Face-to-face advance contact and monetary incentives: effects on mail survey return rates, response differences, and survey costs.      
Face validity of assessments: faith-based interpretations or evidence-based science?      
The facial nerve: One editorial, two authors, top-cited      
The facial nerve: one editorial, two authors, top-cited [abstract]      
Facilitating a focus group: how the dynamics and participant behaviour changes in response to the physicality of the facilitator [abstract]      
Facilitating the recruitment of minority ethnic people into research: qualitative case study of South Asians and asthma      
[Factor impact and indexing in bibliographic databases: comparison of these quality criteria for the assessment of pharmaceutical journals]      
Factor interaction effects in mail survey response rates.      
A factor-interactive experimental investigation of inducing response to questionnaires mailed to commercial populations.      
A factor interactive investigation of mail survey response rates from a commercial population.      
Factor structure of the Youth Coping In Traumatic Times (YCITT) scale      
Factorial design considerations      
Factorial designs for randomized clinical trials.      
A factorial experiment in inducing responses to a mail questionnaire.      
A factorial investigation of methods stimulating response to mail surveys.      
A factorial survey study to assess the acceptability of HIV vaccine trial designs      
Factorial trial found mixed evidence of effects of pre-notification and pleading on response to Web-based survey      
The factorial validity of a rating scale for the evaluation of research articles      
Factors affecting African-American participation in AIDS research.      
Factors affecting general practitioner involvement in a randomised controlled trial in primary care.      
Factors affecting general practitioners' recruitment of patients into a prospective study.      
Factors affecting older African American women's decisions to join the PLCO Cancer Screening Trial.      
Factors affecting participation in the clinical examination phase of a two-step genetic screening study [abstract]      
Factors affecting patient enrollment in radiology clinical trials: a case study of the American College of Radiology Imaging Network.      
Factors affecting patient participation in a randomised controlled trial: qualitative investigation [abstract]      
Factors affecting patient recruitment in an acute rehabilitation randomized controlled trial.      
Factors affecting response to mail questionnaire: research topics, questionnaire length, and non-response bias      
Factors affecting response to postal questionnaires.      
Factors affecting rheumatoid arthritis patients' decisions to participate in clinical trials.      
Factors affecting sensitivity and specificity of a diagnostic test: the exercise thallium scintigram      
Factors affecting study efficiency and item non-response in health surveys in developing countries: the Jamaica national healthy lifestyle survey.      
Factors affecting the comparability of meta-analyses and largest trials results in perinatology      
Factors affecting the interpretation of meta-analysis [abstract]      
Factors affecting the level of interest and activity in primary care research among general practitioners.      
Factors affecting the time from manuscript submission to manuscript acceptance [abstract]      
Factors affecting the utilization of systematic reviews. A study of public health decision makers      
Factors affecting uptake of childhood immunisation: a Bayesian synthesis of qualitative and quantitative evidence      
Factors affecting workload of cancer clinical trials: results of a multicenter study of the National Cancer Institute of Canada Clinical Trials Group      
Factors associated with acceptance and full publication of GI endoscopic research originally published in abstract form      
Factors associated with breast cancer clinical trials participation and enrollment at a large academic medical center.      
Factors associated with citation rates in the orthopedic literature      
Factors associated with compliance and non-compliance by physicians in a large-scale randomized clinical trial.      
Factors associated with dropout from clinical trials: experience of the Alzheimer's Disease Cooperative Study [abstract]      
Factors associated with enrollment in cancer genetics research      
Factors associated with enrollment of African Americans into a clinical trial: results from the African American study of kidney disease and hypertension.      
Factors associated with errors in self-reports of stature, weight, and body mass index in Minnesota adolescents.      
Factors associated with failure to publish large randomized trials presented at an oncology meeting      
Factors associated with findings of published trials of drug-drug comparisons: why some statins appear more efficacious than others.      
Factors associated with loss to follow-up in a large tuberculosis treatment trial (TBTC Study 22)      
Factors associated with multiple authorship in peer-reviewed papers regarding pregnancy over 3 decades [abstract]      
Factors associated with non-participation in a physical activity promotion trial.      
Factors associated with obstetrician-gynecologists' response to the Women's Health Initiative trial of combined hormone therapy      
Factors associated with participation in a randomized trial of adult day health care.      
Factors associated with participation in breast cancer treatment clinical trials.      
Factors associated with patient attrition in clinical trials [abstract]      
Factors associated with patients' loss to follow-up after finishing randomized clinical trial participation.      
Factors associated with publication following presentation at a transplantation meeting.      
Factors associated with recruitment and screening in the Treatment for Adolescents With Depression Study (TADS).      
Factors associated with refusal to enter a clinical trial: epidural anesthesia is a deterrent to participation.      
Factors associated with results and conclusions of drug-drug comparisons: or why some statins appear more efficacious than others [abstract]      
Factors associated with results and conclusions of trials of thiazolidinediones      
Factors associated with success in searching MEDLINE and applying evidence to answer clinical questions      
Factors associated with the full publication of studies presented in abstract form at the annual meeting of the American Urological Association.      
Factors associated with the quality in randomized controlled trials examining brain injury [abstract]      
Factors associated with willingness to participate in an acupuncture trial for arthralgia among breast cancer patients [abstract]      
Factors contributing to attrition behavior in a diabetes self-management program: a mixed method approach.      
Factors determining participation in prevention trials among systemic lupus erythematosus patients: a qualitative study.      
Factors distinguishing general practitioners who more readily participated in a large randomized trial were identified      
Factors impacting questionnaire response in a Dutch retrospective cohort study      
Factors implicated in the decision whether or not to join the tamoxifen trial in women at high familial risk of breast cancer.      
Factors influencing acute stroke guideline compliance: a peek inside the 'black box' for allied health staff      
Factors influencing clinical trial participation in breast cancer patients [abstract]      
Factors influencing editors' decision on acceptance or rejection of manuscripts: the authors' perspective      
Factors influencing enrollment in clinical trials for cancer treatment      
Factors influencing post-menopausal African-American women's participation in a clinical trial      
Factors influencing publication of research results. Follow up of applications submitted to two institutional review boards      
Factors influencing questionnaire response rates in trials [abstract]      
Factors influencing research drug trials in adolescents with anorexia nervosa      
Factors influencing the contribution of advanced practice nurses to promoting evidence-based practice among front-line nurses: findings from a cross-sectional survey      
Factors influencing the effectiveness of mailed health surveys.      
Factors influencing the optimal control-to-case ratio in matched case-control studies [published erratum appears in Am J Epidemiol 1999 Mar 1;149(5):489]      
Factors influencing the publication of grey literature in child health [abstract]      
Factors influencing the publication of health research.      
Factors influencing the publication of randomized controlled trials in child health research.      
Factors influencing the utilization of research findings by health policy-makers in a developing country: the selection of Mali's essential medicines.      
Factors motivating dyspepsia patients to enter clinical research.      
Factors of importance when evaluating quality of life in clinical trials      
Factors of the innovation, organization, environment, and individual that predict the influence five systematic reviews had on public health decisions      
Factors predicting willingness to participate in cancer genetic epidemiologic research [abstract]      
Factors related to enrollment in the breast cancer prevention trial at a comprehensive cancer center during the first year of recruitment      
Factors that facilitate the use of research evidence among public health decision-makers in Ontario, Canada [abstract]      
Factors that influence a patient's decision to participate in a phase I cancer clinical trial.      
Factors that influence African-Americans' willingness to participate in medical research studies.[erratum appears in Cancer 2001 Mar 15;91(6):1187]      
Factors that influence doctors' participation in clinical research.      
Factors that influence parents' assessments of the risks and benefits of research involving their children.      
Factors that influence parents' decisions to consent to their child's participation in clinical anesthesia research.      
Factors that influence Spanish- and English-speaking participants' decision to enroll in cancer randomized clinical trials.      
Factors that influence the recruitment of patients to Phase III studies in oncology: the perspective of the clinical research associate.      
Factors that limit the quality, number and progress of randomised controlled trials      
Factors that predict the influence of systematic overviews on policy decisions among public health decision-makers in Ontario: multiple logistic and linear regression analyses [abstract]      
Factors that predict the referral of breast cancer patients onto clinical trials by their surgeons and medical oncologists.      
The fading of reported effectiveness. A meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials.      
Failure of a new protocol to improve treatment results in paediatric lymphoblastic leukaemia: lessons from the UK Medical Research Council trials UKALL X and UKALL XI.      
The failure of placebo-controlled studies. ECNP Consensus Meeting, September 13, 1997, Vienna. European College of Neuropsychopharmacology      
Failure of randomisation by "sealed" envelope.      
Failure to abandon radical mastectomy & episiotomy in the US [abstract]      
Failure to adopt beneficial therapies caused by bias in medical evidence evaluation.      
Failure to conceal treatment allocation schedules in trials influenced estimates of treatment effects [abstract]      
Failure to publish results of epidemiologic studies is unethical      
Failure to report ethical approval in child health research: review of published papers      
Failures to publish pharmaceutical clinical trials [abstract]      
Fair conduct and fair reporting of clinical trials      
The fallacy of impartiality: competing interest bias in academic publications.      
False-negative results in screening programmes: systematic review of impact and implications      
False positive rates of randomized phase II designs      
False-positive results in clinical trials: multiple significance tests and the problem of unreported comparisons      
Falsified papers in high-impact journals were slow to retract and indistinguishable from nonfraudulent papers.      
Family and physician influence on asthma research participation decisions for adolescents: the effects of adolescent gender and research risk      
Family interventions in schizophrenia: an analysis of non-adherence.      
Family interventions in schizophrenia and related disorders: a critical review of clinical trials.      
Family patterns of decision-making in pediatric clinical trials.      
Far too many excluded studies listed in Cochrane reviews [abstract]      
Farm children's exposure to herbicides: comparison of biomonitoring and questionnaire data.      
Fate of abstracts from the Paris 1995 European Society of Anaesthesiologists meeting.      
Fate of abstracts presented at five International Conferences on Pharmacoepidemiology (ICPE): 1995-1999.      
Fate of abstracts presented at the 2002 IFCC meeting      
Fate of abstracts published in the proceedings of the first annual Perinatal Society of Australia and New Zealand Congress in 1997.      
The fate of abstracts submitted to a cancer meeting: factors which influence presentation and subsequent publication      
Fate of abstracts submitted to biomedical meetings: a systematic review [abstract]      
Fate of biomedical research protocols and publication bias in France: retrospective cohort study.      
Fate of cardiology research originally published in abstract form      
Fate of conference abstracts [comment]      
The fate of epidemiologic manuscripts: a study of papers submitted to epidemiology      
The fate of manuscripts rejected by a general medical journal      
Fate of manuscripts rejected for publication in the AJR      
The fate of neuroradiologic abstracts presented at national meetings in 1993: rate of subsequent publication in peer-reviewed, indexed journals.      
The fate of phase III trial abstracts presented at the American Society of Hematology [abstract]      
[Fate of presentations given at German anesthesia congresses] [German]      
Fate of research studies      
Fathers matter too: involving both fathers and mothers in child health research [abstract]      
FDA: untapped source of unpublished trials.      
Feasibility and cost of obtaining informed consent for essential review of medical records in large-scale health services research      
Feasibility and reliability of using hazard ratios in meta-analyses of published time-to-event data [abstract]      
Feasibility and reliability of using hazard ratios in meta-analyses of published time-to-event data [abstract]      
Feasibility of a randomized controlled trial testing nifedipine vs. placebo for the treatment of preterm labor.      
Feasibility of a telephone survey to recruit health maintenance organization members into a tamoxifen chemoprevention trial      
Feasibility of an evidence-based literature search service for general practitioners      
The feasibility of clinical endpoint trials in HIV infection in the highly active antiretroviral treatment (HAART) era.      
Feasibility of conducting a primary prevention trial of low-dose aspirin for major adverse cardiovascular events in older people in Australia: results from the ASPirin in Reducing Events in the Elderly (ASPREE) pilot study      
The feasibility of conducting clinical trials in infants and children with acute respiratory failure.      
The feasibility of creating a checklist for the assessment of the methodological quality both of randomised and non-randomised studies of health care interventions      
Feasibility of establishing a central repository for the individual participant data from research studies [abstract]      
Feasibility of establishing a central repository for the individual participant data from research studies. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Feasibility of including cellular telephone numbers in random digit dialing for epidemiologic case-control studies      
Feasibility of keying data from screen-displayed facsimile images in an ongoing trial: the collaborative ocular melanoma study      
Feasibility of randomized controlled trials on seclusion and mechanical restraint      
Feasibility of recruitment and retention of subjects in a randomized, unblinded, attention controlled trial of exercise training for the post-thrombotic syndrome (EXPO trial) [abstract]      
Feasibility of recruitment and training of carers of people with dementia as a route to Cochrane-NHS engagement. Oral presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Feasibility of recruitment for an efficacy trial of emergency contraceptive pills      
Feasibility of using placebo vision therapy in a multicenter clinical trial      
Feasibility of using web-based questionnaires in large population-based epidemiological studies.      
A feasibility trial of a video intervention to improve informed consent for parents of children with leukemia      
Feedback as an incentive for responding to a mail questionnaire.      
Female authorship in systematic reviews: does The Cochrane Collaboration support gender equity? Poster presentation at the 17th Cochrane Colloquium; 2009 Oct 11-14, Singapore [abstract]      
Few systematic reviews exist documenting the extent of bias: a systematic review.      
The fidelity of treatment delivery can be assessed in treatment outcome studies: a successful illustration from behavioral medicine      
Field trials of tuberculosis vaccines: how could we have done them better?      
Field validation study of conjoint analysis using selected mail survey response rate facilitators.      
Fifteen years of bowel cancer screening policy in Australia: putting evidence into practice?      
Figures in clinical trial reports: current practice & scope for improvement.      
The file drawer effect and publication rates in menstrual cycle research      
The 'file drawer problem' and tolerance for null results      
The ''file drawer problem'' of non-significant results: does it apply to biological research?      
Filling the Gaps: The World Health Organization and the Pan African Clinical Trials Registry efforts to combat an unclear child-focused clincal trial landscape. Poster presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
Filtering Medline for a clinical discipline: diagnostic test assessment framework      
Financial anatomy of biomedical research.      
Financial conflicts of interest in the school psychology assessment literature      
Financial considerations in the conduct of multi-centre randomised controlled trials: evidence from a qualitative study.      
Financial incentives, survey response, and sample representativeness: does money matter?      
Financial interest and its disclosure in scientific publications      
Financial relationships between institutional review board members and industry.      
Financial remuneration for clinical and behavioral research participation: ethical and practical considerations      
Financial support for research in radiology: a survey of original investigations published in the AJR and Radiology.      
Financial ties and concordance between results and conclusions in meta-analyses: retrospective cohort study.      
Financial ties as part of informed consent to postmarketing research. Attitudes of American doctors and patients.      
The financing of drug trials by pharmaceutical companies and its consequences. A qualitative, systematic review of the literature on possible influences on the findings, protocols, quality, authorship, access to trial data, trial registration, and publication of drug trials. Oral presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
Finding a haystack among the needles: making health promotion and public health reviews in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews available to policy makers [abstract]      
Finding a paper's subject based on cited and citing papers.      
Finding articles written by authors with a specific professional degree: a methodology for retrieving D.P.M.-authored reports      
Finding family for prospective consent in emergency research      
Finding health information on the Internet: health consumers. [Review]      
Finding information for technology assessments in social care: where to look and how far to go [abstract]      
Finding literature on pre-hospital emergency care      
Finding public health evidence: how many stones need to be turned? Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Finding qualitative research: an evaluation of search strategies      
Finding RCTs becomes easier [abstract]      
Finding relevant references to genes and proteins in Medline using a Bayesian approach.      
Finding the best evidence when you're on a tight schedule: teaching medical students to quickly locate published systematic reviews and randomized controlled trials.      
Finding the missing science: the fate of studies submited for review by a human subjects committee      
Finding the right time for updating an HTA report.      
Findings for public health from meta-analyses      
Findings from the American College of Epidemiology's survey on ethics guidelines. The American College of Epidemiology Ethics and Standards of Practice Committee [see comments]      
Findings of clinical research cannot be predicted in advance: an empirical study of cancer trials [abstract]      
Findings of the International Subarachnoid Aneurysm Trial and the National Study of Subarachnoid Haemorrhage in context.      
The first five years of Annals of Clinical Research. Its international use with special reference to citation analysis      
First-line eradication of H pylori infection in Europe: a meta-analysis based on congress abstracts, 1997-2004.      
First publication of an individually randomized trial [letter]      
The first use EORTC quality of life questionnaire H&N35 in Danish [abstract]      
Fish-oil fatty acid supplementation in active rheumatoid arthritis. A double-blinded, controlled, crossover study.      
Fisher and Bradford Hill: theory and pragmatism?      
Fisher's game with the devil      
Fitting a routine health-care activity into a randomized trial: an experiment possible without informed consent?      
Fitting a square peg in a round hole: developing a quality assessment tool for non-randomized studies in public health [abstract]      
Fitting conditional survival models to meta-analytic data by using a transformation toward mixed-effects models      
Five large Chinese biomedical bibliographic databases: accessibility and coverage.      
Five-point scales outperform 10-point scales in a randomized comparison of item scaling for the Patient Experiences Questionnaire      
Five-year change in statistical designs of phase II trials published in leading cancer journals.      
Five-year survival curves: how much data are enough for patient-physician decision making in general surgery?      
Fixed- and random-effects in meta-analysis      
Fixed- and random-effects meta-analyses - why not meet in the middle? [abstract]      
Fixed and random effects meta-analysis - let's meet in the middle! [abstract]      
Fixed effects vs random effects meta-analysis models: Implications for cumulative research knowledge      
Fixed or random effects - what difference does it make? [abstract]      
Fixed- versus random-effects models in meta-analysis: model properties and an empirical comparison of differences in results      
Fixed vs random effects meta-analysis in rare event studies: the rosiglitazone link with myocardial infarction and cardiac death      
Flawed meta-analyses comparing psychotherapy with pharmacotherapy      
Flexible meta-regression functions for modeling aggregate dose-response data, with an application to alcohol and mortality      
A flexible random allocation program for multi-institutional clinical trials.      
Flow diagram or prose: does the format of practice guidelines matter?      
Flows of knowledge from universities and federal laboratories: modeling the flow of patent citations over time and across institutional and geographic boundaries      
Fluoxetine dose and outcome in antidepressant drug trials      
Focus group interviews examining attitudes to randomised trials among breast cancer patients and the general community.      
Focus on qualitative methods. Qualitative metasynthesis: issues and techniques      
Follow-up by mail in clinical trials: does questionnaire length matter? [Review]      
Follow-up methods, questionnaire length, and market differences in mail surveys.      
Follow up of quality of public oriented health information on the world wide web: systematic re-evaluation.[erratum appears in BMJ 2002 May 18;324(7347):1185]      
Follow-up of trials funded by NIH in 1979: evidence of publication bias [abstract]      
Follow-up or change scores: does it matter which outcome is used in meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials? [abstract]      
Following 411 Cochrane protocols to completion: a retrospective cohort study      
For randomized controlled trials, the quality of reports of complementary and alternative medicine was as good as reports of conventional medicine.      
For which cases of suspected misconduct do editors seek advice? An observational study of all cases submitted to COPE [abstract]      
Forced-air warming is no more effective than conventional methods for raising postoperative core temperature after cardiac surgery.      
Forecasting yesterday's weather: the risk of spectrum bias from the inclusion of already diagnosed/treated patients in studies of depression screening tools. Oral presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
The foreign language barrier: a study among pharmaceutical research workers      
Foreign mail surveys: response rates using monetary incentives.      
Forensic psychology: an empirical review of experimental research      
Forest plots and the interpretation of subgroups.      
Forest plots in reports of systematic reviews: a cross-sectional study reviewing current practice      
Forest plots modified to more accurately display the results of meta-analyses [abstract]      
Formalising the use of evidence synthesis to designing future research coherently and efficiently: a framework proposal. Poster presentation at the 16th Cochrane Colloquium: Evidence in the era of globalisation; 2008 Oct 3-7; Freiburg, Germany [abstract]      
Formative comparative evaluation of traditional and recent quality-content filters for answering clinical questions with MEDLINE [abstract]      
Formative research in clinical trial development: attitudes of patients with arthritis in enhancing prevention trials.      
Formulae and tables for the determination of sample sizes and power in clinical trials for testing differences in proportions for the two-sample design: a review [published erratum appears in Stat Med 1997 Feb 28;16(4):479-80]      
Formulating questions and locating primary studies for inclusion in systematic reviews      
Forty years of antidepressant drug trials. [Review]      
Forty years of randomised trials in the New Zealand Medical Journal      
Four-fold table cell frequencies imputation [abstract]      
Four-fold table cell frequencies imputation in meta analysis      
Four measures of antiretroviral medication adherence and virologic response in AIDS Clinical Trials Group Study 359.      
Four systematic reviews per day: the epidemiology of research synthesis [abstract]      
Four-year review of the use of race and ethnicity in epidemiologic and public health research. [Review]      
Four years' feedback submitted through the Cochrane Library: what happened to it? Oral presentation at the 17th Cochrane Colloquium; 2009 Oct 11-14, Singapore [abstract]      
The fragility index: a metric to describe the reliability of clinical trial results [abstract]      
A framework for considering the ethical aspects of psychiatric research protocols      
Framework for design and evaluation of complex interventions to improve health      
A framework for dissemination and utilization of research evidence for health care policy and practice [abstract]      
A framework for navigating ethical considerations involved in primary school-based longitudinal research [abstract]      
A framework for understanding trust factors in web based health advice      
A framework to analyse gender bias in epidemiological research [abstract]      
The framing effect of relative and absolute risk.      
Framing effects in choices between multioutcome life-expectancy lotteries.      
Framing effects in public goods experiments      
Framing effects on expectations, decisions, and side effects experienced: the case of influenza immunization [published erratum appears in J Clin Epidemiol 1997 Jun;50(6):747-8]      
Framing procedural risks to patients: is 99% safe the same as a risk of 1 in 100?      
Fraud and publication bias - the only reasons for funnel-plot asymmetry? [abstract]      
Fraud in medical research: an international survey of biostatisticians. ISCB Subcommittee on Fraud.      
Fraudulent studies and meta-analysis      
Free-living volunteer's motivations and attitudes toward pharmacologic studies in man.      
[French randomized trials in general and digestive surgery in the last decade]. [French]      
French version of FACT-G: validation and comparison with other cancer-specific instruments.      
Frequency and circumstances of placebo use in clinical practice - a systematic review of empirical studies      
Frequency and consistency of reviewers' comments on a methods section [abstract]      
Frequency and determinants of nonpublication of research in the stroke literature.      
Frequency and diversity of use of statistical techniques in oncology journals      
Frequency and methodologic rigor of quality-of-life assessments in the critical care literature      
Frequency and nature of changes in primary outcome measures [abstract]      
Frequency and pattern of de-novo three-vessel and left main coronary artery disease: insights from single center enrolment in the SYNTAX study      
Frequency of citation and outcome of cholesterol lowering trials [letter; comment]      
Frequency of citation and reputational assessment of contributors in physical therapy      
Frequency of Cochrane systematic review in dentistry guidelines. Poster presentation at the 16th Cochrane Colloquium: Evidence in the era of globalisation; 2008 Oct 3-7; Freiburg, Germany [abstract]      
Frequency of policy recommendations in epidemiologic publications      
Frequency of policy recommendations in epidemiologic publications [abstract]      
Frequency of uncommon abbreviations in medical journals.      
Frequency or probability? A qualitative study of risk communication formats used in health care.      
Frequently cited sources in human sexology      
The freshness of web search engine databases      
From Barcelona to Madrid: History and quality of update reporting of Cochrane Reviews flagged as updates in 2003 and analysed for the Barcelona Colloquium. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
From bench to bedside? Biomedical scientists' expectations of stem cell science as a future therapy for diabetes.      
From clinical trials to clinical practice: generalizing from participant to patient      
From clinical trials to the bedside: how can we treat patients with rheumatoid arthritis and concurrent morbidities who are generally excluded from randomised controlled clinical trials?      
From Cochrane systematic reviews to the GRADE profile: do systematic reviews contain all the necessary information? Experience in the field of addiction [abstract]      
From conference abstract to full paper: differences between data presented in conferences and journals.      
From effect size into number needed to treat      
From effect size into number needed to treat [letter; comment]      
From effect size into number needed to treat [letter] [see comments]      
From evidence-based guideline methodology to quality of care standards.[erratum appears in J Antimicrob Chemother. 2003 Jun;51(6):1441].      
From evidence to practice in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada      
From expert-driven to user-oriented communication of infection control guidelines      
From final search to publication of HTA reviews: Does the time gap have an influence on the usefulness of their results? Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
From guidelines to mindlines - an ethnographic study of clinicians' use of evidence in everyday UK NHS practice.      
From Halsted to prevention and beyond: advances in the management of breast cancer during the twentieth century.      
From laboratory to scientific literature.      
[From Mexico to Mali: four years in the history of clinical trial registration]      
From Mexico to Mali: four years in the history of clinical trial registration.      
From optimism to disillusion about commitment to transparency in the medico-industrial complex.      
From pharmacological promises to controlled clinical trials to meta-analysis and back: the case of nimodipine in cerebrovascular disorders.      
From research to practice: one organizational model for promoting research-based practice.      
From research to practice: the example of antenatal care in Thailand      
From sample size to effect-size: small study effect investigation (SSEi) [abstract]      
From structured abstracts to structured articles: a modest proposal.      
From submission to publication: a retrospective review of the tables and figures in a cohort of randomized controlled trials submitted to the British Medical Journal      
From submission to publication: a study of the tables and figures in a cohort of RCTs submitted to the BMJ [abstract]      
From the generic to the condition-specific?: Instrument order effects in Quality of Life Assessment      
From the overview to the patient: how to interpret meta-analysis data      
Frostbite in 'MEDLINE'. A 15-year bibliometric study (1983-1997).      
Fulfillment of the uncertainty principle in cancer clinical trials [abstract]      
Full publication of abstracts submitted at a major international conference on drug addiction: a longitudinal study [abstract]      
Full publication of papers presented at the 1995 through 1999 European Association of Plastic Surgeons annual scientific meetings: a systemic bibliometric analysis.      
Full publication of results initially presented in abstracts      
Full publication of results initially presented in abstracts. A meta-analysis      
Full publication of results initially presented in abstracts: revisited [abstract]      
Full publication of trials initially reported as abstracts in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Medicine 1980-2000      
Full-text medical literature retrieval by computer. A pilot test      
Full text publication rates of studies presented at an Asian emergency medicine scientific meeting      
Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy (FACT-G): non-response to individual questions      
Fundamental deficiencies in the megatrial methodology      
Fundamental dilemmas of the randomized clinical trial process: results of a survey of the 1,737 Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group investigators.      
Fundamentals of Clinical Trials      
Fundamentals of survival data      
Funding, disease area, and internal validity of hepatobiliary randomized clinical trials      
Funding for rural health research from the Australian Research Council: a missed opportunity?      
Funding source, trial outcome and reporting quality: are they related? Results of a pilot study      
Funding sources for Cochrane Reviews      
Funding sources of the trials included in Cochrane reviews: pros and cons of disclosure in the abstract and plain language summary. Poster presentation at the 16th Cochrane Colloquium: Evidence in the era of globalisation; 2008 Oct 3-7; Freiburg, Germany [abstract]      
Fungal infection-related mortality versus total mortality as an outcome in trials of antifungal agents.      
Funnel plots for detecting bias in meta-analysis: guidelines on choice of axis      
[The "Furberg bias" or: about the arbitrary handling of evidence-based medicine].      
Further evidence on the need for randomised controlled trials [abstract]      
Further evidence on using a deadline to stimulate responses to a mail survey.      
The future of meta-analysis      
The future of surgical research: the role of the American College of Surgeons Oncology Group.      
[The future of the German language in science]. [German]