Kashin-Beck disease. An analysis of research and public health activities based on a bibliography 1849-1992.      
Keeping cancer guidelines current: results of a comprehensive prospective literature monitoring strategy for twenty clinical practice guidelines      
Keeping posted. Why register clinical trials? - revisited      
Key issues in conducting a meta-analysis of gene expression microarray datasets.      
[Key words, essential tools for bibliographic research: analysis of usage in Archivos de Bronconeumologia for respiratory system knowledge areas]      
Keyword comparison: a user-centered feature for improving web search tools      
Knowing the landscape of clinical trials - are we all talking about the same when talking about clinical trials? [abstract]      
Knowledge about vaccine trials and willingness to participate in an HIV/AIDS vaccine study in the Ugandan military      
Knowledge about vaccines and willingness to participate in preventive HIV vaccine trials: a population-based study, Rakai, Uganda      
Knowledge and attitudes of professors, residents and medical students towards evidence-based medicine [abstract]      
Knowledge and attitudes of the Cochrane Collaboration and perceived barriers about use and conduct of research including systematic reviews amongst Colombian anaesthesiologists and Ecuadorian intensive care physicians [abstract]      
Knowledge and attitudes of trainee physicians regarding evidence-based medicine: a questionnaire survey in Tehran, Iran      
Knowledge and understanding among cancer patients consenting to participate in clinical trials.      
Knowledge and use of evidence-based practice of GPs and hospital doctors      
Knowledge and utilisation of the Cochrane Collaboration by primary health care workers in Argentina      
Knowledge, attitudes and behavior of physicians towards economic evaluations of health interventions: preliminary results of a survey carried out in Italy [abstracts]      
Knowledge gaps and priorities for clinical trials in tropical diseases: gleanings from The Cochrane Library. Oral presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
Knowledge of cancer clinical trials in a population being screened for cancer [abstract]      
Knowledge of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) terminologies and use of EBM resources at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, Nigeria. Poster presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
Knowledge of the Tuskegee study and its impact on the willingness to participate in medical research studies.      
Knowledge to action: a challenge for neck pain treatment      
Knowledge translation in patient safety: what barriers are present to assess the evidence in practitioners? Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
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