Caffeine, cajoling, and other strategies to maximize clinician survey response rates      
Caffeine for the prevention and treatment of postdural puncture headache: debunking the myth.      
Calcium antagonists for acute ischemic stroke (Cochrane Review).      
'A calculated risk': the Salk polio vaccine field trials of 1954      
Calculating effect sizes for meta-analysis: the case of the single case      
Calculating standardised mean differences from cluster randomised trials using published sources [abstract]      
Calculating the number needed to treat for trials where the outcome is time to an event      
Calculation errors in meta-analysis.      
The calculation of hazard ratios from data published in reports of randomised controlled trials; are they valid? Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Calculation of NNTs in RCTs with time-to-event outcomes: a literature review      
Calculation of numbers needed to treat from systematic reviews. Point estimate and confidence intervals compared using six different methods [abstract]      
Calculation of quality adjusted life years in the published literature: a review of methodology and transparency.      
Calidad de las publicaciones de ensayos clinicos en revistas espanolas durante 1998      
Call for comments on a proposal to improve reporting of clinical trials in the biomedical literature      
Calling Medical Care reviewers first. A randomized trial.      
CAMbase - A XML-based bibliographical database on Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).      
The Campbell Collaboration Social, Psychological, Educational and Criminological Trials Register (C2-SPECTR) to facilitate the preparation and maintenance of systematic reviews of social and educational interventions      
Can categorization of patient background problems be used to determine early termination in a clinical trial?      
Can clinical trials requiring frequent participant contact be conducted over the Internet? Results from an online randomized controlled trial evaluating a topical ointment for herpes labialis.      
Can Cochrane Reviews in controversial areas be biased? A sensitivity analysis based on the protocol of a systematic Cochrane Review on low-level laser therapy in osteoarthritis.      
Can consumer pressures improve the quality of medical practice? [editorial]      
Can consumers improve the quality of Cochrane reviews? [abstract]      
Can costs be measured and predicted by modeling within a cooperative clinical trials group? Economic methodologic pilot studies of the radiation therapy oncology group (RTOG) studies 90-03 and 91-04      
Can decision making in general surgery be based on evidence? An empirical study of Cochrane Reviews      
Can decision making in general surgery be based on evidence? - An empirical study of Cochrane reviews [abstract]      
Can diagnostic filters offer similar sensitivity and a reduced number needed to read compared to searches based on index test and target condition? [abstract]      
Can diagnostic filters offer similar sensitivity and a reduced number needed to read compared to searches based on index test and target condition? Oral presentation at the 16th Cochrane Colloquium: Evidence in the era of globalisation; 2008 Oct 3-7; Freiburg, Germany [abstract]      
Can different standards on prostate cancer treatment with radioactive seed implant therapy be explained by differences between HTA reports? - An international review [abstract]      
Can dissenting findings regarding the comparative effectiveness of ICSI and IVF be explained by a learning curve?      
Can economic evaluations be made more transferable?      
Can economic evaluations cross the Channel? [abstract]      
Can efficacy of blinding be documented by meta-analysis?      
Can efficacy of blinding in randomized control trials (RCTs) be documented by meta-analysis? [abstract]      
Can electronic routine data act as a surrogate for patient-assessed outcome measures?      
Can electronic search engines optimize screening of search results in systematic reviews: an empirical study.      
Can follow-up response rates to a mail survey be increased by including another copy of the questionnaire?      
Can health utility measures be used in lupus research? A comparative validation and reliability study of 4 utility indices.      
Can HTA people obtain good quality information in Internet? A comparison of four of the most common search engines [abstract]      
Can keeping clinical trial participants blind to their study treatment adversely affect subsequent care?      
Can men provide accurate confounder data about their partners for Time-to-Pregnancy studies?      
Can meta-analyses be trusted?      
Can meta-analyses be trusted?      
Can meta-analysis be salvaged?      
Can meta-analysis make policy?      
Can multiple N-of-1 trials produce reliable evidence of clinical effectiveness of drugs for rare diseases? A systematic review of their quality of reporting [abstract]      
Can observational studies ever replace the randomized clinical trial (RCT)? The case of coronary bypass surgery with the internal mammary artery (IMA) graft [abstract]      
Can observational studies replace or complement experiment?      
Can overall results of clinical trials be applied to all patients?      
Can parents rate their child's health-related quality of life? Results of a systematic review. [Review]      
Can patient decision aids help people make good decisions about participating in clinical trials? A study protocol.      
Can placebo controls reduce the number of nonresponders in clinical trials? A power-analytic perspective.      
Can quality of clinical trials and meta-analyses be quantified?      
Can randomised trials rely on existing electronic data? A feasibility study to explore the value of routine data in health technology assessment.      
Can resource use be extracted from randomized controlled trials to calculate costs? A review of smoking cessation interventions in general practice      
Can sequential monitoring boundaries reduce spurious inferences from meta-analyses [abstract]      
Can surveying practitioners about their practices help identify priority clinical practice guideline topics?      
Can the accuracy of abstracts be improved by providing specific instructions? A randomized controlled trial      
Can the accuracy of abstracts be improved by specific instructions? [abstract]      
Can the forest plot be simplified without loosing relevant information in meta-analyses? [abstract]      
Can the published data tell us about the effectiveness of neoadjuvant chemotherapy for locally advanced cancer of the uterine cervix?      
Can the quality of literature searches be measured and improved? The EHTAS Project [abstract]      
Can the randomized controlled trial literature generalize to nonrandomized patients?      
Can the selection of subjects living close to air quality monitoring stations bias epidemiological studies? [abstract]      
Can the written information to research subjects be improved?--an empirical study.      
Can there be a more patient-centred approach to determining clinically important effect sizes for randomized treatment trials?      
Can treatment that is helpful on average be harmful to some patients? A study of the conflicting information needs of clinical inquiry and drug regulation [see comments]      
Can treatment trial samples be representative?      
Can trial quality be reliably assessed from a trial publication? Oral presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Can trial sequential monitoring boundaries reduce spurious inferences from meta-analyses?      
Can trial sequential monitoring boundaries reduce spurious inferences from meta-analyses? [abstract]      
Can virtual reality improve anatomy education? A randomised controlled study of a computer-generated three-dimensional anatomical ear model      
Can VOI analysis be used for setting government research agendas and priorities? Experience to date from a large province-wide initiative using an iterative VOI analysis framework [abstract]      
Can we better prioritize resources for cost-utility research?      
Can we detect the presence of publication and related biases? Simulation studies      
Can we ignore the non-English literature? A study of language bias in meta-analyses of controlled trials [abstract]      
Can we improve recruitment to trials and informed consent by improving participant information sheets? - A nested RCT [abstract]      
Can we improve retention and adherence in Puerto Rico for a U.S. -based large cancer prevention trials? [abstract]      
Can we improve the statistical analysis of stroke trials? Statistical reanalysis of functional outcomes in stroke trials.      
Can we individualize the 'number needed to treat'? An empirical study of summary effect measures in meta-analyses [see comments]      
Can we rely on the best trial? A comparison of individual trials and systematic reviews      
Can we systematically review studies that evaluate complex interventions?      
Can we talk? Inpatient discussions about advance directives in a community hospital. Attending physicians' attitudes, their inpatients' wishes, and reported experience [see comments]      
Can we trust patient-reported outcomes in health technology assessments? A systematic review of the efficacy and safety of transmyocardial and percutaneous laser revascularisation for refractory angina pectoris [abstract]      
Can we trust patient reported outcomes in the absence of blinding? Preliminary results from an analysis of trials included in systematic reviews of interventions for chronic conditions. Oral presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
Can we trust the conclusion in peer-review publications? A review of quality improvement intervention studies [abstract]      
Canadian academic pharmacy publication record: a 1991-1992 survey with Science Citation Index.      
Canadian and US drug approval times and safety considerations.      
Canadian federal support for climate change and health research compared with the risks posed      
Canadian research contributions to low-vision rehabilitation      
Canadian vs. US recruitment in multicenter NIH stroke prevention clinical trials: are Canadian sites that much better? [abstract]      
Cancer clinical trials available in the community setting: a 5-year analysis from 1999-2004 [abstract]      
Cancer clinical trials (CCT) awareness and attitudes in cancer survivors (Ca surv) [abstract]      
Cancer clinical trials participation rates in Florida [abstract]      
Cancer clinical trials: reasons for poor patient accrual [abstract]      
Cancer coverage in a mainstream and Korean American online newspaper: lessons for community intervention      
Cancer coverage in North American publications targeting seniors      
Cancer coverage in women's magazines: what information are women receiving?      
Cancer information on the world wide web: gross characteristics      
Cancer nursing research in Queensland, Australia: barriers, priorities, and strategies for progress.      
Cancer nursing research priorities: a Norwegian perspective.      
Cancer patients and the Internet: a randomized controlled trial (RCT) evaluating an intervention to facilitate physician and patient information exchange from the Internet (I) [abstract]      
Cancer patients' awareness of clinical trials, perceptions on the benefit and willingness to participate: Korean perspectives.      
Cancer patients' decision making and trial-entry preferences: the effects of "framing" information about short-term toxicity and long-term survival      
Cancer prevention campaigns and Internet access: promoting health or disease?      
Cancer prevention trials and primary care physicians: factors associated with recommending trial enrollment.      
Cancer registries: a novel alternative to long-term clinical trial follow-up based on results of a comparative study      
Cancer-related complementary and alternative medicine online: factors affecting information retrieval      
Cancer research in the European Community and other non-EC countries      
Cancer research studies in Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders      
Cancer treatment protocols. Who gets chosen?      
Cancer Treatment Reports 1959-1983: background review and tabular compilation of most cited articles      
Cancer trial enrollment after state-mandated reimbursement      
[CancerNet online--a contribution to improving oncologic management]. [German]      
Capacity of persons with mental retardation to consent to participate in randomized clinical trials.      
Capacity to provide informed consent for participation in schizophrenia and HIV research.      
CAPD bag changing with integrated disconnect system gives lower incidence of peritonitis than with UV-box system.      
Caption-based topical descriptors for microscopic images as published in academic papers      
The capture-mark-recapture technique can be used as a stopping rule when searching in systematic reviews.      
Capture-recapture, epidemiology, and list mismatches: two lists      
Capture-recapture is a potentially useful method for assessing publication bias      
Capturing the semantic relationship between clinical terms with current MeSH bibliographic coding.      
Capturing users' experiences of participating in cancer trials.      
The carbon cost of HTA research [abstract]      
The carbon costs of randomised controlled trials [abstract]      
Cardiac MR imaging: balanced publication by radiologists and cardiologists.      
Cardioprotective effect of hormone replacement therapy in postmenopausal women: is the evidence biased? [see comments]      
Cardiovascular outcome ascertainment was similar using blinded and unblinded adjudicators in a national prospective study      
Care after colonic operation - is it evidence-based? Results from a multinational survey in Europe and the United States.      
Care needed when selecting response inducements in mail surveys of commercial populations.      
Caregiver-specific outcomes in antidementia clinical drug trials: a systematic review and meta-analysis.      
Carer impressions of participation in Alzheimer's disease clinical trials: what are their hopes? And is it worth it?      
CareSearch: finding and evaluating Australia's missing palliative care literature      
Carotid artery stenosis: does the world wide web provide sufficient information to these patients?      
Carotid endarterectomy and prevention of cerebral ischemia in symptomatic carotid stenosis. Veterans Affairs Cooperative Studies Program 309 Trialist Group [see comments]      
Case-control and two-gate designs in diagnostic accuracy studies      
Case-control and two-gate designs in diagnostic accuracy studies [abstract]      
A case-control evaluation of treatment efficacy: the example of magnesium sulfate prophylaxis against eclampsia in patients with preeclampsia      
The case for a HRQL core outcome set: outcome reporting bias in oesophageal cancer studies [abstract]      
A case for Bayesianism in clinical trials      
The case for better research standards in peripheral thrombolysis: poor quality of randomized trials during the past decade      
The case for cross-over trials in phase III [see comments]      
A case for double postcards in surveys.      
The case for failed meta-analyses      
The case for knowledge translation: shortening the journey from evidence to effect.      
The case for structuring the discussion of scientific papers      
[A case of fraud in a neurological pharmaceutical clinical trial]      
The case of GISSI in changing the attitudes and practice of Italian cardiologists.      
The case of loose inclusion criteria in clinical trials      
The case of Norplant as an example of media coverage over the life of a new health technology      
The case of the misleading funnel plot.      
The case report is far from dead.      
A case report of data monitoring experience: the nocturnal oxygen therapy trial      
'Case reporting of rare adverse events in otolaryngology': can we defend the case report?      
Case reports and case series from Lancet had significant impact on medical literature.      
Case reports of suspected adverse drug reactions--systematic literature survey of follow-up.      
Case series versus controlled clinical trial evidence: relation of study design to assessment conclusion and assessment characteristics [abstract]      
A case study of misrepresentation of the scientific literature: recent reviews of chiropractic      
A case study of multiple-treatments meta-analysis demonstrates that covariates should be considered      
A case-study of quality assessment of non-randomised intervention studies: male circumcision and transmission of HIV      
Case study of the comparison of data from conference abstracts and full-text articles in health technology assessment of rapidly evolving technologies: does it make a difference?      
Case study on comprehensive searching in the area of overcrowding in emergency departments [abstract]      
Cash prizes and mail survey response rates: a threshold analysis.      
Catching goldfish: quality in qualitative research      
Catching up with history: treatment of Wilms' tumor in a developing country.      
Categorization by reference: a novel approach to MeSH term assignment      
Categorizing continuous variables resulted in different predictors in a prognostic model for nonspecific neck pain      
Caught between a rock and a hard place: indirect comparisons and the trade-off between information and methodological rigour [abstract]      
Causal diagrams to represent biases in the evaluation of diagnostic procedures [abstract]      
Causal effects of Cox-2 selective inhibitors relative to non-selective non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs on gastrointestinal bleeding and acute myocardial infarction: an instrumental variable analysis [abstract]      
Causal estimation of time-varying treatment effects in observational studies: application to depressive disorder      
Causal inference in a clinical trial: a comparative example      
Causality inference in observational vs. experimental studies. An empirical comparison      
Causality, menopause, and depression: a critical review of the literature      
The causes and effects of socio-demographic exclusions from clinical trials.      
The causes, consequences and detection of publication bias in psychiatry      
Causes of ineligibility in randomized controlled trials and long-term mortality in patients with non-ST-segment elevation acute coronary syndromes      
A cautionary note on data sources for evidence-based clinical decisions: warfarin and stroke prevention      
Caveats in the meta-analysis of continuous data: a simulation study [abstract]      
CD-ROM source data uploaded to the operating and storage devices of an IBM 3090 mainframe through a PC terminal      
CDR Review's editorial process: a survey of papers published in 1995      
The Central Register of Clinical Trials: current status of clinical research in Poland.      
CENTRAL: the building blocks of Cochrane reviews [abstract]      
Centralised treatment, entry to trials and survival.      
Centre for Reviews and Dissemination databases: value, content, and developments      
A century of citation classics in otolaryngology-head and neck surgery journals      
Certified mail fails to reach an Emergency Department population      
Ceruletide-assisted cholecystography: a clinical assessment.      
Cessation of hormone replacement therapy after reports of adverse findings from randomized controlled trials: evidence from a British Birth Cohort.      
A chain of evidence with mixed comparisons: models for multi-parameter synthesis and consistency of evidence      
The challenge of assessing quality of evidence generated frommixed treatment comparisons and a potential solution. Oral presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
The challenge of obtaining unpublished information from the drug industry [abstract]      
The challenge of patient nonadherence to treatment in randomized controlled trials of counseling or psychotherapy.      
The challenge of recruiting acute renal failure patients in the ICU: experience in the VA/NIH Acute Renal Failure Trial Network (ATN) Study [abstract]      
The challenge of recruiting patients with anterior cruciate ligament injury of the knee into a randomized clinical trial comparing surgical and non-surgical treatment.      
The challenge of recruiting people with schizophrenia to a health promotion trial.      
The challenge of subgroup analyses--reporting without distorting.      
The challenge of systematic reviews in screening, diagnostic, and staging studies.      
A challenge to clinical investigators      
The challenges and achievements involved in implementing Quality of Life research in cancer clinical trials. [Review]      
Challenges and progress in adverse event ascertainment and reporting in clinical trials.      
Challenges and solutions for recruiting pregnant smokers into a nicotine replacement therapy trial.      
Challenges and strategies of increasing the production and use of Cochrane reviews: the Argentinean experience      
The challenges faced in the design, conduct and analysis of surgical randomised controlled trials      
Challenges in collecting data from potentially depressed mothers over the telephone [abstract]      
Challenges in design of multicenter trials: end points assessed longitudinally for change and monotonicity.      
Challenges in designing a pragmatic clinical trial: the mixed incontinence - medical or surgical approach (MIMOSA) trial experience      
Challenges in integrating biological data sources      
Challenges in meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials for rare harmful cardiovascular events: the case of rosiglitazone      
Challenges in peer reviewing evidence-based clinical practice guidelines: do we know the degree to which guideline recommendations reflect underlying evidence in ophthalmology? [abstract]      
Challenges in systematic reviews of educational intervention studies.      
Challenges in systematic reviews that assess treatment harms.      
Challenges in the conduct of vaginal microbicide effectiveness trials in the developing world.      
Challenges in the use of literature-based meta-analysis to examine gene-environment interactions      
Challenges in trial interpretation: anti-tumour necrosis factor therapy for maintenance treatment of Crohn's disease [abstract]      
Challenges in updating evidence-based clinical practice guidelines [abstract]      
Challenges in using nonrandomized studies in systematic reviews of treatment interventions      
Challenges in using results from published systematic reviews (SRs) [abstract]      
Challenges of defining a non-inferiority margin: a case study of non-inferiority randomized controlled trials of oral anti-thrombolytic agents for prophylaxis of venous thromboembolic events after orthopedic surgery [abstract]      
Challenges of developing a geographic search filter to identify randomized controlled trials in Africa: finding the optimal balance between sensitivity and precision [abstract]      
Challenges of developing a geographic search filter to identify randomized controlled trials in Africa: finding the optimal balance between sensitivity and precision. Oral presentation at the 16th Cochrane Colloquium: Evidence in the era of globalisation; 2008 Oct 3-7; Freiburg, Germany [abstract]      
The challenges of follow-up in a multicentre randomised controlled trial [abstract]      
The challenges of recruiting and retaining GPs in research: findings from a smoking cessation project.      
Challenges of recruitment of breast cancer survivors to a randomized clinical trial for osteoporosis prevention.      
Challenges of subgroup analyses in multinational clinical trials: experiences from the MERIT-HF trial.      
Challenges of using a standardized neurodevelopmental test in a large international multi-centre randomized clinical trial [abstract]      
Challenges to accrual predictions to phase III cancer trials: a survey of study chairs and lead statisticians of 248 NCI-sponsored trials [abstract]      
Challenges to evidence-based medicine: a comparison of patients and treatments in randomized controlled trials with patients and treatments in a practice research network.      
Challenges to improving the impact of worksite cancer prevention programs: comparing reach, enrollment, and attrition using active versus passive recruitment strategies      
Challenges to research in urban community health centers      
Challenges using patient reported outcomes for functional abilities and quality of life in older adults. Oral presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
Chance and consensus in peer review      
Chance, concurrence, and clustering. Analysis of reviewers' recommendations on 1,000 submissions to the Journal of Clinical Investigation      
Chance of free dinner increases response to mail questionnaire.      
Change in forced expiratory volume in 1 second after sham bronchoconstrictor in suggestible but not suggestion-resistant asthmatic subjects: a pilot study      
Change in physician perspective on cholesterol and heart disease. Results from two national surveys      
Change in public perspective on cholesterol and heart disease. Results from two national surveys.      
A change in scientific approach: from alternation to randomised allocation in clinical trials in the 1940s [see comments]      
Change-to-Open-Label Design. Proposal and discussion of a new design for clinical parallel-group double-masked trials      
Changes in beliefs identify unblinding in randomized controlled trials: a method to meet CONSORT guidelines.      
Changes in clinical research in anaesthesia and intensive care from 1974-2004.      
Changes in clinical trials mandated by the advent of meta-analysis      
Changes in clinical trials methodology over time: a systematic review of six decades of research in psychopharmacology      
Changes in knowledge and utilisation of the Cochrane Collaboration by primary health care workers in Argentina from 2002 to 2005 [abstract]      
Changes in local clinical practice following an experiment in medical care: evaluation of evaluation.      
Changes in manuscripts and quality: the contribution of peer review [abstract]      
Changes in newspaper coverage about hormone therapy with the release of new medical evidence.      
Changes in physical functioning and quality of life in patients with cancer: response shift and relative evaluation of one's condition.      
Changes in prescribing of antiviral medications for influenza associated with new treatment guidelines      
Changes in prevalence of and prescribing for ischaemic heart disease in Ireland 1990-2002.      
Changes in quality of life in chronic psychiatric patients: a comparison between EuroQol (EQ-5D) and WHOQoL.      
Changes in randomized controlled trial reporting quality over time: a systematic review of pediatric journals from China. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Changes in surrogate outcomes can be translated into clinical outcomes using a Monte Carlo model      
Changes in the impact factor of anesthesia/critical care journals within the past 10 years      
Changes in the quantity and level of evidence of palliative and hospice care literature: the last century      
Changes in the use of postmenopausal hormone therapy after the publication of clinical trial results      
Changes in treatment of advanced laryngeal cancer 1985-2001.      
Changes to manuscripts during the editorial process: characterizing the evolution of a clinical paper      
Changing author counts in five major general medicine journals: effect of author contribution forms      
Changing clinical practice: extending the benefits of adjuvant endocrine therapy in breast cancer      
Changing perspectives in the study of children: comparison between research and popular literature.      
Changing poor rates of attendence in psychiatric outpatient clinics: the Leeds PROMPTS trial [abstract]      
Changing professional behaviour: an updated overview of systematic reviews [abstract]      
Changing provider behavior: an overview of systematic reviews of interventions      
Changing the protocol: a case report from the Macular Photocoagulation Study.      
Chapter 3: Assessing the methodological quality of prognostic studies. In: Cost-effectiveness of using prognostic information to select women with breast cancer for adjuvant systemic therapy.      
Chapter Eight: Diagnostic tests.      
Characterisation and evaluation of UK websites relating to cystic fibrosis, using a standardised tool [abstract]      
Characteristics and methodological quality of 25 years of research investigating psychosocial interventions for cancer patients      
Characteristics and mortality outcomes of thrombolysis trial participants and nonparticipants: a population-based comparison [see comments]      
Characteristics and outcomes of patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer who declined to participate in randomised clinical chemotherapy trials      
Characteristics and prognosis of non-participants of a multi-centre trial of long-term anticoagulant treatment after myocardial infarction.      
Characteristics and publication patterns of theses from a Peruvian medical school      
Characteristics and quality of randomized controlled trials in the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma.      
Characteristics and quality of reporting in published phase II prostate cancer trials [abstract]      
Characteristics and quality of reporting of cluster-randomized trials in children: an assessment using the CONSORT statement for CRTs (CONSORT-CRT). Oral presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
Characteristics and quality of reporting of cluster randomized trials in children: reporting needs improvement      
Characteristics and quality of systematic reviews of acupuncture, herbal medicines, and homeopathy      
Characteristics associated with citation rate of the medical literature.      
Characteristics of accepted and rejected manuscripts at major biomedical journals: predictors of publication [abstract]      
Characteristics of frequently cited articles in mental retardation      
The characteristics of medical retraction notices      
Characteristics of meta-analyses related to acceptance for publication in a medical journal      
Characteristics of meta-analyses submitted to a general medical journal [abstract]      
Characteristics of meta-analyses submitted to a medical journal [abstract]      
Characteristics of patients with chronic low back pain selected for surgery: a comparison with the general population reported from the Swedish lumbar spine study.      
The characteristics of peer reviewers who produce good-quality reviews      
Characteristics of physicians who receive large payments from industry and the accuracy of their disclosures in concurrent publications. Oral presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Characteristics of randomized controlled trials (RCT) published in Latin America and the Caribbean's (LAC) in 2010. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Characteristics of research volunteers for inpatient cocaine studies: focus on selection bias      
Characteristics of reviews for a series of open-access medical journals: results of a retrospective study [abstract]      
Characteristics of studies included for HTA reports. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Characteristics of successfully recruited grant application peer reviewers [abstract]      
The characteristics of The Cochrane Library users: a nationwide survey of the regional hospitals in Taiwan. Oral presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
Characteristics of the enteral hyperalimentation literature      
Characteristics of the publishing infrastructure of peripheral countries: a comparison of periodical publications from Latin America with periodicals from the US and the UK.      
Characteristics of unpublished research and reasons for failure to publish [abstract]      
Characteristics of volunteer participants in phase I HIV vaccine trials.      
Characterization of published errors in high impact oncology journals [abstract]      
Characterizing sponsor-imposed restrictions on disclosing results of clinical trials [abstract]      
Characterizing the content of the pediatric internet with PEDINFO database.      
Charities, no; lotteries, no; cash, yes.      
Chart review. A need for reappraisal      
The CHART trials: Bayesian design and monitoring in practice. CHART Steering Committee      
Check it out! A check-list for evaluating the reporting of literature search methodology in HTAs and CPGs [abstract]      
A check list for evaluating experimental research in psychology and education      
Checking consistency in mixed treatment comparison meta-analysis      
Checking reference lists to find additional studies for systematic reviews. Oral presentation at the 17th Cochrane Colloquium; 2009 Oct 11-14, Singapore [abstract]      
Checklist for neurological review article [abstract]      
Checklist for the evaluation of research articles      
Checklist for the qualitative evaluation of clinical studies with particular focus on external validity and model validity.      
Checklist of information for inclusion in reports of clinical trials. The Asilomar Working Group on Recommendations for Reporting of Clinical Trials in the Biomedical Literature      
A checklist system for critical review of medical literature      
A checklist to evaluate a report of a nonpharmacological trial (CLEAR NPT) was developed using consensus.      
Checklists for review articles      
Chemotherapy administration and data collection in an EORTC collaborative group--can we trust the results?      
Chemotherapy for carcinoma of the esophagus: a comparison of evidence from meta-analyses of randomized trials and of historical control studies      
Chemotherapy vs supportive care in advanced non-small-cell lung cancer. Results of a meta-analysis of the literature [see comments]      
Child assent and parental permission in pediatric research      
Childhood NHL in Switzerland: incidence and survival of 120 study and 42 non-study patients [see comments]      
Child/parent-assessed population health outcome measures: a structured review. [Review]      
Children are not just small adults: the urgent need for high-quality trial evidence in children.      
Children in research: fathers in cancer research: meanings and reasons for participation      
Children in research: informed consent and critical factors affecting mothers.      
Children in research: the experience of ill children and adolescents      
Children with asthma and steroid treatment. A meta-ethnography synthesis on how Cochrane reviews findings have been considered in international guidelines. Poster presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
Children's consent and paediatric research: is it appropriate for healthy children to be the decision-makers in clinical research?      
Children's consent to research participation: social context and personal experience invalidate fixed cutoff rules      
[Children's participation in biomedical research. A planned survey of 541 parents]      
Children's participation in vaccine research: parents' views.      
Children's views on the use of unlicensed medicines and their involvement in clinical trials [abstract]      
Children's views on their involvement in clinical research      
Chinese and Australian regional cooperation in identifying trials [abstract]      
Chinese authors do need CONSORT: reporting quality assessment for five leading Chinese medical journals      
Chinese authors do need CONSORT: reporting quality for five leading Chinese medical journals. Poster presentation at the 16th Cochrane Colloquium: Evidence in the era of globalisation; 2008 Oct 3-7; Freiburg, Germany [abstract]      
Chinese Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews of Cochrane Library: a nationwide survey of utilization in Taiwan. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Chinese consumer involvement in evidence-based medicine: current status and strategies      
Chinese involvement of EBM and Cochrane activities      
Chiropractice information in a public library      
Chlorpromazine for schizophrenia: a Cochrane systematic review of 50 years of randomised controlled trials.      
The choice of cancer treatment based on covariate information      
Choice of clinical outcomes in randomized trials of heart failure therapies: disease-specific or overall outcomes?      
Choice of comparator in active control trials of new drugs      
Choice of correction for retention bias can greatly affect study conclusions [abstract]      
Choice of data extraction tools for systematic reviews depends on resources and review complexity.      
Choice of outcome measure in research synthesis of clinical trials [abstract]      
Choice of randomisation time-point in non-inferiority studies of reduced treatment duration: experience from The SCOT Study [abstract]      
Cholera incidence in a population offered cholera vaccination: comparison of cooperative and uncooperative groups.      
Cholesterol lowering and mortality: the importance of considering initial level of risk      
Cholesterol lowering trials in coronary heart disease: frequency of citation and outcome      
Cholesterol testing guidelines: don't always believe what you read [abstract]      
Choosing a control intervention for a randomised clinical trial      
Choosing an appropriate dichotomous effect measure for meta-analysis: empirical evidence of the appropriateness of the odds ratio and relative risk [abstract]      
Choosing between randomised and non-randomised studies: a systematic review      
Choosing covariates in the analysis of clinical trials      
Choosing health technology assessment and systematic review topics: the development of priority-setting criteria for patients' and consumers' interests      
Choosing surgery: patients' preferences within a trial of treatments for anterior cruciate ligament injury: a qualitative study      
Choosing the best endpoint      
Choosing the correct unit of analysis in medical care experiments      
Choosing the parameter for a 2 x 2 table or a 2 x 2 x 2 table analysis      
Choosing the programme for an international congress      
Choosing the right incentive strategy for research and development in neglected diseases.      
CINAHL and MEDLINE: a comparison of indexing practices      
Citability of original research and reviews in journals and their sponsored supplements      
Citation accuracy in the oral and maxillofacial surgery literature      
Citation analysis.      
Citation analysis and journal impact factors in ophthalmology and vision science journals. [Review]      
Citation analysis for measuring the value of scientific publications: quality assessment tool or comedy of errors?      
Citation analysis in journal rankings: medical informatics in the library and information science literature      
Citation analysis in the literature of tropical medicine      
Citation analysis of 541 articles published in drug and alcohol journals: 1984-1988      
[Citation analysis of Acta Pharmacologica Sinica 1984-1989]      
A citation analysis of Cochrane systematic reviews in Chinese Science Citation Database. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Citation analysis of faculty publication: beyond Science Citation Index and Social Science Citation Index      
Citation analysis of identical consensus statements revealed journal-related bias      
Citation analysis of neuropathology journals.      
Citation analysis of otorhinolaryngology journals      
Citation analysis of the field of medical decision making: update, 1959-1985      
A citation analysis of the impact of blinded peer review      
[Citation analysis of the international use of Finnish medical publications]      
Citation analysis of The Journal of Family Practice      
A citation-based approach to automatic topical indexing of scientific literature      
Citation-based auditing of academic performance.      
The citation bias: fad and fashion in the judgment and decision literature      
Citation bias in medical journals      
Citation bias of hepato-biliary randomized clinical trials      
Citation characteristics of periodical literature in veterinary science      
Citation characteristics of research published in Emergency Medicine versus other scientific journals      
Citation classics in anaesthesia and pain journals: a literature review in the era of the internet      
Citation classics in clinical dermatologic journals. Citation analysis, biomedical journals, and landmark articles, 1945-1990 [see comments]      
Citation classics in critical care medicine      
Citation classics in periodontology: a controlled study      
Citation classics in trauma      
Citation classics: most-cited articles from Archives of PM&R      
Citation classics: most-cited articles from Fertility and Sterility      
Citation frequencies of New Zealand and Australian scientific journals      
[Citation in scientific publications. Analysis of the publication "Strahlentherapie und Onkologie"]. [German]      
Citation indexes do not reflect methodological quality in lung cancer randomised trials      
Citation indexes for science. A new dimension in documentation through association of ideas. 1955      
Citation of foreign literature in U.S. and U.K. journals [letter]      
Citation of group-authored papers      
Citation of literature flawed by scientific misconduct [abstract]      
Citation of randomized evidence in support of guidelines of therapeutic and preventive interventions      
Citation of randomized evidence in support of guidelines of therapeutic and preventive interventions [abstract]      
Citation patterns in anxiety disorders research in 14 journals: 1990-1991      
Citation patterns in the health sciences: implications for serials/monographic fund allocation      
Citation patterns of articles published in the Journal of Medical Education, 1970-1980      
Citation patterns of online and print journals in the digital age      
Citation rates of Cochrane reviews versus non-Cochrane reviews [abstract]      
Citation rates of medical German-language journals in English-language papers - Do they correlate with the impact factor, and who cites?      
[Citation rates of medical German-language journals in English-language papers - do they correlate with the Impact Factor, and who cites?]. [German]      
Citation rates of resources of the Cochrane Collaboration in Chinese journals [abstract]      
Citation rates of systematic reviews of interventions for hypertension and blood pressure. Poster presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
Citation records of papers published in the Journal of Periodontology and the Journal of Periodontal Research      
Citation relationships among international mass communication journals      
Citation trends of general psychiatric journals      
Citations accuracy: a comparative study among Brazilian and international journals on obstetrics and gynecology [abstract]      
Citations following publication of scientific papers in major orthopaedic journals [abstract]      
Citations in bibliography: characteristics of references in selected journals.      
Citations to trials of nicotine replacement therapy were biased toward positive results and high-impact-factor journals      
Cited Brazilian papers in general surgery between 1970 and 2009      
The citedness of publications by United Kingdom library schools      
Citizen participation in the production of guidance on safety and efficacy of interventional procedures [abstract]      
Claims of equivalence in medical research: are they supported by the evidence?      
Clarifying the abstracts of systematic literature reviews      
Class-of-mail and the effects of monetary gratuity on the response rates of mailed questionnaires.      
Classic and near-classic articles in the dermatologic literature      
Classic or Bayesian research design and analysis. Does it make a difference?      
Classical methods of analysis of grouped data      
The classics: a tribute to the fiftieth anniversary of the randomized clinical trial      
Classification, direction, and prevention of bias in epidemiologic research.      
Classification of evidence in decision-analytic models of cost-effectiveness: a content analysis of published reports      
Classifying the findings in qualitative studies.      
Clinical and prophylactic trials with assured new treatment for those at greater risk: II. Examples.      
Clinical and research searching on the wild side: exploring the veterinary literature      
Clinical attrition due to biased preclinical assessments of potential efficacy.      
Clinical benefit in oncology trials: Is this a patient-centered or tumor-centered endpoint? [abstract]      
Clinical benefit in oncology trials: is this a patient-centred or tumour-centred end-point?      
Clinical cancer research - some aspects on doctors' attitudes to informing participants.      
The clinical characteristics of schizophrenic patients consenting or not consenting to a placebo controlled trial of antipsychotic medication      
Clinical checklist: sensitivity and specificity [abstract]      
Clinical cross-over trials in phase I      
Clinical data gap between phase III clinical trials (pre-marketing) and phase IV (post-marketing) studies: evaluation of etanercept in rheumatoid arthritis.      
Clinical decision-making based on findings presented in conference abstracts: is it safe for our patients?      
Clinical disagreement: I. How often it occurs and why      
Clinical disagreement: II. How to avoid it and how to learn from one's mistakes      
The clinical-economic trial: promise, problems, and challenges      
The clinical effectiveness of acupuncture for pain relief - you can be certain of uncertainty.      
Clinical epidemiology: the architecture of clinical research      
The clinical evaluation committee in a large multicenter phase 3 trial of drotrecogin alfa (activated) in patients with severe sepsis (PROWESS): role, methodology, and results.      
The clinical evaluation of remedies.      
Clinical Evidence: a useful tool for promoting evidence-based practice?      
Clinical Evidence diagnosis: developing a sensitive search strategy to retrieve diagnostic studies on deep vein thrombosis: a pragmatic approach      
[Clinical evidence for magnesium sulphate treatment of severe asthma]      
Clinical experimental randomized study of 2.6-cis-diphenylhexamethylcyclotetrasiloxane and estramustine-17-phosphate in the treatment of prostatic carcinoma.      
Clinical extracts of biomedical literature for patient-centered problem solving      
Clinical factors associated with long-term mortality following vascular surgery: outcomes from the Coronary Artery Revascularization Prophylaxis (CARP) Trial.      
Clinical guidelines about diabetes and the accuracy of peer information in an unmoderated online health forum for retired persons      
Clinical guidelines in nursing, midwifery and the therapies: a systematic review      
Clinical heterogeneity was a common problem in Cochrane reviews of physiotherapy and occupational therapy.      
Clinical implementation of forest plots in meta-analysis      
Clinical importance of provider-reported HIV symptoms compared with patient-report.      
Clinical judgment and statistics. Lessons from a simulated randomized trial in coronary artery disease.      
Clinical judgment and treatment options in stable multivessel coronary artery disease: results from the one-year follow-up of the MASS II (Medicine, Angioplasty, or Surgery Study II).      
Clinical librarianship: a systematic review of the literature.      
Clinical nursing research priorities: a Delphi study.      
Clinical nursing research priorities in Australian critical care: a pilot study.      
Clinical outcomes of ethnic minority women in MA.17: a trial of letrozole after 5 years of tamoxifen in postmenopausal women with early stage breast cancer      
Clinical perspectives on the use of composite endpoints      
Clinical practice and clinical trial: between questions and answers? [abstract]      
Clinical practice guidelines in nutrition support: can they be based on randomized clinical trials?      
Clinical practice guidelines: the Spanish situation      
Clinical prediction rules. Applications and methodological standards      
Clinical research and statistical methods in the urology literature.      
Clinical research and trials in developing countries.      
Clinical research in family medicine: quantity and quality of published articles      
Clinical research in general medical journals: a 30-year perspective      
Clinical research on breast cancer - can we still afford our ambitions? [French]      
Clinical research trials: Evaluation of a recruitment strategy for healthy elders      
[Clinical research: where does it come from? Where is it going?]      
Clinical review articles: should be as scientific as the articles they review      
Clinical significance not statistical significance: a simple Bayesian alternative to p values      
Clinical significance of quality of life data      
The clinical significance of quality-of-life results: practical considerations for specific audiences      
Clinical studies for lung cancer chemotherapy presented at Annual Meetings of the Japanese Respiratory Society and the Japan Lung Cancer Society.      
Clinical studies in German health care journals: publication and quality assessment [abstract]      
Clinical studies in surgical journals--have we improved?      
[Clinical study of the month. Premature interruption of ASCOT and CARDS clinical trials of cardiovascular prevention with atorvastatin in patients with arterial hypertension or diabetes mellitus: compromise between ethics and statistics in evidence-based medicine ]. [French]      
Clinical tests on comparative effectiveness of analgesic drugs.      
Clinical toxicology literature: where is it?      
Clinical trial accrual among new cancer patients at a community-based cancer center      
Clinical trial accrual patterns and barriers among newly diagnosed adult patients at a community cancer center: a prospective study [abstract]      
Clinical trial awareness, attitudes, and participation among patients with cancer and oncologists      
Clinical trial costs are similar to and may be less than standard care and inpatient (INPT) charges at an acedemic medical center (AMC) are similar to major, minor, and non-teaching hospitals.      
Clinical trial design - towards better practices.      
Clinical trial enrollers versus nonenrollers: Recruitment and Enrollment Assessment in Clinical Trials (REACT) project [abstract]      
Clinical trial enrollers vs. non-enrollers: the Cardiac Arrhythmia Suppression Trial (CAST) Recruitment and Enrollment Assessment in Clinical Trials (REACT) project      
Clinical trial enrollment of rural patients with cancer      
Clinical trial enrollment, patient characteristics, and survival differences in prospectively registered metastatic colorectal cancer patients      
Clinical trial literacy among injecting drug users in Sydney, Australia: A pilot study      
Clinical trial methodology.      
Clinical trial metrics: protocol performance and resource utilization from 14 cancer centers [abstract]      
Clinical trial outcome in neuropathic pain: relationship to study characteristics      
Clinical trial participant satisfaction: survey of 4281 participants in the systolic hypertension in the elderly program [abstract]      
Clinical trial participant satisfaction: survey of SHEP enrollees. SHEP Cooperative Research Group. Systolic Hypertension in the Elderly Program.      
Clinical trial participants compared with nonparticipants in cystic fibrosis.      
Clinical trial participation among patients enrolled in the Glioma Outcomes Project.      
Clinical trial participation is associated with improved outcome in women with ovarian cancer      
Clinical trial participation. Viewpoints from racial/ethnic groups      
Clinical trial performance of community- vs university-based practices in the submacular surgery trials (SST): SST report no. 2.      
Clinical trial priorities among surgeons caring for breast cancer patients      
Clinical trial registration.      
Clinical trial registration: a statement from the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors      
Clinical trial registration: the differing views of industry, the WHO, and the Ottawa Group.      
Clinical trial registries: a survey of patient advocate group perceptions      
Clinical trial resources on the internet must be designed to reach underrepresented minorities      
Clinical trial resources on the internet must be designed to reach underrepresented minorities [abstract]      
Clinical trial results: impact on clinician [abstract]      
A clinical trial to evaluate the measurement properties of 2 direct preference instruments administered with and without hypothetical marker states      
Clinical trials: a practical approach      
Clinical trials and clinical practice: do doctors use the same criteria to judge outcome?      
[Clinical trials and clinical trial unit]      
Clinical trials and drug promotion: selective reporting of study 329      
Clinical trials and statistical verdicts: probable grounds for appeal      
Clinical trials and the independence of investigators: a novel method for the conduct of pharmaceutical company-funded clinical drug trials which ensures investigator independence.      
Clinical trials and tribulations: lessons learned from recruiting pregnant ex-smokers for relapse prevention      
Clinical trials are often false positive: a review of simple methods to control this problem.      
Clinical trials attitudes and practices of Latino physicians      
Clinical trials comparing two treatment policies: which aspects of the treatment policies make a difference?      
Clinical trials: design, conduct and analysis      
Clinical trials designed to evaluate therapeutic preferences      
Clinical trials for the evaluation of cancer therapy.      
Clinical trials in a rural population: professional education aspects      
Clinical trials in acute myocardial infarction: should we adjust for baseline characteristics?      
Clinical trials in cancer therapy: efforts to improve patient enrollment by community oncologists      
Clinical trials in children and healthy volunteers. Quality and characteristics of notifications reviewed by the regulatory agency in Finland      
Clinical trials in children. [Review]      
Clinical trials in general surgical journals: are methods better reported?      
Clinical trials in head and neck oncology: an evaluation of clinicians' willingness to participate.      
Clinical trials in human gene therapy. An overview.      
Clinical trials in India: issues with adherence to CONSORT statements      
Clinical trials in Italy: focus on the protocols submitted to ethics committees.      
Clinical trials in orthodontics I: demographic details of clinical trials published in three orthodontic journals between 1989 and 1998.      
Clinical trials in orthodontics II: assessment of the quality of reporting of clinical trials published in three orthodontic journals between 1989 and 1998.      
Clinical trials in pediatric cancer: parental perspectives on informed consent.      
Clinical trials in perinatal-neonatal medicine [abstract]      
Clinical trials in psychiatry: background and statistical perspective      
Clinical trials in Russia and Eastern Europe: recruitment and quality. [Review]      
Clinical trials in stem cell transplantation: guidelines for scientific and ethical review      
Clinical trials in sub-Saharan Africa and established standards of care: a systematic review of HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria trials.      
Clinical trials in the Journal of Pediatric Psychology: applying the CONSORT statement.      
Clinical trials of arrhythmia management: methods or madness      
Clinical trials of behavioural interventions with heterogeneous teaching subgroup effects.[erratum appears in Stat Med. 2003 Jul 15;22(13):2235]      
[Clinical trials of traditional Chinese medicine in China: status and evaluation]      
Clinical trials of unfractionated heparin and low-molecular-weight heparin in addition to aspirin for the treatment of unstable angina pectoris: do the results apply to all patients?      
Clinical trials profile: professionals and sites      
A clinical trials register for Europe      
Clinical trials: statistical developments of practical benefit to the pharmaceutical industry      
Clinical trials that have influenced the treatment of venous thromboembolism: a historical perspective.      
Clinical trials to estimate the efficacy of preventive interventions against malaria in paediatric populations: a methodological review      
Clinical trials versus the real world: The example of cardiac rehabilitation.      
[Clinical trials with drugs: the influence of the authorization process]      
Clinical trials with moving targets: a commentary on a non-inferiority trial in testicular cancer.      
Clinical trials with multiple outcomes: a statistical perspective on their design, analysis, and interpretation      
Clinical usefulness of n-of-1 randomized controlled trials in patients with nonreversible chronic airflow limitation.      
The clinical utility of randomized controlled trials.      
The clinical value of computerized information services. A review of 98 randomized clinical trials      
Clinical versus statistical considerations in the design and analysis of clinical research      
Clinical versus statistical significance in the Iranian postgraduate periodontal theses [abstract]      
Clinical websites are currently dangerous to health      
Clinically useful measures of effect in binary analyses of randomized trials      
Clinician-parent communication during informed consent for pediatric leukemia trials      
Clinicians' and patients' research priorities: a scoping review. Oral presentation at the 17th Cochrane Colloquium; 2009 Oct 11-14, Singapore [abstract]      
Clinicians' attitudes to clinical trials of cancer therapy.      
Clinicians' attitudes to recruitment to randomised trials in cancer care: a qualitative study      
Clinicians' awareness and use of evidence-based practice (EBP) resources: where are we at? [abstract]      
A clinician's guide for conducting randomized trials in individual patients.      
A clinician's perspective on rating the strength of evidence in a systematic review      
Closed-form estimates for missing counts in two-way contingency tables      
A closer examination of sex bias in the treatment of ischemic cardiac disease.      
Closing the gap - identifying reports of randomized trials in EMBASE for inclusion in CENTRAL [abstract]      
Closure for patients at the end of a cancer clinical trial: literature review      
Clozapine v. conventional antipsychotic drugs for treatment-resistant schizophrenia: a re-examination.      
Cluster randomised trial of an active, multifaceted educational intervention based on the WHO Reproductive Health Library to improve obstetric practices      
Cluster randomised trials in Cochrane reviews of infectious disease. Poster presentation at the 17th Cochrane Colloquium; 2009 Oct 11-14, Singapore [abstract]      
Cluster randomised trials in the medical literature: two bibliometric surveys      
Cluster randomised trials produced similar results to individually randomised trials in a meta-analysis of enhanced care for depression. Oral presentation at the 16th Cochrane Colloquium: Evidence in the era of globalisation; 2008 Oct 3-7; Freiburg, Germany [abstract]      
Cluster randomization in large public health trials: the importance of antecedent data      
Cluster randomized controlled trials in primary care: an introduction.      
Cluster randomized trial of an active, multifaceted information dissemination intervention based on the WHO Reproductive Health Library (RHL) to change obstetric practices [abstract]      
A cluster-randomized trial of the significance of a reminder procedure in a patient evaluation survey in general practice.      
Cluster randomized trials in general (family) practice research      
Cluster randomized trials: opportunities and barriers identified by leaders of eight health plans.      
Cluster randomized trials produced similar results to individually randomized trials in a meta-analysis of enhanced care for depression.      
Cluster size variability and imbalance in cluster randomized controlled trials      
Cluster trials in implementation research: estimation of intracluster correlation coefficients and sample size      
Cluster versus individual randomization in adolescent tobacco and alcohol studies: illustrations for design decisions      
Clustered environments and randomized genes: a fundamental distinction between conventional and genetic epidemiology.      
'Clustering' documents automatically to support scoping reviews of research. Poster presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
Clustering in surgical trials ? database of intra-cluster correlations [abstract]      
Co-occurring words and retrieval efficiency: finding information about alternatives to animal testing in relation to skin irritation testing.      
Co-operation between referees and authors increases peer review accuracy      
Co-ordinating the control of hypertension in pregnancy study (CHIPS) with various ethics board approaches [abstract]      
Coauthors' contributions to major papers published in the AJR: frequency of undeserved coauthorship      
Coauthorship trends in the leading radiological journals      
Cochrane Airways Reviews: can they make a difference? [abstract]      
Cochrane Back Group quality items and bias in back pain trials [abstract]      
The Cochrane Collaboration and The Cochrane Library.      
The Cochrane Collaboration: evaluation of health care and services using systematic reviews of the results of randomized controlled trials [Review] [25 refs]      
The Cochrane Collaboration - how is it progressing?      
The Cochrane Collaboration in the English-language news [abstract]      
The Cochrane Collaboration: international activity within Cochrane Review Groups in the first decade of the twenty-first century      
The Cochrane Collaboration: its impact on the quality of systematic reviews [abstract]      
The Cochrane Collaboration: New Zealand gets involved      
The Cochrane Collaboration: preparing, maintaining, and disseminating systematic reviews of the effects of health care      
The Cochrane Collaboration: the role of the UK Cochrane Centre in identifying the evidence      
The Cochrane Collaboration's CENTRAL register of controlled trials: development and current contents      
The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews      
Cochrane Database utilization analysis: a 10 year trend of one medical center in Taiwan. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
The Cochrane Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders Group.      
Cochrane Editors as authors: how is potential conflict of interest managed? [abstract]      
The Cochrane Empty Review Project: prevalence and characteristics of systematic reviews without included studies in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Cochrane for CAM providers: evidence for action      
Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions 4.2.5 [updated May 2005]      
Cochrane Inside: working with a national agency to create tools for decision makers [abstract]      
Cochrane Journal Club: going from strength to strength? Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Cochrane Lecture 1997. What evidence do we need for evidence based medicine?      
Cochrane Lecture. All cost effective treatments should be free ... or, how Archie Cochrane changed my life!      
The Cochrane Lecture. The best and the enemy of the good: randomised controlled trials, uncertainty, and assessing the role of patient choice in medical decision making      
The Cochrane Library as a resource for evidence on out-of-hospital health care interventions.      
The Cochrane Library as a unique source of evidence-based information for the first Evidence-Based Drug Reference Guide in Russia [abstract]      
The Cochrane Library: more systematic reviews on nutrition needed.      
Cochrane Library or scientific journals: is the ISI impact factor a valid basis for dissemination? [abstract]      
The Cochrane Library publicity - media coverage around the world. Poster presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
Cochrane neonatal systematic reviews: a survey of the evidence for neonatal therapies      
The Cochrane oral health group trials register: electronic searching and beyond.      
The Cochrane Pregnancy and Childbirth Database. Implications for perinatal care policy and practice in the United States      
Cochrane reviews and systematic reviews of economic evaluations. Amantadine and rimantadine in the prevention and treatment of influenza      
Cochrane reviews: are they as useful as we would like to think? Oral presentation at the 16th Cochrane Colloquium: Evidence in the era of globalisation; 2008 Oct 3-7; Freiburg, Germany [abstract]      
[Cochrane reviews compared with industry-supported and other meta-analyses of the same drugs - secondary publication]      
Cochrane reviews compared with industry supported meta-analyses and other meta-analyses of the same drugs: systematic review. [Review]      
Cochrane reviews must use LILACS database-like source of articles [abstract]      
Cochrane reviews: the impact of La Biblioteca Cochrane Plus [abstract]      
Cochrane reviews: translations help to get evidence into practice [abstract]      
Cochrane reviews used more rigorous methods than non-Cochrane reviews: survey of systematic reviews in physiotherapy      
Cochrane reviews v industry supported meta-analyses: ten questions to assess bias in medical research.      
The Cochrane Schizophrenia Group: preparing, maintaining and disseminating the evidence for interventions used for people with schizophrenia.      
Cochrane Skin Group systematic reviews are more methodologically rigorous than other systematic reviews in dermatology.      
The Cochrane Stroke Group Trials Register: an expanding resource for evidence based healthcare [abstract]      
The Cochrane Stroke Group's specialised register of trials: a comprehensive and unique resource for reviewers [abstract]      
Cochrane systematic reviews as a source of information for practice and trials [abstract]      
Cochrane systematic reviews in acupuncture: methodological diversity in database searching      
Cochrane systematic reviews in China [abstract]      
[Cochrane systematic reviews in China: current status and problems]      
The Cochrane Updating Project. Oral presentation at the 16th Cochrane Colloquium: Evidence in the era of globalisation; 2008 Oct 3-7; Freiburg, Germany [abstract]      
Cochrane versus non-Cochrane reviews: an exploration of discordance, comparative quality and relevance for patient information. Oral presentation at the 16th Cochrane Colloquium: Evidence in the era of globalisation; 2008 Oct 3-7; Freiburg, Germany [abstract]      
Cochrane's Highly Sensitive Search Strategies and the Hedges Team Strategies for retrieving studies in systematic reviews: a pragmatic comparison [abstract]      
Coding clinical trials and systematic reviews in The Cochrane Library using standard international schemas. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Coding medical concepts: a controlled experiment with a computerized coding tool      
Coding of clinical trials and systematic reviews in The Cochrane Library using international standards [abstract]      
Cognitive and behavioural assessments in clinical trials: what type of measure? [Review]      
Cognitive behavior therapy for schizophrenia: effect sizes, clinical models, and methodological rigor      
Cognitive-behaviour therapy for chronic fatigue syndrome: comparison of outcomes within and outside the confines of a randomised controlled trial.      
Cognitive therapy by allocation versus cognitive therapy by preference in the treatment of panic disorder.      
Cohort studies in health sciences librarianship      
Cohort studies. Selection bias in observational and experimental studies      
A cohort study of controlled trials initially reported as abstracts [abstract]      
A cohort study of summary reports of controlled trials      
Collaboration and the quality of research      
Collaboration and "visibility" of health research in the Western Pacific region      
Collaboration between research professional and consumer      
Collaboration in improving care for patients: how can we find out what we haven't been able to figure out yet?      
Collaboration to identify controlled trials in general health care journals in Europe [abstract]      
A collaboration-wide survey of Cochrane authors. Poster presentation at the 16th Cochrane Colloquium: Evidence in the era of globalisation; 2008 Oct 3-7; Freiburg, Germany [abstract]      
A collaborative approach to the recruitment and retention of minority patients with diabetes in rural community health centers      
Collecting behavioural data using the world wide web: considerations for researchers. [Review]      
Collecting data the e-mail way      
Collecting direct non-health care and time cost data: application to screening and diagnosis of cervical cancer      
Collecting patient race/ethnicity and primary language data in ambulatory care settings: a case study in methodology      
Collecting quality of life data in EORTC clinical trials - what happens in practice?      
Collecting retrospective data: accuracy of recall after 50 years judged against historical records.      
Collecting saliva samples by mail.      
Collecting stories: Is it research? Is it good research? Preliminary guidance based on a Delphi study      
Collecting the evidence systematically. Ensuring that it is complete and up-to-date      
Collecting the trials in depression, anxiety & neurosis - what's the point? [abstract]      
Collecting unpublished data for systematic reviews: a proposal for a randomised trial [abstract]      
A collection of 56 topics with contradictory results in case-control research [see comments]      
Colloid use for fluid resuscitation: evidence and spin.      
Colorectal cancer deaths as determined by expert committee and from death certificate: a comparison. The Minnesota Study      
Colour appeal in website design within and across cultures: a multi-method evaluation      
The Columbia Registry of Controlled Clinical Computer Trials      
Combination of direct and indirect evidence in mixed treatment comparisons.      
The combination of estimates from different experiments      
The combination of randomized and historical controls in clinical trials.      
A combination of systematic review and clinicians' beliefs in interventions for subacromial pain. [Review]      
Combinations of data from randomized control trials      
Combined 5-fluorouracil and radiation therapy as a surgical adjuvant for poor prognosis gastric carcinoma.      
Combined analysis of matched and unmatched case-control studies: comparison of risk estimates from different studies      
Combined analysis of Women's Health Initiative observational and clinical trial data on postmenopausal hormone treatment and cardiovascular disease      
A combined database for meta-epidemiological research: characteristics of included trials [abstract]      
Combined endpoints: can we use them?      
Combined evidence from multiple outcomes in a clinical trial      
Combined single subject trials      
Combining and comparing area estimates across studies or strata      
Combining classifiers for robust PICO element detection      
Combining components of quality of life to increase precision and evaluate trade-offs      
Combining data from experiments that may be similar      
Combining data reported in logarithmic and raw scales in a meta-analysis [abstract]      
Combining effect sizes from controlled and uncontrolled study designs: benefit, bias, and control strategies. Poster presentation at the 16th Cochrane Colloquium: Evidence in the era of globalisation; 2008 Oct 3-7; Freiburg, Germany [abstract]      
Combining estimates of interest in prognostic modelling studies after multiple imputation: current practice and guidelines      
Combining estimates of the odds ratio: the state of the art      
Combining event rates from clinical trials: comparison of Bayesian and classical methods      
Combining evidence and trials      
Combining evidence and values in priority setting: testing the balance sheet method in a low-income country.      
Combining evidence for scientific inference      
Combining explicit and implicit measures of racial discrimination in health research      
Combining independent studies of a diagnostic test into a summary ROC curve: data analytic approaches and some additional considerations      
Combining individual patient data and aggregate data in evidence synthesis [abstract]      
Combining methods in health promotion research: some considerations about appropriate use      
Combining multiple imputation and Bayesian model selection to reduce inconsistency in multiple treatment meta-analysis. Poster presentation at the 16th Cochrane Colloquium: Evidence in the era of globalisation; 2008 Oct 3-7; Freiburg, Germany [abstract]      
Combining multiple outcome measures in a meta-analysis: an application.      
Combining qualitative and quantitative evidence in the meta-analysis of quality of health care data: an example from patient satisfaction [abstract]      
Combining results from independent investigations - meta-analysis in medical research      
Combining results of clinical trials [editorial]      
Combining results of independent studies      
Combining risk estimates from observational studies with different exposure cutpoints: a meta-analysis on body mass index and diabetes type 2.      
Combining scores from different patient reported outcome measures in meta-analyses: when is it justified?. [Review]      
Combining single patient (N-of-1) trials to estimate population treatment effects and to evaluate individual patient responses to treatment      
Combining studies using effect sizes and quality scores: application to bone loss in postmenopausal women      
Combining summaries of binary outcomes with those of continuous outcomes in a meta-analysis      
Commentary: biostatistics, biological mechanisms and Bayes: lessons from the magnesium trials [letter; comment]      
Commentary: measuring quality and impact of the World Wide Web.      
Commentary: meta-analysis of individual participants' data in genetic epidemiology      
Commentary: practicing on the tip of an information iceberg? Evidence of underpublication of registered clinical trials in oncology.      
Commentary: relative treatment effects are consistent across the spectrum of underlying risksusually [letter; comment]      
Commentary: searching for trials for systematic reviews: what difference does it make? [letter; comment]      
Commentary: SES, ethnicity and goodness-of-fit in clinician-parent communication during pediatric cancer trials      
Commentary: the 1944 patulin trial: the first properly controlled multicentre trial conducted under the aegis of the British Medical Research Council.      
Commentary: the 'bibliographic impact factor' and the still uncharted sociology of epidemiology      
Commentary: The public has a role to play in translating evidence into practice      
Commentary: unbiased divination, unbiased evidence, and the Patulin clinical trial.      
Commentary: Which meta-analyses are conclusive?      
Commentary: Why are researchers surprised when there is not a smooth transition from research into practice?      
Comments on a meta-analysis of the relation between dietary calcium intake and blood pressure [comment] [see comments]      
Comments on Bayesian and frequentist analysis and interpretation of clinical trials      
Commercial influence and the content of medical journals.      
Commercial relationships, funding and full publication of randomized controlled trials initially reported in conference abstracts [abstract]      
Commercially funded and United States-based research is more likely to be published; good-quality studies with negative outcomes are not      
Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). Guidelines on good publication practice.      
[The Committee on the Selection of Scientific Papers. Its usefulness in developing the scientific program for the congresses of the Sociedad Espanola de Cirurgia Pediatrica]      
Common deficiencies of NIDRR research applications.      
Common problems related to the use of Number Needed to Treat      
Common statistical errors in the design and analysis of subfertility trials      
Commonly cited website quality criteria are not effective at identifying inaccurate online information about breast cancer      
Communicating and judging the quality of qualitative research: the need for a new language      
Communicating clinical trial results to research participants      
Communicating consumer summaries online: a web-based survey [abstract]      
Communicating effectiveness of intervention for chronic diseases: what single format can replace comprehensive information.      
Communicating prognosis in cancer care: a systematic review of the literature.      
Communicating prognosis in early breast cancer: do women understand the language used? [see comments]      
Communicating quality of life information to cancer patients: a study of six presentation formats.      
Communicating side effect risks in a tamoxifen prophylaxis decision aid: the debiasing influence of pictographs.      
Communicating the benefits of chronic preventive therapy: does the format of efficacy data determine patients' acceptance of treatment?      
Communicating the evidence to patients and peers: a clinical trial of an instructional method [abstract]      
Communicating the findings of technology assessment to consumers: the ECRI experience [abstract]      
Communicating the frequency of adverse drug reactions to female patients      
Communicating the results of clinical research to participants: attitudes, practices, and future directions.      
Communicating the uncertainty of harms and benefits of medical interventions.      
Communicating treatment risk reduction to people with low numeracy skills: a cross-cultural comparison      
Communication during the recruitment phase of a multicenter trial: the recruitment hotline      
Communication in medicine: a study of how family doctors obtain information on recent advances in the treatment of rheumatic diseases.      
Communication of randomization in childhood leukemia trials.      
Community-based participatory research (CBPR) in South Africa: engaging multiple constituents to shape the research question.      
Community-based recruitment and enrollment for a clinical trial on the sensitive issue of fecal incontinence: the Fiber study.      
Community-based recruitment strategies for a longitudinal interventional study: the VECAT experience      
Community-based use of chemotherapy and hormonal therapy for early-stage breast cancer: 1987-2000.      
Community Clinical Oncology Program as a recruitment vehicle for cancer control research. The Southeast Cancer Control Consortium experience      
Community consultation in emergency research.      
Community engagement in research: frameworks for education and peer review      
Community engagement: innovations in HIV prevention research [abstract]      
Community engagement: innovations in HIV prevention research [abstract]      
Community heroes or "high-risk" pariahs? Reasons for declining to enroll in an HIV vaccine trial      
Community intervention trial recruitment - the diabetic retinopathy awareness program [abstract]      
Community pharmacy-based research in Spain (1995-2005): a bibliometric study.      
Comorbidity assessment using the Index of Coexistent Diseases in a multicenter clinical trial.      
Comparability of epidemiological information between self- and interviewer-administered questionnaires.      
The comparability of quality of life scores. a multitrait multimethod analysis of the EORTC QLQ-C30, SF-36 and FLIC questionnaires      
Comparability of self-report, pill count, and electronically monitored adherence data [abstract]      
The comparability of the standardized mean difference effect size across different measures of the same construct: measurement considerations.      
The comparative analysis and aggregation of single-case data      
[Comparative analysis of articles published by Spanish authors (1993-1997) in biomedical journals with high impact factor]      
A comparative analysis of early warning systems demonstrates differences in methods and structure: a survey of EuroScan member agencies.      
Comparative analysis of epilepsy abstracts and a MEDLARS bibliography      
Comparative analysis of HTAs of Endovascular Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair (EVAR) [abstract]      
Comparative analysis of pediatric mailing lists on the Internet      
A comparative analysis of quality of life data from a Southwest Oncology Group randomized trial of advanced colorectal cancer      
A comparative analysis of recruitment methods used in a randomized trial of diabetes education interventions      
A comparative analysis of systematic reviews published in Chinese academic journals and the Cochrane Library. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Comparative audit of clinical research in pediatric neurology.      
Comparative costs of manual and on-line bibliographic searching: a review of the literature      
Comparative effectiveness research priorities: identifying critical gaps in evidence for clinical and health policy decision making      
The comparative efficacy and toxicity of second-line drugs in rheumatoid arthritis. Results of two metaanalyses.      
The comparative importance of books: clinical psychology in the health sciences library      
Comparative responsiveness of generic and specific quality-of-life instruments.      
Comparative results of two adjuvant trials comparing 5 years of an aromatase inhibitor (AI) with 5 years of tamoxifen (TAM) in postmenopausal women with early breast cancer (EBC) [abstract]      
A comparative review of four preference-weighted measures of health-related quality of life.      
Comparative review of methods for handling drop-out in longitudinal studies      
Comparative review of self-administered questionnaires in vertigo and dizziness      
[Comparative studies of the bibliographic impact of European and American ENT reviews]      
A comparative study of citations from papers by Korean scientists and their journal attributes      
A comparative study of conditional maximum likelihood estimation of a common odds ratio      
A comparative study of four methods for analysing repeated measures data      
A comparative study of mobile electronic data entry systems for clinical trials data collection.      
A comparative study of non-randomized and randomized controls. British Stomach Cancer Group and West Midlands Regional Cancer Registry. [abstract]      
A comparative study of scientific evaluation of abstracts submitted to the 1995 European Association for the Study of the Liver Copenhagen meeting      
Comparative study of selection criteria used by MEDLINE and EMBASE and its application to Spanish biomedical journals [abstract]      
A comparative study of six European databases of medically oriented web resources.      
Comparative therapy outcome research: methodological implications of meta-analysis.      
Comparative trials in registration files of cardiovascular drugs: comparator drugs and dosing schemes      
Comparative usefulness of MEDLINE searches performed by a drug information pharmacist and by medical librarians      
Comparing AMSTAR to a QUOROM-based scoring system for evaluating the quality of systematic reviews and meta-analyses on treatment of paediatric obesity [abstract]      
[Comparing analysis on the status of applying diagnostic tests in imaging study in and out of China]      
Comparing and using assessments of the value of information to clinical decision-making      
Comparing author satisfaction with signed and unsigned reviews [abstract]      
Comparing bibliometric country-by-country rankings derived from the Web of Science and Scopus: the effect of poorly cited journals in oncology      
Comparing community and specialty provider-based recruitment in a randomized clinical trial: clinical trial in fecal incontinence      
Comparing completely and stratified randomized designs in cluster randomized trials when the stratifying factor is cluster size: a simulation study.      
Comparing compliance patterns between randomized treatments      
Comparing consumer and clinician values for alternative functional states: application of a new feature trade-off consensus building tool.      
Comparing cost-utility estimates: does the choice of EQ-5D or SF-6D matter?      
Comparing databases and search strategies for systematic reviews of musculoskeletal disorders [abstract]      
Comparing estimates of cost effectiveness submitted to the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) by different organisations: retrospective study      
Comparing fish consumption information collected via a telephone survey and a food frequency questionnaire [abstract]      
Comparing glycemic control guidelines in diabetes care.      
Comparing keyword search to semantic search: a case study in solving crossword puzzles using the Google (TM) API      
Comparing like with like: some historical milestones in the evolution of methods to create unbiased comparison groups in therapeutic experiments.      
Comparing meta-analysis and ecological-longitudinal analysis in time-series studies A case study of the effects of air pollution on mortality in three Spanish cities      
Comparing methods for full versus single technology appraisal: a case study of docetaxel and paclitaxel for early breast cancer      
Comparing methods for full versus single technology appraisal: a case study of docetaxel and paclitaxel for early breast cancer [abstract]      
Comparing methods of electronic versus paper searching of online journals      
Comparing outcomes of percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty with coronary artery bypass grafting; can routine health service data complement and enhance randomized controlled trials?      
Comparing participants and nonparticipants in a smoking cessation trial: selection factors associated with general practitioner recruitment activity      
Comparing patients' and nurses' perspectives of patients' needs: literature review [abstract]      
Comparing patients' and their partners' preferences for adjuvant chemotherapy (ACT) in early breast cancer (EBC) [abstract]      
Comparing patients' and their partners' preferences for adjuvant chemotherapy in early breast cancer      
Comparing physicians' responses to the first and second mailings of a questionnaire      
Comparing psychological abstracts and Index medicus for coverage of the journal literature in a subject area in psychology.      
Comparing questionnaire-based methods to assess occupational silica exposure.      
Comparing recruitment strategies in a study of acupuncture for chronic back pain      
Comparing research priorities for pediatric oncology from two panels of experts.      
Comparing response rates and response content in mail versus electronic mail surveys      
Comparing results from clinical trials of pharmacologic and lifestyle interventions may be hampered by differences in study cohorts: results from the LOOK AHEAD and ACCORD trials [abstract]      
Comparing results from meta-analyses vs large trials      
Comparing results from the largest studies with meta-analyses of smaller studies [abstract]      
Comparing results of large clinical trials to those of meta-analyses      
Comparing systematic reviews of RCTs and observational studies: the case of pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine [abstract]      
Comparing test searches in PubMed and Google Scholar      
Comparing the different ways to get Chinese doctors to implementing EBM into daily practice [abstract]      
Comparing the effects of different durations of the same therapy      
Comparing the effects of text size and format on the readability of computer-displayed Times New Roman and Arial text      
Comparing the frequency of updating Cochrane reviews with reviews published in paper journals      
Comparing the impact of open acess (OA) vs. non-OA articles in the same journals.      
Comparing the Impact of The Cochrane Library in Web of Science and Scopus. Poster presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
Comparing the incomparable? A systematic review of competing techniques for converting descriptive measures of health status into QALY-weights      
Comparing the practice of study classification and study inclusion in different systematic reviews on negative pressure wound therapy [abstract]      
Comparing the reliability of responses to telephone-administered vs. self-administered web-based surveys in a case-control study of adult malignant brain cancer [abstract]      
Comparing the response rate, response speed and response quality of two methods of sending questionnaires: e-mail versus mail      
Comparing the status of women and men in academic medicine.      
Comparing time-to-event analysis methodologies in a study of the treatment of acquired immune deficiency syndrome associated cryptococcal meningitis [abstract]      
Comparing treatment valuations between and within subjects in clinical trials: does it make a difference?      
Comparing user preferences and understanding for two formats of evidence profiles. A randomized trial. Oral presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
Comparing Web search engine performance in searching consumer health information: evaluation and recommendations      
Comparison and meta-analysis of randomized trials of endarterectomy for symptomatic carotid artery stenosis      
A comparison between integrating clinical practice setting and randomized controlled trial setting into economic evaluation models of therapeutics.      
A comparison between participants and non-participants in a primary preventive trial.      
Comparison between self-report and biochemical assessment of smoking in pregnancy [abstract]      
A comparison between traditional methods and multilevel regression for the analysis of multicenter intervention studies.      
Comparison between urinary isoflavone levels, soy protein intake measured by repeated dietary recalls and by questionnaire [abstract]      
Comparison of 35 electronic databases for environmental risk assessment.      
Comparison of 7 English-language cardiology journals for 1983      
A comparison of a food frequency questionnaire with a 24-hour recall for use in an epidemiological cohort study: results from the biomarker-based Observing Protein and Energy Nutrition (OPEN) study.      
Comparison of acceptance of clinical versus basic studies on drugs and therapeutics in infants and children.      
Comparison of active and cancer registry-based follow-up for breast cancer in a prospective cohort study      
Comparison of adjuvant therapies using quality-of-life considerations      
A comparison of adverse drug reaction reports from professionals and users, relating to risk of dependence and suicidal behaviour with paroxetine      
Comparison of adverse effects data derived from different study designs. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Comparison of alternative methods for longitudinal studies on human exposure-related activities [abstract]      
Comparison of amount of biomedical research originating from the European Union and the United States.      
A comparison of anlaytic methods for non-random missingness of outcome data      
Comparison of anticipated and actual control group outcome in randomised trials in paediatric oncology provides evidence that non-randomised studies are biased in favour of the novel treatment [abstract]      
A comparison of antidepressant trials using active and inert placebos      
Comparison of author and editor suggested reviewers in terms of review quality, timeliness, and recommendation for publication [abstract]      
A comparison of authors publishing in two groups of U.S. medical journals [editorial]      
Comparison of baseline characteristics and mortality experience of participants and nonparticipants in a randomized clinical trial: the Physicians' Health Study      
Comparison of baseline quality of life between minority and non-minority patients participating in oncology clinical trials [abstract]      
Comparison of Bayesian and classical methods in the analysis of cluster randomized controlled trials with a binary outcome: the Community Hypertension Assessment Trial (CHAT)      
Comparison of Bayesian with group sequential methods for monitoring clinical trials.      
Comparison of bibliographic databases for information on the rehabilitation of people with severe mental illness      
A comparison of biomedical databases      
Comparison of caregiver and occupational therapist ratings of dementia patients' performance of activities of daily living      
Comparison of cause-specific mortality between respondents and nonrespondents in a population-based prospective study: ten-year follow-up of JPHC Study Cohort I. Japan Public Health Center.      
A comparison of checked versus unchecked individual patient data (IPD) [abstract]      
Comparison of chemotherapy and bone marrow transplants using two independent clinical databases      
Comparison of chorionic villus sampling and amniocentesis for fetal karyotyping at 10-13 weeks' gestation [erratum appears in Lancet 1994 Sep 17;344(8925):830].      
A comparison of cigarette smokers recruited through the Internet or by mail.      
A comparison of CINAHL and MEDLINE CD-ROM in four allied health areas      
A comparison of citation metrics to machine learning filters for the identification of high quality MEDLINE documents      
A comparison of citations in the Indian Journal of Gastroenterology with other journals      
A comparison of clinical practice guideline appraisal instruments      
A comparison of clinical practice guideline appraisal instruments [abstract]      
A comparison of community-based centers in clinical trial performance [abstract]      
Comparison of conference abstracts and presentations with full-text articles in the health technology assessments of rapidly evolving technologies.      
Comparison of conference presentations and abstracts with published full-text articles in health technology assessment of rapidly evolving technologies [abstract]      
A comparison of conflict of interest policies at peer-reviewed journals in different scientific disciplines      
A comparison of consumer and provider preferences for research on homeless veterans      
Comparison of Copas selection model for publication bias and trim-and-fill. Poster presentation at the 16th Cochrane Colloquium: Evidence in the era of globalisation; 2008 Oct 3-7; Freiburg, Germany [abstract]      
A comparison of crossover versus parallel-group design in the evaluation of analgesic efficacy after molar extraction.      
Comparison of current and previous approaches to deal with publication bias in systematic reviews. Poster presentation at the 17th Cochrane Colloquium; 2009 Oct 11-14, Singapore [abstract]      
Comparison of data analysis strategies for intent-to-treat analysis in pre-test-post-test designs with substantial dropout rates      
Comparison of databases for Iranian articles; access to evidence on substance abuse and addiction      
Comparison of deferral rates using a computerized versus written blood donor questionnaire: a randomized, cross-over study [ISRCTN84429599].      
A comparison of depressed patients in randomized versus nonrandomized trials of antidepressant medication and psychotherapy      
Comparison of descriptions of allocation concealment in trial protocols and the published reports: cohort study.      
Comparison of diet measures from a food-frequency questionnaire with measures from repeated 24-hour dietary recalls. The Norwegian Women and Cancer Study.      
The comparison of different dyspnoea scales in patients with COPD      
Comparison of different MEDLINE search engines [abstract]      
The comparison of different scales of measurement for experimental results.      
A comparison of different sources of information about pregnancy and childbirth.      
A comparison of different strategies to collect standard gamble utilities      
Comparison of directly elicited preferences to preferences derived from the SF-36 in adults with asthma      
Comparison of documentation time between an electronic and a paper-based record system by optometrists at an eye hospital in south India: a time-motion study      
A comparison of drug literature coverage by Index Medicus and Drug Literature Index      
Comparison of effect estimates from a meta-analysis of summary data from published studies and from a meta-analysis using individual patient data for ovarian cancer studies      
Comparison of effects in randomized controlled trials with observational studies in digestive surgery.      
A comparison of elderley patients with aggressive histology lymphoma who were entered or not entered on to a randomized Phase II Trial      
A comparison of elderly patients with aggressive histology lymphoma who were entered or not entered on to a randomized phase II trial      
Comparison of eligible randomized patients with two groups of ineligible patients: can the results of the VA Total Parenteral Nutrition clinical trial be generalized?      
A comparison of Embase randomised controlled trial filters. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
A comparison of Embase systematic review filters. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Comparison of EQ-5D, HUI, and SF-36-derived societal health state values among spine patient outcomes research trial (SPORT) participants.      
A comparison of error detection rates between the reading aloud method and the double data entry method      
Comparison of estimates of effectiveness from randomised and non-randomised studies [abstract]      
Comparison of European and U.S. results for cephalosporin versus penicillin treatment of group A streptococcal tonsillopharyngitis.      
Comparison of Euroqol (EQ-5D) and the Health Utilities Index (HUI) for utility estimation of permanent sequelae after meningitis [abstract]      
A comparison of evaluative indices of quality of life and cognitive function in hemodialysis patients      
A comparison of evidence and practice in the treatment of constipation      
Comparison of evidence of treatment effects in randomized and nonrandomized studies      
Comparison of evidence on harms of medical interventions in randomized and nonrandomized studies.      
A comparison of fixed-effects and mixed (random-effects) models for meta-analysis testsof moderator variable effects      
Comparison of fixed-fee Grateful Med database use and searching success rates given the continued availability of MEDLINE in other formats      
A comparison of formal consensus methods used for developing clinical guidelines      
Comparison of four methods for metaanalysis of survival data [abstract]      
Comparison of French and English versions of the American Thoracic Society respiratory questionnaire in a bilingual working population      
Comparison of gestational age classifications: date of last menstrual period vs. clinical estimate      
Comparison of good and poor adherers [abstract]      
A comparison of handsearching versus Chinese BioMedical (CBM) database searching to identify reports of randomized controlled trials. Poster presentation at the 17th Cochrane Colloquium; 2009 Oct 11-14, Singapore [abstract]      
A comparison of handsearching versus EMBASE searching of the Annals of Saudi Medicine to identify reports of randomized controlled trials.      
A comparison of handsearching versus EMBASE searching of the Archives of Iranian Medicine to identify reports of randomized controlled trials.      
A comparison of handsearching versus EMBASE searching of the Bahrain Medical Bulletin to identify reports of randomized controlled trials.      
A comparison of handsearching versus MEDLINE searching to identify reports of randomized controlled trials      
A comparison of handsearching versus MEDLINE searching to identify reports of randomized controlled trials [abstract]      
Comparison of handsearching with electronic databases of clinical trials published in Argentinean indexed journals [abstract]      
Comparison of health information megasites [abstract]      
A comparison of health-related quality-of-life measures for rheumatoid arthritis research. The Auranofin Cooperating Group      
Comparison of health-related quality of life preferences between physicians and cirrhotic patients: implications for cost-utility analyses in chronic liver disease.      
Comparison of hospital costing methods in an economic evaluation of a multinational clinical trial.      
Comparison of imputation and modelling methods in the analysis of a physical activity trial with missing outcomes.      
A comparison of imputation methods in a longitudinal randomized clinical trial.      
A comparison of individual patient data meta-analysis with the use of summary patient-level covariates in meta-regression [abstract]      
Comparison of information processing technologies      
Comparison of instruments for measuring quality of life in patients with lung cancer.      
A comparison of intent-to-treat and per-protocol results in antibiotic non-inferiority trials.      
Comparison of internet attitudes between industrial employees and college students.      
Comparison of interviewed and non-interviewed non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) patients in the San Francisco Bay Area.      
Comparison of investigator and central events review of myocardial infarction rates as a means to improve events classification: results from GUSTO-IIA [abstract]      
A comparison of journal coverage in Psychological Abstracts and the primary health sciences indexes: implications for cooperative serials acquisition and retention      
Comparison of journal title coverage between CINAHL and Scopus      
A comparison of key data entry versus fax data entry, accuracy and time [abstract]      
Comparison of knowledge and attitudes between different target groups for cancer screening [abstract]      
Comparison of large versus smaller randomized trials for mental health-related interventions.      
Comparison of large versus smaller randomized trials for mental health related interventions [abstract]      
Comparison of librarian and advanced practice nurse ratings of depression websites using an adapted health information website evaluation tool [abstract]      
A comparison of likelihood-based and marginal estimating equation methods for analysing repeated ordered categorical responses with missing data: application to an intervention trial of vitamin prophylaxis for oesophageal dysplasia      
A comparison of Likert and visual analogue scales for measuring change in function      
Comparison of literature searches on quality and costs for health technology assessment using the MEDLINE and EMBASE databases      
A comparison of mail and e-mail for a survey of employees in U.S. statistical agencies      
Comparison of mail and telephone in assessing patient experiences in receiving care from medical group practices      
Comparison of mania patients suitable for treatment trials versus clinical treatment      
A comparison of manual and MEDLARS reviews of the literature on consultation-liaison psychiatry [see comments]      
A comparison of matrix questionnaires with standard questionnaires.      
Comparison of medical abortion with surgical vacuum aspiration: women's preferences and acceptability of treatment.      
Comparison of Medical Subject Headings and standard terminology regarding performance of diagnostic tests      
Comparison of Medical Subject Headings and text-word searches in MEDLINE to retrieve studies on sleep in healthy individuals      
A comparison of MEDLINE CD-ROM and librarian-mediated search service users      
A comparison of MEDLINE, Embase and Cinahl on searches for systematic reviews in respiratory health [abstract]      
Comparison of meta-analyses of therapeutic studies on regression of left ventricular hypertrophy. [Review]      
Comparison of meta-analysis versus analysis of variance of individual patient data      
A comparison of meta-analytic results using literature vs individual patient data: paternal cell immunization for recurrent miscarriage      
A comparison of methodologies from two longitudinal community-based randomized controlled trials of similar interventions in palliative care: what worked and what did not?      
A comparison of methods and results in recruiting white and black women into reproductive studies: the MMC-PSU cooperative center on reproduction experience      
Comparison of methods for analysing cluster randomized trials: an example involving a factorial design.      
A comparison of methods for collecting self-report data on sensitive topics.      
Comparison of methods for collection of DNA samples by mail in the Black Women's Health Study      
A comparison of methods for estimating the causal effect of a treatment in randomized clinical trials subject to noncompliance      
A comparison of methods for fixed effects meta-analysis of individual patient data with time to event outcomes.      
Comparison of methods for follow-up by mail [abstract]      
Comparison of methods for health economic measurements in clinical trials [abstract]      
Comparison of methods of grading bodies of evidence and strength of recommendations used by clinical practice guideline groups. Oral presentation at the 16th Cochrane Colloquium: Evidence in the era of globalisation; 2008 Oct 3-7; Freiburg, Germany [abstract]      
Comparison of methods of handling missing data in individual patient data meta-analyses: an empirical example on antibiotics in children with acute otitis media.      
Comparison of methods of handling missing data in individual patient data meta-analyses: an empirical example on antibiotics in children with acute otitis media [abstract]      
A comparison of methods to analyse continuous data from pseudo cluster randomized trials.      
Comparison of methods to assess dietary exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocyclic amines [abstract]      
A comparison of methods to detect publication bias in meta-analysis      
Comparison of methods to evaluate the quality of evidence in resource studies: a pilot study. Oral presentation at the 16th Cochrane Colloquium: Evidence in the era of globalisation; 2008 Oct 3-7; Freiburg, Germany [abstract]      
A comparison of missing data methods for hypothesis tests of the treatment effect in substance abuse clinical trials: a Monte-Carlo simulation study.      
Comparison of mortality in eligible patients not enrolled versus enrolled in the Collaborative Ocular Melanoma Study randomized trial of pre-enucleation radiation of large choroidal melanoma [abstract]      
A comparison of narrative and table formats for presenting hypothetical health states to patients with gastrointestinal or pulmonary disease      
Comparison of nonrandomized trials with slow-release sodium fluoride with a randomized placebo-controlled trial in postmenopausal osteoporosis.      
A comparison of nurse and patient perceptions of chemotherapy treatment stressors      
A comparison of observational studies and controlled trials of heparin in ulcerative colitis.      
A comparison of observational studies and randomized, controlled trials      
Comparison of open and closed questionnaire formats in obtaining demographic information from Canadian general internists.      
Comparison of outcome measures in head and neck cancer-literature review 2000-2006      
Comparison of outcomes for clients in randomized versus open trials of treatment for alcohol use disorders      
Comparison of outcomes in cancer patients treated within and outside clinical trials: conceptual framework and structured review. [Review]      
Comparison of outcomes of a community-based education programme executed with and without active community involvement      
Comparison of outcomes of phase II studies and subsequent randomized control studies using identical chemotherapeutic regimens.      
Comparison of outcomes of phase II trials (P2Ts) and subsequent randomized control trials (RCTs) using identical therapeutic regimens [abstract]      
Comparison of paper-based and electronic data collection process in clinical trials: costs simulation study      
Comparison of participants and non-participants in a clinical trial of funguria [abstract]      
Comparison of participants and non-participants in a randomized psychosocial intervention study among patients with malignant melanoma.      
Comparison of participants and non-participants to the ORISCAV-LUX population-based study on cardiovascular risk factors in Luxembourg      
A comparison of participants with non-participants in a population-based epidemiologic study: the Melbourne Visual Impairment Project.      
A comparison of patient-reported outcomes (PROs) in National Cancer Institute-sponsored cancer treatment trials conducted during two time periods: 1999-2003 and 2003-2008 [abstract]      
A comparison of patients' and health care professionals' preferences for symptoms during immediate postoperative recovery and the management of postoperative nausea and vomiting.      
Comparison of peer and citation assessment of the influence of scientific journals.      
A comparison of peer review processes used by Cochrane review groups [abstract]      
Comparison of performance of four instruments in evaluating the effects of salmeterol on asthma quality of life.      
A comparison of perspectives on prostate cancer: analysis of utility assessments of patients and physicians.      
Comparison of physician and patient assessments of incontinence severity and improvement.      
A comparison of physician and patient perceptions of clinically important endpoints in the treatment of Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) [abstract]      
A comparison of physician-patient views of teen prenatal information needs      
A comparison of placebo effects in clinical analgesic trials versus studies of placebo analgesia      
Comparison of predictions based on observational data with the results of randomized controlled clinical trials of coronary artery bypass surgery      
A comparison of preference assessment instruments used in a clinical trial: responses to the visual analog scale from the EuroQol EQ-5D and the Health Utilities Index.[erratum appears in Med Decis Making 1999 Oct-Dec;19(4):511]      
Comparison of preferences for health outcomes in schizophrenia among stakeholder groups.      
A comparison of primary care information content in UpToDate and the National Guideline Clearinghouse.      
Comparison of prognostic factors in patients in phase I trials of cytotoxic drugs vs new noncytotoxic agents.      
Comparison of protocols and registry entries to published reports for randomised controlled trials      
Comparison of protocols to published articles for randomised controlled trials. Oral presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
Comparison of PubMed and Google Scholar literature searches      
Comparison of PubMed, Scopus, Web of Science, and Google Scholar: strengths and weaknesses      
Comparison of quality of life in the Program on the Surgical Control of Hyperlipidemias (POSCH) by a standard instrument and a study specific questionnaire. The POSCH Group. [abstract]      
Comparison of quality of life instruments in a setting of a clinical trial [abstract]      
Comparison of quality-of-life instruments in adults with strabismus      
A comparison of quality-of-life measures in a randomized trial [abstract]      
Comparison of quantitative diagnostic tests: type I error, power, and sample size      
A comparison of random digit dial (RDD) & commercial telemarketing lists (CTL) for population recruitment [abstract]      
A comparison of randomised controlled trials in health and education.      
Comparison of randomization techniques for clinical trials with data from the HOMERUS-trial.      
A comparison of randomized concurrent control groups with matched historical control groups: are historical controls valid?      
A comparison of recruitment methods for an osteoarthritis exercise study      
Comparison of recruitment strategies for a large-scale clinical trial in the elderly.      
Comparison of registered and published primary outcomes in randomized controlled trials      
A comparison of regression approaches for analyzing clustered data      
Comparison of reporting of ethnicity in US and European randomised controlled trials. [Review]      
Comparison of reports of randomized controlled trials and systematic reviews in surgical journals: literature review.      
Comparison of research sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry and research financed by other means: a systematic review of literature of quality and outcome.      
A comparison of response rate and time according to the survey methods used: a randomized controlled trial.      
A comparison of response rate, data quality, and cost in the collection of data on sexual history and personal behaviors. Mail survey approaches and in-person interview.      
Comparison of response rates to a postal questionnaire from a general practice and a research unit.      
A comparison of responses to open-ended and closed-ended items on a state-level community education needs assessment instrument.      
Comparison of results from different imputation techniques of missing data in an anti-obesity drug trial. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
A comparison of results of meta-analyses of randomized control trials and recommendations of clinical experts. Treatments for myocardial infarction      
A comparison of retrieval effectiveness for three methods of indexing medical literature      
Comparison of review articles published in peer-reviewed and throwaway journals      
Comparison of ROC umbrella volumes with an application to the assessment of lung cancer diagnostic markers.      
A comparison of scoring weights for the EuroQol derived from patients and the general public.      
A comparison of search methods for determining the scope of systematic reviews. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Comparison of search strategies for recalling double-blind trials from MEDLINE      
Comparison of search strategies on CD Plus/MEDLINE [see comments]      
Comparison of search techniques (printed and computerised) with specific reference to the RTECS databank      
Comparison of selection models in meta-analysis [abstract]      
Comparison of self-administered University of California, Los Angeles, shoulder score with traditional University of California, Los Angeles, shoulder score completed by clinicians in assessing the outcome of rotator cuff surgery      
Comparison of self-reported outcomes with arm functional measurements in early breast cancer patients undergoing nodal biopsy in NSABP Protocol B-32 [abstract]      
A comparison of seven-point and visual analogue scales. Data from a randomized trial      
Comparison of several model-based methods for analysing incomplete quality of life data in cancer clinical trials      
Comparison of SF-36 and WHOQOL-100 in patients with stroke      
Comparison of Short Form-36 Health Survey and Nottingham Health Profile in moderate to severe patients with COPD      
Comparison of single versus double data extraction: a pilot study [abstract]      
A comparison of socio-demographic and psychological factors between patients consenting to randomisation and those selecting treatment (the ProtecT study).      
A comparison of some demand subject searches: machine vs. human      
A comparison of statistical methods for combining event rates from clinical trials      
Comparison of statistical methods for combining event rates from clinical trials [abstract]      
A comparison of statistical methods for evaluating risk factor changes in community-based studies: an example from the Stanford Three-Community Study      
A comparison of statistical methods for meta-analysis      
A comparison of statistical methods of pooling randomized control trials (RCTs): an assessment of 45+ meta-analyses (M-As) [abstract]      
Comparison of statistical tests on bias in meta-analysis with binary outcomes [abstract]      
Comparison of stratification and adaptive methods for treatment allocation in an acute stroke clinical trial.      
Comparison of study characteristics in study participants and non-participants in the Louisiana healthy ageing study [abstract]      
A comparison of subgroup analyses in grant applications and publications. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
A comparison of subjective and objective measures of physical activity and fitness in identifying associations with cardiometabolic risk factors      
Comparison of subjects who fully versus minimally participated in a breast-feeding study.      
Comparison of submitted and published reports of randomized trials [abstract]      
A comparison of summary patient-level covariates in meta-regression with individual patient data meta-analysis      
Comparison of SUNY and MEDLINE searches      
Comparison of survival among eligible patients not enrolled versus enrolled in the Collaborative Ocular Melanoma Study (COMS) randomized trial of pre-enucleation radiation of large choroidal melanoma      
Comparison of systematic and narrative reviews: the example of the atypical antipsychotics. [Review]      
Comparison of tablet measures by calibrated cylinder versus tablet count in the DIG Study [abstract]      
Comparison of techniques for handling missing covariate data within prognostic modelling studies: a simulation study      
Comparison of telephone sampling and area sampling: response rates and within-household coverage.      
A comparison of tests of homogeneity of odds ratios in K 2 x 2 tables      
Comparison of the accuracy of centralized double key data entry and single key interactive data entry [abstract]      
Comparison of the assessment of five new interventional procedures in different countries      
A comparison of the Assessment of Quality of Life (AQoL) with four other generic utility instruments.      
Comparison of the attitudes of health care professionals and parents toward active treatment of very low birth weight infants      
Comparison of the Bayesian approach and a simple algorithm for assessment of adverse drug events.      
Comparison of the characteristics and functioning of cocaine treatment and cocaine research subjects.      
Comparison of the Cochrane Neonatal Group systematic reviews and Danish guidelines for newborns [abstract]      
Comparison of the college alumnus questionnaire physical activity index with objective monitoring      
A comparison of the coverage of clinical medicine provided by PASCAL BIOMED and MEDLINE      
A comparison of the currency of secondary information sources in the biomedical literature. 1. Weekly current awareness services      
Comparison of the diagnostic criteria and efficacy evaluation criteria in randomized controlled trials of traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Poster presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
Comparison of the digoxin marker with capsule counting and compliance questionnaire methods for measuring compliance to medication in a clinical trial      
Comparison of the discriminative ability of a generic and a condition-specific OHRQoL measure in adolescents with and without normative need for orthodontic treatment      
A comparison of the effect of promised and provided lotteries, monetary and gift incentives on mail survey response rate, speed and cost.      
A comparison of the effects of problem-based learning and lecturing on the development of students' critical thinking      
Comparison of the effects of treatment of peri-implant infection in animal and human studies: systematic review and meta-analysis      
A comparison of the EuroQol-5D and the Health Utilities Index mark 3 in patients with rheumatic disease.      
[Comparison of the fields of randomized therapeutic trials published in the New England Journal of Medicine with various health indicators]      
Comparison of the informed consent process for randomized clinical trials in pediatric and adult oncology.      
Comparison of the performance of SDI profiles on the INSPEC database, before and after the addition of searchable abstracts      
A comparison of the power of two tests for qualitative interactions      
A comparison of the Psychological Abstracts and National Institute of Mental Health databases.      
A comparison of the published version of randomized controlled trials in a specialist clinical journal with the original trial protocols [abstract]      
A comparison of the quality of Cochrane reviews and systematic reviews published in paper-based journals      
Comparison of the Quality of Well-being Scale and the SF-36 results among two samples of ill adults: AIDS and other illnesses      
A comparison of the results of checked versus unchecked individual patient data meta-analyses.      
A comparison of the results of intent-to-treat, per-protocol, and g-estimation in the presence of non-random treatment changes in a time-to-event non-inferiority trial      
Comparison of the risk difference, risk ratio and odds ratio scales for quantifying the unadjusted intervention effect in cluster randomized trials      
A comparison of the sensitivity and robustness of generic and disease-specific health-related quality of life instruments in children with seasonal allergic rhinitis [abstract]      
Comparison of the sensitivity and specificity of exercise electrocardiography in biased and unbiased populations of men and women      
A comparison of the views of rheumatologists, general practitioners and patients on the treatment of osteoarthritis      
A comparison of ther performance of national and international peer reviewers in a brazilian journal [abstract]      
Comparison of three composite compliance indices in a trial of self-administered preventive therapy for tuberculosis in HIV-infected Ugandan adults. Uganda-Case Western Reserve University Research Collaboration      
A comparison of three different models for estimating relative risk in meta-analysis of clinical trials under unobserved heterogeneity.      
A comparison of three different sources of data in assessing the frequencies of adverse reactions to amiodarone      
A comparison of three health status measures in primary care outpatients.      
Comparison of three low-cost strategies to increase response rates to postal questionnaires. Results from TOMBOLA (Trial Management of Borderline and Other Low-grade Abnormal smears) [abstract]      
A comparison of three measures: the time trade-off technique, global health-related quality of life and the SF-36 in dialysis patients.      
Comparison of three visit-specific patient satisfaction instruments: reliability and validity measures and the effect of four methods of data collection on dimensions of patient satisfaction.      
Comparison of top-performing search strategies for detecting clinically sound treatment studies and systematic reviews in MEDLINE and EMBASE.      
A comparison of two antiseptic and steroid creams, illustrating the importance of an "order effect" in such trials.      
Comparison of two cluster sampling methods for health surveys in developing countries      
A comparison of two dietary instruments for evaluating the fat-breast cancer relationship      
Comparison of two different search strategies in identifying literature for a diagnostic test accuracy review of Down's Syndrome screening [abstract]      
A comparison of two methods for eliciting contingent valuations of colorectal cancer screening      
A comparison of two methods for estimating odds ratios: results from the National Health Survey.      
Comparison of two methods of classification of cause of death in a cardiovascular clinical trial. The SPAF Investigators. [abstract]      
A comparison of two methods of requesting reprints in the behavioral sciences: Request-A-Print and the traditional letter      
Comparison of two methods to detect publication bias in meta-analysis.      
A comparison of two primary care trials on tennis elbow: issues of external validity.      
Comparison of two procedures for tracing participants in an epidemiologic cohort study      
Comparison of two quality-of-life instruments for cancer patients: the functional assessment of cancer therapy-general and the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer Quality of Life Questionnaire-C30.      
A comparison of two quality-of-life questionnaires for cancer clinical trials: the functional living index--cancer (FLIC) and the quality of life questionnaire core module (QLQ-C30)      
Comparison of two random-effects methods of meta-analysis      
Comparison of two recruitment strategies for patients with chronic shoulder complaints.      
Comparison of two survey methodologies to assess vaccination coverage.      
Comparison of two types of epidemiological surveys aimed at collecting daily clinical symptoms in community-based longitudinal studies      
Comparison of two urine tests (drug marker vs. metabolite) to measure compliance with disulfiram [abstract]      
Comparison of two within-household selection methods in a telephone survey of substance abuse and dependence      
A comparison of two worlds: how does Bayes hold up to the status quo for the analysis of clinical trials? [abstract]      
Comparison of types of research articles published in emergency medicine and non-emergency medicine journals      
Comparison of valuations by patients, health care professionals, and laypersons using multiple outcome health state vignettes [abstract]      
A comparison of various rate functions of a recurrent event process in the presence of a terminal event      
A comparison of veteran and nonveteran motivations and reasons for participating in clinical trials.      
Comparison of Web and mail surveys for studying secondary consequences associated with substance use: evidence for minimal mode effects.      
A comparison of web search engine performances in searching of health information: evaluation and recommendations [abstract]      
A comparison of world wide web resources for identifying medical information      
A comparison of yield in a non-systematic and a systematic review.      
Comparisons between ITT and treatment emergent adverse event analyses      
Comparisons between randomized and non-randomized evidence [abstract]      
Comparisons of adolescent and parent willingness to participate in minimal and above-minimal risk pediatric asthma research protocols      
Comparisons of cause of death verification methods and costs in the lipid research clinics program mortality follow-up study      
Comparisons of citations in Web of Science, Scopus, and Google Scholar for articles published in general medical journals      
Comparisons of descriptions of blinding in trial protocols and the published reports. Oral presentation at the 16th Cochrane Colloquium: Evidence in the era of globalisation; 2008 Oct 3-7; Freiburg, Germany [abstract]      
Comparisons of minimization and Atkinson's algorithm      
Compelling or irrelevant? Using number needed to treat can help decide      
Compensation for incarcerated research participants: diverse state policies suggest a new research agenda      
Competence of depressed patients for consent to research.      
Competing risk and heterogeneity of treatment effect in clinical trials      
A competing risk approach to the analysis of trials of alternative intra-uterine devices (IUDs) for fertility regulation      
Competing risks analysis of patients with osteosarcoma: a comparison of four different approaches      
Complementary medicine and the Cochrane Collaboration      
[Complementary medicine research in Israel between the years 1994-2004]      
Complementary therapy and cancer: decision making by patients and their physicians setting a research agenda.      
Complementary use of the SciSearch database for improved biomedical information searching      
Complementary/alternative medicine in dermatology: evidence-assessed efficacy of two diseases and two treatments. [Review]      
Completeness and accuracy of WWW-based catalogues of medical E-learning modules      
The completeness of MEDLINE for papers published and abstracted in the Journal of Emergency Medicine      
The Completeness of Reporting (CORE) index identifies important deficiencies in observational study conference abstracts.      
Completeness of reporting of trials published in languages other than English: implications for conduct and reporting of systematic reviews      
Completeness of reporting trial results: effect on physicians' willingness to prescribe      
Completeness of safety reporting in randomized trials: an evaluation of 7 medical areas      
Completion rates in health-related quality-of-life assessment: approach of the National Cancer Institute of Canada Clinical Trials Group      
Complex interventions: how "out of control" can a randomised controlled trial be?      
Complex regional pain syndrome type I: use of the International Association for the Study of Pain diagnostic criteria defined in 1994. [Review]      
The complexities of maximising recruitment to complex intervention trials in child and adolescent mental health services [abstract]      
Complexities of retention in primary care randomised trials: a thematic analysis of in-depth interviews [abstract]      
Complexity and contradiction in clinical trial research.      
Compliance and power in a randomized trial. The Physicians' Health Study Research Group. [abstract]      
Compliance as an explanatory variable in clinical trials.      
Compliance assessment in the homocysteine study (HOST), a VA Cooperative Study with centralized follow-up and direct-to-patient drug shipments [abstract]      
Compliance in an anti-hypertension trial: a latent process model for binary longitudinal data      
[Compliance in HIV infected adults. Study of opportunistic infection prophylaxis with cotrimoxazole in Ivory Coast]. [French]      
Compliance in quality of life data: a Norwegian experience      
Compliance issues in quality of life assessment: experiences of two Cancer Research Campaign sponsored groups      
Compliance of clinical trial registries with the World Health Organization minimum data set: a survey      
Compliance patterns in AMIS [abstract]      
Compliance techniques to increase mailed questionnaire return rates from alcoholics      
Compliance with an experimental drug regimen for treatment of asthma: its magnitude, importance, and correlates      
Compliance with fluvastatin treatment characterization of the noncompliant population within a population of 3845 patients with hyperlipidemia.      
Compliance with guidelines for elderly patients undergoing cancer therapy [abstract]      
Compliance with medication in the Helsinki Heart Study.      
Compliance with QOL assessment in multi-centre German breast cancer trials      
Compliance with quality of life data collection in the National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project (NSABP) Breast Cancer Prevention Trial      
Compliance with QUOROM and quality of reporting of overlapping meta-analyses on the role of acetylcysteine in the prevention of contrast associated nephropathy: case study.      
Compliance with the CONSORT checklist in obstetric anaesthesia randomised controlled trials.      
Complication reporting in orthopaedic trials: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials      
Components of placebo effect: randomised controlled trial in patients with irritable bowel syndrome.      
Components of variance and intraclass correlations for the design of community-based surveys and intervention studies: data from the Health Survey for England 1994      
Composite outcomes can be misleading [abstract]      
Composite outcomes in randomized trials: greater precision but with greater uncertainty?      
Composite outcomes: weighting component events according to severity assisted interpretation but reduced statistical power      
Composite randomization designs for clinical trials      
Composition of the editorial/advisory boards of major English-language anesthesia/critical care journals      
Comprehension during informed consent in a less-developed country.      
Comprehension of Internet-based numeric cancer information by older adults      
A comprehensive algorithm for determining whether a run-in strategy will be a cost-effective design modification in a randomized clinical trial      
Comprehensive Cohort Study: an alternative to randomized consent design in a breast preservation trial      
The comprehensive cohort study: the use of registry data to confirm and extend a randomized trial      
Comprehensive searching for systematic reviews: a comparison of database performance. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Comprehensive systematic review of complex interventions facilitated by means of new software program. Poster presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
Comprehensiveness and bias in reporting clinical trials. Study of reviews of pneumococcal vaccine effectiveness      
The comprehensiveness of computer-assisted searches of the medical literature      
The comprehensiveness of MEDLINE and EMBASE computer searches. Searches for controlled trials of homoeopathy, ascorbic acid for common cold and ginkgo biloba for cerebral insufficiency and intermittent claudication      
COMPROC and CHECKNORM: computer programs for comparing accuracies of diagnostic tests using ROC curves in the presence of verification bias.      
Compromised ethical principles in randomised clinical trials of distant, intercessory prayer.      
Compulsory registration of clinical trials.      
Compulsory substance abuse treatment: an overview of recent findings and issues. [Review]      
A computational model of reasoning from the clinical literature      
Computed vs. effective intercoder reliability for systematic reviews [abstract]      
Computer access and Internet use among urban youths      
Computer and Internet use among Iranian medical students      
Computer and internet use in a community health clinic population      
Computer-based instruction and health professions education: a meta-analysis of outcomes      
Computer-based screening of patients with HIV/AIDS for clinical-trial eligibility.      
Computer literature searches on dengue.      
Computer simulation of a clinical trial as an aid to teaching the concept of statistical significance      
Computer use has no demonstrated impact on the well-being of older adults      
Computerization of clinical practice in Hong Kong: a study of Chinese medicine practitioners      
Computerized literature searching in the ambulatory setting using PaperChase      
Computerized medical records in family medicine journals, 1981-1990: diffusion of an innovation [see comments]      
Computerized search of scientific literature on sport for disabled persons      
Computerized searches of the 1985 personality disorder literature      
Computers, the Internet and medical education in Africa      
The COMS randomized trial of iodine 125 brachytherapy for choroidal melanoma, II: characteristics of patients enrolled and not enrolled. COMS Report No. 17.      
Concealed allocation: an under-reported and misunderstood component of trial methodology in stroke rehabilitation [abstract]      
Concentration of the most-cited papers in the scientific literature: analysis of journal ecosystems.      
The concept of an overview of cancer clinical trials with special emphasis on early breast cancer      
The concept of race in Health Services Research: 1966 to 1990      
Concept of true and perceived placebo effects      
Conceptual and methodological issues in research on age and aging.      
Conceptual framework and systematic review of the effects of participants' and professionals' preferences in randomised controlled trials.      
The conclusions on the effectiveness of homeopathy highly depend on the set of analyzed trials.      
Conclusiveness of the Cochrane Neonatal Reviews: a systematic analysis.      
Concordance between supervised and postal administration of the Mini Asthma Quality of Life Questionnaire (MiniAQLQ) and Asthma Control Questionnaire (ACQ) was very high.      
Concordance of data between conference abstracts and full reports [abstract]      
Concordance of reporting of primary outcomes in abstracts and full text of randomized clinical trials: Is there an outcome reporting bias? Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
The concurrent validity of items in the Quality-of-Life Index in a cohort of HIV-positive and HIV-negative gay men      
A conditional analysis for two-treatment multiple-period crossover designs with binomial or poisson outcomes and subjects who drop out      
Conditional power calculations for early acceptance of H0 embedded in sequential tests      
Conditional power for arbitrary survival curves to decide whether to extend a clinical trial      
Conditional relative odds ratio and comparison of accuracy of diagnostic tests based on 2 x 2 tables.      
The conditional relative odds ratio provided less biased results for comparing diagnostic test accuracy in meta-analyses.      
Conditions, interventions, and outcomes in nursing research: a comparative analysis of North American and European/International journals. (1981-1990)      
Conducting a clinical trial of adolescents in a high school setting: challenges and solutions [abstract]      
Conducting a critical interpretive synthesis of the literature on access to healthcare by vulnerable groups.      
Conducting a meta-ethnography of qualitative literature: lessons learnt.      
Conducting clinical trials over the internet: feasibility study.      
Conducting health technology assessments (HTA) in dentistry does not substantially differ from conducting HTA in medicine.      
Conducting physician mail surveys on a limited budget. A randomized trial comparing $2 bill versus $5 bill incentives.      
Conducting randomised controlled trials in primary care: lessons from an obesity management trial.      
Conducting research in individual patients: lessons learnt from two series of N-of-1 trials.      
Conducting research interviews with elderly people by telephone.      
Conducting research surveys via e-mail and the web      
Conducting research using the emergency exception from informed consent: the Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) Trial experience      
Conducting systematic reviews of complementary and alternative medicine: common pitfalls      
Conducting systematic reviews of diagnostic studies: didactic guidelines      
Conference abstracts of a new oncology drug do not always lead to full publication: proceed with caution      
Conference abstracts that report ''possible'' randomized trials - are they worth finding? [abstract]      
Conference on meta-analysis in the design and monitoring of clinical trials [letter]      
Confidence in the safety of blood for transfusion: the effect of message framing.      
Confidence interval construction for effect measures arising from cluster randomization trials      
Confidence intervals and P-values for meta-analysis with publication bias      
Confidence intervals and survival estimates: a systematic review of 3 oncology journals      
[Confidence intervals and their relevance for the interpretation of results. Audit of the journal "Strahlentherapie und Onkology"]. [German]      
Confidence intervals for random effects meta-analysis and robustness to publication bias      
Confidence intervals for the number needed to treat      
Confidence intervals for the number needed to treat. Absolute risk reduction is less likely to be misunderstood      
Confidence intervals for the number needed to treat. Pooling numbers needed to treat may not be reliable      
Confidence intervals for the overall effect size in random-effects meta-analysis.      
Confidence intervals in procedural dermatology: an intuitive approach to interpreting data.      
Confidence intervals rather than P values: estimation rather than hypothesis testing      
Confirmation of research publications reported by neurological surgery residency applicants.      
Confirmational response bias among social work journals      
Conflict of interest among clinical practice guidelines authors. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Conflict of interest and disclosure policies in psychiatry and medicine: a comparative study of peer-reviewed journals [abstract]      
Conflict of interest and the BMJ      
Conflict of interest disclosure policies and practices in peer-reviewed biomedical journals      
Conflict of interest disclosure policies and practices of peer-reviewed biomedical journals [abstract]      
Conflict of interest in clinical practice guidelines: a systematic review. Poster presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
Conflict of interest in the debate over calcium-channel antagonists      
Conflict of interest in university-industry research relationships: realities, politics, and values      
Conflict of interest management at the international CPR consensus conference [abstract]      
Conflict of interest management before, during, and after the 2005 International Consensus Conference on cardiopulmonary resuscitation and emergency cardiovascular care science with treatment recommendations      
Conflict of interest policies at scientific journals: a cross-disciplinary comparison [abstract]      
Conflict of interest policies for clinical practice guideline organizations do not measure up to IOM standards. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Conflict-of-interest policies for investigators in clinical trials.      
Conflict of interest policies in health technology assessment organizations [abstract]      
Conflict of interest policies in science and medical journals: editorial practices and author disclosures      
Conflicting clinical trials and the uncertainty of treating mild hypertension      
Conflicting evidence in lung cancer screening: randomized controlled trials versus case-control studies      
Conflicting guidelines for screening mammography: influence of author's specialty and conflicts of interest. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Conflicts of interest at medical journals: the influence of industry-supported randomised trials on journal impact factors and revenue - cohort study      
Conflicts of interest: conceptual and normative issues      
Conflicts of interest disclosed by authors of manuscripts submitted to a general medical journal [abstract]      
Conflicts of interest in academic research: policies, processes, and attitudes      
Conflicts of interests: different approaches, different results [abstract]      
Confounding by indication in non-experimental evaluation of vaccine effectiveness: the example of prevention of influenza complications.      
Confronting challenges in intervention research with ethnically diverse older adults: the USC Well Elderly II Trial      
Confronting publication bias: a cohort design for meta analysis      
Congenital nasolacrimal duct obstruction in the second year of life: a multicentre trial of management.      
"Congratulations, you have been randomized into the control group!(?)": issues to consider when recruiting schools for matched-pair randomized control trials of prevention programs      
Congruence between health professionals' and patients' pain ratings: a review of the literature. [Review]      
Connecting discovery and delivery: the need for more evidence on effective smoking cessation strategies for people living with HIV/AIDS      
Connecting internet use with gaps in cancer knowledge      
Consensus among experts and research synthesis. A comparison of methods      
Consensus and contention regarding redundant publications in clinical research: cross-sectional survey of editors and authors.      
A consensus development approach to define national research priorities in bone metastases: proceedings from NCIC CTG workshop.      
Consensus development methods: a review of best practice in creating clinical guidelines. [Review]      
Consensus development methods, and their use in clinical guideline development      
Consensus methods in practice guideline development: a review and description of a new method      
[Consensus methods: review of original methods and their main alternatives used in public health]      
Consent: a Cartesian ideal? Human neural transplantation in Parkinson's disease.      
Consent for clinical research in the neonatal intensive care unit: a retrospective survey and a prospective study.      
Consent for participation in the Bloemfontein vitamin A trial: how informed and voluntary?      
The consent form as a possible cause of side effects      
Consent in clinical trials: what do patients know?      
Consent to clinical trials in anaesthesia.      
[Consent to enrollment in randomized clinical trials]      
Consent to participation in medical research: ethnical and age differences [abstract]      
Consequences and determinants of adherence to antiretroviral medication: results from Adult AIDS Clinical Trials Group protocol 370.      
Consequences of event rate heterogeneity across non-randomized study sub-groups.      
The consequences of large monetary incentives in mail surveys of elites.      
Consequences of prejudice against the null hypothesis      
Consequences of transforming measures of efficacy for acute therapies: 5-HT agonists as a worked example      
Conservative local treatment versus mastectomy after induction chemotherapy in locally advanced breast cancer: a randomised phase III study (EORTC 10974/22002, LAMANOMA)--why did this study fail?      
[Consideration of gender issues in German-language public health research: results of a survey of public health projects]. [German]      
Considerations associated with the use of interim data for reimbursement submissions [abstract]      
Considerations for the meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials: summary of a panel discussion      
Considerations in choice of a clinical endpoint for AIDS clinical trials. Terry Beirn Community Programs for Clinical Research on AIDS (CPCRA)      
Considerations in measuring resource use in clinical trials.      
Considerations in the evaluation of surrogate endpoints in clinical trials. summary of a National Institutes of Health workshop.      
Considerations in the selection of end points for AIDS clinical trials.      
Considered judgement in evidence-based guideline development      
Considered judgement in evidence-based guidelines development [abstract]      
Considering resistance in systematic reviews of antibiotic treatment.      
Considering the case for an antidepressant drug trial involving temporary deception: a qualitative enquiry of potential participants.      
Consistency and accuracy of indexing systematic review articles and meta-analyses in medline      
Consistency and accuracy of the Medical Subject Headings thesaurus for electronic indexing and retrieval of chronobiologic references      
Consistency between peer reviewers for a clinical specialty journal      
Consistency between reviewers and editors about which papers should be published [abstract]      
The consistency between scientific papers presented at the Orthopaedic Trauma Association and their subsequent full-text publication.      
Consistency of decision making by editors: the relation between reviewers' and editors' ratings and future (10 years) citation [abstract]      
Consistency of financial interest disclosures in the biomedical literature: the case of coronary stents.      
Consolation for the scientist: sometimes it is hard to publish papers that are later highly-cited      
Consolidated criteria for reporting qualitative research (COREQ): a 32-item checklist for interviews and focus groups      
Consolidated Standards for Reporting Trials of Traditional Chinese Medicine (CONSORT for TCM) (For Solicitation of Comments).      
CONSORT 2010 Explanation and Elaboration: updated guidelines for reporting parallel group randomised trials      
CONSORT 2010 explanation and elaboration: updated guidelines for reporting parallel group randomised trials      
CONSORT 2010 Statement: updated guidelines for reporting parallel group randomised trials      
CONSORT 2010 Statement: updated guidelines for reporting parallel group randomised trials      
CONSORT 2010 Statement: updated guidelines for reporting parallel group randomised trials      
CONSORT 2010 Statement: updated guidelines for reporting parallel group randomised trials      
CONSORT 2010 Statement: updated guidelines for reporting parallel group randomised trials      
[CONSORT 2010 Statement: updated guidelines for reporting parallel group randomised trials (Chinese version)]      
CONSORT 2010 statement: updated guidelines for reporting parallel group randomized trials      
CONSORT: an evolving tool to help improve the quality of reports of randomized controlled trials. Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials      
CONSORT Extension for N-of-1 Trials (CENT) guidelines. Poster presentation at the 17th Cochrane Colloquium; 2009 Oct 11-14, Singapore [abstract]      
CONSORT for Abstracts: guidance to improve the quality of reporting of randomized trials in conference and journal abstracts [abstract]      
CONSORT for Abstracts: Guidance to improve the quality of reporting of randomized trials in conference and journal abstracts [abstract]      
CONSORT for improving the quality of reports of randomized trials: a large scale survey of PubMed articles. Oral presentation at the 17th Cochrane Colloquium; 2009 Oct 11-14, Singapore [abstract]      
CONSORT for improving the quality of reports of randomized trials: a longitudinal study of PubMed indexed articles [abstract]      
CONSORT for reporting randomised trials in journal and conference abstracts.      
CONSORT for reporting randomized controlled trials in journal and conference abstracts: explanation and elaboration.      
CONSORT guidelines for reporting abstracts of randomized trials: a survey of its impact on high-impact journals [abstract]      
CONSORT guidelines for reporting abstracts of randomized trials: a survey of its impact on high impact journals. Oral presentation at the 17th Cochrane Colloquium; 2009 Oct 11-14, Singapore [abstract]      
CONSORT in China. Oral presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
CONSORT: missing missing data guidelines, the effects on HTA monograph reporting [abstract]      
[CONSORT Serial 1: How to explain the methodological rationale of randomized controlled trial on Traditional Chinese Medicine]      
CONSORT statement: extension to cluster randomised trials      
The CONSORT statement: revised recommendations for improving the quality of reports of parallel-group randomised trials      
The CONSORT statement: Revised recommendations for improving the quality of reports of parallel-group randomized trials      
The CONSORT statement: revised recommendations for improving the quality of reports of parallel-group randomized trials      
The Consort statement: revised recommendations for improving the quality of reports of parallel group randomized trials 1      
The CONSORT statement: revised recommendations for improving the quality of reports of parallel-group randomized trials. CONSORT group      
Constancy of relative indices of treatment effect across different definitions of response derived from continuous scales: secondary analyses of individual-patient trial database of second-generation antipsychotics. Oral presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
Constraints on academic freedom in industry-initiated clinical trials [abstract]      
Constraints on academic freedom in industry-initiated trials [abstract]      
Constraints on publication rights in industry-initiated clinical trials.      
Constructing a database of individual clinical trials for longitudinal analysis      
Constructing an assessment scale to measure quality of evidence in health technology assessment [abstract]      
Constructing common cohorts from trials with overlapping eligibility criteria: implications for comparing effect sizes between trials      
Constructing structure maps of multiple on-line texts      
Consulting about consulting: challenges to effective consulting about public health research.      
Consulting with young people to inform systematic reviews: an example from a review on the effects of schools on health. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Consumer collaboration, patient-defined outcomes and the preparation of Cochrane Reviews      
Consumer demand for health information on the Internet.      
Consumer education interventions in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews: a text analysis The Cervical Overview Group [abstract]      
Consumer health information: libraries as partners      
Consumer health information provided by library and hospital Websites in the South Central Region      
Consumer health information Websites: a survey of design elements found in sites developed in academic environments      
Consumer health information websites: the state of the art [abstract]      
Consumer impact on arthritis research. Poster presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
Consumer involvement at the MRC Clinical Trials Unit: results of a survey [abstract]      
Consumer involvement in Cochrane reviews: is it worth the trouble? [abstract]      
Consumer involvement in consent document development: a multicenter cluster randomized trial to assess study participants' understanding.      
Consumer involvement in consent document development: a multicenter cluster randomized trial to assess study participants' understanding [abstract]      
Consumer involvement in health research: fact or fiction?      
Consumer involvement in research into complementary and alternative medicine [abstract]      
Consumer involvement in research is essential      
Consumer involvement in research priority setting [abstract]      
Consumer involvement in setting the health services research agenda: persistent questions of value      
Consumer involvement in the health technology assessment program.      
Consumer involvement in the interpretation, dissemination and implementation of the results of systematic reviews: 4 Collaborative Review Group perspectives [abstract]      
Consumer issues and shared decision making. Oral presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
Consumer mail survey responses: more (unbiased) bang for the buck.      
Consumer needs for medicines information: a role for Cochrane? [abstract]      
Consumer participation in identifying research and development priorities for power wheelchair input devices and controllers      
Consumer participation in The Cochrane Collaboration - comparison of two models. Oral presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Consumer perspectives in surgical research and audit      
Consumer-professional partnership to improve research: the experience of the Cochrane Collaboration's Pregnancy and Childbirth Group      
Consumer refereeing: what are the best ways to do it?      
Consumer representation on the Cochrane Musculoskeletal Review Group. A systematic approach      
Consumer trust and distrust: an issue of website design      
Consumer web search behaviour: diagrammatic illustration of wayfinding on the web      
Consumers are helping to prioritise research      
Consumers as peer reviewers of systematic reviews of effectiveness [abstract]      
A consumer's guide to meta-analysis      
A consumer's guide to subgroup analyses      
Consumption of information in the International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care.      
Contact lens articles in the literature.      
Contact lens articles in the literature: an update.      
Contamination in trials of educational interventions.      
Contending paradigms for the interpretation of data on patient compliance with therapeutic drug regimens      
A content analysis of Health Technology Assessment programs in Latin America      
A content analysis of librarianship research.      
A content analysis of obstetrics and gynecology scholarship: implications for women's health      
A content analysis of the health information provided in women's weekly magazines      
A content analysis of the professional journal of the British Society of Speech Therapists. I: The first 10 years. Spotlight on 'Speech' 1935-1945      
Content and communication: how can peer review provide helpful feedback about the writing?      
Content and design attributes of antivaccination web sites      
Content and quality of 2000 controlled trials in schizophrenia over 50 years      
Content and quality of currently published phase II cancer trials. [Review]      
Content-based image retrieval for scientific literature access      
The content of medical journal Instructions for authors      
Content of reports on clinical trials: a critical review      
Contents of the Cochrane library on the organisation of stroke services.      
Context effects. Powerful therapies or methodological bias? [Review]      
Context framing to enhance HIV-antibody-testing messages targeted to African American women      
Context representation for web search results      
The continued use of retracted, invalid scientific literature      
The continued use of retracted, invalid scientific literature      
Continuing education on teaching skills for health professionals. Evaluation of training the trainers      
Continuing medical education credit as an incentive for participation in peer review [abstract]      
Continuing problems with gray literature      
The continuing unethical use of placebo controls.      
Continuing use of print-only information by researchers      
Continuous quality improvement applied to a scientific assembly: the history of the Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma      
Contour-enhanced meta-analysis funnel plots help distinguish publication bias from other causes of asymmetry.      
Contradicted and initially stronger effects in highly cited clinical research.      
Contradictory results from consecutive clinical trials: a cautious approach to explanations. The Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research. [abstract]      
Contrasting clinical and statistical significance within the research setting      
Contrasting evidence when using hospital or population controls: the example of the association between exposure to gasoline and diesel exhaust, and lung cancer [abstract]      
The contribution of a Cochrane Centre towards "ensuring the accessibility" of Cochrane systematic reviews [abstract]      
Contribution of checking reference lists to systematic reviews [abstract]      
[Contribution of Galician hospitals to national and international Internal Medicine scientific meetings]. [Spanish]      
The contribution of handsearching European general health care journals to the Cochrane Controlled Trials Register      
Contribution of health economics data to the development of clinical practice guidelines as illustrated by guidelines recommending the use of pit sealants to prevent dental decay [abstract]      
Contribution of medical student research to the Medline-indexed publications of a German medical faculty.      
Contribution of meta-analyses to the evaluation of treatments for advanced colorectal cancer. [Review]      
The contribution of observational studies to the knowledge of drug effectiveness in heart failure.      
Contribution of personalization to mail questionnaire response as an element of a previously tested method.      
Contribution of pharmaceutical manufacturer data submissions in identifying relevant studies for systematic reviews. Poster presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
Contribution of pharmacists to the reporting of adverse drug reactions.      
The contribution of qualitative research in designing a complex intervention for secondary prevention of coronary heart disease in two different healthcare systems.      
Contribution of randomised controlled trials to understanding and management of early breast cancer      
The contribution of RCTs to quality management and their feasibility in practice      
Contribution of six characteristics of an abstract to the acceptance of that abstract for the EURAPS annual scientific meeting      
Contribution of the Cochrane Library to the evidence-based journals      
Contribution to scientific research in paediatrics in The Netherlands: evaluation according to subspeciality over a 10-year period      
A contribution to the authorship debate: can we trust definitions and declarations?      
Contributions from surgeons to clinical trials and research on the management of soft tissue sarcoma      
The contributions of authors.      
The contributions of authors to multiauthored biomedical research papers.      
Contributions of EMBASE search in meta-analysis of diagnostic studies [abstract]      
Contributions of meta-analyses based on individual patient data to therapeutic progress in colorectal cancer      
Control group bias in randomized atypical antipsychotic medication trials for schizophrenia.      
Control of bias in randomized controlled trials published in prosthodontic journals      
Control of sexually transmitted diseases for HIV-1 prevention: understanding the implications of the Mwanza and Rakai trials.[see comment]. [Review] [37 refs]      
Control selection strategies in case-control studies of childhood diseases      
A controlled analysis of authorship trends over two decades      
A controlled "before-after" study: impact of a clinical guidelines programme and regional cancer network organization on medical practice      
The controlled clinical trial turns 100 years: Fibiger's trial of serum treatment of diphtheria      
Controlled clinical trials in cancer pain. How controlled should they be? A qualitative systematic review.      
Controlled clinical trials in cystic fibrosis - are we doing better?      
Controlled clinical trials in the 1980s: a bibliography      
Controlled observations on the single case      
Controlled studies in clinical cancer research.      
Controlled studies in measuring the efficacy of medical care: a historical perspective      
Controlled treatment trials in the irritable bowel syndrome: a critique      
Controlled trial of the effect of length, incentives, and follow-up techniques on response to a mailed questionnaire.      
Controlled trials in aesthetic plastic surgery: a 16-year analysis      
Controlled trials in children: quantity, methodological quality and descriptive characteristics of pediatric controlled trials published 1948-2006      
Controlled trials in epilepsy: a review      
Controlled trials in rare diseases: How many? How informative? Adequate? [abstract]      
[Controlled trials on the efficacy of occupational therapy with elderly. Part I: Research question, search strategy and methodological quality of trials]      
Controlled trials: the 1948 watershed      
The controlled versus natural indexing languages debate revisited: a perspective on information retrieval practice and research      
Controlled vocabulary associated with non-randomized studies of interventions for low back pain [abstract]      
Controlling bias in mail questionnaires.      
Controlling ecological bias in evidence synthesis of trials reporting on collapsed and overlapping covariate categories      
Controlling for drug dose in systematic review and meta-analysis: a case study of the effect of antidepressant dose      
Controlling the risk of spurious findings from meta-regression.      
Controversial choice of a control intervention in a trial of ventilator therapy in ARDS: standard of care arguments in a randomised controlled trial.      
Controversies concerning randomization and additivity in clinical trials.      
Controversies in meta-analysis: the case of the trials of serum cholesterol reduction      
Controversies in the treatment of breast cancer: a need for return to the three Rs in clinical research.      
Controversy of oral contraceptives and risk of rheumatoid arthritis: meta-analysis of conflicting studies and review of conflicting meta-analyses with special emphasis on analysis of heterogeneity      
A conundrum for randomized controlled trials: experience from a small hepatocellular carcinoma trial      
Conventional cautions regarding online information: do they predict accuracy of breast cancer websites? [abstract]      
Conventional consent with opting in versus simplified consent with opting out: an exploratory trial for studies that do not increase patient risk      
Conventional search strategies cannot easily identify those trials of drug therapy which provide quantitative adverse effects data [abstract]      
Conventions for handling missing data. The British Stomach Cancer Group. [abstract]      
The convergence of impact factor and media attention on discussions between doctors and their patients: the case of rosiglitazone [abstract]      
Convergent discriminitive, and predictive validity of the Prostate Cancer Specific Quality of Life Instrument (PROSQOLI) assessment and comparison with analogous scales from the EORTC QLQ-C30 and a trial-specific module. European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer. Core Quality of Life Questionnaire      
Conversion rate of research abstracts to publications in pediatric dentistry.      
Converting odds ratio to risk difference to aid decision making [abstract]      
Converting systematic reviews to Cochrane format: a cross-sectional survey of Australian authors of systematic reviews      
Converting the SF-12 into the EQ-5D: an empirical comparison of methodologies      
A cooperative trial in the primary prevention of ischaemic heart disease using clofibrate: some statistical aspects      
The COPE Report 2005: COPE code of conduct for editors.      
Coping with missing data in clinical trials: a model-based approach applied to asthma trials      
Core journals of evidence-based physiotherapy practice      
Core journals of physiotherapy.      
The core of peer review: reviewers vs editors and future citation of manuscripts [abstract]      
The core outcomes for neck pain: validation of a new outcome measure.      
Core outcomes in systematic reviews of paediatric surgical interventions. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Coronary artery surgery study (CASS): a randomized trial of coronary artery bypass surgery. Comparability of entry characteristics and survival in randomized patients and nonrandomized patients meeting randomization criteria.      
Coronary Artery Surgery Study (CASS): comparability of 10 year survival in randomized and randomizable patients.      
Coronary artery surgery study revisited. Limitation of the intent-to-treat principle.      
Coronary heart disease and estrogen replacement therapy. Can compliance bias explain the results of observational studies?      
Coronary revascularization in diabetic patients: a comparison of the randomized and observational components of the Aypass Angioplasty Revascularization Investigation (BARI).      
Correcting for non-compliance in randomized trials: an application to the ATBC Study      
Correcting for non-compliance of repeated binary outcomes in randomized clinical trials: randomized analysis approach.      
Correcting for non-random loss to follow-up when estimating ethnic differences in the utilization of antidepressant medications: the Multi-ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA) [abstract]      
Correcting for noncompliance and dependent censoring in an AIDS Clinical Trial with inverse probability of censoring weighted (IPCW) log-rank tests      
Correcting for partial verification bias: a comparison of methods      
Correcting for the bias caused by drop-outs in hypertension trials [see comments]      
Correcting for verification bias in studies of a diagnostic test's accuracy      
Correcting the literature after scientific misconduct: problems and potential in the biomedical electronic journal and database environments [abstract]      
Correcting the literature following fraudulent publication      
Correction and use of biomedical literature affected by scientific misconduct      
Correction for non-compliance in equivalence trials      
Correction: Reporting bias in drug trials submitted to the Food and Drug Administration: review of publication and presentation.      
Correlates of HIV vaccine trial participation: an Indian perspective.      
Correlates of parental participation during informed consent for randomized clinical trials in the treatment of childhood leukemia.      
The correlates of research success      
Correlation between 2 or 3 year (y) disease-free survival (DFS) and 5 year overall survival (OS) in adjuvant systemic trials of early stage breast cancer [abstract]      
The correlation between patient characteristics and expectations of benefit from Phase I clinical trials.      
Correlation of changes between 2-year disease-free survival and 5-year overall survival in adjuvant breast cancer trials from 1966 to 2006      
Correlation of quality measures with estimates of treatment effect in meta-analyses of randomized controlled trials      
Correlation of Web usage and exam performance in a human anatomy and development course.      
Correlations between different quality of life domains in aggressive non-Hodgkin's lymphoma patients [abstract]      
Correspondence between Cochrane classification of trials and MEDLINE publication type indexing. Oral presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
The COSMIN checklist for assessing the methodological quality of studies on measurement properties of health status measurement instruments: an international Delphi study      
The COSMIN checklist for evaluating the methodological quality of studies on measurement properties: a clarification of its content      
The COSMIN study reached international consensus on taxonomy, terminology, and definitions of measurement properties for health-related patient-reported outcomes      
Cost-benefit analyses in the health-care literature: don't judge a study by its label      
Cost comparison between paper-and-pencil and web based data collection for large-scale longitudinal health outcomes research [abstract]      
Cost data for individual patients included in clinical studies: no amount of statistical analysis can compensate for inadequate costing methods. [Review]      
Cost differences and results of 2 survey techniques: telephone and mail.      
Cost-effectiveness analysis for multinational clinical trials.      
Cost-effectiveness analysis of inhaled corticosteroids in asthma: a review of the analytical standards. [Review]      
Cost-effectiveness analysis of pharmacological treatments in schizophrenia: critical review of results and methodological issues      
Cost-effectiveness analysis of recruitment strategies in a community-based intervention study of HIV-infected persons.      
A cost-effectiveness analysis of subject recruitment strategies in the HIPAA era: results from a colorectal cancer screening adherence trial      
The cost-effectiveness analysis of systematic review. Poster presentation at the 17th Cochrane Colloquium; 2009 Oct 11-14, Singapore [abstract]      
Cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit analyses in the medical literature. Are the methods being used correctly? [see comments]      
Cost effectiveness comparison of online and manual bibliographic information retrieval      
Cost-effectiveness comparisons using "real world" randomized trials: the case of new antidepressant drugs [see comments]      
Cost effectiveness. How should it be determined?      
Cost-effectiveness in clinical trials: using multiple imputation to deal with incomplete cost data      
Cost-effectiveness of a lottery for increasing physicians' responses to a mail survey      
Cost effectiveness of a prize draw on response to a postal questionnaire: results of a randomised trial among orthopaedic outpatients in Edinburgh.      
The cost effectiveness of an RCT comparing alendronate with vitamin K1 [abstract]      
The cost-effectiveness of an RCT to establish whether 5 or 10 years of bisphosphonate treatment is the better duration for women with a prior fracture      
The cost effectiveness of including pencils and erasers with self-completion epidemiological questionnaires.      
Cost-effectiveness of interventions to support self-care: a systematic review.      
Cost effectiveness of nasal calcitonin in postmenopausal women: use of Cochrane Collaboration methods for meta-analysis within economic evaluation      
Cost-effectiveness of nasal calcitonin in postmenopausal women. Using Cochrane Collaboration methods in economic evaluation [abstract]      
Cost-effectiveness of new drugs: a systematic review of published evidence for new chemical entity drugs introduced on the Swedish market 1987-2000.      
The cost-effectiveness of preference-based treatment allocation: the case of hysterectomy versus endometrial resection in the treatment of menorrhagia.      
The cost-effectiveness of randomised incentive and follow-up contacts in a national mail survey of familiy physicians.      
The cost-effectiveness of randomized incentive and follow-up contacts in a national mail survey of family physicians      
Cost effectiveness of recruitment methods in an obesity prevention trial for young children.      
Cost effectiveness of screening for clinical trials by research assistants versus senior investigators.      
Cost-effectiveness of using prognostic information to select women with breast cancer for adjuvant systemic therapy.      
Cost-efficacy vs. cost-effectiveness: how does being chosen as a clinical trial subject affect the ability to generalise use and cost of health services to 'real life' subjects? [abstract]      
Cost implications of different approaches to the prevention of respiratory distress syndrome      
The cost of a Cochrane review: a survey of Cochrane review groups and reviewers [abstract]      
Cost of cancer clinical trials in elderly patients.      
Cost of care for patients in cancer clinical trials.      
The cost of dichotomization      
Cost-of-illness studies : a review of current methods      
The cost of neonatal care: reviewing the evidence      
Cost utility analysis conducted alongside RCTs: is inefficiency considered in sample size calculations? [abstract]      
Cost-utility analysis of interferon beta-1B in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis using natural history disease data.      
A cost/benefit approach to postage used on mail questionnaires.      
Costing and perspective in published cost-effectiveness analysis      
Costing methods in the Canadian literature on the economic evaluation of health care. A survey and assessment      
Costs and benefits of selected response inducement techniques in mail survey research.      
Costs and consequences of enhanced primary care for depression: systematic review of randomised economic evaluations      
Costs and funding for published medical education research.      
The costs, effects and cost-effectiveness of strategies to increase coverage of routine immunizations in low- and middle-income countries: systematic review of the grey literature      
Costs of medline and CD-ROM searching [letter]      
Costs of producing single and multiple technology assessment reports for National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) appraisals [abstract]      
Costs of recruiting couples to a clinical trial.      
Could a search for a diagnostic test accuracy review be restricted to MEDLINE? Oral presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Could do better? Search methods in recent oral health systematic reviews. Poster presentation at the 16th Cochrane Colloquium: Evidence in the era of globalisation; 2008 Oct 3-7; Freiburg, Germany [abstract]      
Could the appearance of postal questionnaires influence response? Observations from the UK RECORD trial [abstract]      
Counting, analysing and reporting exacerbations of COPD in randomised controlled trials      
Country development and manuscript selection bias: a review of published studies.      
Country development and publication bias: a review of published studies [abstract]      
Covariate-adjusted reference intervals for diagnostic data.      
Covariate heterogeneity in meta-analysis: criteria for deciding between meta-regression and individual patient data.      
Cover letter appeals and sponsorship effects on mail survey response rates.      
Coverage and framing of racial and ethnic health disparities in US newspapers, 1996-2005      
Coverage and overlaps in bibliographic databases relevant to forensic medicine: a comparative analysis of MEDLINE [see comments]      
Coverage by the news media of the benefits and risks of medications.      
The coverage of women's health in general medical vs women's specialty journals: not just "navel-to-knees" [abstract]      
Cox regression models for quality adjusted survival analysis      
Creating an NIH clinical trials registry: a user-friendly approach to health care      
Creating an online dictionary of abbreviations from MEDLINE.      
Creating an optimal search strategy for occupational health intervention studies [abstract]      
Creating clinically relevant knowledge from systematic reviews: the challenges of knowledge translation      
Creating metasummaries of qualitative findings.      
[Creative mathematics with clopidogrel: exaggeration of the preventive effect by manufacturer]      
Creativity in neurosurgical publications      
Credibility of a newly designed placebo needle for clinical trials in acupuncture research.      
Credit for discoveries: citation data as a basis for history of science analysis      
The CRISP system: an untapped resource for biomedical research project information.      
Criteria for assessing the quality of health information on the Internet      
Criteria for assessment of medical imaging web servers      
Criteria for evaluating alternative MEDLINE search engines      
Criteria for the evaluation of qualitative research papers      
Criteria for the validation of surrogate endpoints in randomized experiments      
Criteria list for assessment of methodological quality of economic evaluations: Consensus on Health Economic Criteria.      
Criteria list for quality assessment of economic evaluation reviews [abstract]      
Criteria of good research      
Critical analysis of clinical research reporting in pediatric surgery: justifying the need for a new standard      
[A critical analysis of clinical trials in acute pancreatitis published between 1983 and 1989]      
A critical analysis of professional and academic publications on traditional Chinese medicine in China.      
[Critical analysis of the bibliography of Actas Urologicas Espanolas]      
Critical analysis of the pharmaceutical care research literature      
Critical appraisal checklist for systematic reviews of clinical prediction models. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Critical appraisal in clinical practice: sometimes irrelevant, occasionally invalid      
Critical appraisal of economic evaluations published in the field of rheumatology and related disciplines [abstract]      
Critical appraisal of evidence based medicine synopses and original abstracts: a pilot comparison study.      
The critical appraisal of focus group research articles      
Critical appraisal of published research: introductory guidelines [see comments]      
Critical appraisal of randomized clinical trials in gastroenterology.      
Critical appraisal of review articles      
A critical appraisal of review articles on the effectiveness of conservative treatment for neck pain      
A critical appraisal of reviews on the treatment of neck pain [abstract]      
A critical appraisal of standard guidelines for grading levels of evidence      
Critical appraisal of the design and reporting of studies of imaging and measurement of carotid stenosis.      
[Critical appraisal of the literature in systematic review]. [Japanese]      
Critical appraisal of the methodological quality of case series included in health technology assessment (HTA) reports [abstract]      
A critical appraisal of the quality of quality-of-life measurements [see comments]      
A critical appraisal of toxicity indexes in rheumatology      
[Critical assessment of randomized controlled trials published in biomedical Chilean journals]      
Critical assessment of randomized controlled trials published in biomedical Chilean journals [abstract]      
A critical assessment of the quality of reporting of randomized, controlled trials in the urology literature.      
A critical assessment of the refereeing of medical articles by peer review.      
Critical care nursing research priorities in Hong Kong.      
A critical evaluation of free paper abstracts accepted for the 1996 RACS Annual Scientific Congress      
A critical evaluation of the methodology of the literature on medication compliance      
Critical interpretative synthesis: what it is and why it is needed [abstract]      
Critical issues in the conduct and interpretation of clinical trials.      
Critical reading of a meta-analysis of clinical trials [abstract]      
Critical reading of the meta-analysis of clinical trials      
Critical review of articles regarding pregnancy exposures in popular magazines      
A critical review of dimension-specific measures of health-related quality of life in cross-cultural research.      
A critical review of health-related economic evaluations in Australia: implications for health policy. [Review]      
A critical review of internet information about depression. [Review]      
[Critical review of measures of quality of life in schizophrenia]. [Review] [French]      
Critical review of meta-analyses of randomized clinical trials in hepatogastroenterology [abstract]      
A critical review of methods for the assessment of patient-level interactions in individual participant data meta-analysis of randomized trials, and guidance for practitioners      
A critical review of papers from clinical cancer research      
A critical review of simulation-based medical education research: 2003-2009      
A critical review of some published experiments with chlorpromazine in schizophrenic, neurotic, and normal humans      
A critical review of the 10 pivotal caries clinical studies used in a recent meta-analysis comparing the anticaries efficacy of sodium fluoride and sodium monofluorophosphate dentifrices      
[Critical review of the bibliographic references of "Archivos Espanoles de Urologia"]      
Critical review of the international assessments of health-related quality of life      
Critical review of the manner in which the efficacy of therapies for rosacea are evaluated. [Review]      
Critical review of the quality and development of randomized clinical trials (RCTs) and their influence on the treatment of advanced epithelial ovarian cancer      
A critical synopsis of the diagnostic and screening radiology outcomes literature      
The Criticism Management System for the Cochrane Library      
A critique and guide of methods to assess interactions in individual patient data (IPD) meta-analysis. Oral presentation at the 17th Cochrane Colloquium; 2009 Oct 11-14, Singapore [abstract]      
A critique of adolescent pregnancy prevention research: the invisible white male      
Critique of meta-analysis of second-line antirheumatic drugs      
A critique of recent research on the two-treatment crossover design      
A critique of the methodologies used in clinical studies of hip-joint arthroplasty published in the English-language orthopaedic literature.      
A critique of the methodology of research studies evaluating massage      
A critique of therapeutic trials in Helicobacter pylori-positive functional dyspepsia      
Cross-cultural adaptation of a psychometric instrument: two methods compared.      
Cross-cultural adaptation of health-related quality of life measures: literature review and proposed guidelines [see comments]      
Cross-cultural adaptation of research instruments: language, setting, time and statistical considerations      
Cross-cultural validation for quality of life [letter; comment]      
Cross design synthesis: a new form of meta-analysis for combining results from randomised clinical trials and medical- practice databases      
Cross-design synthesis: A new form of meta-analysis for combining results from randomized clinical trials and medical-practice databases      
Cross design synthesis: a new strategy for medical effectiveness research      
Cross-issue synthesis: potential application to breast cancer, tamoxifen and genetic susceptibility      
Cross-linguistic equivalence of WHOQOL-100: a study from North India.      
A cross-national comparison of prioritisation methods for health technology assessment [abstract]      
Cross-national comparison of technology assessment processes.      
Cross-over trials, carry-over effects and the art of self-delusion      
Cross-over trials in Statistics in Medicine: the first '25' years      
A cross-sectional analysis demonstrated the healthy volunteer effect in smokers.      
A cross-sectional analysis of family medicine publications in the indexed medical literature      
Cross-sectional analysis of guidelines on cardiovascular disease risk factors: going to meet the inconsistencies      
A cross-sectional evidence-based review of pharmaceutical promotional marketing brochures and their underlying studies: is what they tell us important and true?      
A cross sectional quality of life study of 116 recurrence free head and neck cancer patients. The first use of EORTC H&N35 in Danish      
Cross-sectional study of abstract quality. Oral presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Cross-study hierarchical modeling of stratified clinical trial data.      
Cross validation of some psychometric properties of the CSQ and its differential return rate as a function of token financial incentive.      
Cross-validation performance of mortality prediction models      
Crossing international boundaries: implications for the Term Breech Trial Data Coordinating Centre.      
Crossover and self-controlled designs in clinical research.      
Crossover and self-controlled designs in clinical research [abstract]      
Crossover comparison of drug information online database vendors: Dialog and MEDLARS      
Crossover design in pharmacy research      
Crossover or parallel design in infertility trials? The discussion continues [see comments]      
Crossover trials are only useful when there is a positive correlation between the response to different treatment modalities      
Crossover trials, degrees of freedom, the carryover problem and its dual      
CRTs--cluster randomized trials or "courting real troubles": challenges of running a CRT in rural Gujarat, India      
CT2--the clinical trials control tower: overcoming barriers to opening oncology clinical trials.      
Cultural adaptation and validation of a German version of the Arthritis Impact Measurement Scales (AIMS2).      
Cultural characteristics of African Americans: implications for the design of trials that target behavior and health promotion programs.      
Cultural feasibility studies in preparation for clinical trials to reduce maternal-infant HIV transmission in Haiti.      
Cultural variability in the effects of question design features on respondent comprehension of health surveys      
Culturally appropriate surrogates for vulnerable patients perspectives of participation in randomized clinical trials [abstract]      
Culturally sensitive approaches to recruitment and enrollment of Hispanics into the National Lung Screening Trial [abstract]      
Cumulating evidence from randomized trials: utilizing sequential monitoring boundaries for cumulative meta-analysis.      
Cumulating quality of life results in controlled trials of coronary artery bypass graft surgery      
Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature search strategies for identifying methodologically sound causation and prognosis studies.      
Cumulative meta-analysis: a consideration of indicators of sufficiency and stability.      
Cumulative meta-analysis: a new tool for detection of temporal trends and publication bias in ecology      
Cumulative meta analysis as ultimate truth      
[Cumulative meta-analysis as ultimate truth]      
Cumulative meta-analysis of clinical trials builds evidence for exemplary medical care      
A cumulative meta-analysis of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in pediatric depression: did unpublished studies influence the efficacy/safety debate?      
Cumulative meta-analysis of therapeutic trials for myocardial infarction      
Cumulative meta-analysis to determine key milestones in the Life Cycle of Evidence in Cancer Care (LIFE CYCLE) [abstract]      
Cumulative meta-analysis to determine key milestones in the Life Cycle of Evidence in Cancer Care (LIFE CYCLE-ECC) [abstract]      
Cumulative meta-analysis - When to "stop flogging dead horses" [abstract]      
Cumulative recruitment experience in two large single-center randomized, controlled clinical trials      
Currency of full-text medical journals: CCML and MEDIS vs. MEDLINE [see comments]      
Currency of online breast cancer information      
Current access to health information in Zambia: a survey of selected health institutions      
Current and future challenges in the design and analysis of cluster randomization trials.      
Current findings from research on structured abstracts      
Current methods of the US Preventive Services Task Force: a review of the process      
Current practice compared with the international guidelines: endoscopic surveillance of Barrett's esophagus      
Current priorities in health research funding and lack of impact on the number of child deaths per year      
Current quality-of-life research challenges in arthritis relevant to the issue of clinical significance      
Current research in statistical methodology for clinical trials      
Current situation of systematic reviews published in Chinese journals [abstract]      
The current status of clinical research in traditional Korean medicine, South Korea. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
The current status of ethical review of protocols concerning human participants in research in Canada.      
Current status of quality in Japanese clinical trials      
The current status of systematic reviews on diagnostic tests published in Chinese [abstract]      
Current use of medical eponyms - a need for global uniformity in scientific publications      
Current use of randomisation methods in clinical trials: a UK survey [abstract]      
[Current use of statistics in biomedical research: a comparison of general medicine journals]      
Current worldwide practice of dialysis dose prescription in acute renal failure.      
Cutting edges in biometry      
[Cysticercosis. Scientific productivity measured with with a review of the literature published from 1965 to 1995]