e-Ana and e-Mia: a content analysis of pro-eating disorder web sites      
E-learning versus workshops to teach critical appraisal to health professionals: a randomised controlled equivalence study [abstract]      
An e-mail survey identified unpublished studies for systematic reviews.      
Early assessments of new and emerging health technologies disclose poor scientific documentation of costs and effectiveness.      
The Early Breast Cancer Trialists' Collaborative Group: systematic reviews of treatments for women with breast cancer.      
Early closure of clinical trials: the experience of the National Cancer Institute of Canada Clinical Trials Group [abstract]      
Early evidence from meta-analyses of genetic risk factors is unreliable [abstract]      
Early extreme contradictory estimates in published research [abstract]      
Early extreme contradictory estimates may appear in published research: the Proteus phenomenon in molecular genetics research and randomized trials.      
Early human studies with anticancer agents: the question of sample size      
Early intervention for adolescents with borderline personality disorder: quasi-experimental comparison with treatment as usual      
Early methodological developments for clinical trials at the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute      
Early participant attrition from clinical trials: role of trial design and logistics.      
Early postpartum discharge - an alternative to traditional hospital care.      
Early remote check of the existence and the compliance with regulatory requirements of signed informed consent in a French academic clinical trial unit (CTU) [abstract]      
Early stopping in clinical trials and epidemiologic studies for "futility": conditional power versus sequential analysis.      
Early stopping of a clinical trial when there is evidence of no treatment benefit: protocol B-14 of the National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project      
Early stopping rules--clinical perspectives and ethical considerations      
Early stopping rules in clinical trials based on sequential monitoring of serious adverse events      
The early termination, for harm, of a major clinical trial. CAST Investigators. [abstract]      
Early termination of a clinical trial when there is evidence that the treatment will ultimately not prove beneficial: Protocol B-14 of the National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project [abstract]      
The early termination of clinical trials: causes, consequences, and control. With special reference to trials in the field of arrhythmias and sudden death. Task Force of the Working Group on Arrhythmias of the European Society of Cardiology      
Early termination of clinical trials with prolonged observation of individual patients: a case study      
Early termination of the VA Cooperative Study of Steroid Therapy for Systemic Sepsis [abstract]      
Early updates of systematic reviews - a waste of resources?      
'Early warning systems' for identifying new healthcare technologies      
An easily customized, random allocation system using the minimization method for multi-institutional clinical trials.      
An easy mathematical proof showed that time-dependent bias inevitably leads to biased effect estimation.      
EasyMA: a program for the meta-analysis of clinical trials      
EBM in practice: paediatrics. [Review]      
The EBM OSCE to assess skills of information mastery and use of best evidence [abstract]      
Economic analyses in obstetrics and gynecology: a methodologic evaluation of the literature      
Economic analyses of clinical trials in cancer: are they helpful to policy makers?      
Economic analyses of phase III cooperative cancer group clinical trials: are they feasible?      
Economic analysis alongside clinical trials. Bias in the assessment of economic outcomes      
Economic analysis alongside clinical trials: problems and potential      
Economic analysis alongside clinical trials. Revisiting the methodological issues      
Economic analysis and clinical trials      
Economic analysis for clinical practice - the case of 31 national consensus guidelines in the Netherlands      
Economic analysis in phase III clinical cancer trials      
An economic approach to clinical trial design and research priority-setting.      
Economic evaluation alongside cancer trials: methodological and practical aspects      
Economic evaluation alongside multinational clinical trials. Study considerations for GUSTO Iib.      
Economic evaluation alongside n-of-1 trials: getting closer to the margin.      
Economic evaluation alongside pragmatic randomised trials: developing a standard operating procedure for clinical trials units.      
Economic evaluation databases as an aid to healthcare decision makers and researchers      
Economic evaluation in long-term clinical trials.      
Economic evaluation of cholesterol-related interventions in general practice. An appraisal of the evidence.      
Economic evaluation of diagnostic tests. A review of published studies      
Economic evaluation of influenza vaccination and economic modelling: can results be pooled?      
Economic evaluation studies in nuclear medicine: a methodological review of the literature      
Economic evaluation studies submitted to inform cancer drug funding decisions: a closer look at the quality and limitations [abstract]      
Economic evaluations in the critical care literature: do they help us improve the efficiency of our unit?      
Economic evaluations in the EURONHEED: a comparative analysis      
Economic evaluations in the hip arthroplasty literature: lessons to be learned.      
Economic evaluations of prenatal screening for trisomy 21: a systematic review of the methodology [abstract]      
Economic methods for measuring the quality of life associated with HIV infection.      
Economics methods in Cochrane systematic reviews of health promotion and public health related interventions.      
[The Editorial Advisory Committee (editorial)]      
[Editorial analysis of manuscripts sent for publication in the Revista Medica de Chile]      
Editorial changes to manuscripts published in major biomedical journals [abstract]      
Editorial delay of food research papers is influenced by authors' experience but not by country of origin of the manuscripts      
Editorial independence at medical journals owned by professional associations: a survey of editors [abstract]      
Editorial peer review in US medical journals      
Editorial peer review: methodology and data collection      
Editorial policies and publication bias: the importance of negative studies      
Editorial policies of hematology and oncology journals: an analysis of author instructions. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Editorial policies of open access journals in pediatrics: survey of author instructions. Poster presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
Editorial policies of pediatric journals: a survey of instructions for authors [abstract]      
Editorial policy and the reporting of randomized controlled trials: a survey of instructions for authors and assessment of trial reports in Indian medical journals (2004-05)      
Editorial policy and the reporting of randomized controlled trials in Indian medical journals [abstract]      
Editorial policy and the reporting of randomized controlled trials in Indian medical journals in 2004-2005 versus 2007-2008. Poster presentation at the 17th Cochrane Colloquium; 2009 Oct 11-14, Singapore [abstract]      
Editorial policy in Cuban medical journals and the evidences production process: reality and perspectives. Poster presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
Editorial quality, diffusion and bibliometric indicators of the Revista Espanola de Enfermedades Digestivas      
Editorial strategy for revising Cochrane reviews: does it help? [abstract]      
Editors' impact on improving the accuracy of references: randomized comparison of standard practice, brief reminder, and instructional intervention [abstract]      
Editor's note: analysis of papers published in JAN in 2002.      
Editors' requests of peer reviewers: a study and a proposal      
Educating undergraduate medical students about oncology: a literature review.      
Education initiative improves the evidence-based use of metoclopramide following morphine administration in the emergency department      
Educational intervention outcome reporting bias. Oral presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
Educational interventions for asthma in children.      
Educational interventions to improve handover in health care: a systematic review      
Educational strategies to promote evidence-based community pharmacy practice: a cluster randomised controlled trial      
Educational strategies to promote evidence-based community pharmacy practice: a cluster randomized controlled trial (RCT)      
Educational workshop improved information-seeking skills, knowledge, attitudes and the search outcome of hospital clinicians: a randomised controlled trial      
eEurope 2002: Quality criteria for health related websites      
An effect model for the assessment of drug benefit: example of antiarrhythmic drugs in postmyocardial infarction patients      
Effect models in meta-analysis      
The effect of a direct payment or a lottery on questionnaire response rates: a randomised controlled trial.      
The effect of a monetary incentive in increasing the return rate of a survey to family physicians.      
The effect of a monetary incentive on mail survey response rates.      
Effect of a monetary incentive on response to a mail survey.      
The effect of a monetary incentive on return of a postal health and development questionnaire: a randomised trial [ISRCTN53994660]      
The effect of a multiple literature database search - a numerical evaluation in the domain of Japanese life science      
Effect of a National Cancer Institute Clinical Alert on breast cancer practice patterns      
Effect of a newspaper article on the response to a postal questionnaire.      
The effect of a nominal monetary gift and different contacting approaches on mail survey response among engineers.      
The effect of a physical activity intervention on bias in self-reported activity      
The effect of a preliminary notification letter on response to a postal survey of young people.      
The effect of abbreviations on MEDLINE searching      
Effect of acceptance or rejection on the author's evaluation of peer review of medical manuscripts      
Effect of active treatment is lower when using placebo control in clinical trials on acute therapy of migraine      
Effect of adjudication on cause of death in the AFFIRM trial: evidence for bias by unblinded local investigators [abstract]      
The effect of adjusting for baseline risk factors and post revascularisation coronary disease on comparisons between coronary angioplasty and bypass surgery      
The effect of adjuvant chemotherapy on relapse-free survival in patients with osteosarcoma of the extremity.      
The effect of advance notice in mail surveys of homogeneous groups.      
Effect of allocation concealment and examiner masking on magnitude of clinical outcomes. Poster presentation at the 16th Cochrane Colloquium: Evidence in the era of globalisation; 2008 Oct 3-7; Freiburg, Germany [abstract]      
Effect of alpha-interferon treatment in patients with hepatitis B e antigen-positive chronic hepatitis B. A meta-analysis.      
The effect of alternative foot-in-the-door manipulations on mailed questionnaire response rate and quality.      
The effect of alternative graphical displays to present benefits of antibiotics for sore throat on helping people to make treatment choices consistent with their own values [abstract]      
The effect of alternative summary statistics for communicating risk reduction on decisions about taking statins: a randomized trial      
The effect of anonymity on attitude-questionnaire response.      
Effect of applying different "levels of evidence" criteria on conclusions of Cochrane reviews of interventions for low back pain.      
Effect of applying different 'levels of evidence' criteria on conclusions of systematic reviews of interventions for low back pain [abstract]      
Effect of assessment method on the discrepancy between judgments of health disorders people have and do not have: a web study      
Effect of attendance at a training session on peer reviewer quality and performance      
Effect of attendance at a training session on peer-reviewer quality and performance [abstract]      
Effect of authors' suggestions concerning reviewers on manuscript acceptance [abstract]      
Effect of awareness of a randomized controlled trial on use of experimental therapy      
The effect of bias on the magnitude of clinical outcomes in periodontology: a pilot study      
Effect of blinded peer review on abstract acceptance.      
Effect of blinding and unmasking on the quality of peer review.      
The effect of blinding and unmasking on the quality of peer review: a randomized controlled trial [abstract]      
Effect of blinding and unmasking on the quality of peer review: a randomized trial      
The effect of breastfeeding on mean body mass index throughout life: a quantitative review of published and unpublished observational evidence.      
The effect of cash and other financial inducements on the response rate of general practitioners in a national postal study.      
The effect of cash lottery on response rates to an online health survey among members of the Canadian Association of Retired Persons: a randomized experiment      
Effect of clinical guidelines in nursing, midwifery, and the therapies: a systematic review of evaluations      
Effect of colour of drugs: systematic review of perceived effect of drugs and of their effectiveness      
The effect of conducting a lottery on questionnaire response rates: a randomised controlled trial      
Effect of continuous versus dichotomous outcome variables on study power when sample sizes of orthopaedic randomized trials are small      
The effect of CPG presentation on knowledge level of anaphylaxis of residents in family medicine and pediatrics [abstract]      
[Effect of cranial irradiation on rate of recurrence in children with acute myeloid leukemia. Initial results of the AML-BFM-87 study. The AML-BFM Study Group]      
The effect of dedicated methodology and statistical review on published manuscript quality      
The effect of dedicated methodology/statistical review on published manuscript quality [abstract]      
The effect of different cardiovascular risk presentation formats on intentions, understanding and emotional affect: a randomised controlled trial using a web-based risk formatter (protocol)      
The effect of different postage combinations on response levels and speeds of reply.      
The effect of disseminating evidence-based interventions that promote physical activity to health departments      
Effect of dropouts in a longitudinal study: an application of a repeated ordinal model      
Effect of early patient enrollment on the time to completion and publication of randomized controlled trials.      
Effect of ethnicity of signature on the rate of return and content of a mail questionnaire.      
[The effect of first authorship on the results of citation counting]      
Effect of formal statistical significance on the credibility of observational associations      
The effect of format modifications and reading comprehension on recall of informed consent information by low-income parents: a comparison of print, video, and computer-based presentations      
Effect of framing as gain versus loss on understanding and hypothetical treatment choices: survival and mortality curves.      
Effect of framing on the perception of genetic recurrence risks.      
The effect of freedom-threatening instructions and monetary inducement on compliance.      
The effect of GMC guidelines on the length of otolaryngological out-patient clinics in a district general hospital      
The effect of graphic organizers giving cues to the structure of a hypertext document on users' navigation strategies and performance      
The effect of graphical and numerical presentation of hypothetical prenatal diagnosis results on risk perception.      
Effect of guidelines on primary care physician use of PSA screening: results from the Community Tracking Study Physician Survey      
The effect of hypotensive drugs on the quality of life      
The effect of incentives and high priority mailing on postal questionnaire response rates: a mini-RCT [abstract]      
Effect of including a clinical example on the ability of physical therapists to apply information in a technical research report.      
Effect of industry sponsorship on the results of biomedical research [comment]      
The effect of information framing on the practices of physicians: a systematic review of the literature [abstract]      
The effect of information framing on the practices of physicians: results of a systematic review [abstract]      
Effect of information leaflets on knowledge in patients with gastrointestinal diseases.      
The effect of informing referees that their comments would be exchanged on the quality of their reviews [abstract]      
Effect of institutional prestige on reviewers' recommendations and editorial decisions      
Effect of interpretive bias on research evidence      
Effect of length of follow-up on meta-analysis [abstract]      
Effect of local medical opinion leaders on quality of care for acute myocardial infarction: a randomized controlled trial [see comments]      
Effect of long Chinese festivals on stroke trials recruitment rates [abstract]      
The effect of lorcainide on arrhythmias and survival in patients with acute myocardial infarction: an example of publication bias      
Effect of low medical literacy on health survey measurements      
Effect of mailed reminders on the response rate in surveys among patients in general practice.      
The effect of matching on the power of randomized community intervention studies      
The effect of material incentives on return rate, panel attrition and sample composition of a mail panel survey.      
The effect of message framing on breast self-examination attitudes, intentions, and behavior      
Effect of metasite selection on the quality of Web information: a collection development approach to the evaluation of Web-based consumer health information [abstract]      
The effect of mode and context on survey results: analysis of data from the Health Survey for England 2006 and the Boost Survey for London      
The effect of mode of administration on medical outcomes study health ratings and EuroQol scores in AIDS.      
The effect of monetary incentives and follow-up mailings on the response rate and response quality in mail surveys.      
The effect of monetary inducement on mailed questionnaire response quality.      
Effect of news media coverage of cancer risk on clinical oncology practice.      
The effect of nitrous oxide on in vitro fertilization success rate.      
Effect of non-random missing data mechanisms in clinical trials      
Effect of non-response bias in pressure ulcer prevalence studies.      
The effect of non-zero second-order interaction on combined estimators of the odds ratio      
The effect of numerical statements of risk on trust and comfort with hypothetical physician risk communication      
Effect of open access on citation rates for a small biomedical journal [abstract]      
Effect of open peer review on quality of reviews and on reviewers' recommendations: a randomised trial [see comments]      
Effect of order of presentation of a generic and a specific health-related quality of life instrument in knee and hip osteoarthritis: a randomized study      
Effect of paper quality on the response rate to a postal survey: a randomised controlled trial. ISRCTN 32032031.      
The effect of partial noncompliance on the power of a clinical trial      
The effect of patient choice of intervention on health outcomes      
Effect of patient exclusion criteria on the efficacy of erythropoiesis-stimulating agents in patients with cancer-related anemia.      
The effect of peer-driven intervention on rates of screening for AIDS clinical trials among African Americans and Hispanics      
The effect of perceived concensus and implied threat upon responses to mail surveys.      
The effect of pharmaceutical industry sponsorship on randomized trials for long-acting beta-agonist/inhaled corticosteroid combination therapy for asthma: challenges for estimating comparative effectiveness and safety. Poster presentation at the 17th Cochrane Colloquium; 2009 Oct 11-14, Singapore [abstract]      
The effect of physician recommendation on enrollment in the Breast Cancer Chemoprevention Trial.      
The effect of poor compliance and treatment side effects on sample size requirements in randomized clinical trials      
Effect of positive findings on submission and acceptance rates: a note on meta-analysis bias      
The effect of pre-notification on mail survey response rates: an experimental result.      
The effect of previous treatment experience and incontinence severity on the placebo response of stress urinary incontinence.      
Effect of prize draw incentive on the response rate to a postal survey of obstetricians and gynaecologists: a randomised controlled trial. [ISRCTN32823119]      
The effect of question order on self-rated general health status in a multilingual survey context      
Effect of random versus nonrandom assignment in a comparison of inpatient and day hospital rehabilitation for male alcoholics.      
Effect of randomization in unblinded trials; chance or bias? [abstract]      
Effect of recruitment strategies on response rates in a population-based study [abstract]      
Effect of recruitment strategy on types of subjects entered into a clinical trial [abstract]      
Effect of recruitment strategy on types of subjects entered into a primary prevention clinical trial      
Effect of repeated presentations of a study logo on physician survey response rate.      
Effect of risk communication formats on risk perception depending on numeracy      
The effect of scientific misconduct on the results of clinical trials: a Delphi survey.      
Effect of selective decontamination of the digestive tract (SDD) upon mortality [abstract]      
The effect of source credibility on consumers' perceptions of the quality of health information on the Internet.      
Effect of spouse support and health beliefs on medication adherence      
Effect of spouse support and health beliefs on patient adherence [abstract]      
[Effect of statistical review on manuscript quality in Medicina Clinica (Barcelona): a randomized study]. [Spanish]      
Effect of statistical review on manuscripts quality in Medicina Clinica [abstract]      
The effect of stratified randomization on size and power of statistical tests in clinical trials      
Effect of structured workshop training on subsequent performance of journal peer reviewers      
Effect of study criteria on recruitment and generalizability of the results.      
Effect of study design on the association between nuchal translucency measurement and Down syndrome. [Review]      
The effect of study sponsorship on a systematically evaluated body of evidence of head-to-head trials was modest: secondary analysis of a systematic review      
The effect of study sponsorship on a systematically evaluated body of evidence was modest: secondary analysis of a systematic review. Poster presentation at the 16th Cochrane Colloquium: Evidence in the era of globalisation; 2008 Oct 3-7; Freiburg, Germany [abstract]      
The effect of survey format on response rate and patterns of response.      
Effect of survey instrument on participation: a randomization study of a mailed questionnaire versus a computer-assisted telephone interview [abstract]      
The effect of survey method on survey participation: analysis of data from the Health Survey for England 2006 and the Boost Survey for London      
Effect of teaching evidence-based medicine in medical postgraduates [abstract]      
The effect of telephone versus letter prenotification on mail survey response rate, speed, quality and cost.      
The effect of testing on skills learning      
[Effect of the presentation of results from clinical trials on the intention to prescribing: relativity of the relative risk]      
The effect of the randomized trial of patching regimens for treatment of moderate amblyopia on pediatric ophthalmologists: 3-year outcome.      
The effect of the results of the STICH trial on the management of spontaneous supratentorial intracerebral haemorrhage in Newcastle      
Effect of the statistical significance of results on the time to completion and publication of randomized efficacy trials      
The effect of the timing of follow-up on response rates to international surveys.      
Effect of the use of optical scan sheets on survey response rate.      
The effect of therapeutic treatment crossovers on the power of clinical trials. The Silicone Study Group      
Effect of timed incentives on subject participation in a study of long-term breast cancer survivors: are there ethnic differences?      
The effect of timing when seeking permission to access personal health services utilization records      
The effect of training on question formulation among public health practitioners: results from a randomized controlled trial      
The effect of two mailing strategies on the response to a survey of physicians.      
The effect of two variables on industrial mail survey returns.      
The effect of using a questionnaire identification code and message about non-response follow-up plans on mail survey response characteristics.      
The effect of using e-mail push technology on readership of articles in a general medical journal [abstract]      
The effect of "usual care" on cardiovascular risk factors in a clinical trial      
The effect of varying the number of response categories in a Likert-type scale on response rate [abstract]      
The effect of visual stimuli on mail survey response rates.      
Effect of voluntary attendance at a formal training session on subsequent performance of journal peer reviewers [abstract]      
The effect of waiving consent on enrollment in a sepsis trial.      
Effect of written feedback by editors on quality of reviews. Two randomized trials      
Effect on mail survey return rates of including questionnaires with follow-up letters.      
The effect on pediatric ophthalmologists of the randomized trial of patching regimens for treatment of moderate amblyopia      
The effect on response rates of offering a small incentive with a mailed questionnaire.      
Effect on response rates of stamps vs a pre-printed business reply envelope in a mailed follow-up survey among middle-aged Danish men      
Effect on survey response rate of hand written versus printed signature on a covering letter: randomised controlled trial [ISRCTN67566265]      
Effect on the quality of peer review of blinding reviewers and asking them to sign their reports      
The effect on the quality of peer review of blinding reviewers and asking them to sign their reports: a randomized controlled trial [abstract]      
[Effect size in clinical studies of patients with rheumatoid arthritis. EULAR guidelines and OMERACT core-sets]. [Review] [German]      
Effect sizes can be calculated for studies reporting ranges for outcome variables in systematic reviews      
Effect sizes for continuous data: original metric versus standardized differences [abstract]      
Effect sizes in cumulative meta-analyses of mental health randomized trials evolved over time.      
Effective and cost-effective clinical trial recruitment strategies for postmenopausal women in a community-based, primary care setting      
Effective care in pregnancy and childbirth      
Effective collaboration between researchers and policy makers: examples from the Cochrane HIV/AIDS Group [abstract]      
Effective methods for teaching information literacy skills to undergraduate students: what does the library research literature reveal? [abstract]      
Effective methods of giving information in cancer: a systematic literature review of randomized controlled trials.      
Effective Professional Practice Module of the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. Available in the Cochrane Library [database on disk and CDROM]      
Effective recruitment of minority populations through community-led strategies      
Effectiveness and cost of recruitment strategies for a community-based randomised controlled trial among rainwater drinkers      
Effectiveness and efficiency of guideline dissemination and implementation strategies      
Effectiveness and efficiency of search methods in systematic reviews of complex evidence: audit of primary sources.      
Effectiveness and Efficiency: Random Reflections on Health Services.      
Effectiveness calculation in economic analysis: the case of statins for cardiovascular disease prevention      
Effectiveness of a diagnostic test: comparison of two methods of pooling data [abstract]      
Effectiveness of a full-time recruitment director in a large, multi-centre randomized controlled trial [abstract]      
Effectiveness of a journal intervention to improve abstract quality [comment]      
The effectiveness of a primer to help people understand risk: two randomized trials in distinct populations.      
Effectiveness of antibiotic prophylaxis in critically ill adult patients: systematic review of randomised controlled trials [see comments]      
The effectiveness of arts-based interventions in medical education: a literature review      
Effectiveness of brief contact with authors [abstract]      
The effectiveness of cost-effectiveness analysis in containing costs [see comments]      
The effectiveness of cover-letter appeals.      
Effectiveness of different databases in identifying studies for systematic reviews: experience from the WHO systematic review of maternal morbidity and mortality.      
The effectiveness of editorial peer review      
Effectiveness of exposure and ritual prevention for obsessive-compulsive disorder: randomized compared with nonrandomized samples      
Effectiveness of health education and health promotion: meta-analyses of effect studies and determinants of effectiveness      
Effectiveness of ingratiation tactics in a cover letter on mail questionnaire response.      
Effectiveness of interferon beta treatment in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis: an Italian cohort study.      
Effectiveness of journal ranking schemes as a tool for locating information.      
The effectiveness of local adaptation of nationally produced clinical practice guidelines.      
Effectiveness of monetary incentives for recruiting adolescents to an intervention trial to reduce smoking      
The effectiveness of monetary incentives in mail surveys: further data.      
The effectiveness of pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccines in adults: a systematic review of observational studies and comparison with results from randomised controlled trials.      
Effectiveness of primary care nurses using guidelines in middle and low-income countries [abstract]      
The effectiveness of public health nursing: the problems and solutions in carrying out a review of systematic reviews.      
Effectiveness of recruitment in clinical trials: an analysis of methods used in a trial for irritable bowel syndrome patients      
The effectiveness of self-directed learning in health professions education: a systematic review      
Effectiveness of strategies to increase the validity of findings from association studies: size vs. replication      
Effectiveness of strategies to recruit underrepresented populations into cancer clinical trials.      
Effectiveness of telephone prompts when surveying general practitioners: a randomised trial.      
The effectiveness of the practice of correction and republication in the biomedical literature      
Effectiveness of tumor necrosis factor inhibitors in rheumatoid arthritis in an observational cohort study: comparison of patients according to their eligibility for major randomized clinical trials.      
Effectiveness of various mailing strategies among nonrespondents in a prospective cohort study.      
Effectiveness of web search results for genre and sentiment classification      
An effectiveness trial of a diagnostic test in a busy outpatients department in a developing country: issues around allocation concealment and envelope randomization      
Effects of a clinical trial on mechanical ventilation practices in patients with acute lung injury      
Effects of a deadline and veiled threat on mail survey responses.      
Effects of a final telephone reminder and questionnaire cover design in mail surveys.      
Effects of a fingerprint reader on survey responses of primary care patients      
The effects of a monetary incentive and the ethnicity of the sponsors signature on the rate and quality of response to a mail survey.      
The effects of a photograph on mail survey response.      
The effects of a prior letter and coloured questionnaire paper on mail survey response rates.      
Effects of a training program on the efficiency of the use of online information retrieval technology: a cohort study [abstract]      
The effects of address personalisation on mailed questionnaires response rate, time and quality.      
Effects of adjusting for censoring on meta-analyses of time-to-event outcomes      
Effects of alternative follow-up procedures on mail survey response rates.      
The effects of alternative study designs on the power of community randomized trials: evidence from three studies of human immunodeficiency virus prevention in East Africa      
Effects of amount, format, and location of demographic information on questionnaire return rate and response bias of sensitive and non sensitive items.      
The effects of an open design on trial participant recruitment, compliance and retention - a randomized controlled trial comparison with a blinded, placebo-controlled design      
The effects of anonymity and a same-day deadline on the response rate to mail surveys.      
Effects of article retraction on citation and practice in medicine      
Effects of baseline risk information on social and individual choices.      
Effects of benefits appeals, mandatory appeals, and variations in statements of confidentiality on completion rates for census questionnaires.      
The effects of blinding on acceptance of research papers by peer review      
The effects of blinding on the quality of peer review. A randomized trial      
The effects of cash and lottery incentives on mailed surveys to physicians: a randomized trial.      
Effects of characteristics of the survey instrument on response rates to a mail survey of community hospitals.      
The effects of clinical practice guidelines on patient outcomes in primary care: a systematic review.      
Effects of content representation and readers' prior knowledge on the comprehension of hypertext      
Effects of continuing medical education on improving physician clinical care and patient health: a review of systematic reviews.      
Effects of cover letter appeal and monetary incentives on survey response: a reactance theory application.      
The effects of cover letter appeal and non monetary incentives on university professors' response to a mail survey.      
Effects of culture on computer-supported international collaborations      
Effects of different designs and extension of a food frequency questionnaire on response rate, completeness of data and food frequency responses.      
Effects of different monetary incentives on the return rate of a national mail survey of physicians.      
Effects of disseminating research findings on response rates in a community survey: a randomised controlled trial      
The effects of double-blind versus single-blind reviewing: experimental evidence from The American Economic Review.      
Effects of double data entry vs. single data entry as employed during a large multicenter perinatal clinical trial [abstract]      
Effects of editorial peer review. A systematic review      
Effects of errors in a multicenter medical study: preventing misinterpreted data      
The effects of excluding patients from the analysis in randomised controlled trials: meta-epidemiological study      
[The effects of exclusions of patients from the analysis in randomised controlled trials: meta-epidemiological study]      
The effects of failing to include hard-to-reach respondents in longitudinal surveys      
Effects of four instrumental variables on survey response.      
Effects of framing and level of probability on patients' preferences for cancer chemotherapy      
The effects of headings in information mapping on search speed and evaluation of a brief health education text      
The effects of hyperlinks on navigation in virtual environments      
Effects of incentive items on participation in a randomized chemoprevention trial      
Effects of incentive size and timing on response rates to a follow-up wave of a longitudinal mailed survey.      
The effects of increasing media intensity on patient contract and recruitment for the PCOs Diet and Exercise Study [abstract]      
Effects of information framing on the intentions of family physicians to prescribe long-term hormone replacement therapy      
The effects of information framing on the practices of physicians      
Effects of labeling techniques on memory and comprehension of prescription information in young and old adults      
The effects of local review on informed consent documents from a multicenter clinical trials consortium      
Effects of mailing strategies on response rate, response time, and cost in a questionnaire study among nurses.      
The effects of material incentives in mail surveys: two studies.      
The effects of message framing and ethnic targeting on mammography use among low-income women.      
The effects of message framing on mammography utilization      
Effects of method on participants and disclosure rates in research on sensitive topics.      
Effects of misclassification of causes of death on the power of a trial to assess the efficacy of a pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in The Gambia.      
The effects of monetary incentives on the response rate and cost-effectiveness of a mail survey.      
Effects of monetary premium variations on response/non response bias: represenation of black and non black respondents in surveys of radio listening.      
The effects of negative cover letter appeals on mail survey response.      
The effects of non-compliance on intent-to-treat analysis of equivalence trials      
Effects of NXY-059 in experimental stroke: an individual animal meta-analysis      
The effects of outcome misclassification and measurement error on the design and analysis of therapeutic equivalence trials      
Effects of patient selection on the applicability of results from a randomised clinical trial (EORTC 10853) investigating breast-conserving therapy for DCIS.      
Effects of peer review and editing on the readability of articles published in Annals of Internal Medicine      
The effects of personalisation, source, and offer on mail survey response rate and speed.      
The effects of personalization, sex, locale, and level taught on educators' responses to a mail survey.      
Effects of phone versus mail survey methods on the measurement of health-related quality of life and emotional and behavioural problems in adolescents      
Effects of preliminary contacts on volunteering in mail surveys.      
Effects of prerandomization exclusion on generalizability [abstract]      
Effects of presenting baseline risk information on people's reactions to the relative risks and benefits of treatment [abstract]      
The effects of print format in direct-to-consumer prescription drug advertisements on risk knowledge and preference      
Effects of psychological therapies in randomized trials and practice-based studies      
The effects of psychotherapy with children and adolescents. A review and meta-analysis of German-language research      
Effects of published errata on subsequent publications [abstract]      
The effects of questionnaire length and lottery ticket inducement on the response rate in mail surveys.      
Effects of questionnaire length, respondent-friendly design, and a difficult question on response rates for occupant-addressed census mail surveys.      
The effects of receiving public comments on systematic reviews [abstract]      
Effects of repetition and consistency of personalization treatments on response rate in mail surveys.      
Effects of reviewers' gender on assessments of a gender-related standardized manuscript [abstract]      
Effects of screen presentation on text reading and revising      
Effects of sex of investigator on mail survey response rates and response bias.      
Effects of signed versus unsigned internally administered questionnaires for managers      
Effects of situational factors on mail survey response.      
The effects of source and appeal on mail survey response patterns.      
Effects of source and paper color on response rates in mail surveys.      
Effects of sources of variability on sample sizes required for RCTs, applied to trials of lipid-altering therapies on carotid artery intima-media thickness      
Effects of sponsor and prepayment on compliance with a mailed request.      
Effects of study design and trends for EVAR versus OSR      
Effects of study methods and biases on estimates of invasive breast cancer overdetection with mammography screening: a systematic review      
The effects of summer vacation on achievement test scores: a narrative and meta-analytical review.      
Effects of survey mode on self-reports of adult alcohol consumption: a comparison of mail, web and telephone approaches.      
Effects of systematic exposure assessment errors in partially ecologic case-control studies [see comments]      
Effects of technical editing and other standardization processes applied by biomedical journals to research reports [abstract]      
Effects of technical editing in biomedical journals. A systematic review      
Effects of the American College of Rheumatology systemic sclerosis trial guidelines on the nature of systemic sclerosis patients entering a clinical trial.      
Effects of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence's technology appraisals on prescribing and net ingredient costs of drugs in the National Health Service in England      
The effects of the PDQ patient information file (PIF) on patients' knowledge, enrollment in clinical trials, and satisfaction      
Effects of the search technique on the measurement of the change in quality of randomized controlled trials over time in the field of brain injury.      
Effects of training on quality of peer review: randomised controlled trial      
Effects of training reviewers on quality of peer review: a before-and-after study [abstract]      
Effects of two formats of informed consent on knowledge amongst persons with advanced HIV disease in a clinical trial of didanosine.      
Effects of two telephone survey methods on the level of reported risk behaviours.      
The effects of unrepresented studies on the robustness of validity generalization results      
The effects of variations in mode of delivery and monetary incentive on physicians' responses to a mailed survey assessing STD practice patterns.      
Effects of zidovudine therapy in minority and other subpopulations with early HIV infection.      
Effects on overviews of early stopping rules for clinical trials      
Effects on response rates and costs of stamps vs business reply in a mail survey of physicians.      
Effects on size and power of pre- and post-stratification in clinical trials with a survival outcome      
Effects on subject response of information brochures and small cash incentives in a mail-based case-control study.      
Effects on survey responses of subjects, incentives, and multiple mailings.      
Efficacy dilution in randomized placebo-controlled vaginal microbicide trials      
Efficacy of adenoidectomy for recurrent otitis media in children previously treated with tympanostomy-tube placement. Results of parallel randomized and nonrandomized trials.      
The efficacy of anti-TNF in rheumatoid arthritis, a comparison between randomised controlled trials and clinical practice.      
The efficacy of back schools: a review of randomized clinical trials      
The efficacy of chiropractic manipulation for back pain: blinded review of relevant randomized clinical trials      
Efficacy of double-blinding in a randomized controlled trial (RCT) of low dose warfarin to prevent thromboembolic disease in patients with metastatic breast cancer [abstract]      
Efficacy of experimental treatments compared with standard treatments in non-inferiority trials: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials      
The efficacy of folic acid and folinic acid in reducing methotrexate gastrointestinal toxicity in rheumatoid arthritis. A metaanalysis of randomized controlled trials.      
[Efficacy of inpatient rehabilitation for chronic back pain in Germany: a systematic review 1980-2001]. [Review] [German]      
The efficacy of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) for shoulder complaints. A systematic review      
The efficacy of psychological, educational, and behavioral treatment. Confirmation from meta-analysis [review]      
Efficacy of quality criteria to identify potentially harmful information: a cross-sectional survey of complementary and alternative medicine web sites      
Efficacy of tonsillectomy for recurrent throat infection in severely affected children. Results of parallel randomized and nonrandomized clinical trials      
Efficacy versus intent-to-treat analysis in the Canadian American Ticlopidine Study [abstract]      
Efficacy vs effectiveness trial results of an indicated "model" substance abuse program: implications for public health      
Efficiency of automated literature search mechanisms.      
Efficiency of estimating vaccine efficacy for susceptibility and infectiousness: randomization by individual versus household      
Efficiency of information retrieval.      
The efficiency of searches for randomized controlled trials in the International Journal of Eating Disorders: a comparison of handsearching, EMBASE and PsycLIT      
Efficiency of searching the grey literature in palliative care      
Efficiency of the cross-over design: an empirical estimation.      
Efficient bibliographic searches on allergology using PubMed      
Efficient literature searching in diffuse topics: lessons from a systematic review of research on communicating risk to patients in primary care      
Efficient ways exist to obtain the optimal sample size in clinical trials in rare diseases.      
Efforts don't end with recruitment: retention strategies for a large international breast cancer prevention trial [abstract]      
Efforts to increase activation of sites in a clinical trial involving re-randomization [abstract]      
Efforts to standardize the reporting of pain.      
Egg on their faces The story of human albumin solution      
eGIFT: mining gene information from the literature      
Egyptian Journal of Anaesthesia: a high quality journal and the need of being indexed into biomedical databases      
eHealth as a challenge to 'expert' power: a focus group study of internet use for health information and management      
Eighth graders' web searching strategies and outcomes: the role of task types, web experiences and epistemological beliefs      
Elaboration and sharing of generic search strategy modules in the development of oncology evidence-based clinical practice guidelines [abstract]      
The elderly were under-represented in osteoarthritis clinical trials      
eLearning proves cost-effective and attracts more participation in collaborative courses conducted by Universities of Arizona, Zambia and Zimbabwe - International Program for Mining Health and Safety [abstract]      
Electronic access in Russian medical libraries      
Electronic biomedical journals: how they appear and what they offer      
Electronic compliance assessment of antifungal prophylaxis for human immunodeficiency virus-infected women.      
Electronic Data Capture (EDC) using cellular technology: implications for clinical trials and practice, and preliminary experience with the m-Womac Index in hip and knee OA patients      
Electronic databases: the Indian scenario      
Electronic delivery of research summaries for academic generalist doctors: a randomised trial of an educational intervention.      
Electronic discussion forums in medical ethics education: the impact of didactic guidelines and netiquette      
Electronic extraction of graphical data [abstract]      
Electronic health record meets digital library: a new environment for achieving an old goal      
Electronic linkage of trial participants: a resource for evaluation of long-term safety and ongoing efficacy [abstract]      
Electronic mail vs. mail survey response rates      
Electronic monitoring: adherence assessment or intervention?      
Electronic reminders did not improve postal questionnaire response rates or response times: a randomized controlled trial      
Electronic reserves: copyright and permissions      
Electronic search strategies to identify reports of cluster randomized trials in MEDLINE: low precision will improve with adherence to reporting standards      
Electronic searching of the literature for systematic reviews of screening and diagnostic tests for preterm birth.      
Electronic searching RCT/CCT in the Chinese database and transferring them Into Procite for international submission: how we have done [abstract]      
Electronic searching to locate qualitative research: evaluation of three strategies      
Electronic searching versus handsearching of conference abstracts. Poster presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
Elevated rates of early discontinuation from pharmacotherapy trials in alcoholics and drug abusers.      
Elicitation of prior distributions for a phase III randomized controlled trial of adjuvant therapy with surgery for hepatocellular carcinoma      
Eliciting and using expert opinions about dropout bias in randomized controlled trials      
Eliciting and using expert opinions about influence of patient characteristics on treatment effects: a Bayesian analysis of the CHARM trials.      
Eliciting preferences for alternative drug therapies in oncology: influence of treatment outcome description, elicitation technique and treatment experience on preferences      
Eliciting public preferences for healthcare: a systematic review of techniques      
Eliciting willingness to pay: comparing closed-ended with open-ended and payment scale formats      
Eliciting women's preferences in health care: a review of the literature.      
Eligibility and extrapolation in cancer clinical trials      
Eligibility criteria for HIV clinical trials and generalizability of results: the gap between published reports and study protocols.      
Eligibility criteria of randomized controlled trials of acutely ill and hospitalized patients with acute lung injury or sepsis [abstract]      
Eligibility criteria of randomized controlled trials published in high-impact general medical journals: a systematic sampling review.      
Eligibility of patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer for phase III chemotherapy trials      
Eligible-non-randomized patients: their impact on generalizability [abstract]      
EMBASE dot com: strength and weaknesses; a comparison [abstract]      
EMBASE search strategies achieved high sensitivity and specificity for retrieving methodologically sound systematic reviews.      
EMBASE search strategies for identifying methodologically sound diagnostic studies for use by clinicians and researchers      
EMBASE versus MEDLINE for family medicine searches: can MEDLINE searches find the forest or a tree?      
Embedded academic writing support for nursing students with English as a second language      
Embedding a culture of evidence-based practice among undergraduate nurses through research education [abstract]      
The emergence and portrayal of obesity in the Irish Times: content analysis of obesity coverage 1997-2009 [abstract]      
The emergence of translational epidemiology: from scientific discovery to population health impact      
Emergency medicine animal research: does use of randomization and blinding affect the results?      
Emergency surgical treatment of bleeding peptic ulcer: an analysis of the published data on 21,130 patients.      
Emerging ethical issues in instructions to authors of high-impact biomedical journals      
Emerging findings in ethics of schizophrenia research.      
An emerging framework for including different types of evidence in systematic reviews for public policy.      
Emerging situations: clinical trial informed consent collaborative model [abstract]      
Eminence of scientists in the light of the h-index and other scientometric indicators      
The Emperor's New Clothes: general practitioner views on evidence-based medicine and the role of clinical effectiveness evidence - a qualitative study [abstract]      
Empiric comparison of ratio and difference methods for analysing continuous outcomes in meta-analysis. Poster presentation at the 16th Cochrane Colloquium: Evidence in the era of globalisation; 2008 Oct 3-7; Freiburg, Germany [abstract]      
Empiric evidence of publication bias affecting acute stroke clinical trials      
An empirical analysis of eating disorders and anxiety disorders publications (1980-2000) - part I: Research methods.      
An empirical analysis of eating disorders and anxiety disorders publications (1980-2000) - part II: Statistical hypothesis testing.      
An empirical approach to defining loss to follow-up among patients enrolled in antiretroviral treatment programs      
Empirical assessment of effect of publication bias on meta-analyses      
Empirical assessment of publication bias: lessons from two meta-analyses [abstract]      
An empirical assessment of the validity of uncontrolled comparisons of the accuracy of diagnostic tests. Oral presentation at the 17th Cochrane Colloquium; 2009 Oct 11-14, Singapore [abstract]      
Empirical assessment of whether moderate payments are undue or unjust inducements for participation in clinical trials.      
Empirical assessment suggests that existing evidence could be used more fully in designing randomized controlled trials      
Empirical Bayes estimates generated in a hierarchical summary ROC analysis agreed closely with those of a full Bayesian analysis      
Empirical Bayes estimates of subgroup effects in clinical trials      
Empirical Bayes meta-analysis      
Empirical Bayes methods in clinical trials meta-analysis      
An empirical comparison of meta-analyses of published gene-disease associations versus consortium analyses      
An empirical comparison of methods for meta-analysis of diagnostic accuracy showed hierarchical models are necessary      
An empirical comparison of methods for meta-analysis of studies of diagnostic accuracy [abstract]      
Empirical comparison of subgroup effects in conventional and individual patient data meta-analyses.      
Empirical comparison of the results of randomized controlled trials and case-control studies in evaluating the effectiveness of screening mammography      
An empirical comparison of three meta-analytic models for the analysis of diagnostic test accuracy studies [abstract]      
An empirical evaluation of the placebo run-in      
Empirical evaluation showed that the Copas selection model provided a useful summary in 80% of meta-analyses      
Empirical evaluation suggests Copas selection model preferable to trim-and-fill method for selection bias in meta-analysis      
Empirical evidence about heterogeneity in Cochrane reviews. Oral presentation at the 17th Cochrane Colloquium; 2009 Oct 11-14, Singapore [abstract]      
Empirical evidence for selective reporting of outcomes in randomised trials [abstract]      
Empirical evidence for selective reporting of outcomes in randomized trials: comparison of protocols to published articles      
Empirical evidence of an association between internal validity and effect size in randomized controlled trials of low-back pain      
Empirical evidence of attrition bias in meta-analyses of randomized controlled trials. Oral presentation at the 16th Cochrane Colloquium: Evidence in the era of globalisation; 2008 Oct 3-7; Freiburg, Germany [abstract]      
Empirical evidence of bias: dimensions of methodological quality associated with estimates of treatment effects in controlled trials      
Empirical evidence of bias in infertility research: overestimation of treatment effect in crossover trials using pregnancy as the outcome measure      
Empirical evidence of bias in treatment effect estimates in controlled trials with different interventions and outcomes: meta-epidemiological study.      
Empirical evidence of bias: modified intention to treat analysis of randomised trials affects estimates of intervention efficacy. Oral presentation at the 16th Cochrane Colloquium: Evidence in the era of globalisation; 2008 Oct 3-7; Freiburg, Germany [abstract]      
Empirical evidence of bias? The hazard of ignoring heterogeneity in meta-epidemiology      
Empirical evidence of design-related bias in studies of diagnostic tests      
Empirical evidence on the validity of adjusted indirect comparison: an updated review. Poster presentation at the 17th Cochrane Colloquium; 2009 Oct 11-14, Singapore [abstract]      
Empirical evidence on validity of indirect comparisons for estimating relative efficacy of competing interventions [abstract]      
Empirical investigation into placebo effectiveness.      
An empirical investigation of exposure measurement bias and its components in case-control studies      
Empirical investigation of optimism bias. Oral presentation at the 16th Cochrane Colloquium: Evidence in the era of globalisation; 2008 Oct 3-7; Freiburg, Germany [abstract]      
An empirical investigation on matching in published case-control studies      
An empirical Monte Carlo test of the accuracy of the correlation, covariance, and regression slope models for assessing validity generalization      
Empirical research in on-line trust: a review and critical assessment      
Empirical research on informed consent. An annotated bibliography.      
Empirical studies assessing the quality of health information for consumers on the world wide web: a systematic review      
Empirical studies of information visualization: a meta-analysis      
An empirical study of cluster randomization      
Empirical study of parental recall bias      
An empirical study of the effect of the control rate as a predictor of treatment efficacy in meta-analysis of clinical trials      
An empirical study of the possible relation of treatment differences to quality scores in controlled randomized clinical trials      
An empirical study on end-user's update performance for different abstraction levels      
An empirical study showing that SF-36 can be transformed into health utility scores.      
Empirical validity check of methods for indirect comparisons [abstract]      
Empirically supported treatments in pediatric psychology: where is the diversity?      
Employing log metrics to evaluate search behaviour and success: case study BBC search engine      
Employment of substandard antiemetic prophylaxis in recent trials of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting      
Empowered participation of users with disabilities in R&D projects      
Empowering research: statistical power in general practice research      
Empty reviews in Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews - how long do they stay empty? [abstract]      
Empty systematic reviews: hidden perils and lessons learned.      
Enabling meta-analysis in systematic reviews on carpal tunnel syndrome      
ENA's Delphi study on national research priorities for emergency nurses in the United States.      
Enclosing a pen with a postal questionnaire can significantly increase the response rate.      
Encouragement to contribute to peer-review process in clinical neurology journals.      
Encouraging and supporting Australian policy makers to use Cochrane reviews - further reporting of a three year initiative [abstract]      
An encouraging assessment of methods to inform priorities for updating systematic reviews      
An encouraging assessment of methods to inform priorities for updating systematic reviews.      
Encouraging physicians to respond to surveys through the use of fax technology      
The end of pathology research? The potential impact of proposed consent requirements on pathology research [abstract]      
The end-of-study patient survey: methods influencing response rate in the AVID Trial.[erratum appears in Control Clin Trials 2002 Dec;23(6):774].      
End-point interpretation in clinical trials: the case for discipline [see comments]      
End points for colon cancer adjuvant trials: observations and recommendations based on individual patient data from 20,898 patients enrolled onto 18 randomized trials from the ACCENT Group.      
End-user involvement in health technology assessment (HTA) development: a way to increase impact.      
Endocrinology and internet      
Endocrinology trial design: adverse event reporting in randomised controlled trials of recombinant human GH in GH-deficient adults.      
Endogenous and exogenous research? Findings from a bibliometric study of UK nursing research.      
Endometrial ablation for heavy menstrual bleeding: the relationship between funding sources and trial outcome [abstract]      
Endorsement of the CONSORT Statement by high impact factor medical journals: a survey of journal editors and journal 'Instructions to Authors'.      
Endorsement of the CONSORT statement by high impact medical journals: survey of instructions for authors.      
Endorsement of the ICMJE's clinical trial registration policy by biomedical journals: a survey of instructions for authors. Oral presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Endorsement of the STAndards for the Reporting of Diagnostic accuracy studies (STARD) Statement by biomedical journals: survey of instructions [abstract]      
Endorsement of the STARD Statement by biomedical journals: survey of instructions for authors      
Endpoints in adjuvant treatment trials: a systematic review of the literature in colon cancer and proposed definitions for future trials.      
Endpoints of meta-analyses and primary endpoints of included studies: impact of non-concordance. Oral presentation at the 16th Cochrane Colloquium: Evidence in the era of globalisation; 2008 Oct 3-7; Freiburg, Germany [abstract]      
Engaging the public in priority-setting for health technology assessment: findings from a citizens' jury      
English-language restriction when conducting systematic review-based meta-analyses: systematic review of published studies      
[English or German? The language of medicine based on the bibliographic data appearing in the Deutsche Medizinische Wochenscrift (1920 to 1995) (see comments)]      
English proficiency and language preference: testing the equivalence of two measures      
English translations of biomedical journal literature: availability and control      
Enhanced quality and quantity of retrieval of Critically Appraised Topics using the CAT Crawler      
Enhancement of visit adherence in the national beta-blocker heart attack trial.      
Enhancing access to reports of randomized trials published world-wide - the contribution of EMBASE records to the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (CENTRAL) in The Cochrane Library.      
Enhancing adherence among older African American men enrolled in a longitudinal cancer screening trial.      
Enhancing adherence in randomized controlled clinical trials      
Enhancing cancer clinical trial management: recommendations from a qualitative study of trial participants' experiences.      
Enhancing communication among data monitoring committees and institutional review boards      
Enhancing compliance not a prerequisite for effective eradication of Helicobacter pylori: the HelP Study.      
Enhancing comprehension of consent for research in older patients with psychosis: a randomized study of a novel consent procedure.      
Enhancing informed consent for research and treatment.      
Enhancing participation of older women in surgical trials      
The Enhancing Recovery in Coronary Heart Disease Trial (ENRICHD): strategies and techniques for enhancing retention of patients with acute myocardial infarction and depression or social isolation.      
Enhancing recruitment and retention in randomized clinical trials of cancer symptom management.      
Enhancing recruitment and retention of minority young women in community-based clinical research.      
Enhancing recruitment into clinical trials - a survey to assess clinicians' views [abstract]      
Enhancing the response rate in survey research.      
Enhancing the systematic search process for quality information retrieval and delivery: filters and a reporting tool for librarian searchers for the Family Physicians Inquiries Network (FPIN) [abstract]      
Enhancing therapeutic impact and therapeutic alliance through electronic mail homework assignments      
Enoxaparin in unstable angina patients who would have been excluded from randomized pivotal trials.      
Enrolling adolescents in asthma research: adolescent, parent, and physician influence in the decision-making process      
Enrolling older adults with cognitive impairment in research: lessons from a study of Tai Chi for osteoarthritis knee pain      
Enrolling older persons in cancer trials: the effect of sociodemographic, protocol, and recruitment center characteristics.      
Enrolling women into HIV preventive vaccine trials: an ethical imperative but a logistical challenge.      
Enrollment in clinical trials according to patients race: experience from the VA Cooperative Studies Program (1975-2000).      
Enrollment in clinical trials: institutional factors affecting enrollment in the cardiac arrhythmia suppression trial (CAST)      
Enrollment of African Americans onto clinical treatment trials: study design barriers      
Enrollment of an observational cohort to maximize trial recruitment in the Surgical Treatments Outcomes Project [abstract]      
Enrollment of elderly patients in clinical trials for cancer drug registration: a 7-year experience by the US Food and Drug Administration      
Enrollment of lung cancer patients on clinical trials at an NCI comprehensive cancer center [abstract]      
Enrollment of minority women and their main sexual partners in an HIV/STI prevention trial.      
Enrollment of older patients in cancer treatment trials in Canada: why is age a barrier?      
Enrollment of racial/ethnic minorities in NIAID-funded networks of HIV vaccine trials in the United States, 1988 to 2002.      
Enrollment of women in cardiovascular clinical trials funded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.      
Ensuring balanced distribution of prognostic factors in treatment outcome research.      
Ensuring rigour in qualitative research      
Ensuring the comparability of comparison groups: is randomization enough?      
Ensuring the quality of quality of life data: the Southwest Oncology Group experience      
Ensuring value for money in health care: The role of health technology assessment in the European Union.      
Entelechy, citation indexes, and the association of ideas      
Enteral nutrition and oral nutrition supplements: a review of the economics literature.      
Entry criteria and baseline characteristics predict outcome in acute stroke trials.      
Entry into clinical trials in breast cancer: the importance of specialist teams. Scottish Breast Cancer Focus Group and Scottish Cancer Therapy Network      
The EORTC breast cancer-specific quality of life questionnaire (EORTC QLQ-BR23): translation and validation study of the Iranian version.      
The EORTC core quality of life questionnaire (QLQ-c30 version of 3.0 Turkish) in cancer patients under palliative radiotherapy [abstract]      
EORTC study refutes meta-analysis on portal vein infusion in colorectal cancer      
Epi + demos + cracy: linking political systems and priorities to the magnitude of health inequities - evidence, gaps, and a research agenda      
Epidemic characteristics and quality of meta-analysis or systematic reviews in screening tests. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Epidemiologic evaluation of chemoprophylaxis against tuberculosis      
Epidemiologic research on health disparities: some thoughts on history and current developments      
Epidemiological methods: the effect of envelope type on reponse rates in an epidemiological study of back pain.      
Epidemiologists' characteristics had little influence on causal inference.      
Epidemiology and critical appraisal of randomized controlled trials published in the South African Medical Journal [abstract]      
Epidemiology and public health journals on the Internet      
Epidemiology and publication history of randomized controlled trials that were discontinued. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Epidemiology and quality of reporting of conference abstracts related to randomized controlled trials in renal transplantation. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Epidemiology and reporting characteristics of systematic reviews.      
Epidemiology and reporting of randomised trials published in PubMed journals.      
Epidemiology and reporting of randomized trials employing re-randomization of patient groups: a systematic survey.      
Epidemiology and reporting of recent randomised trials [abstract]      
Epidemiology and study characteristics associated with reporting of subgroup analyses. Oral presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
Epidemiology in the news and why it is wrong [abstract]      
Epidemiology, methods and quality of systematic reviews of interventions to change provider behaviour [abstract]      
Epidemiology, methods and quality of systematic reviews of interventions to change provider behaviour [abstract]      
The epidemiology of bias in clinical trial research: meta-meta-analysis [abstract]      
Epidemiology of research for temporomandibular disorders      
Epidemiology of research for temporomandibular disorders      
Epidemiology of research into interventions for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee joint.      
The epidemiology of reviews of test performance: an analysis of the content of five specialist review databases [abstract]      
The epidemiology of the gastrointestinal randomized clinical trial      
Epidemiology of the type of intention-to-treat reporting in meta-analyses. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Epidemiology, quality and reporting characteristics of systematic reviews of acupuncture interventions published in Chinese journals. Oral presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Epidemiology, quality and reporting characteristics of systematic reviews on TCM published in China journals. Poster presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
Epilepsy in The Alienist and Neurologist, 1880-1920. [Review]      
Episiotomy rates from eleven developing countries      
Episiotomy rates from eleven developing countries: results from a hospital-based survey [abstract]      
The epistemiology of otolaryngology - head and neck surgery: a scientific evaluation of the knowledge base.      
Epistemology and experimentation: an examination of quality factors in research design [review]      
The EQ-5D and the Health Utilities Index for permanent sequelae after meningitis: a head-to-head comparison      
"Equal" contributions and credit: an emerging trend in the characterization of authorship      
Equal participation of minority patients in U.S. national pediatric cancer clinical trials.      
Equality and diversity considerations in NICE health technology appraisals [abstract]      
Equalizing rural health professionals' information access: lessons from a follow-up outreach project      
Equipoise: a case study of the views of clinicians involved in two neonatal trials      
Equipoise, design bias, and randomized controlled trials: the elusive ethics of new drug development      
Equipoise in the enhanced supression of the platelet IIb/IIIa receptor with integrilin trial (ESPRIT): a critical appraisal.      
Equipoise principle and NCI-sponsored clinical trials: are investigators truly uncertain about their comparisons? [abstract]      
Equity and accountability: successful use of the contributorship concept in a multisite study [abstract]      
Equity and the economic evaluation of healthcare      
An equity lens for identifying priority topics for Cochrane reviews. Oral presentation at the 17th Cochrane Colloquium; 2009 Oct 11-14, Singapore [abstract]      
Equivalence and noninferiority trials - are they viable alternatives for registration of new drugs? (III)      
The equivalence of English and Chinese SF-36 versions in bilingual Singapore Chinese      
The equivalence or non-inferiority problem in systematic reviews [abstract]      
Equivalence trials      
Ergonomics guidelines for designing electronic mail addresses.      
Errata control in biomedical journals      
[Errors in bibliographic references: a retrospective study in Medicina Clinica (1962-1992)]      
[Errors in bibliographic references in the Revista Espanola de Anestesiologia y Reanimacion: retrospective study of 1994]      
Errors in citation statistics      
[Errors in literature references in the Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde (see comments)]      
Errors in search strategies were identified by type and frequency.      
Escitalopram: superior to citalopram or a chiral chimera?      
Essential medicines and human rights: what can they learn from each other?      
EST 0469B--comparison of high- and low-dose cyclophosphamide in human lung cancer.      
[Establishing collaboration of dissemination of CONSORT statement in China to improve the quality of reporting of randomized clinical trials]      
Establishing guidelines for pharmacotherapy trials in bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa.      
Establishing methodological rigour in international qualitative nursing research: a case study from Ghana. [Review] [38 refs]      
Establishing metrics for the evaluation of touch screen kiosks      
Establishing nursing research priorities on a paediatric haematology, oncology, immunology and infectious diseases unit: a Delphi survey      
Establishing nursing research priorities on a paediatric haematology, oncology, immunology and infectious diseases unit: involving doctors and parents.      
Establishing priorities for research in education within one college of nursing and midwifery.      
Establishing priorities for research: report of a Delphi survey      
Establishing specificity in psychotherapy: a meta-analysis of structural equivalence of placebo controls.      
Establishing the database of clinical RCT, CCT and diagnostic tests on different specialities in China [abstract]      
Establishing the database of systematic review glossary. Oral presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
Establishing the experimenting society: the historical origin of social experimentation according to the randomized controlled design.      
Establishment of Chinese Cochrane Centre Database of clinical trials and diagnostic tests      
Establishment of genetic associations for complex diseases is independent of early study findings      
[Estimate of bibliometric indicators of the impact of +Archivos de Bronconeumologia]      
Estimates of quality and reliability with the physiotherapy evidence-based database scale to assess the methodology of randomized controlled trials of pharmacological and nonpharmacological interventions.      
Estimating a relative risk across sparse case-control and follow-up studies: a method for meta-analysis      
Estimating a summarized odds ratio whilst eliminating publication bias in meta-analysis      
Estimating absolute risks in the presence of noncompliance: an application to a Women's Health Initiative randomized trial [abstract]      
Estimating acceptance rates: the bracing in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis simulation [abstract]      
Estimating activity energy expenditure: how valid are physical activity questionnaires?      
Estimating an average effect size in meta-analysis: a comparison between fixed- and random-effects models [abstract]      
Estimating clinically significant differences in quality of life outcomes.      
Estimating compliance to study medication from serum drug levels: application to an AIDS clinical trial of zidovudine      
Estimating confidence intervals for cost-effectiveness ratios: an example from a randomized trial [see comments]      
Estimating country-specific cost-effectiveness from multinational clinical trials      
Estimating diagnostic accuracy from multiple conflicting reports: a new meta-analytic method      
Estimating dose-response effects in psychological treatment trials: the role of instrumental variables      
Estimating effect size under publication bias: small sample properties and robustness of a random effects selection model      
Estimating effects from randomized trials with discontinuations: the need for intent-to-treat design and G-estimation.      
Estimating nonresponse bias in mail surveys.      
Estimating number of events from the Kaplan-Meier curve for incorporation in a literature-based meta-analysis: what you don't see you can't get!      
Estimating per patient funding for cancer clinical trials: an Ontario based survey      
Estimating psychological treatment effects from a randomised controlled trial with both non-compliance and loss to follow-up      
Estimating required information size by quantifying diversity in random-effects model meta-analyses      
Estimating risk difference from relative association measures in meta-analysis can infrequently pose interpretational challenges      
Estimating risk difference in multicenter studies under baseline-risk heterogeneity      
Estimating standardized risk differences from odds ratios      
Estimating the benefits of mammography screening: the impact of study design      
Estimating the causal effect of compliance on binary outcome in randomized controlled trials      
Estimating the economic value to societies of the impact of health research: a critical review      
Estimating the effect of the run-in on the power of the Physicians' Health Study.      
Estimating the effect of treatment on quality of life in the presence of missing data due to drop-out and death      
Estimating the horizon of articles to decide when to stop searching in systematic reviews: an example using a systematic review of RCTs evaluating osteoporosis clinical decision support tools      
Estimating the marginal value of 'better' research output: 'designed' versus 'routine' data in randomised controlled trials      
Estimating the mean and variance from the median, range, and the size of a sample.      
Estimating the number needed to treat from continuous outcomes in randomised controlled trials: methodological challenges and worked example using data from the UK Back Pain Exercise and Manipulation (BEAM) trial.      
Estimating the population impact of an intervention: a decision-analytic approach      
Estimating the power of compliance - improving methods      
Estimating the proportion of studies missing for meta-analysis due to publication bias.      
Estimating the proportion of treatment effect explained by a surrogate marker      
Estimating the sample size of a clinical trial to make a meta-analysis conclusive. An example on meta-analysis of inhaled isoniazid chemoprophylaxis for tuberculosis in purified protein derivative negative HIV-infected individuals. Poster presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
Estimating the yield of handsearching the vision science literature [abstract]      
Estimating time to conduct a meta-analysis from number of citations retrieved      
Estimating treatment effects from randomized clinical trials with noncompliance and loss to follow-up: the role of instrumental variable methods.      
Estimating treatment effects in randomized clinical trials in the presence of non-compliance. [erratum appears in Stat Med 2001 Mar 30;20(6):982.]      
Estimating treatment effects in randomized clinical trials with non-compliance: the impact of maternal smoking on birthweight.      
Estimation issues in clinical trials and overviews      
Estimation of cost-effectiveness in randomised controlled trials when not all participants allocated to active intervention receive it [abstract]      
Estimation of design effects in cluster surveys      
Estimation of effect size under nonrandom sampling: the effects of censoring studies yielding statistically insignificant mean differences      
Estimation of gender bias in clinical trials      
The estimation of marginal time preference in a UK-wide sample (TEMPUS) project      
Estimation of the correlation coefficient using the Bayesian Approach and its applications for epidemiologic research.      
Estimation of the design effect in community intervention studies      
Estimation of the effect size in meta-analysis with few studies      
ET study (Enhancing Transparency of Biomedical Journals) [abstract]      
Ethical and cross cultural questions concerning pediatric clinical trials      
Ethical and legal issues in emergency research: barriers to conducting prospective randomized trials in an emergency setting      
Ethical and policy issues in cluster randomized trials: rationale and design of a mixed methods research study      
Ethical approval for multicentre clinical trials in children. Contrasting systems in three European countries      
Ethical aspects of clinical trials: the attitudes of participants in two non-cancer trials.      
Ethical aspects of clinical trials: the attitudes of the public and out-patients.      
Ethical aspects of patient information in radiation oncology. An introduction and a review of the literature      
[Ethical aspects of short health technology assessments--a systematic review]. [German]      
Ethical communication in clinical trials. Issues faced by data managers in obtaining informed consent.      
Ethical considerations in anaesthesia journals [see comments]      
Ethical considerations in planning interim analysis and stopping rules: a systematic review [abstract]      
Ethical considerations in the study of online illness narratives: a qualitative review      
Ethical imperative to publish extends to academics too      
Ethical issues in clinical trials in developing countries.      
Ethical issues in randomized trials included in a systematic review of treatments for lower limb ischaemia [abstract]      
Ethical issues in research with homeless youths      
Ethical issues in studying submissions to a medical journal      
Ethical issues in the design and conduct of randomised controlled trials      
Ethical issues of informed consent in acute stroke. Analysis of the modalities of consent in 56 patients enrolled in urgent therapeutic trials.      
Ethical issues of informed consent: mothers' experiences enrolling their children in bone marrow transplantation research      
Ethical process in human research published in thoracic surgery journals.      
Ethical review and the assessment of research proposals using qualitative research methods      
Ethical review reporting of Chinese trials records in World Health Organization primary registries. Poster presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
Ethical, scientific, and regulatory perspectives regarding the use of placebos in cancer clinical trials      
Ethics and clinical research.      
Ethics and decision theory in a clinical trial involving severe disfigurement      
Ethics and dementia: mapping the literature by bibliometric analysis. [Review]      
Ethics and hypothermia treatment      
Ethics and international research. Obtaining informed consent for trials in Africa is possible.[comment]      
Ethics and observational studies in medical research: various rules in a common framework      
Ethics committees and clinical trials registration in India: opportunities, obligations, challenges and solutions      
Ethics, data-dependent designs, and the strategy of clinical trials: time to start learning-as-we-go?      
Ethics, economics, and the publication policies of major medical journals      
An 'ethics gap' in writing about bioethics: a quantitative comparison of the medical and the surgical literature.      
Ethics in the design and conduct of clinical trials      
Ethics, investigators and research culture: predictors of recruitment [abstract]      
The ethics of industry experimentation using employees: the case of taste-testing pesticide-treated tobacco      
Ethics of placebo use in pediatric clinical trials: the case of antihypertensive drug studies. [Review]      
Ethics of qualitative research: are there special issues for health services research?      
The ethics of randomised controlled trials from the perspectives of patients, the public, and healthcare professionals      
The ethics of randomized placebo-controlled trials of antidepressants with pregnant women: a systematic review      
The ethics of republishing - a case study of Emerald/MCB University Press journals      
The ethics of research using electronic mail discussion groups.      
Ethics that exclude: the role of ethics committees in lesbian and gay health research in South Africa      
Ethnic identity predicts loss-to-follow-up in a health promotion trial      
Ethnic minorities in oncology clinical trials [abstract]      
Ethnicity has overtaken race in medical science: MEDLINE-based comparison of trends in the USA and the rest of the world, 1965-2005      
An ethno-medical perspective on research participation: a qualitative pilot study      
The Eunet HTA Core Model for Diagnostic technologies: how to assess effectiveness [abstract]      
EUROCODE: a computerized network for clinical trials in oncology [abstract]      
Europe as third world: U.S. perceptions of Continental science      
European collaboration to identify reports of controlled trials in specialized health care journals published in Western Europe - helping to overcome some of the barriers associated with trial identification The BIOMED Specialized Health Care Journals Project [abstract]      
European literature in American databases - Editorial      
European multicentre studies in the field of obstetrics      
The European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer core quality of life questionnaire (QLQ-C30 version 3.0 Turkish) in cancer patients receiving palliative radiotherapy      
The European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer QLQ-C30: a quality-of-life instrument for use in international clinical trials in oncology.      
European participation in an international perinatal trial.      
European participation in major intensive care journals.      
European Union scientific production on alcohol and drug misuse (1976-2000)      
Evaluating and comparing imaging techniques: a review and classification of study designs. [Review]      
Evaluating and synthesizing qualitative research: the need to develop a distinctive approach      
Evaluating bias and variability in diagnostic test reports. [Review]      
Evaluating cumulated research. I: The inadequacy of traditional methods      
Evaluating dementia screening tests: methodologic standards to rate their performance      
Evaluating diagnostic technologies: a review of the strategies [abstract]      
Evaluating diagnostic tests      
Evaluating diagnostic tests with imperfect standards      
Evaluating drug treatments for Parkinson's disease: how good are the trials?      
Evaluating effects of treatment in subgroups of patients within a clinical trial: the case of non-Q-wave myocardial infarction and beta blockers.      
Evaluating Evidence Aid. Oral presentation at the 16th Cochrane Colloquium: Evidence in the era of globalisation; 2008 Oct 3-7; Freiburg, Germany [abstract]      
Evaluating health-related quality of life outcomes in clinical trials of antiepileptic drug therapy      
Evaluating heterogeneity in cumulative meta-analyses      
Evaluating heterogeneity in studies of diagnostic test accuracy [abstract]      
Evaluating intervention research with cerebral palsied children: a literature review.      
Evaluating linguistic equivalence of patient-reported outcomes in a cancer clinical trial.      
Evaluating masking in a randomized, double-masked clinical trial in children with myopia.      
Evaluating measurement variability in clinical investigations: the case of ultrasonic estimation of urinary bladder volume      
Evaluating Medical Tests: Objective and Quantitative Guidelines      
Evaluating metrics for comparing the use of web sites: a case study of two consumer health web sites.      
Evaluating minority recruitment into clinical studies: how good are the data?      
Evaluating non-randomised intervention studies [review]      
Evaluating non-randomised intervention studies (Structured abstract)      
Evaluating novel agent effects in multiple-treatments meta-regression      
Evaluating nursing documentation - research designs and methods: systematic review      
Evaluating patient-based outcome measures for use in clinical trials      
Evaluating "payback" on biomedical research: biomedical funding decisions should be audited [Authors' reply]      
Evaluating "payback" on biomedical research from papers cited in clinical guidelines: applied bibliometric study      
Evaluating peer reviews. Pilot testing of a grading instrument      
Evaluating publication trends in clinical research: how reliable are medical databases      
Evaluating qualitative research      
Evaluating qualitative research      
Evaluating quality-of-life measures for clinical trials in Germany      
Evaluating reporting and abstracts of clinical trials      
Evaluating reporting and abstracts of clinical trials      
Evaluating research for use in practice: guidelines for the clinician.      
Evaluating safety in health technology assessments - issues from an evaluation of intracytoplasmic sperm injection [abstract]      
Evaluating surrogate markers of clinical outcome when measured with error      
Evaluating system design features      
Evaluating systematic reviews and meta-analyses.      
Evaluating the accuracy of citations in drug promotional brochures      
Evaluating the benefit of clinical trials to future patients      
Evaluating the benefit of event adjudication in large simple RCTs [abstract]      
Evaluating the benefit of event adjudication of cardiovascular outcomes in large simple RCTs      
Evaluating the benefits of a patient information video during the informed consent process      
Evaluating the benefits of patient video during the informed consent process [abstract]      
Evaluating the BMJ guidelines for economic submissions: prospective audit of economic submissions to BMJ and The Lancet      
Evaluating the coverage of controlled health data terminologies: report on the results of the NLM/AHCPR large scale vocabulary test      
Evaluating the dodo's verdict: do all interventions have equivalent outcomes?      
Evaluating the effectiveness of public health interventions: the role and activities of the Cochrane Collaboration      
Evaluating the evidence of effectiveness for preventive interventions: using a registry system to influence policy through science      
Evaluating the evidence: the methodological and reporting quality of comparative observational studies of surgical interventions in urological publications      
Evaluating the financial impact of clinical trials in oncology: results from a pilot study from the Association of American Cancer Institutes/Northwestern University clinical trials costs and charges project.      
Evaluating the impact of MEDLINE filters on evidence retrieval: study protocol      
Evaluating the need for sending paper forms to the data coordinating center (DCC) in a clinical trial with distributed data entry. The MDRD Group. [abstract]      
Evaluating the prevalence, content and readability of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) web pages on the internet      
Evaluating the quality of active-control trials in periodontal research.      
Evaluating the quality of articles published in journal supplements compared with the quality of those published in the parent journal      
Evaluating the quality of clinical guidelines: linking decisions to medical evidence      
Evaluating the quality of information about alternatives to research participation in oncology consent forms      
Evaluating the quality of informed consent.      
Evaluating the quality of reporting occupational therapy randomized controlled trials by expanding the CONSORT criteria.      
Evaluating the quality of research into a single prognostic biomarker: a systematic review and meta-analysis of 83 studies of C-Reactive protein in stable coronary artery disease      
Evaluating the quality of rosacea studies: implications for the patient and physician      
Evaluating the quality of systematic reviews in the emergency medicine literature      
Evaluating the relevance, generalization, and applicability of research: issues in external validation and translation methodology      
Evaluating the representativeness of the pooled trial-wide economic results of a multinational clinical trial for the individual countries that participated in the trial [abstract]      
Evaluating the role of quality assessment of primary studies in systematic reviews of cancer practice guidelines      
Evaluating the safety of medicines, with particular reference to contraception      
Evaluating the utility and accuracy of a reverse telephone directory to identify the location of survey respondents.      
Evaluating therapy in cerebral palsy. [Review]      
Evaluating three informal capacity building networks for systematic reviews. Poster presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
Evaluating translations of health status questionnaires. Methods from the IQOLA project. International Quality of Life Assessment      
Evaluating treatments when a gender by treatment interaction may exist      
Evaluating two statistical methods to predict when a meta-analysis will gain sufficient power to change the conclusions of a Cochrane review [abstract]      
Evaluating Viagra's safety using spontaneous reports, epidemiologic data, and clinical trials: what do the data say?      
Evaluation and appraisal of randomized controlled trials in myeloma.      
[Evaluation and critical review published in the European literature on osteopathic studies in the clinical field and in the area of fundamental research].      
Evaluation by Markov chain models of a non-randomised breast cancer screening programme in women aged under 50 years in Sweden      
Evaluation criteria in studies of continuing education in the health professions: a critical review and a suggested strategy      
Evaluation criteria to assess the value of identification sources for horizon scanning      
An evaluation framework of user interaction with metadata surrogates      
Evaluation of a culturally adapted German version of the Patient Assessment of Chronic Illness Care (PACIC 5A) questionnaire in a sample of osteoarthritis patients      
Evaluation of a handheld clinical decision support tool for evidence-based learning and practice in medical undergraduates.      
Evaluation of a mass mailing recruitment strategy to obtain a community sample of women for a clinical trial of an incontinence prevention intervention.      
An evaluation of a measure of the proportion of the treatment effect explained by a surrogate marker      
Evaluation of a new short generic measure of health status: howRu      
Evaluation of a Plain Language Summary template for Cochrane Reviews [abstract]      
Evaluation of a process of consumer contribution to Cochrane reviews [abstract]      
Evaluation of a self-paced learning module to teach responsible literature searching for research      
Evaluation of a video-supplement to informed consent: injection drug users and preventive HIV vaccine efficacy trials.      
Evaluation of a 'virtual' approach to commissioning health research.      
Evaluation of a wound dressing using different research methods.      
Evaluation of abstracts submitted for the annual meeting of the German Neurosurgical Society 1999--unravelling a mystery.      
Evaluation of active and passive recruitment methods used in randomized controlled trials targeting pediatric obesity      
Evaluation of adjuvant psychological therapy in patients with testicular cancer: randomised controlled trial [see comments]      
The evaluation of anaesthesia-related information on the Internet      
Evaluation of automated information systems in health care: an approach to classifying evaluative studies      
Evaluation of bias in diagnostic-test sensitivity and specificity estimates computed by discrepant analysis.      
An evaluation of bivariate random-effects meta-analysis for the joint synthesis of two correlated outcomes.      
Evaluation of cancer information on the Internet      
Evaluation of cardiovascular grant-in-aid applications by peer review: influence of internal and external reviewers and committees [comment]      
Evaluation of clinical decision-aids, with an application to a system for dyspepsia      
The evaluation of clinical predictions      
Evaluation of cluster randomized controlled trials in sub-Saharan Africa      
Evaluation of conflict of interest in economic analyses of new drugs used in oncology [see comments]      
Evaluation of Consumer Research Panels in cancer research networks: Final Report.      
Evaluation of COREL (Collaborative online Revman learning) an alternative training method of Cochrane systematic review process. Poster presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
Evaluation of Croatian journals covered by the ISI databases (Institute for Scientific Information)      
Evaluation of data-synthesis in systematic reviews of studies on outcome prediciton models. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Evaluation of databases containing safety information: a comparative review [abstract]      
Evaluation of diabetes screening pilots in primary care in England [abstract]      
The evaluation of diagnostic tests: evidence on technical and diagnostic accuracy, impact on patient outcome and cost-effectiveness is needed.      
Evaluation of diagnostic tests when there is no gold standard. A review of methods.      
Evaluation of diagnostic tests without gold standards      
Evaluation of drug interaction document citation in nine on-line bibliographic databases      
Evaluation of editors' judgement on quality of articles [abstract]      
Evaluation of empathy measurement tools in nursing: systematic review      
Evaluation of ethical conflicts associated with randomized, controlled trials in critically ill children      
Evaluation of factors affecting awareness of and willingness to participate in cancer clinical trials      
Evaluation of factors associated with recruitment in hematological clinical trials: a retrospective study [abstract]      
An evaluation of five bedside information products using a user-centered, task-oriented approach      
Evaluation of five full-text drug databases by pharmacy students, faculty, and librarians: do the groups agree?      
Evaluation of five search strategies in retrieving qualitative patient-reported electronic data on the impact of pressure ulcers on quality of life      
Evaluation of fixed dosing of new anticancer agents in phase I studies.      
An evaluation of four end-user systems for searching MEDLINE      
An evaluation of four end-user systems for searching MEDLINE      
Evaluation of harms in HTAs and systematic reviews of drug interventions. Poster presentation at the 17th Cochrane Colloquium; 2009 Oct 11-14, Singapore [abstract]      
An evaluation of homogeneity tests in meta-analyses in pain using simulations of individual patient data      
[Evaluation of immunologic diagnostic tests in amebiasis: diagnosis or bias? A critical review of the literature]      
Evaluation of impact factor of the Indian Journal of Gastroenterology      
Evaluation of index and profile measures of health status in a randomized controlled trial. Comparison of the Medical Outcomes Study 36-Item Short Form Health Survey, EuroQol, and disease specific measures.      
Evaluation of informed consent: a pilot study.      
[Evaluation of inpatient satisfaction. Comparison of different survey methods].      
An evaluation of 'Inpharma', a drug literature abstracting service.      
Evaluation of Institutional Review Board review and informed consent in publications of human research in critical care medicine.      
Evaluation of internet use in university education by midwifery students      
Evaluation of logistic regression reporting in current obstetrics and gynecology literature      
Evaluation of mail questionnaires for obtaining data from more than one respondent in a household.      
Evaluation of manuscripts in health sciences librarianship      
Evaluation of medical internet sites      
[Evaluation of medical web sites. Interobserver and intraobserver reliability of an evaluation tool]. [French]      
An evaluation of method reporting and use in clinical trials in dermatology      
Evaluation of methodological search filters - a review.      
Evaluation of methods for recording adverse drug reactions in clinical trials.      
The evaluation of negative epidemiologic studies: the importance of all available evidence in risk characterisation      
Evaluation of neonatal-intensive-care program.      
Evaluation of networks of randomized trials.      
[Evaluation of neuro-oncology information for French speaking patients on the Internet]      
Evaluation of new treatments in radiation oncology: are they better than standard treatments?      
Evaluation of novelty bias in multiple-treatments meta-regression within and between networks of comparison. Oral presentation at the 17th Cochrane Colloquium; 2009 Oct 11-14, Singapore [abstract]      
Evaluation of old and new tests of heterogeneity in epidemiologic meta-analysis      
Evaluation of peer review in biomedical publication      
An evaluation of physician determinants in the referral of patients for cancer clinical trials in the community setting      
Evaluation of plastic surgery information on the internet      
[Evaluation of preventive studies of Chinese Journal of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases 1978-1997]      
Evaluation of publicly-sponsored lung cancer trials in US: are experimental treatments better than the control ones? [abstract]      
Evaluation of published case reports' standards and notification      
Evaluation of published clinical studies for reproducibility, comparability and adherence to evidence-based methods      
Evaluation of published clinical studies for reproducibility, comparability and adherence to evidence-based methods.      
Evaluation of PubMed filters used for evidence-based searching: validation using relative recall      
Evaluation of QUADAS, a tool for the quality assessment of diagnostic accuracy studies.      
[Evaluation of QUADAS, a tool for the quality assessment of diagnostic test accuracy studies (update)]      
[Evaluation of Quality of Chinese Literature on D-dimer Diagnostic Methodology]      
Evaluation of quality of life in clinical trials of cardiovascular disease      
Evaluation of quality of life in clinical trials. Selecting quality-of-life measures.      
Evaluation of race, ethnicity, and income in systematic reviews used to develop drug formularies for state-provided healthcare. Poster presentation at the 16th Cochrane Colloquium: Evidence in the era of globalisation; 2008 Oct 3-7; Freiburg, Germany [abstract]      
Evaluation of randomized controlled trials on complementary and alternative medicine      
Evaluation of rapid assessment of interventional procedures in the UK independent sector [abstract]      
The evaluation of rare adverse drug events in Cochrane reviews: the incidence of thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura after ticlopidine plus aspirin for coronary stenting [abstract]      
Evaluation of recruitment strategies for a representative cohort of Mexican Americans [abstract]      
Evaluation of risk factor variations in relation to their baseline values in a controlled preventive trial. Application to the Rome Project of CHD Prevention      
[Evaluation of scientific quality using citation analysis and other bibliometric methods]      
An evaluation of search and selection methods used in dental systematic reviews published in English.      
An evaluation of searching the German CCMed database for the production of systematic reviews      
The evaluation of self-selection bias in observational studies of cancer screening using data from randomized controlled trials [abstract]      
Evaluation of serious adverse drug reactions: a proactive pharmacovigilance program (RADAR) vs safety activities conducted by the Food and Drug Administration and pharmaceutical manufacturers      
[Evaluation of social relevance of applied health research: a rough indicator may be the significance of publishing in national professional journals]. [Dutch]      
An evaluation of structured abstracts in journals published by the British Psychological Society.      
Evaluation of surrogate end point measures with applications to cardiovascular imaging trials [abstract]      
Evaluation of surrogate endpoints in randomized experiments with mixed discrete and continuous outcomes      
An evaluation of systematic reviews of palliative care services      
An evaluation of the 1954 poliomyelitis vaccine trials      
Evaluation of the ability of clinical research participants to comprehend informed consent form      
[Evaluation of the clinical practice of Informed Consent in clinical trials]. [Spanish]      
[Evaluation of the degree of compliance of Spanish scientific biomedical journals with international standards of presentation of periodicals]      
Evaluation of the design and statistical methods of clinical studies published in Chinese Journal of Conservative Dentistry of 2002      
Evaluation of the effectiveness of a nutritional health education leaflet in changing public knowledge and attitudes about eating and health.      
Evaluation of the effectiveness of screening mammography: empirical comparison of randomized controlled trials and case control studies [abstract]      
An evaluation of the effects of lithium in the treatment of chronic alcoholism. II. Assessment of the two-period crossover design      
An evaluation of the graphical literacy of Annals of Emergency Medicine      
Evaluation of the impact of grey literature on meta-analysis [abstract]      
Evaluation of the influence of the WHO-ARIA allergic rhinitis guidelines in every day medical practice in France. ERNANI survey.      
An evaluation of the informed consent procedure used during a trial of a Haemophilus influenzae type B conjugate vaccine undertaken in The Gambia, West Africa.      
Evaluation of the methodological quality of clinical trial protocols. A preliminary experience in Spain      
[Evaluation of the methodological quality of randomized therapeutic trials]      
Evaluation of the methodological quality of systematic reviews of health status measurement instruments      
Evaluation of the methodologies used in clinical trials and effectiveness of chemo-mechanical caries removal with Carisolv.      
An evaluation of the Newcastle Ottawa Scale: an assessment tool for evaluating the quality of non-randomized studies [abstract]      
Evaluation of the potential excess of statistically significant findings in published genetic association studies: application to Alzheimer's disease      
An evaluation of the process and initial impact of disseminating a nursing e-thesis      
An evaluation of the quality and contents of asthma education on the World Wide Web      
An evaluation of the quality of clinical trials in anesthesia      
Evaluation of the Quality of Life in Adult Cancer Survivors (QLACS) scale for long-term cancer survivors in a sample of breast cancer survivors.      
Evaluation of the quality of prognosis studies in systematic reviews.      
Evaluation of the quality of prognosis studies in systematic reviews [abstract]      
Evaluation of the quality of radiotherapy randomized trials for painful bone metastases.      
An evaluation of the quality of therapeutic studies in perinatal medicine      
An evaluation of the quality of therapeutic studies in perinatal medicine      
An evaluation of the relationship between specialist training in cardiology and implementation of evidence-based care of patients following acute myocardial infarction.      
Evaluation of the research norms of scientists and administrators responsible for academic research integrity.      
[Evaluation of the results of the research funded by the Health Research Fund in 1988]      
The evaluation of the risks and benefits of phase II cancer clinical trials by institutional review board (IRB) members: a case study.      
Evaluation of the summary statistics used for meta-analyses using literature survival data in oncology [abstract]      
Evaluation of the Unified Medical Language System as a medical knowledge source      
An evaluation of the use of monetary incentives in post-secondary survey research.      
Evaluation of the usefulness of internet searches to identify unpublished clinical trials for systematic reviews      
Evaluation of the usefulness of Internet searches to identify unpublished clinical trials for systematic reviews      
An evaluation of the usefulness of two terminology models for integrating nursing diagnosis concepts into SNOMED Clinical Terms.      
Evaluation of three point-of-care healthcare databases: BMJ Point-of-Care, Clin-eguide and Nursing Reference Centre      
An evaluation of time to publication for randomized trials submitted to the BMJ [abstract]      
Evaluation of treatment effects on patients' quality of life: what approach? From the concepts to the instruments      
Evaluation of tumor response, disease control, progression-free survival, and time to progression as potential surrogate end points in metastatic breast cancer      
Evaluation of two educative models in primary care hypertension programme.      
[Evaluation of using statistical methods in selected national medical journals]      
Evaluation on reliability and validity of Chinese version of childhood trauma questionnaire.      
Evaluation on the drug use for cardiovascular disease before and after evidence-based practice      
Evaluation research in occupational health services: general principles and a systematic review of empirical studies      
Evaluation studies review annual      
Evaluation Studies - review annual      
Evaluative criteria for qualitative research in health care: controversies and recommendations.      
Even if you build it, we may not come: correlates of non-attendance at a sexual risk reduction workshop for STD clinic patients.      
Evidence and effectiveness in decisionmaking for quarantine      
Evidence assessment of management of acute otitis media: II. Research gaps and priorities for future research      
Evidence at a glance: error matrix approach for overviewing available evidence      
The evidence base for interventions delivered to children in primary care: an overview of Cochrane systematic reviews      
The evidence base for interventions delivered to children in primary care: an overview of Cochrane systematic reviews. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
An evidence based approach to individualising treatment      
An evidence based approach to reducing antibiotic use in children with acute otitis media: controlled before and after study.      
An evidence-based approach to the treatment of acute whiplash injury. [Review]      
Evidence-based approaches for the Ayurvedic traditional herbal formulations: toward an Ayurvedic CONSORT model      
[Evidence-based bibliometric analysis of lung cancer research literature]      
An evidence based checklist for the peer review of electronic search strategies (PRESS EBC)      
Evidence-based clinical guidelines: a new system to better determine true strength of recommendation      
Evidence-based clinical policy: case report of a reproducible process to encourage understanding and evaluation of evidence.      
Evidence-based databases versus primary medical literature: an in-house investigation on their optimal use      
Evidence-based dermatologic out-patient treatment      
Evidence-based diagnosis      
Evidence-based effect size estimation: an illustration using the case of acupuncture for cancer-related fatigue.      
Evidence-based evaluation of benefits in therapeutic interventions: methodologically controlled and non-randomly assigned reflections on the number needed to treat. [Review]      
An evidence-based evaluation of EMS protocols      
[Evidence-based grounds of physical therapy. Focus on training/exercise therapy of musculoskeletal problems]. [Review] [Danish]      
Evidence-based hand surgery: the role of Cochrane reviews      
Evidence-based information-seeking skills of junior doctors entering the workforce: an evaluation of the impact of information literacy training during pre-clinical years      
Evidence-based medicine among hospital doctors in Jordan: awareness, attitude and practice      
Evidence-based medicine and the practising clinician.      
[Evidence-based medicine and the systematic review in perioperative medicine]. [Review] [German]      
Evidence-based medicine audit as a tool for improving emergency ophthalmology      
Evidence-based medicine for consumers: a role for the Cochrane Collaboration. [Review]      
Evidence-based medicine: how do we find the evidence?      
Evidence-based medicine in general practice: beliefs and barriers among Australian GPs.      
Evidence based medicine in LIVER      
Evidence-based medicine in nephrology: identifying and critically appraising the literature      
Evidence-based medicine in physiatry: the experience of one department's faculty and trainees      
Evidence-based medicine: its effect on treatment recommendations as illustrated by the changing role of postmastectomy irradiation to treat breast cancer. [Review]      
Evidence-based migraine therapy: learning needs and knowledge assessment. [Review]      
Evidence-based mucogingival therapy. Part 2: Ordinary and individual patient data meta-analyses of surgical treatment of recession using complete root coverage as the outcome variable      
Evidence-based neonatology: making a difference beyond discharge from the neonatal nursery.      
Evidence-based neuropsychological treatment.      
Evidence-based operations in paediatric surgery      
Evidence-based oral and maxillofacial surgery      
Evidence-based pediatric pulmonary medicine: how can it help?      
Evidence-based plastic surgery controlled trials in three plastic surgical journals (1990-2005)      
Evidence-based plastic surgery: controlled trials in three plastic surgical journals (1990 to 2005)      
Evidence-based podiatric medicine: importance of systematic reviews in clinical practice      
Evidence-based practice among Danish cardiac nurses: a national survey.      
Evidence-based practice among primary care physicians in Kuwait      
Evidence-based practice and determinants of research use in elderly care in Sweden      
Evidence-based practice and reviews of therapeutic touch. [Review]      
Evidence-based practice: are dietitians willing and able?      
Evidence-based practice by pharmacists: utilization and barriers.      
Evidence-based practice (EBP) in rheumatology: present gaps, barriers, and facilitators [abstract]      
Evidence-based practice: extending the search to find material for the systematic review      
An evidence-based practice guideline for the peer review of electronic search strategies      
Evidence-based practice in acute ophthalmology      
Evidence-based practice in pediatric surgery      
Evidence based practice in postgraduate healthcare education: a systematic review.      
Evidence-based practice in primary care: past, present and future      
Evidence-based practice in rural and remote clinical practice: where is the evidence? [Review]      
Evidence-based primary care led to rehabilitation: continuing rhetoric or emerging reality? [abstract]      
Evidence-based priority-setting for new systematic reviews: a case study for primary open-angle glaucoma. Oral presentation at the 16th Cochrane Colloquium: Evidence in the era of globalisation; 2008 Oct 3-7; Freiburg, Germany [abstract]      
Evidence-based priority-setting for new systematic reviews and randomized controlled trials: a case study using primary open-angle glaucoma [abstract]      
Evidence-based public health informatics training for public health practitioners [abstract]      
Evidence based purchasing: understanding results of clinical trials and systematic reviews      
[Evidence-based research on Chinese academic journals indexed by six international index systems]      
Evidence-based retrieval in evidence-based medicine.      
Evidence-based rural general practice: barriers and solutions in South Australia      
Evidence-based sample size calculations based upon updated meta-analysis.      
Evidence based sample size calculations for future trials based on meta-analyses [abstract]      
Evidence-based sensitivity analyses for systematic reviews and meta-analysis [abstract]      
Evidence-based therapies and mortality in patients hospitalized in December with acute myocardial infarction.[summary for patients in Ann Intern Med. 2005 Oct 4;143(7):I21; PMID: 16204156]      
Evidence-based treatment and quality of life in heart failure      
Evidence based treatment in patients with psoriasis aged over 65 in Italy [abstract]      
Evidence b(i)ased medicine--selective reporting from studies sponsored by pharmaceutical industry: review of studies in new drug applications.      
Evidence favoring the use of anticoagulants in the hospital phase of acute myocardial infarction      
Evidence for action? Patterns of clinical and public health research on tuberculosis in South Africa, 1994-1998.      
Evidence for occupational therapy interventions: effectiveness research indexed in the OTseeker database.      
Evidence for perinatal and child health care guidelines in crisis settings: can Cochrane help?      
Evidence for physiotherapy practice: a survey of the Physiotherapy Evidence Database (PEDro).      
Evidence for placebo effects on physical but not on biochemical outcome parameters: a review of clinical trials.      
Evidence for risk of bias in cluster randomised trials: review of recent trials published in three general medical journals. [Review]      
Evidence from case-control and cohort studies for adverse drug reaction - a case study of analgesic nephropathy      
Evidence from crossover trials: empirical evaluation and comparison against parallel arm trials.      
Evidence from nonrandomized studies: a case study on the estimation of causal effects.      
Evidence from the Cochrane Collaboration for Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies      
Evidence in dentistry guidelines      
Evidence in oncology. The Janeway Lecture 2000.      
Evidence into practice, experimentation and quasi experimentation: are the methods up to the task?      
Evidence of bias and variation in diagnostic accuracy studies.      
Evidence of bias in estimates of influenza vaccine effectiveness in seniors      
Evidence of evidence in clinical practice: silver anniversary of the thromboprophylaxis survey in Danish surgical departments [abstract]      
Evidence of improving quality of reporting of randomized controlled trials in subfertility.      
Evidence of journal bias against complementary and alternative medicine [abstract]      
Evidence of publication bias in reporting acute stroke clinical trials.      
Evidence of self-report bias in assessing adherence to guidelines      
Evidence of the depletion of susceptibles effect in non-experimental pharmacoepidemiologic research      
Evidence on peer review - scientific quality control or smokescreen?      
Evidence on the effectiveness of occupational health interventions.      
The evidence provided by a single trial is less reliable than its statistical analysis suggests      
Evidence review: evaluating Health Technology Assessment searches [abstract]      
Evidence synthesis as the key to more coherent and efficient research      
Evidence synthesis combining individual patient data and aggregate data: a systematic review identified current practice and possible methods.      
Evolution and clinical impact of surgical Cochrane reviews [abstract]      
Evolution of abstracts presented at the annual scientific meetings of academic emergency medicine.      
The evolution of health-related quality of life assessment in epilepsy. [Review]      
[Evolution of levels of evidence and strength of recommendations in medical research]      
Evolution of methodological standards in surgical trials.      
[Evolution of the bibliometric indicators of production and consumption of Archivos de Bronchopneumologia in the last 20 years]      
[Evolution of the medical writing of the scientific reports published by the Annales d'Otolaryngologie et de Chirurgie Cervico- Faciale] [French]      
Evolution of the randomized controlled trial in oncology over three decades.      
The evolution of thoracic surgical literature [abstract]      
Evolution of treatment effects over time: empirical insight from recursive cumulative metaanalyses      
The evolution of US state government home pages from 1997 to 2002      
Exact and asymptotic tests for homogeneity in several 2 x 2 tables.      
ExaCT: automatic extraction of clinical trial characteristics from journal publications      
An exact method for meta-analysis of case-control and follow-up studies      
An exact method for meta-analysis of case-control and follow-up studies      
An exact test for meta-analysis with binary endpoints      
An examination of community members', researchers' and health professionals' perceptions of barriers to minority participation in medical research: an application of concept mapping      
Examination of external validity in randomized controlled trials for adjuvant treatment of pancreatic adenocarcinoma      
Examination of health care and hospital administration publications in three domestic journals: sampling method, validity and reliability and statistical method      
Examination of instruments used to rate quality of health information on the internet: chronicle of a voyage with an unclear destination. [Review]      
An examination of leading mental health journals for evidence to inform evidence-based practice.      
Examination of program exposure across intervention delivery modes: face-to-face versus internet.      
An examination of PubMed's ability to disambiguate subject queries and journal title queries      
An examination of reliability in developmental research      
An examination of research design effects on the association of testosterone and male aging: results of a meta-analysis      
An examination of sources of peer-review bias.      
Examination of the analytic quality of behavioral health randomized clinical trials.      
Examination of the Clinical Queries and Systematic Review "hedges" in EMBASE and MEDLINE      
An examination of the effects of questionnaire factors on response to an industrial mail survey.      
Examining heterogeneity in meta-analysis: comparing results of randomized trials and nonrandomized studies of interventions for low back pain.      
Examining the challenges of recruiting women into a cardiac rehabilitation clinical trial      
Examining the evidence in anesthesia literature: a critical appraisal of systematic reviews      
Examining the evidence in anesthesia literature: a survey and evaluation of obstetrical postdural puncture headache reports      
Examining the use of reports published in languages other than English in systematic reviews [abstract]      
An example of a "public value" randomized controlled trial: alternative treatments for age-related macular degeneration [abstract]      
Examples abound of gaps in medical knowledge because of groups excluded from scientific study      
Exception from informed consent for pediatric resuscitation research: community consultation for a trial of brain cooling after in-hospital cardiac arrest.      
Excess zeros in randomised controlled trials [abstract]      
Exchange of information on HTA activities between HTA programs in Europe [abstract]      
Exclusion and inclusion of nonwhite ethnic minority groups in 72 north american and European cardiovascular cohort studies.      
Exclusion of elderly people from clinical research: a descriptive study of published reports.      
Exclusion of elderly persons from health-risk behavior clinical trials.      
Exclusion of elderly subjects from clinical trials for Parkinson disease      
Exclusion of elderly women from published randomized trials of stress incontinence surgery.      
The exclusion of non-English-speaking persons from research [see comments]      
The exclusion of the elderly and women from clinical trials in acute myocardial infarction [see comments]      
The exclusion of women from clinical trials of thrombolytic therapy: implications for developing the thrombolytic predictive instrument database      
Exclusion on grounds of language ability - a reporting gap in health services research?      
An exercise on the feasibility of carrying out secondary economic analyses      
Exercise treatment for work-relevant neck pain: does the body-of-literature used for a qualitative synthesis of trial results differ according to methodological quality assessment approach ?[abstract]      
The existence of publication bias and risk factors for its occurrence      
Exorcising protocol-induced spirits: making the clinical trial relevant for economics      
Expanded information retrieval using full-text searching      
Expanding global research and development for neglected diseases.      
Expanding the Cochrane Collaboration in low and middle income countries: a Caribbean experience. Oral presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Expanding the production and use of systematic reviews: the centres for systematic reviews of health policy and systems research in low- and middle-income countries. Oral presentation at the 16th Cochrane Colloquium: Evidence in the era of globalisation; 2008 Oct 3-7; Freiburg, Germany [abstract]      
Expectancy in double-blind placebo-controlled trials: an example from alcohol dependence      
Expectant management versus surgical evacuation in first trimester miscarriage: health-related quality of life in randomized and non-randomized patients.      
Expectations and experiences of patients with cancer participating in phase I clinical trials.      
Expectations of benefit in early-phase clinical trials: implications for assessing the adequacy of informed consent.      
Expectations of treatment outcomes held by patients and their partners when presenting to a sleep clinic with snoring [abstract]      
Expediting systematic reviews: methods and implications of rapid reviews      
Experience with preplanned meta analyses in linked clinical trials aimed at reducing frailty in older adults. The FICSIT Group. [abstract]      
Experience with rapid assessments in a Canadian provincial HTA program: reliability, burden on the assessors and use by decision makers [abstract]      
Experiences from a prospective individual patient meta-analysis project: TAsPP [abstract]      
Experiences of a biostatistician on a U.K. Research Ethics Committee.      
Experiences of a long-term randomized controlled prevention trial in a maiden environment: Estonian Postmenopausal Hormone Therapy trial      
Experiences of randomization: interviews with patients and clinicians in the SPCG-IV trial      
Experiences with automated information retrieval      
Experiences with meta-analysis in NDA submissions.      
An experiment in publication: advance publication review      
An experiment of mailing physician surveys on two different issues in joint or separate mail.      
An experiment on the efficacy of a certified final mailing.      
An experiment to determine the worth of double-entry verification in the CAST data entry system. CAST coordinators. [abstract]      
Experimental and quasi-experimental designs for research      
Experimental gerontology in Hungary      
An experimental investigation of mail survey responses.      
Experimental studies and controlled clinical testing of valproate and vigabatrin      
An experimental study of determinants of group judgments in clinical guideline development      
An experimental study of factors affecting response to a mail survey of beginning teachers.      
An experimental study of four methods of measuring unit costs of obtaining attitude toward the retail store.      
An experimental study of the feasibility of substituting Chemical Abstracts on-line for the printed copy in a medium-sized medical library      
An experimental study of the placebo response under three different situations of pain      
An experimental test of the effect of incentives on recruitment of ethnically diverse colorectal cancer cases and their first-degree relatives into a research study      
Experimental versus observational data in the economic evaluation of pharmaceuticals.      
Experimental vs control interventions in cancer therapy: which is better? - The Children's Oncology Group experience [abstract]      
Experimentation and social interventions: a forgotten but important history      
Experimentation on threatening appeals in the follow-up letters of a mail survey.      
Experiments versus quasi-experiments: do they yield the same answer?      
Expert approaches to communicating violence risk      
Expert consensus on contamination in educational trials elicited by a Delphi exercise.      
Expert systems in library and information services: publication trends, authorship patterns and expressiveness of published titles      
Expertise-based randomized controlled trials to assess spinal manipulation and acupuncture for low back pain. A review of randomization methods [abstract]      
Explaining black-white differences in receipt of recommended colon cancer treatment.      
Explaining community-level variance in group randomized trials      
Explaining feast or famine in randomized field trials. Medical science and criminology compared.      
Explaining heterogeneity in meta-analysis: a comparison of methods      
Explaining heterogeneity in meta-analysis: a comparison of methods [abstract]      
Explaining the decrease in coronary heart disease mortality in Italy between 1980 and 2000      
Explanation of low retrieval of randomized control trials (RCTs) from MEDLINE [abstract]      
Explanatory and pragmatic estimates of the treatment effect when deviations from allocated treatment occur      
An explicit approach to applying the results of Cochrane reviews to high-risk populations [abstract]      
The exploitation of "Exploitation" in the Tenofovir PrEP Trial in Cameroon: Lessons learned from media coverage of an HIV prevention trial      
An exploration of participants' treatment preferences in a partial RCT.      
An exploration of relative health stock in advanced cancer patients      
Exploration of the difference in results of economic submissions to the National Institute of Clinical Excellence by manufacturers and assessment groups.      
Explorations in consultation of the public and health professionals on priority setting in an inner London health district      
An exploratory analysis of PubMed's free full-text limit on citation retrieval for clinical questions      
An exploratory review of the economics of recombinant vaccines against hepatitis B      
An exploratory study examining the influence of translation on the validity and reliability of qualitative data in nursing research      
An exploratory study of research utilization by nurses in general medical and surgical wards.      
An exploratory study of statistical assessment of papers published in the British Medical Journal      
An exploratory study of the sources of influence on the clinical decisions of community nurses.      
An exploratory test for an excess of significant findings.      
Exploring and summarising networks of trials comparing multiple interventions. Frequentist and Bayesian approaches to network meta-analysis [abstract]      
Exploring and validating surrogate endpoints in colorectal cancer      
Exploring heterogeneity in meta-analyses: needs, resources and challenges.      
Exploring heterogeneity in meta-analysis: is the L'Abbe plot useful?      
Exploring meaning of participation in a clinical trial in a developing country setting: implications for recruitment [abstract]      
Exploring MEDLINE abstracts with XplorMed.      
Exploring nonresponse bias in a health survey using neighborhood characteristics      
Exploring sources of heterogeneity in systematic reviews of diagnostic tests      
Exploring the community response to a randomized controlled HIV/AIDS intervention trial in rural Uganda      
Exploring the effect of patient characteristics on effectiveness using a combination of individual subject and aggregate level data [abstract]      
Exploring the effects of non-response to the baseline and follow-up on the validity in cohort studies [abstract]      
Exploring the effects of postcard prenotification on industrial firms' response to mail surveys.      
Exploring the ethics of clinical research in an urban community      
Exploring the evidence: the challenges of searching for research on acupuncture      
Exploring the experiences with a new policy for managing conflict of interest in guideline developers. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Exploring the geometry of treatment networks      
Exploring the geometry of treatment networks. Oral presentation at the 16th Cochrane Colloquium: Evidence in the era of globalisation; 2008 Oct 3-7; Freiburg, Germany [abstract]      
Exploring the Map of Medicines potential in undergraduate medical education [abstract]      
Exploring the priorities of patients with osteoarthritis of the knee      
Exploring the relationship between impact factor and manuscript rejection rates in radiologic journals.      
Exploring the relationship between surrogates and clinical outcomes: analysis of individual patient data vs. meta-regression on group-level summary statistics      
Exploring the use of qualitative methods in published health services and management research. [Review]      
Exploring the variability in cost-effectiveness results within multicountry clinical trials [abstract]      
Exploring treatment by covariate interactions in mixed treatment comparison meta-analysis: individual patient-level covariates versus aggregate trial-level covariates. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Exploring treatment preferences facilitated recruitment to randomized controlled trials      
Exploring treatment preferences facilitates recruitment to randomised controlled trials: a qualitative study [abstract]      
Exploring websites on cancer clinical trials: an empirical review      
The export of European gastrointestinal science: the case for an annual scientific meeting in Europe.      
Exposing a loophole: ethics committee review requirements for published abstracts of human research presented at major medical association meetings [abstract]      
Exposure-measurement error is frequently ignored when interpreting epidemiologic study results      
Exposure-measurement error is frequently ignored when interpreting epidemiologic study results [abstract]      
Exposure to diesel and gasoline engine emissions and the risk of lung cancer      
Exposure to ionizing radiation and risk of cutaneous malignant melanoma. Search for error and bias      
Expressing meta-analyses of continuous outcomes in terms of risks. Oral presentation at the 16th Cochrane Colloquium: Evidence in the era of globalisation; 2008 Oct 3-7; Freiburg, Germany [abstract]      
Expressing the magnitude of adverse effects in case-control studies: "the number of patients needed to be treated for one additional patient to be harmed".      
Extended recruitment efforts minimize attrition but not necessarily bias      
Extended systematic search methods vs. conventional database search methods: weighing the quality of the literature retrieved [abstract]      
Extending a Bayesian analysis of the two-period crossover to allow for baseline measurements      
Extending an evidence hierarchy to include topics other than treatment: revising the Australian 'levels of evidence'      
Extending basic principles of measurement models to the design and validation of patient reported outcomes      
Extending DerSimonian and Laird's methodology to perform multivariate random effects meta-analyses      
Extending the CONSORT statement to cluster randomized trials: for discussion      
Extending the CONSORT statement to randomized trials of nonpharmacologic treatment: explanation and elaboration.      
Extending the range of HTA products: a brief, rapid and structured format for the dissemination of HTA reports, Cochrane and Campbell Reviews [abstract]      
Extending the search to find ongoing and unpublished trials - a survey of methods and results of Cochrane reviews. Oral presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
An extension of stochastic curtailment for incompletely reported and classified recurrent events: the Multicenter Study of Hydroxyurea in Sickle Cell Anemia (MSH)      
The extension triad approach in disseminating agricultural information to extension workers: some experiences from the Southern Highlands Dairy Development Project, Tanzania      
The extent and characteristics of duplicate publications in a cohort of meta-analyses [abstract]      
Extent and impact of industry sponsorship conflicts of interest in dermatology research.      
Extent of dissemination bias from research inception to manuscript submission: meta-analysis of cohort studies of publication bias. Oral presentation at the 17th Cochrane Colloquium; 2009 Oct 11-14, Singapore [abstract]      
The extent of inter- and intra-reviewer agreement on the classification and assessment of designs of single-practice research.      
The extent of nursing research utilization in general medical and surgical wards.      
Extent of publication bias in different categories of research cohorts: a meta-analysis of empirical studies.      
Extent of use and comparison of data from conference presentations and abstracts with published full-text articles in health technology assessment of rapidly evolving technologies [abstract]      
The extent of written trial information: preferences among potential and actual trial subjects      
External cognition: how do graphical representations work?      
External monitoring of a data coordinating center: experience of the National Cooperative Gallstone Study      
External refereeing of protocols for systematic reviews [abstract]      
External validation of a measurement tool to assess systematic reviews (AMSTAR).      
External validity of a randomised clinical trial of temporomandibular disorders: analysis of the patients who refused to participate in research.      
External validity of clinical trials in acute myocardial infarction.      
The external validity of published randomized controlled trials in primary care      
External validity of randomised controlled trials in asthma: to whom do the results of the trials apply?      
External validity of randomized controlled trials: a sample survey of hypertension trials in China. Poster presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
External validity of randomized controlled trials in COPD.      
Extracting data for meta-analyses when only graphical results are presented [abstract]      
Extracting numerical data from published reports of pharmacokinetics investigations: method description and validation      
Extracting summary statistics to perform meta-analyses of the published literature for survival endpoints      
Extracting summary statistics to perform meta-analysis of the published literature for survival endpoints [letter]      
Extraction error or interpretation: a case study of event data extraction in systematic reviews from three high-impact, high-quality peer-reviewed sources. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Extraction of facet terms from article titles and their display in tabular form      
The extramural role of the NIH as a research support agency      
An extrapolation checklist to answer 'Can I use the results of this systematic review in a disadvantaged population?' Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Extrapolation of correlation between 2 variables in 4 general medical journals      
Extreme between-study homogeneity in meta-analyses could offer useful insights.      
Extreme between-study homogeneity in meta-analysis [abstract]      
Eye tracking to improve electronic communications with oncology practitioners [abstract]