral rectal artesunate for treatment of severe childhood malaria: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Prescreening with FOBT improves yield and is cost-effective in colorectal screening in the elderly (Provisional abstract)      New 
Prescribing high-dose lipid-lowering therapy early to avoid subsequent cardiovascular events: is this a cost-effective strategy? (Provisional abstract)      
Prescribing proton pump inhibitors for initial treatment of acid-related gastrointestinal diseases in a managed care population (Provisional abstract)      
Prescribing selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors as strategy for prevention of suicide (Structured abstract)      
Prescription drug cost reduction in Native Hawaiians after laparoscopic Roux-en-y gastric bypass (Provisional abstract)      
Prescription of transdermal nicotine patches for smoking cessation in general practice: evaluation of cost-effectiveness (Structured abstract)      
The president's fiscal year 2007 initiative for human immunodeficiency virus counseling and testing expansion in the United States: a scenario analysis of its coverage, impact, and cost-effectiveness (Structured abstract)      
Pressure relieving support surfaces: a randomised evaluation (Provisional abstract)      
Pressure relieving support surfaces (PRESSURE) trial: cost effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Pressure-relieving supports in an ICU (Structured abstract)      
Pressure ulcer prevention: a randomized controlled trial of 2 risk-directed strategies for patient surface assignment (Structured abstract)      
Pressure ulcer prevention program study: a randomized, controlled prospective comparative value evaluation of 2 pressure ulcer prevention strategies in nursing and rehabilitation centers (Structured abstract)      
Pressure ulcers: guideline development and economic modelling (Structured abstract)      
Pressure ulcers management: an economic evaluation (Structured abstract)      
Pressurised irrigation versus swabbing method in cleansing wounds healed by secondary intention: a randomised controlled trial with cost-effectiveness analysis (Provisional abstract)      
Pretransplant varicella vaccination is cost-effective in pediatric renal transplantation (Structured abstract)      
Pretreatment evaluation of chronic hepatitis C: risks, benefits, and costs (Structured abstract)      
Pretreatment imaging workup for patients with intermittent claudication: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Provisional abstract)      
Prevalence and costs of tuberculin screening performed at Altopiano di Asiago (Vicenza) during a decade (Structured abstract)      
The prevalence and direct costs of preimmunization testing for hepatitis A in general practice (Structured abstract)      
Prevalence and prognosis of paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria and the clinical and cost-effectiveness of eculizumab (Provisional abstract)      
Prevalence and screening costs of hepatitis C virus among Ugandan blood donors (Provisional abstract)      
Prevalence of cryptococcal antigenemia and cost-effectiveness of a cryptococcal antigen screening program: Vietnam (Provisional abstract)      
Prevalence of scoliosis and cost-effectiveness of screening in schools in Turkey (Provisional abstract)      
Preventing bath water scalds: a cost-effectiveness analysis of introducing bath thermostatic mixer valves in social housing (Structured abstract)      
Preventing cardiovascular disease among Canadians: is the treatment of hypertension or dyslipidemia cost-effective? (Structured abstract)      
Preventing chronic lung disease in an aging society by improved building ventilation: an economic assessment (Structured abstract)      
Preventing diabetes blindness: cost effectiveness of a screening programme using digital non-mydriatic fundus photography for diabetic retinopathy in a primary health care setting in South Africa (Provisional abstract)      
Preventing early-onset group B streptococcal sepsis: strategy development using decision analysis (Structured abstract)      
Preventing failed appointments in general dental practice: a comparison of reminder methods (Structured abstract)      
Preventing future cancers by testing women with ovarian cancer for BRCA mutations (Structured abstract)      
Preventing HIV/AIDS among high-risk urban women: the cost-effectiveness of a behavioral group intervention (Structured abstract)      
Preventing mother to child transmission of HIV with highly active antiretroviral treatment in Tanzania: a prospective cost-effectiveness study (Provisional abstract)      
Preventing Mycobacterium avium complex in patients who are using protease inhibitors: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Preventing needlesticks in emergency medical system workers (Structured abstract)      
Preventing neonatal group B streptococcal disease: cost-effectiveness in a health maintenance organization and the impact of delayed hospital discharge for newborns who received intrapartum antibiotics (Structured abstract)      
Preventing non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug-induced gastrointestinal toxicity: are older strategies more cost-effective in the general population? (Structured abstract)      
Preventing panic disorder: cost-effectiveness analysis alongside a pragmatic randomised trial (Provisional abstract)      
Preventing perinatal transmission of HIV: costs and effectiveness of a recommended intervention (Structured abstract)      
Preventing pressure ulcers in long-term care: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Preventing pressure ulcers on the heel: a Canadian cost study (Provisional abstract)      
Preventing repeat abortion in Canada: is the immediate insertion of intrauterine devices postabortion a cost-effective option associated with fewer repeat abortions? (Provisional abstract)      
Preventing repeat pregnancy in adolescents: is immediate postpartum insertion of the contraceptive implant cost effective? (Provisional abstract)      
Preventing sexually transmitted infections among incarcerated men who have sex with men: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Preventing unintended pregnancy: the cost-effectiveness of three methods of emergency contraception (Structured abstract)      
Prevention and control of sexually transmissible infections among hotel-based female sex workers in Dhaka, Bangladesh (Provisional abstract)      
Prevention and management of hyperphosphatemia with sevelamer in Canada: health and economic consequences (Structured abstract)      
Prevention and screening programs for anterior cruciate ligament injuries in young athletes: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Provisional abstract)      
Prevention of adenoviral acute respiratory disease in army recruits: cost-effectiveness of a military vaccination policy (Structured abstract)      
Prevention of adhesion formation after radical hysterectomy using a sodium hyaluronate-carboxymethylcellulose (HA-CMC) barrier: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Prevention of adverse drug events and cost savings associated with PharmD interventions in an academic level I trauma center: an evidence-based approach (Provisional abstract)      
Prevention of beta thalassemia in Northern Israel: a cost-benefit analysis (Provisional abstract)      
Prevention of central venous catheter-associated bloodstream infections in pediatric intensive care units: a performance improvement collaborative (Provisional abstract)      
Prevention of central venous catheter-related bloodstream infection by use of an antiseptic-impregnated catheter: a randomized, controlled trial (Structured abstract)      
Prevention of central venous catheter-related bloodstream infections: is it time to add simulation training to the prevention bundle? (Provisional abstract)      
Prevention of cervical cancer in rural China: evaluation of HPV vaccination and primary HPV screening strategies (Structured abstract)      
Prevention of cervical cancer in women with ASCUS in the Brazilian Unified National Health System: cost-effectiveness of the molecular biology method for HPV detection (Provisional abstract)      
Prevention of cervical cancer with screening programme in Branicevo District and cost-effectiveness analysis adjusted to the territory of the Republic of Serbia (Provisional abstract)      
Prevention of chickenpox in reproductive-age women: cost-effectiveness of routine prenatal screening with postpartum vaccination of susceptibles (Structured abstract)      
Prevention of colorectal cancer: costs and effectiveness of sigmoidoscopy (Structured abstract)      
Prevention of complicated ulcer disease among chronic users of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: the use of a nomogram in cost-effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Prevention of coronary heart disease through treatment of infection with Chlamydia pneumoniae? Estimation of possible effectiveness and costs (Structured abstract)      
Prevention of deep-vein thrombosis following total hip replacement surgery with enoxaparin versus unfractionated heparin: a pharmacoeconomic evaluation (Structured abstract)      
Prevention of febrile leucopenia after chemotherapy in high-risk breast cancer patients: no significant difference between granulocyte-colony stimulating growth factor or ciprofloxacin plus amphotericin B (Structured abstract)      
Prevention of gram-positive infections in peritoneal dialysis patients in Hong Kong: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Provisional abstract)      
Prevention of group B streptococcal disease in the first 3 months of life: would routine maternal immunization during pregnancy be cost-effective? (Provisional abstract)      New 
Prevention of herpes simplex virus eye disease: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Prevention of HPV-related cancers in Norway: cost-effectiveness of expanding the HPV vaccination program to include pre-adolescent boys (Provisional abstract)      
Prevention of human immunodeficiency virus-related opportunistic infections in France: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Provisional abstract)      
Prevention of low back pain in the military cluster randomized trial: effects of brief psychosocial education on total and low back pain-related health care costs (Provisional abstract)      
Prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV-1 infection: alternative strategies and their cost-effectiveness (Structured abstract)      
Prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV: cost-effectiveness of antiretroviral regimens and feeding options in Rwanda (Provisional abstract)      
Prevention of nosocomial bloodstream infections: effectiveness of antimicrobial-impregnated and heparin-bonded central venous catheters (Structured abstract)      
Prevention of osteoporosis: a cost-effectiveness analysis regarding fractures (Structured abstract)      
Prevention of osteoporosis: cost-effectiveness of different pharmaceutical treatments (Structured abstract)      
Prevention of peritonitis with disconnect systems in CAPD: a randomised controlled trial (Structured abstract)      
Prevention of post-endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography pancreatitis: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Provisional abstract)      New 
Prevention of recurrences of erosive reflux esophagitis: a cost-effectiveness analysis of maintenance proton pump inhibition (Structured abstract)      
Prevention of retained surgical sponges: a decision-analytic model predicting relative cost-effectiveness (Structured abstract)      
Prevention of tunneled cuffed hemodialysis catheter-related dysfunction and bacteremia by a neutral-valve closed-system connector: a single-center randomized controlled trial (Provisional abstract)      
Prevention of venous thromboembolism after general surgery: cost-effectiveness analysis of alternative approaches to prophylaxis (Structured abstract)      
Prevention of venous thromboembolism in hospitalized patients: analysis of reduced cost and improved clinical outcomes (Provisional abstract)      
Prevention of vertical transmission of HIV: analysis of cost effectiveness of options available in South Africa (Structured abstract)      
Prevention of wound contamination using DuraPrep solution plus Ioban 2 drapes (Structured abstract)      
Prevention on recurrence of low dosage simvastatin for targeting goal of cholesterol-lowing on risk stratification in patients with cerebral infarction (Provisional abstract)      
Prevention program at construction worksites aimed at improving health and work ability is cost-saving to the employer: results from an RCT (Provisional abstract)      New 
Prevention, screening and treatment of colorectal cancer: a global and regional generalized cost effectiveness analysis (Provisional abstract)      
Prevention with tamoxifen or other hormones versus prophylactic surgery in BRCA1/2-positive women: a decision analysis (Structured abstract)      
Preventive efficacy and cost-effectiveness of point-of-use water filtration in a subacute care unit (Provisional abstract)      
Preventive exercises reduced injury-related costs among adult male amateur soccer players: a cluster-randomised trial (Provisional abstract)      
Preventive health screenings and health consultations in primary care increase life expectancy without increasing costs (Provisional abstract)      
The preventive home visit as a preventive intervention to reach the elderly ? effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of different ways of approach (Provisional abstract)      
Preventive home visits to older people are cost-effective (Provisional abstract)      
Preventive services for the elderly: would coverage affect utilisation and costs under Medicare? (Structured abstract)      
Preventive strategies for group B streptococcal and other bacterial infections in early infancy: cost effectiveness and value of information analyses (Structured abstract)      
The preventive surgical site infection bundle in colorectal surgery an effective approach to surgical site infection reduction and health care cost savings (Provisional abstract)      New 
Preventive therapy for tuberculosis in HIV-infected persons: analysis of policy options based on tuberculin status and CD4+ cell count (Structured abstract)      
Preventive therapy with isoniazid: cost-effectiveness of different durations of therapy (Structured abstract)      
The price of doing pediatric sinus procedures (a look at cost) (Provisional abstract)      
The price of donation after cardiac death in liver transplantation: a prospective cost-effectiveness study (Provisional abstract)      
The price of emergency contraception in the United States: what is the cost-effectiveness of ulipristal acetate versus single-dose levonorgestrel? (Structured abstract)      
The price of performance: A cost and performance analysis of the implementation of cell-free fetal DNA testing for Down syndrome in Ontario, Canada (Provisional abstract)      
Primary and revisional laparoscopic adjustable gastric band placement in patients with hiatal hernia (Provisional abstract)      
Primary angioplasty is cost-minimizing compared with pre-hospital thrombolysis for patients within 60 min of a percutaneous coronary intervention center: the Comparison of Angioplasty and Pre-Hospital Thrombolysis in Acute Myocardial Infarction (CAPTIM) cost-efficacy sub-study (Structured abstract)      
Primary angioplasty versus thrombolysis for acute ST-elevation myocardial infarction: an economic analysis of the National Infarct Angioplasty Project (Structured abstract)      
Primary arthroscopic stabilization for a first-time anterior dislocation of the shoulder: a randomized, double-blind trial (Structured abstract)      
Primary care anticoagulant clinic management using computerized decision support and near patient international normalized ratio (INR) testing: routine data from a practice nurse-led clinic (Structured abstract)      
A primary care cardiovascular risk reduction clinic in Canada was more effective and no more expensive than usual on-demand primary care: a randomised controlled trial (Provisional abstract)      
Primary care intervention to reduce alcohol misuse: ranking its health impact and cost effectiveness (Structured abstract)      
PRImary care Streptococcal Management (PRISM) study: in vitro study, diagnostic cohorts and a pragmatic adaptive randomised controlled trial with nested qualitative study and cost-effectiveness study (Provisional abstract)      
Primary care treatment of epilepsy with phenobarbital in rural China: cost-outcome analysis from the WHO/ILAE/IBE global campaign against epilepsy demonstration project (Provisional abstract)      
Primary care vs specialist sleep center management of obstructive sleep apnea and daytime sleepiness and quality of life: a randomized trial (Provisional abstract)      
Primary closure versus T-tube drainage after open choledochotomy (Provisional abstract)      
Primary efficacy of physical examination combined with ultragraphy and complemented with mammography for breast cancer screening (Provisional abstract)      
Primary enteric drainage of the pancreas allograft revisited (Structured abstract)      
Primary prevention of acute rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease with penicillin in South African Children with pharyngitis: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Provisional abstract)      
Primary prevention of colorectal cancer with low-dose aspirin in combination with endoscopy: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Provisional abstract)      
Primary prevention of myocardial infarction in middle-aged males (15-year follow-up): clinical and economic aspects of the problem (Provisional abstract)      
Primary prevention of nephrolithiasis is cost-effective for a national healthcare system (Provisional abstract)      
Primary prevention of pediatric abusive head trauma: a cost audit and cost-utility analysis (Provisional abstract)      
Primary prophylaxis for Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in HIV-infected people with CD4 counts below 200/mm3: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Primary prophylaxis of disseminated histoplasmosis in HIV patients in French Guiana: arguments for cost effectiveness (Provisional abstract)      
Primary prophylaxis of variceal bleeding in cirrhosis:a cost effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Primary prophylaxis with granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (GCSF) reduces the incidence of febrile neutropenia in patients with non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) receiving CHOP chemotherapy treatment without adversely affecting their quality of life: cost-benefit and quality of life analysis (Structured abstract)      
Primary PTCA versus thrombolysis with tPA in acute myocardial infarction: a formal cost-effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Primary screening for human papillomavirus compared with cytology screening for cervical cancer in European settings: cost effectiveness analysis based on a Dutch microsimulation model (Structured abstract)      
Primary staging and follow-up in melanoma patients: monocenter evaluation of methods, costs and patient survival (Structured abstract)      
Primary staging of lymphomas: cost-effectiveness of FDG-PET versus computed tomography (Structured abstract)      
Primary surgery versus chemoradiation in the treatment of IB2 cervical carcinoma: a cost effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Primary therapist model for patients referred for rheumatoid arthritis rehabilitation: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Primary treatments for clinically localised prostate cancer: a comprehensive lifetime cost-utility analysis (Provisional abstract)      
Primary urethral reconstruction: the cost minimized approach to the bulbous urethral stricture (Structured abstract)      
Primary versus delayed surgery for spontaneous pneumothorax in children: which is better (Structured abstract)      
Primary versus secondary prophylaxis with pegfilgrastim for the reduction of febrile neutropenia risk in patients receiving chemotherapy for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma: cost-effectiveness analyses (Provisional abstract)      
Primary vs secondary prophylaxis with pegfilgrastim for the reduction of febrile neutropenia risk in patients receiving chemotherapy for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma: cost-effectiveness analyses (Provisional abstract)      
Priorities for screening and treatment of latent tuberculosis infection in the United States (Structured abstract)      
Prioritising between direct observation of therapy and case-finding interventions for tuberculosis: use of population impact measures (Provisional abstract)      
Prioritization of prevention activities to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS in resource constrained settings: a cost-effectiveness analysis from Chad, Central Africa (Structured abstract)      
Prioritizing pharmacogenetic research: a value of information analysis of CYP2D6 testing to guide breast cancer treatment (Structured abstract)      
PROactive 06: cost-effectiveness of pioglitazone in Type 2 diabetes in the UK (Structured abstract)      
A proactive approach to migraine in primary care: a pragmatic randomized controlled trial (Provisional abstract)      
Proactive integrated care improves quality of life in patients with COPD (Provisional abstract)      
Proactive monitoring of pediatric haemodialysis vascular access: effects of ultrasound dilution on thrombosis rates (Structured abstract)      
Probabilistic cost-effectiveness analysis of cascade screening for familial hypercholesterolaemia using alternative diagnostic and identification strategies (Structured abstract)      
A probabilistic cost-effectiveness analysis of enoxaparin versus unfractionated heparin for the prophylaxis of deep-vein thrombosis following major trauma (Structured abstract)      
A probabilistic cost-effectiveness analysis of escitalopram, generic citalopram and venlafaxine as a first-line treatment of major depressive disorder in the UK (Structured abstract)      
Probabilistic cost-effectiveness analysis of the long-term effect of universal hepatitis B vaccination: an experience from Taiwan with high hepatitis B virus infection and Hepatitis B e Antigen positive prevalence (Provisional abstract)      
Probabilistic cost-effectiveness modeling of different breast cancer screening policies in Slovenia (Structured abstract)      
Probing for nasolacrimal duct obstruction with intravenous propofol sedation (Structured abstract)      
Problem-solving counseling for caregivers of the cognitively impaired: effective for whom? (Structured abstract)      
Procalcitonin and C-reactive protein as predictors of blood culture positivity among hospitalised children with severe pneumonia in Mozambique (Provisional abstract)      
Procalcitonin-based therapeutic strategy to reduce antibiotic use in patients after cardiac surgery: a randomized controlled trial (Provisional abstract)      
Procalcitonin for reduced antibiotic exposure in the critical care setting: a systematic review and an economic evaluation (Provisional abstract)      
Procalcitonin-guided algorithm to reduce length of antibiotic therapy in patients with severe sepsis and septic shock (Structured abstract)      
Procalcitonin is a good tool to guide duration of antibiotic therapy in patients with severe acute pancreatitis: a randomized prospective single-center controlled trial (Provisional abstract)      
Procedure costs and outcomes associated with pharmacologic management of peripheral arterial disease in the Department of Defense (Structured abstract)      
Procuring organ donors as a health investment: how much should we be willing to spend? (Structured abstract)      
Productivity and cost assessment of computed radiography, digital radiography, and screen-film for outpatient chest examinations (Provisional abstract)      
Productivity improvements in hepatitis C treatment: impact on efficacy, cost, cost-effectiveness and quality of life (Structured abstract)      
Prognostic significance of unplanned start of dialysis: a Spanish multicentrical study (Structured abstract)      
Prognostic value and cost-effectiveness of different screening strategies for HLA antibodies prior to kidney transplantation (Provisional abstract)      
The program cost and cost-effectiveness of screening men for Chlamydia to prevent pelvic inflammatory disease in women (Structured abstract)      
Program-specific cost-effectiveness analysis: breast cancer screening policies for a safety-net program (Provisional abstract)      
Program spending to increase adherence: South African cervical cancer screening (Provisional abstract)      
Programmatic cost evaluation of nontargeted opt-out rapid HIV screening in the emergency department (Provisional abstract)      
A programme of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) is a cost-effective intervention in elective colonic surgery (Structured abstract)      
Programs of systematic screening in neonatology: pharmaco-economic aspects (Structured abstract)      
Progression from beryllium exposure to chronic beryllium disease: an analytic model (Provisional abstract)      
Prohibiting consent: what are the costs of denying permanent contraception concurrent with abortion care? (Provisional abstract)      
Projected clinical benefits and cost-effectiveness of a human papillomavirus 16/18 vaccine (Structured abstract)      
Projected clinical outcomes of glaucoma screening in African American individuals (Structured abstract)      
Projected cost-effectiveness of ezetimibe/simvastatin compared with doubling the statin dose in the United Kingdom: findings from the INFORCE study (Structured abstract)      
Projected cost-effectiveness of pneumococcal conjugate vaccination of healthy infants and young children (Structured abstract)      
Projected cost-effectiveness of primary angioplasty for acute myocardial infarction (Structured abstract)      
Projected cost-effectiveness of repeat high-risk human papillomavirus testing using self-collected vaginal samples in the Swedish cervical cancer screening program (Provisional abstract)      
Projected cost-effectiveness of rotavirus vaccination for children in Asia (Structured abstract)      
Projected cost-effectiveness of smoking cessation interventions in patients hospitalized with myocardial infarction (Structured abstract)      
Projected cost-effectiveness of statewide universal newborn hearing screening (Structured abstract)      
Projected cost-savings with herpes simplex virus screening in pregnancy: towards a new screening paradigm (Structured abstract)      
Projected costs and consequences of computed tomography-determined fractional flow reserve (Provisional abstract)      
Projected costs, risks, and benefits of expanded newborn screening for MCADD (Provisional abstract)      
Projected dynamics of colonoscopic screening and surveillance for colorectal cancer (Provisional abstract)      
Projected economic costs due to health consequences of teenagers' loss of confidentiality in obtaining reproductive health care services in Texas (Structured abstract)      
Projected health and economic benefits of the use of sirolimus-eluting coronary stents (Structured abstract)      
Projected health and economic impact of rotavirus vaccination in GAVI-eligible countries: 2011-2030 (Provisional abstract)      
Projected health benefits and costs of pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccination in Uganda (Structured abstract)      
Projected health impact and cost-effectiveness of rotavirus vaccination among children <5 years of age in China (Provisional abstract)      
Projected impact and cost-effectiveness of a rotavirus vaccination program in India, 2008 (Structured abstract)      
Projected impact of travoprost versus both timolol and latanoprost on visual field deficit progression and costs among black glaucoma subjects (Structured abstract)      
Projected national impact of colorectal cancer screening on clinical and economic outcomes and health services demand (Structured abstract)      
Projecting the cost-effectiveness of adherence interventions in persons with human immunodeficiency virus infection (Structured abstract)      
Projecting the health and economic impact of road safety initiatives: a case study of a multi-country project (Structured abstract)      
Prolonged conservative care versus early surgery in patients with sciatica from lumbar disc herniation: cost utility analysis alongside a randomised controlled trial (Structured abstract)      
Prolonged postoperative venous thrombo-embolism prophylaxis is cost-effective in advanced ovarian cancer patients (Provisional abstract)      
Prolonged prophylaxis with valganciclovir is cost effective in reducing posttransplant cytomegalovirus disease within the United States (Structured abstract)      
Prolonged rehospitalizations following renal transplantation: causes, risk factors, and outcomes (Provisional abstract)      
Prolonged sedation of critically ill patients with midazolam or propofol: impact on weaning and costs (Structured abstract)      
Prolonged treatment with interferon in patients with histologically mild chronic hepatitis C: a decision analysis (Structured abstract)      
Prolonged use of heat and moisture exchangers does not affect device efficiency or frequency rate of nosocomial pneumonia (Structured abstract)      
Prolotherapy injections and eccentric loading exercises for painful Achilles tendinosis: a randomised trial (Provisional abstract)      
A promising diagnostic tool for toxoplasmic encephalitis: tachyzoite/bradyzoite stage-specific RT-PCR (Provisional abstract)      
Promoting mental health recovery after hurricanes Katrina and Rita: what can be done at what cost (Provisional abstract)      
Promoting research use in speech and language therapy: a cluster randomized controlled trial to compare the clinical effectiveness and costs of two training strategies (Structured abstract)      
Promoting self-change with alcohol abusers: a community-level mail intervention based on natural recovery studies (Structured abstract)      
Promoting smoking cessation in Pakistani and Bangladeshi men in the UK: pilot cluster randomised controlled trial of trained community outreach workers (Structured abstract)      
Promotion of cervical screening among nonattendees: a partial cost-effectiveness analysis (Provisional abstract)      
Propensity-matched comparison of morbidity and costs of open and robot-assisted radical cystectomies: a contemporary population-based analysis in the United States (Provisional abstract)      New 
Propensity-matched, longitudinal outcomes analysis of complications and cost: comparing abdominal free flaps and implant-based breast reconstruction (Provisional abstract)      New 
Propentofylline treatment for Alzheimer disease and vascular dementia: an economic evaluation based on functional abilities (Structured abstract)      
Prophylactic ankle taping and bracing: a numbers-needed-to-treat and cost-benefit analysis (Structured abstract)      
Prophylactic antibiotics for non-laboring patients with intact membranes undergoing Cesarean delivery: an economic analysis (Structured abstract)      
Prophylactic antibiotics to prevent cellulitis of the leg: economic analysis of the PATCH I & II Trials (Provisional abstract)      
Prophylactic bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy (PBSO) with or without prophylactic bilateral mastectomy (PBM) or no intervention in BRCA1 mutation carriers: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Prophylactic cesarean delivery for fetal macrosomia diagnosed by means of ultrasonography: a Faustian bargain? (Structured abstract)      
Prophylactic cholecystectomy in transplant patients: a decision analysis (Structured abstract)      
Prophylactic cranial irradiation revisited: cost-effectiveness and quality of life in small-cell lung cancer (Structured abstract)      
Prophylactic inferior vena cava filter insertion for trauma: intensive care unit versus operating room (Provisional abstract)      
Prophylactic laparoscopic ovarian ablation for premenopausal breast cancer: medical and economic efficacy (Structured abstract)      
Prophylactic pacemaker use to allow beta-blocker therapy in patients with chronic heart failure with bradycardia (Structured abstract)      
Prophylactic salpingectomy and delayed oophorectomy as an alternative for BRCA mutation carriers (Provisional abstract)      
Prophylactic strategies for hepatitis B patients undergoing liver transplant: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Prophylactic treatment of mood disorders: a cost-effectiveness analysis comparing lithium and carbamazepine (Structured abstract)      
Prophylaxis against respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), varicella, and pneumococcal infections: economic-based decision-making (Structured abstract)      
Prophylaxis for disseminated Mycobacterium avium complex (MAC) infection in patients with AIDS: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Prophylaxis for respiratory syncytial virus with respiratory syncytial virus-immune globulin intravenous among preterm infants of thirty-two weeks gestation and less: reduction in incidence, severity of illness and cost (Structured abstract)      
Prophylaxis for stress-related gastrointestinal hemorrhage: a cost effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Prophylaxis in 10 patients with severe haemophilia A and inhibitor: different approaches for different clinical situations (Provisional abstract)      
Propofol-based versus dexmedetomidine-based sedation in cardiac surgery patients (Structured abstract)      
Propofol or midazolam for sedation and early extubation following cardiac surgery (Structured abstract)      
Propofol versus propofol with midazolam for laryngeal mask insertion (Structured abstract)      
Proposal for shortened antibiotic therapy as a cost-saving measure in uncomplicated infections (Structured abstract)      
A proposed new imaging pathway for patients with suspected lung cancer (Structured abstract)      
Propranolol vs corticosteroids for infantile hemangiomas: a multicenter retrospective analysis (Provisional abstract)      
A prospective analysis of endoloops and endostaples for closing the stump of the appendix in children (Provisional abstract)      
Prospective and randomized comparison of early versus delayed prophylactic administration of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (filgrastim) in children with cancer (Structured abstract)      
Prospective assessment of integrating the existing emergency medical system with automated external defibrillators fully operated by volunteers and laypersons for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: the Brescia Early Defibrillation Study (BEDS) (Structured abstract)      
Prospective assessment of survival, morbidity, and cost associated with lymphadenectomy in low-risk endometrial cancer (Provisional abstract)      
A prospective case-matched comparison of clinical and financial outcomes of open versus laparoscopic colorectal resection (Structured abstract)      
A prospective clinical, economic, and quality-of-life analysis comparing endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR), open repair, and best medical treatment in high-risk patients with abdominal aortic aneurysms suitable for EVAR: the Irish patient trial (Provisional abstract)      
A prospective clinical utility and pharmacoeconomic study of the impact of the 21-gene Recurrence Score assay in oestrogen receptor positive node negative breast cancer (Provisional abstract)      
Prospective comparative study of the efficacy of staple-line reinforcement in laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (Provisional abstract)      
Prospective comparative study on cost-effectiveness of subthalamic stimulation and best medical treatment in advanced Parkinson's disease (Provisional abstract)      
Prospective comparison between laparoscopic preperitoneal herniorrhaphy and open mesh herniorrhaphy (Structured abstract)      
A prospective comparison of costs and morbidity of laparoscopic versus open cholecystectomy (Structured abstract)      
Prospective comparison of costs and short-term health outcomes of surgical versus device closure of atrial septal defect in children (Structured abstract)      
Prospective comparison of endoscopy patient satisfaction surveys: E-mail versus standard mail versus telephone (Structured abstract)      
Prospective comparison of healing rates and therapy costs for conventional and four-layer high-compression bandaging treatments of venous leg ulcers (Structured abstract)      
Prospective comparison of short and long GnRH agonist protocols using recombinant gonadotrophins for IVF/ICSI treatments (Provisional abstract)      
A prospective comparison of the costs of reusable and limited-reuse laparoscopic instruments (Structured abstract)      
Prospective comparison of valacyclovir and oral ganciclovir for prevention of cytomegalovirus disease in high-risk renal transplant recipients (Structured abstract)      
A prospective, controlled evaluation of home chemotherapy for children with cancer (Structured abstract)      
A prospective controlled trial of albuterol aerosol delivered via metered dose inhaler-spacer device (MDI) versus jet nebulizer in ventilated preterm neonates (Structured abstract)      
A prospective cost-consequence analysis of adding lamivudine to zidovudine-containing antiretroviral treatment regiments for HIV infection in the US (Structured abstract)      
Prospective cost-effectiveness analysis of genomic profiling in breast cancer (Provisional abstract)      
A prospective cost-effectiveness analysis of vertical banded gastroplasty for the treatment of morbid obesity (Structured abstract)      
A prospective cost-effectiveness study of trigeminal neuralgia surgery (Structured abstract)      
Prospective development of a cost-efficient program for radical retropubic prostatectomy (Structured abstract)      
Prospective economic evaluation accompanying a trial of GM-CSF/IL-3 in patients undergoing autologous bone marrow transplantation for Hodgkins and non-Hodgkins-lymphoma (Structured abstract)      
Prospective economic evaluation of a peer support intervention for prevention of postpartum depression among high-risk women in Ontario, Canada (Structured abstract)      
A prospective economic evaluation of basiliximab (Simulect) therapy following renal transplantation (Structured abstract)      
Prospective epidemiologic study of the outcome and cost-effectiveness of antenatal screening to detect neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia due to anti-HPA-1a (Structured abstract)      
Prospective evaluation of abdominal sonography for the diagnosis of bowel obstruction (Structured abstract)      
Prospective evaluation of antibiotic prophylaxis prior to cystometrogram and/or cystogram studies: oral versus intramuscular routes (Structured abstract)      
Prospective evaluation of clinical and economic outcomes associated with treatment of serious infections due to gram-positive cocci (Provisional abstract)      
A prospective evaluation of computerized tomographic (CT) scanning as a screening modality for esophageal varices (Structured abstract)      
A prospective evaluation of empiric versus protocol-based sedation and analgesia (Structured abstract)      
Prospective evaluation of laparoscopy-assisted colectomy versus laparotomy with resection for management of complex polyps of the sigmoid colon (Structured abstract)      
Prospective evaluation of occlusive hydrocolloid dressing versus conventional gauze dressing regarding the healing effect after abdominal operations: randomized controlled trial (Provisional abstract)      
A prospective evaluation of the cost effectiveness of adding lamivudine to zidovudine-containing antiretroviral treatment regimens in HIV infection: European perspective (Provisional abstract)      
A prospective evaluation of the utility of 2-deoxy-2-[18F] fluoro-D-glucose positron emission tomography and computed tomography in staging locally advanced gastric cancer (Provisional abstract)      
Prospective evidence of the superiority of a sonography-based algorithm in the assessment of blunt abdominal injury (Provisional abstract)      
Prospective matched control study concerning the treatment and quality of life of hemophiliacs with inhibitors (Structured abstract)      
Prospective multicentre study comparing a standard reusable sphincterotome with a disposable triple-lumen sphincterotome (Structured abstract)      
A prospective outcome study on the effects of facet joint radiofrequency denervation on pain, analgesic intake, disability, satisfaction, cost, and employment (Provisional abstract)      
A prospective, randomised clinical evaluation of a new safety-orientated injectable drug administration system in comparison with conventional methods (Structured abstract)      
A prospective, randomised comparison of single-vs. multiple-dose antibiotic prophylaxis in penetrating trauma (Structured abstract)      
A prospective randomised controlled trial of nutritional supplementation in malnourished elderly in the community: clinical and health economic outcomes (Structured abstract)      
A prospective randomised pilot study of sedation regimens in a general ICU population: a reality-based medicine study (Structured abstract)      
A prospective randomised study comparing two treatment modalities for chronic pilonidal sinus with a 5-year follow-up (Structured abstract)      
Prospective, randomised study of selective versus routine culture of vascular catheter tips: patient outcome, antibiotic use and laboratory workload (Provisional abstract)      
Prospective, randomised study to compare empirical treatment versus targeted treatment on the basis of the urine antigen results in hospitalised patients with community-acquired pneumonia (Provisional abstract)      
Prospective randomized clinical trial comparing high-dose ifosfamide plus GM-CSF vs high-dose cyclophosphamide plus GM-CSF for blood progenitor cell mobilization (Structured abstract)      
Prospective randomized clinical trial of laparoscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy versus total abdominal hysterectomy (Structured abstract)      
A prospective, randomized clinical trial of universal WBC reduction (Structured abstract)      
A prospective, randomized clinical trial to assess the cost-effectiveness of a modern foam dressing versus a traditional saline gauze dressing in the treatment of stage II pressure ulcers (Provisional abstract)      
Prospective, randomized, comparative study of the efficacy, safety and cost of cefuroxime compared with cephradine in the treatment of acute pyelonephritis during pregnancy (Structured abstract)      
Prospective randomized comparison of a combined ultrasonic and pneumatic lithotrite with a standard ultrasonic lithotrite for percutaneous nephrolithotomy (Provisional abstract)      
A prospective, randomized comparison of an in-line heat moisture exchange filter and heated wire humidifiers: rates of ventilator-associated early-onset (community-acquired) or late-onset (hospital-acquired) pneumonia and incidence of endotracheal tube occlusion (Structured abstract)      
A prospective randomized comparison of laparoscopic appendectomy with open appendectomy: clinical and economic analyses (Structured abstract)      
A prospective, randomized comparison of skin adhesive and subcuticular suture for closure of pediatric hernia incisions: cost and cosmetic considerations (Provisional abstract)      
Prospective randomized comparison of surgical versus endovascular management of thrombosed dialysis access grafts (Structured abstract)      
Prospective randomized comparison of thoracoscopic talc poudrage under local anesthesia versus bleomycin instillation for pleurodesis in malignant pleural effusions (Structured abstract)      
A prospective randomized comparison of three blood conservation strategies for radical prostatectomy (Provisional abstract)      
Prospective, randomized, controlled, single-blind trial of the costs and consequences of systematic nutrition team follow-up over 12 mo after percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (Structured abstract)      
Prospective randomized controlled study using polyethylene mesh for inguinal hernia meshplasty as a safe and cost-effective alternative to polypropylene mesh (Provisional abstract)      
A prospective, randomized, controlled trial comparing three different gonadotropin regimens in oocyte donors: ovarian response, in vitro fertilization outcome, and analysis of cost minimization (Provisional abstract)      
A prospective, randomized, controlled trial of an emergency department-based atrial fibrillation treatment strategy with low-molecular-weight heparin (Structured abstract)      
A prospective, randomized controlled trial of inpatient versus outpatient continence programs in the treatment of urinary incontinence in the female (Structured abstract)      
A prospective, randomized, controlled trial study of comparison of two techniques for laryngeal mask airway insertion (Provisional abstract)      
Prospective, randomized, double-blind study of prophylactic antibiotics in axillary lymph node dissection (Structured abstract)      
Prospective, randomized, double-blind trial comparing teicoplanin and cefazolin as antibiotic prophylaxis in prosthetic vascular surgery (Structured abstract)      
Prospective randomized double-blind trial of racecadotril compared with loperamide in elderly people with gastroenteritis living in nursing homes (Provisional abstract)      
A prospective, randomized, double blinded, placebo controlled trial of cisapride after colorectal surgery (Structured abstract)      
Prospective, randomized evaluation of midline fascial closure in gastric bariatric operations (Structured abstract)      
A prospective randomized outcome and cost comparison of totally extraperitoneal endoscopic hernioplasty versus Lichtenstein hernia operation among employed patients (Structured abstract)      
A prospective, randomized pilot evaluation of topical triple antibiotic versus mupirocin for the prevention of uncomplicated soft tissue wound infection (Structured abstract)      
A prospective, randomized, pragmatic, health outcomes trial evaluating the incorporation of hylan G-F 20 into the treatment paradigm for patients with knee osteoarthritis (Part 2 of 2): economic results (Structured abstract)      
Prospective, randomized, single-blind comparison of two preparations for screening flexible sigmoidoscopy (Structured abstract)      
A prospective, randomized study comparing percutaneous with surgical tracheostomy in critically ill patients (Structured abstract)      
A prospective randomized study comparing shock wave lithotripsy and semirigid ureteroscopy for the management of proximal ureteral calculi (Provisional abstract)      
A prospective randomized study comparing suture mesh fixation versus tacker mesh fixation for laparoscopic repair of incisional and ventral hernias (Provisional abstract)      
A prospective randomized study of inpatient IV antibiotics for community-acquired pneumonia: the optimal duration of therapy (Structured abstract)      
Prospective randomized study of monopolar scissors, bipolar vessel sealer and ultrasonic shears in laparoscopic colorectal surgery (Provisional abstract)      
A prospective randomized study of the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of high and low dose regimens of I-131 treatment in hyperthyroidism (Provisional abstract)      
Prospective randomized study of various techniques of percutaneous nephrolithotomy (Structured abstract)      
A prospective, randomized trial comparing a transparent dressing and a dry gauze on the exit site of long term central venous catheters of hemodialysis patients (Structured abstract)      
A prospective randomized trial comparing completion technique of fissures for lobectomy: stapler versus precision dissection and sealant (Provisional abstract)      
A prospective, randomized trial comparing lymphoblastoid to recombinant interferon alfa 2a as therapy for chronic hepatitis C (Structured abstract)      
Prospective randomized trial comparing shock wave lithotripsy and ureteroscopic lithotripsy for management of large upper third ureteral stones (Provisional abstract)      
Prospective randomized trial comparing shock wave lithotripsy and ureteroscopy for management of distal ureteral calculi (Structured abstract)      
A prospective randomized trial comparing stapler and laser techniques for interlobar fissure completion during pulmonary lobectomy (Provisional abstract)      
A prospective randomized trial comparing subatmospheric wound therapy with a sealed gauze dressing and the standard vacuum-assisted closure device (Provisional abstract)      
Prospective randomized trial comparing the effect of early suturing of tracheostomy sites on postoperative patient swallowing and rehabilitation (Provisional abstract)      
Prospective randomized trial comparing the efficacy of single 6-ml injection of hylan G-F 20 and hyaluronic acid for primary knee arthritis: a preliminary study (Provisional abstract)      
Prospective randomized trial comparing the outcome and cost of in vitro fertilization with that of a traditional treatment algorithm as first-line therapy for couples with infertility (Structured abstract)      
A prospective randomized trial demonstrating valved implantable ports have fewer complications and lower overall cost than nonvalved implantable ports (Structured abstract)      
A prospective randomized trial of 0010" versus 0014" balloon PTCA systems and interventional fellow versus attending physician as primary operator in elective PTCA: economic, technical, and clinical end points (Structured abstract)      
Prospective randomized trial of a closed-suction drain versus a Penrose drain after a colectomy (Provisional abstract)      
Prospective randomized trial of barbed polyglyconate suture to facilitate vesico-urethral anastomosis during robot-assisted radical prostatectomy: time reduction and cost benefit (Provisional abstract)      
Prospective, randomized trial of bipolar electrosurgery vs ultrasonic coagulation for division of short gastric vessels during laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication (Structured abstract)      
Prospective randomized trial of esomeprazole versus lansoprazole and omeprazole based triple therapy for H. pylori eradication in an Iranian population (Provisional abstract)      
A prospective, randomized trial of intrathecal injection vs. epidural infusion in the selection of patients for continuous intrathecal opioid therapy (Structured abstract)      
A prospective randomized trial of laparoscopic gastric bypass versus laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding for the treatment of morbid obesity: Outcomes, quality of life, and costs (Provisional abstract)      
Prospective randomized trial of LC+LCBDE vs ERCP/S+LC for common bile duct stone disease (Provisional abstract)      
Prospective randomized trial of ligasure versus harmonic hemostasis technique in thyroidectomy (Provisional abstract)      
A prospective, randomized trial of silver containing hydrofiber dressing versus 1% silver sulfadiazine for the treatment of partial thickness burns (Structured abstract)      
Prospective randomized trial of talc slurry vs bleomycin in pleurodesis for symptomatic malignant pleural effusions (Structured abstract)      
A prospective randomized trial of the antiemetic efficacy and cost-effectiveness of intravenous and orally disintegrating tablet of ondansetron in children with cancer (Structured abstract)      
A prospective randomized trial of the surgical blood order equation for ordering red cells for total hip arthroplasty patients (Structured abstract)      
A prospective randomized trial of triage angiography in acute coronary syndromes ineligible for thrombolytic therapy: results of the medicine versus angiography in thrombolytic exclusion (MATE) trial (Structured abstract)      
Prospective randomized trial using cost-utility analysis of early versus delayed laparoscopic cholecystectomy for acute gallbladder disease (Structured abstract)      
Prospective results of uncemented tantalum monoblock tibia in total knee arthroplasty: minimum 5-year follow-up in patients younger than 55 years (Provisional abstract)      
A prospective study of 113 deep neck infections managed using a clinical practice guideline (Provisional abstract)      
A prospective study of a serum-pooling strategy in screening blood donors for antibody to hepatitis C virus (Structured abstract)      
A prospective study of cost, patient satisfaction, and outcome of treatment of chalazion by medical and nursing staff (Structured abstract)      
Prospective study of erythropoietin use on quality of life and cost effectiveness in acute myeloid leukemia and allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation patients (Provisional abstract)      
Prospective study of pain, quality of life and the economic impact of open inguinal hernia repair (Provisional abstract)      
Prospective study of percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tubes versus nasogastric tubes for enteral feeding in patients with head and neck cancer undergoing (chemo)radiation (Provisional abstract)      
Prospective study of tailoring whole-body dual-modality [18F]fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography/computed tomography with plasma Epstein-Barr virus DNA for detecting distant metastasis in endemic nasopharyngeal carcinoma at initial staging (Provisional abstract)      
A prospective study of the cost-utility of the multichannel cochlear implant (Structured abstract)      
A prospective study of the impact of a critical care pharmacist assigned as a member of the multidisciplinary burn care team (Provisional abstract)      
A prospective study of the repeated use of sterilized papillotomes and retrieval baskets for ERCP: quality and cost analysis (Structured abstract)      
A prospective study of the timing and cost-effectiveness of bronchial washing during bronchoscopy for pulmonary malignant tumors (Structured abstract)      
A prospective study on immediate loading of implants with mandibular overdentures: patient-mediated and economic outcomes (Provisional abstract)      
Prospective study using skin staplers in head and neck surgery (Structured abstract)      
A prospective trial of GreenLight PVP (HPS120) versus transurethral resection of the prostate in the treatment of lower urinary tract symptoms in Ontario, Canada (Provisional abstract)      
A prospective trial to compare three anaesthetic techniques used for the reduction of fractures of the distal radius (Structured abstract)      
Prospective trial to identify optimal bladder cancer surveillance protocol: reducing costs while maximizing sensitivity (Provisional abstract)      
A prospective, within-patient comparison between metal butterfly needles and Teflon cannulae in subcutaneous infusion of drugs to terminally ill hospice patients (Structured abstract)      
Prostaglandin analogues for ophthalmic use: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Prostaglandin E-1 versus sex therapy in the management of psychogenic erectile dysfunction (Structured abstract)      
Prostate cancer screening in a large corporation population (Structured abstract)      
Prostate cancer screening strategies with re-screening interval determined by individual baseline prostate-specific antigen values are cost-effective (Structured abstract)      
Prostate cancer staging: should MR imaging be used? A decision analytic approach (Structured abstract)      
Prostate-cancer surveillance: a cost-effective strategy (Structured abstract)      
The prostate: decreasing cost-effectiveness of biopsy with advancing age (Structured abstract)      
Prostate tumor alignment and continuous, real-time adaptive radiation therapy using electromagnetic fiducials: clinical and cost-utility analyses (Provisional abstract)      
Protecting child health and nutrition status with ready-to-use food in addition to food assistance in urban Chad: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Provisional abstract)      
Protection of medical and paramedical university students in Lebanon against measles, mumps, rubella and varicella: active measures are needed (Provisional abstract)      
Protein A immunoadsorption column versus splenectomy in the treatment of steroid-resistant immune thrombocytopenic purpura (Structured abstract)      
Prothrombin complex concentrate: an effective therapy in reversing the coagulopathy of traumatic brain injury (Provisional abstract)      
Protocol for outpatient screening and initiation of continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion therapy: impact on cost and quality (Structured abstract)      
Protocol therapy for acute asthma: therapeutic benefits and cost savings (Structured abstract)      
Proton pump inhibitor dose-related healing rate of artificial ulcers after endoscopic submucosal dissection: a prospective randomized controlled trial (Provisional abstract)      
'Proton-pump inhibitor-first' strategy versus 'step-up' strategy for the acute treatment of reflux esophagitis: a cost-effectiveness analysis in Japan (Structured abstract)      
Proton pump inhibitors or histamine-2 receptor antagonists for the prevention of recurrences of erosive reflux esophagitis: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Proton therapy of cancer: potential clinical advantages and cost-effectiveness (Structured abstract)      
Proton versus intensity-modulated radiotherapy for prostate cancer: patterns of care and early toxicity (Provisional abstract)      
Protons in head-and-neck cancer: bridging the gap of evidence (Provisional abstract)      
Provider-delivered tobacco dependence treatment to medicaid smokers (Provisional abstract)      New 
Provider-initiated HIV counseling and testing of out patients at community hospitals in Thailand: An economic evaluation using the Markov model (Provisional abstract)      
Provision of bednets and water filters to delay HIV-1 progression: cost-effectiveness analysis of a Kenyan multisite study (Provisional abstract)      
Proximal interphalangeal joint replacement: resurfacing pyrocarbon versus silicone arthroplasty (Provisional abstract)      
Proximity arteriography: cost-effectiveness in asymptomatic penetrating extremity trauma (Structured abstract)      
A psoriasis-specific model to support decision making in practice: UK experience (Structured abstract)      
The psoriatic arthritis cost evaluation study: a cost-of-illness study on tumour necrosis factor inhibitors in psoriatic arthritis patients with inadequate response to conventional therapy (Provisional abstract)      
Psycho-educational CBT-Insomnia workshops in the community. A cost-effectiveness analysis alongside a randomised controlled trial (Provisional abstract)      
Psychodynamic psychotherapy and clomipramine in the treatment of major depression (Structured abstract)      
Psychological treatment for insomnia in the management of long-term hypnotic drug use: a pragmatic randomised controlled trial (Structured abstract)      
The PTL, Combitube, Laryngeal Mask, and Oral Airway: a randomized prehospital comparative study of ventilatory device effectiveness and cost-effectiveness in 470 cases of cardiorespiratory arrest (Structured abstract)      
Public finance of rotavirus vaccination in India and Ethiopia: an extended cost-effectiveness analysis (Provisional abstract)      
A public health and budget impact analysis of vaccinating at-risk adults and the elderly against pneumococcal diseases in Germany (Provisional abstract)      
Public health and economic benefits of new pediatric influenza vaccination programs in Argentina (Provisional abstract)      
Public health and economic impact of 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in US adults aged >=50years (Provisional abstract)      
Public health and economic impact of the 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV13) in the United States (Provisional abstract)      
Public health and economic impact of vaccination with 7-valent pneumococcal vaccine (PCV7) in the context of the annual influenza epidemic and a severe influenza pandemic (Structured abstract)      
Public health impact and cost-effectiveness of intranasal live attenuated influenza vaccination of children in Germany (Provisional abstract)      
Public health impact and cost effectiveness of mass vaccination with live attenuated human rotavirus vaccine RIX4414) in India: model based analysis (Provisional abstract)      
Public health impact and cost effectiveness of massvaccination with live attenuated human rotavirus vaccine (RIX4414) in India: model based analysis (Provisional abstract)      
Public telesurveillance service for frail elderly living at home, outcomes and cost evolution: a quasi experimental design with two follow-ups (Provisional abstract)      
Pulmonary embolism after total joint arthroplasty: cost and effectiveness of four treatment modalities (Provisional abstract)      New 
Pulmonary lobectomy patient care pathway: a model to control cost and maintain quality (Structured abstract)      
Pulmonary oligemia maneuver can alleviate pulmonary artery injury during pulmonary thromboendarterectomy procedure (Provisional abstract)      
Pulse oximetry as a screening test for congenital heart defects in newborn infants: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Structured abstract)      
Pulse oximetry as a screening test for congenital heart defects in newborn infants: a test accuracy study with evaluation of acceptability and cost-effectiveness (Provisional abstract)      
Pursuing cost-effectiveness in mental health service delivery for youth with complex needs (Provisional abstract)      
Putting a lid on injury costs: the economic impact of the California motorcycle helmet law (Structured abstract)      
PWE-153 cost effectiveness of rifaximin-a in the reduction of recurrence of overt hepatic encephalopathy (Provisional abstract)      
PWE-175 cost-effectiveness of linaclotide (LIN) compared to antidepressants (ATDS) in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome with constipation (IBS-C) in Scotland (Provisional abstract)      New 
The Pyloritek test and the CLO test: accuracy and incremental cost analysis (Structured abstract)      
Pyloromyotomy: a comparison of laparoscopic, circumumbilical, and right upper quadrant operative techniques (Structured abstract)