Back pain online: a cross-sectional survey of the quality of web-based information on low back pain      
Bad reporting does not mean bad methods for randomised trials: observational study of randomised controlled trials performed by the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group.      
Balance algorithm for cluster randomized trials.      
Balancing high accrual and ethical recruitment in paediatric oncology: a qualitative study of the 'look and feel' of clinical trial discussions      
Balancing rigour and acceptability: the use of HIV incidence to evaluate a community-based randomised trial in rural Uganda      
Balancing science and community concerns in resource-limited settings: Project Accept in rural Zimbabwe.      
Balancing search and retrieval in hypertext: context-specific trade-offs in navigational tool use      
Balancing the number and size of sites: an economic approach to the optimal design of cluster samples. [Review]      
Balloon angioplasty versus bypass grafting in the era of coronary stenting.      
Balneotherapy and quality assessment: interobserver reliability of the Maastricht criteria list and the need for blinded quality assessment      
Balneotherapy: sometimes a misleading keyword      
Band versus bypass: influence of an educational seminar and surgeon visit on patient preference.      
Band versus bypass: randomization and patients' choices and perceptions.      
Barrett's esophagus: patient information and the Internet. The patient's perspective.      
Barriers and facilitators to enrollment in cancer clinical trials: qualitative study of the perspectives of clinical research associates.      
Barriers and facilitators to physician's adherence to clinical guidelines: a review of the literature.      
Barriers and solutions to the use of evidence-based medicine by rural general practitioners in rural/remote areas of South Australia      
Barriers encountered during enrollment in an internet-mediated randomized controlled trial      
Barriers encountered in the conduct of clinical studies: a case in point. Perioperatively discontinuation of MTX [abstract]      
Barriers encountered when recruiting obese pregnant women to a dietary intervention      
Barriers exist to patient participation in clinical trials [abstract]      
Barriers facing physicians practicing evidence-based medicine in Saudi Arabia.      
Barriers for accrual to clinical trials in adult patients (pts) with thoracic malignancies [abstract]      
Barriers in phase I cancer clinical trials referrals and enrollment: five-year experience at the Princess Margaret Hospital.      
Barriers to a trial of atherosclerosis prevention in systemic lupus erythematosus.      
Barriers to accrual and strategies to increase entry of patients onto randomized clinical trials (RCT) in the community. A study of ECOG physicians [abstract]      
Barriers to and facilitators of clinical practice guideline use in nursing homes.      
Barriers to, and facilitators of, research utilization among nurses in Northern Ireland.      
Barriers to Australian physicians' and paediatricians' involvement in randomised controlled trials.      
Barriers to black women's participation in cancer clinical trials      
Barriers to cancer clinical trial participation among Native elders      
Barriers to clinical trial participation as perceived by oncologists and patients.      
Barriers to clinical trial participation by older women with breast cancer.      
Barriers to clinical trials vary according to the type of trial and the institution.      
Barriers to evidence-based practice in primary care.      
Barriers to full-text publication following presentation of abstracts at annual orthopaedic meetings.      
Barriers to implementing the evidence base in four NHS therapies      
Barriers to minority participation in breast carcinoma prevention trials.      
Barriers to minority recruitment: implications for chemoprevention trials [abstract]      
Barriers to minority/underserved breast cancer prevention study participation [abstract]      
Barriers to obtaining consent in dementia research: implications for surrogate decision-making.      
Barriers to participating in an HIV vaccine trial: a systematic review.      
Barriers to participation in clinical trials of cancer: a meta-analysis and systematic review of patient-reported factors.      
Barriers to participation in HIV drug trials: a systematic review.      
Barriers to participation in randomised controlled trials.      
Barriers to participation in randomised controlled trials: a systematic review      
Barriers to participation in randomized clinical trials for early breast cancer among Australian cancer specialists      
Barriers to racial/ethnic minority application and competition for NIH research funding      
Barriers to recruiting underrepresented populations to cancer clinical trials: a systematic review.      
Barriers to Research Utilization Scale: psychometric properties of the Turkish version      
Barriers to the implementation of cluster stroke rehabilitation trials [abstract]      
Barriers to the participation of African-American patients with cancer in clinical trials: a pilot study.      
Barriers to the practice of evidence-based urology      
Barriers to using research evidence in nursing practice.      
Baseline patient characteristics and mortality associated with longitudinal intervention compliance      
Baseline risk as predictor of treatment benefit: three clinical meta-re-analyses      
Basic science pharmacy faculty publication patterns from research-intensive US Colleges, 1999-2003.      
The basis for current treatment recommendations for malignant gliomas      
The basis for using the Internet to support the information needs of primary care      
Bayer's response to "potential for conflict of interest in the evaluation of suspected adverse drug reactions: use of cerivastatin and risk of rhabdomyolysis"      
Bayes methods for combining the resuts of cancer studies in humans and other species      
A Bayesian aggregate meta-analytic evaluation approach      
Bayesian analyses of two-treatment crossover studies      
A Bayesian analysis of bivariate survival data from a multicentre cancer clinical trial      
A Bayesian analysis of institutional effects in a multicenter cancer clinical trial      
A Bayesian analysis of the two-period crossover design for clinical trials      
A Bayesian approach for incorporating economic factors in sample size design for clinical trials of individual drugs and portfolios of drugs      
Bayesian approach for meta-analysis of controlled clinical trials      
A Bayesian approach to establishing sample size and monitoring criteria for phase II clinical trials      
A Bayesian approach to jointly estimate centre and treatment by centre heterogeneity in a proportional hazards model.      
A Bayesian approach to modeling the relation between treatment benefit and underlying risk in meta-analysis [abstract]      
A Bayesian approach to the interpretation of subgroup results in clinical trials      
Bayesian approaches to meta-analysis of pharmaco-epidemiological data      
Bayesian approaches to meta-analysis of ROC curves      
Bayesian approaches to meta-epidemiology [abstract]      
Bayesian approaches to random-effects meta-analysis: a comparative study      
Bayesian approaches to research synthesis      
Bayesian clinical trials at the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center      
Bayesian estimation of cost-effectiveness from censored data.      
Bayesian generalized linear models for metaanalysis of diagnostic tests [abstract]      
A Bayesian hierarchical approach for combining case-control and prospective studies      
Bayesian hierarchical models      
A Bayesian hierarchical survival model for the institutional effects in a multi-centre cancer clinical trial      
Bayesian implementation of a genetic model-free approach to the meta-analysis of genetic association studies.      
Bayesian imputation of predictive values when covariate information is available and gold standard diagnosis is unavailable      
Bayesian inference for causal effects in randomized experiments with noncompliance.      
Bayesian meta-analysis for longitudinal data models using multivariate mixture priors      
Bayesian meta-analysis for quantifying treatment benefit of intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) in neonates [abstract]      
Bayesian meta-analysis, with application to studies of ETS and lung cancer      
A Bayesian method for the synthesis of evidence from qualitative and quantitative reports: the example of antiretroviral medication adherence      
Bayesian methodology for combining the results from different experiments when the specifications for pooling are uncertain      
Bayesian methods for analyzing treatment-by-subset interaction in clinical trials [abstract]      
Bayesian methods for cluster randomized trials with continuous responses      
Bayesian methods for design and analysis of cost-effectiveness trials in the evaluation of health care technologies.      
Bayesian methods in health technology assessment: a review      
Bayesian methods in meta-analysis and evidence synthesis      
Bayesian methods of analysis for cluster randomized trials with binary outcome data      
Bayesian methods of analysis for cluster randomized trials with count outcome data      
Bayesian model averaging in meta-analysis: vitamin E supplementation and mortality      
Bayesian modelling of healthcare resource use in multinational randomized clinical trials      
A Bayesian ordinal model for heterogeneity in a multi-centre myocardial infarction clinical trial.      
Bayesian random effects meta-analysis of trials with binary outcomes: methods for the absolute risk difference and relative risk scales.      
Bayesian random effects meta-analysis of trials with binary outcomes: methods for the absolute risk difference and relative risk scales      
Bayesian sequential monitoring designs for single-arm clinical trials with multiple outcomes      
Bayesian statistical inference enhances the interpretation of contemporary randomized controlled trials      
Bayesian statistical method was underused despite its advantages in the assessment of implantable medical devices      
Bayesian subset analysis: application to studying treatment-by-gender interactions.      
Bayesian subset analysis in a colorectal cancer clinical trial      
Bayesian subset analysis [published erratum appears in Biometrics 1994 Mar;50(1):322]      
[Bayesian thinking on its way into medical statistics?]. [Norwegian]      
Be skeptical about unexpected large apparent treatment effects: the case of an MRC AML12 randomization.      
Beating the barriers: recruitment of people with intellectual disability to participate in research.      
"Beating the bushes" to identify previously unreported cases of a rare and potentially fatal adverse drug reaction: Comparison of HIV-negative rituximab-associated progressive multifocal leucoencephalopathy (PML) cases obtained by the Research on Adverse Drug Events and Report (RADAR), the FDA, the manufacturer, and a literature review [abstract]      
"...because I am something special" or "I think I will be something like a guinea pig": information and assent of legal minors in clinical trials - assessment of understanding, appreciation and reasoning      
Becoming a medical information master: feeling good about not knowing everything [see comments]      
Behavioral and pharmacologic interventions: the Raynaud's Treatment Study      
Behavioral aspects of clinical trials. An integrated framework from behavior theory      
Behavioral research on headaches: a coded bibliography.      
Behavioral studies relevant to vaccine trial preparation: an introduction.      
Behaviors of authors and peer reviewers following change from closed to open system [abstract]      
Behavioural dynamics of a clinical trial of sunscreens for reducing solar keratoses in Victoria, Australia      
Behind the dementia headlines. A systematic look at the quality of reporting of dementia research in two UK national newspapers. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Being a modern pharmaceutical company: involves making information available on clinical trial programmes      
Being sceptical about meta-analyses: a Bayesian perspective on magnesium trials in myocardial infarction [see comments]      
Being there: the effect of the user's presence on MEDLINE search results      
Belief of vaccine receipt in HIV vaccine trials: further cautions      
Believability of relative risks and odds ratios in abstracts: cross sectional study.      
Believe it or not! Longer questionnaires have lower response rates.      
Benchmarking the clinical prosthetic dental literature on MEDLINE      
Benefit of searching different databases to identify health economic evaluations included in German HTA-reports [abstract]      
Benefits and drawbacks of including consumer reviewers in the scientific merit review of breast cancer research      
Benefits of and barriers to involving users in medical device technology development and evaluation      
Benefits of meta-analysis using individual patient data (IPD) [abstract]      
Benzodiazepines in generalized anxiety disorder: heterogeneity of outcomes based on a systematic review and meta-analysis of clinical trials.      
Bereaved parents' experience of research participation.      
Best evidence for alternative medicine? [abstract]      
Best-evidence synthesis: an alternative to meta-analytic and traditional reviews      
Best evidence synthesis: an intelligent alternative to meta-analysis      
Best-friend reports: a tool for measuring the prevalence of sensitive behaviors      
Best practice in undertaking and reporting health technology assessments. Working Group 4 Report      
Beta blockade during and after myocardial infarction: an overview of the randomized trials      
The Beta Blocker Heart Attack Trial: recruitment experience.      
The Beta-Blocker Pooling Project (BBPP): subgroup findings from randomized trials in post infarction patients. The Beta-Blocker Pooling Project Research Group      
The beta error and sample size determination in clinical trials in emergency medicine      
The beta error in clinical trials in emergency medicine [abstract]      
Beta errors revisited [abstract]      
A better gold pan: capturing RCTs with more precision [abstract]      
Better reporting of harms in randomized trials: an extension of the CONSORT statement      
Better reporting of randomized trials in biomedical journal and conference abstracts      
Better reporting of studies of diagnostic accuracy.      
Better to be frustrated than bored: the incidence, persistence, and impact of learners' cognitive-affective states during interactions with three different computer-based learning environments      
Between-the-eyes adverse drug reactions: anecdotes as evidential gold standards [abstract]      
Beware of surrogate outcome measures      
Beyond ACP Journal Club: how to harness MEDLINE for diagnostic problems      
Beyond citation analysis: a model for assessment of research impact      
Beyond conflict of interest. Sponsored drug trials show more-favourable outcomes      
Beyond CONSORT: need for improved reporting standards for clinical trials. Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials      
Beyond ''I don't know'': responsible and effective strategies to communicate results of exposure assessment for endocrine disruptors to study participants and communities in a breast cancer study [abstract]      
Beyond market research: a case study of recruiting African Americans to a hypertension study [abstract]      
Beyond MEDLINE for literature searches      
Beyond Medline: reducing bias through extended systematic review search.      
Beyond "misunderstanding": written information and decisions about taking part in a genetic epidemiology study      
Beyond performance: feature awareness in personalized interfaces      
Beyond randomized controlled trials: a critical comparison of trials with nonrandomized studies.      
Beyond relevance and recall: testing new user-centred measures of database performance      
Beyond relevance--characteristics of key papers for clinicians: an exploratory study in an academic setting.      
Beyond the development of health-related quality-of-life (HRQOL) measures: a checklist for evaluating HRQOL outcomes in cancer clinical trials--does HRQOL evaluation in prostate cancer research inform clinical decision making?      
Beyond the Ingelfinger Rule: the intellectual property ethics after the end of biomedical journals' monopoly      
Beyond the RCT - investigating validity of approaches to searching [abstract]      
Beyond trial registration: a global trial bank for clinical trial reporting.      
Bias against European journals in medical publication databases      
Bias against negative studies in newspaper reports of medical research      
Bias against the null hypothesis: the reproductive hazards of cocaine      
Bias analysis applied to Agricultural Health Study publications to estimate non-random sources of uncertainty.      
Bias and dispersal in the animal reintroduction literature      
Bias and heterogeneity in meta-analyses of genetic risk factors [abstract]      
Bias associated with delayed verification in test accuracy studies: accuracy of tests for endometrial hyperplasia may be much higher than we think!      
Bias associated with inadequate or unclear concealment of allocation in randomized osteoarthritis trials. Poster presentation at the 16th Cochrane Colloquium: Evidence in the era of globalisation; 2008 Oct 3-7; Freiburg, Germany [abstract]      
Bias associated with study protocols in epidemiologic studies of disease familial aggregation      
Bias at the systematic review level: a systematic review [abstract]      
Bias, controversy, and abuse in the study of the scientific publication system      
Bias due to changes in specified outcomes during the systematic review process      
The bias due to incomplete matching      
Bias due to withdrawal in long-term randomised trials in COPD: evidence from the TORCH study      
Bias from industry trial funding? A framework, a suggested approach, and a negative result.      
Bias from missing values: sex differences in implication of failed venepuncture for the Scottish Heart Health Study [see comments]      
Bias in a placebo-controlled study due to mismeasurement of disease status and the regression effect.      
Bias in accuracy measures caused by data driven selection of optimal cut-off values for continuous test results: mechanisms, magnitude and solutions [abstract]      
Bias in alternative medicine is still rife but is diminishing      
Bias in analytic research      
Bias in case-control studies      
Bias in case-control studies of screening effectiveness      
Bias in clinical intervention research.      
Bias in double-blind trials      
Bias in estimates of diagnostic accuracy due to shortcomings in design and conduct: empirical evidence [abstract]      
Bias in location and selection of studies      
Bias in meta-analysis detected by a simple, graphical test      
Bias in meta-analysis detected by a simple, graphical test. Asymmetry detected in funnel plot was probably due to true heterogeneity      
Bias in meta-analysis detected by a simple, graphical test. Experts' views are still needed      
Bias in meta-analysis detected by a simple, graphical test. Graphical test is itself biased      
Bias in meta-analysis detected by a simple, graphical test. Increase in studies of publication bias coincided with increasing use of meta-analysis      
Bias in meta-analysis detected by a simple, graphical test. Prospectively identified trials could be used for comparison with meta-analyses      
Bias in meta-analysis detected by a simple, graphical test. Test had 10% false positive rate      
Bias in meta-analysis due to outcome variable selection within studies      
Bias in meta analytic research      
Bias in non-randomised evaluations of service developments: a case study from the introduction of crtical care outreach services [abstract]      
Bias in proxies' reports of disability: data from the National Health Interview Survey on disability      
Bias in published cost effectiveness studies: systematic review.      
Bias in reporting clinical trials      
Bias in sensitivity and specificity caused by data-driven selection of optimal cutoff values: mechanisms, magnitude, and solutions.      
Bias in surgical research.      
Bias in the analysis and reporting of randomized controlled trials      
Bias in the one-step (Peto) method for pooling study results      
Bias in treatment assignment in controlled clinical trials      
Bias in trials comparing paired continuous tests can cause researchers to choose the wrong screening modality      
Bias in uncontrolled therapeutic trials in rheumatology due to selection of populations with extreme characteristics [see comments]      
Bias introduced in case-control studies by random digit dialing based control selection [abstract]      
Bias of estimates of the number needed to treat.      
The bias of sighted reviewers in research proposal evaluation: a comparative analysis of blind and open review in Korea.      
Bias resulting from discordant measures [abstract]      
Bias resulting from the use of 'assay sensitivity' as an inclusion criterion for meta-analysis      
Bias, subjectivity, chance, and conflict of interest in editorial decisions      
Bias towards publishing positive results in orthopedic and general surgery: a patient safety issue?      
Biased touching of the editorial tiller      
Biases in internet sexual health samples: comparison of an internet sexuality survey and a national sexual health survey in Sweden.      
Biases in the assessment of diagnostic tests      
Biases in the identification of risk factor thresholds and J-curves      
[Bibliographic errors in Revista Espanola de Enfermedades Digestivas. A retrospective study of the year 1995]      
The bibliographic "impact factor" of the Institute for Scientific Information: how relevant is it really for public health journals?      
Bibliographic Information Service in Health Sciences in Japan [abstract]      
Bibliographic output of the Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Health in Zagreb between 1994 and 1998.      
Bibliographic study showed improving methodology of meta-analyses published in leading journals 1993-2002.      
Bibliography of Bioethics and Index Medicus: comparison of coverage, publication delay, and ease of recall for journal articles on bioethics      
The bibliography of performing arts medicine: a five-year retrospective review.      
Bibliography of recent literature in sleep research. Citations retrieved by Brain Information Service      
Bibliometric analyses along cumulative meta-analyses: the Life Cycle of Evidence in Cancer Care (LIFE CYCLE) [abstract]      
Bibliometric analysis of 100 most cited Cochrane Systematic Reviews. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
A bibliometric analysis of 100 most cited systematic review and meta-analysis articles [abstract]      
A bibliometric analysis of Cochrane Collaboration and its products. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
[Bibliometric analysis of Danish medical research 1986-1992]      
A bibliometric analysis of IOLIM conferences 1977-1999      
Bibliometric analysis of Latin-American presence in pediatric publications: geographical distribution and countries' impact factor [abstract]      
Bibliometric analysis of literatures on evidence-based medicine in 2002      
A bibliometric analysis of pharmacology and pharmacy journals: Scopus versus Web of Science.      
A bibliometric analysis of publications by the Chemistry Department, Seoul National University, Korea, 1992-1998      
Bibliometric analysis of randomised trials in complementary medicine      
Bibliometric analysis of Spanish scientific publications on tobacco use during the period 1970-1996      
[Bibliometric analysis of systematic reviews in the Neonatal Cochrane Collaboration. Its role in evidence-based decision making in neonatology]. [Spanish]      
A bibliometric analysis of the 100 most cited Cochrane reviews. Poster presentation at the 17th Cochrane Colloquium; 2009 Oct 11-14, Singapore [abstract]      
A bibliometric analysis of the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation      
A bibliometric analysis of the articles published in Anales de la Real Academia de Farmacia (1932-1996).      
Bibliometric analysis of the literature of randomized controlled trials.      
[Bibliometric analysis of the original articles published in the Revista Espanola de Anesthesiologia y Renimacion in 10 years (1987-1996)]      
A bibliometric analysis of the scientific literature on Internet, video games, and cell phone addiction      
A bibliometric evaluation of European Union research of the respiratory system from 1987-1998      
[Bibliometric evaluation of the Spanish scientific output in neurosciences. Analysis of the publication with international readership between 1984 and 1993]      
Bibliometric impact of the production of the Spanish HTA agencies [abstract]      
Bibliometric indicators analysis of the International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care in the period 1995-1998 [abstract]      
[Bibliometric indicators of production and usage of Archivos de Bronchoneumologia]      
Bibliometric methods as support for decision making [abstract]      
[Bibliometric repercussions of adopting English as the sole language for publication (see comments)]      
Bibliometric studies of research collaboration: a review      
A bibliometric study of English-language materials on acupuncture.      
Bibliometric study of grey literature in core veterinary medical journals      
[Bibliometric study of the articles published in the journal Farmacia Clinica (1991-1995)].      
[Bibliometric study of the original articles published in the Revista Espanola de Salud Publica (1991-2000). I. General indicators]. [Spanish]      
A bibliometric study on ageing and reception processes of scientific literature      
Bibliometrics and beyond: some thoughts on web-based citation analysis      
Bibliometrics and evaluation of research performance      
Bibliometrics of global malaria vaccine research      
Binge eating disorder pharmacotherapy clinical trails - Who is left out?      
Bioethics in the medical subspecialty literature.      
Bioinformatics applications of information extraction from scientific journal articles      
Biological sciences in Chile and South America, 1981-1991: a citationist perspective. Output data and specialty area impact trends      
Biomarker-based methods for determining non-compliance in a prevention trial [abstract]      
Biomarker-based methods for determining noncompliance in a prevention trial      
The Biomarker-Surrogacy Evaluation Schema: a review of the biomarker-surrogate literature and a proposal for a criterion-based, quantitative, multidimensional hierarchical levels of evidence schema for evaluating the status of biomarkers as surrogate endpoints      
Biomedical and health sciences publication productivity from Malaysia      
Biomedical information retrieval across languages      
Biomedical journal title changes: reasons, trends, and impact      
[Biomedical papers written by Chilean authors published in international journals in 1997. A review of MEDLINE]      
Biomedical publication - global profile and trend.      
[Biomedical publications in Spain on debate (I): state of neurological journals]      
Biomedical question answering: a survey      
Biomedical research in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (1982-2000)      
Biostatistical collaboration in medical research.      
Biotechnology awareness study, Part 2: Meeting the information needs of biotechnologists      
Birth outcomes: utility values that postnatal women, midwives and medical staff express.      
Bivariate analysis of sensitivity and specificity produces informative summary measures in diagnostic reviews.      
A bivariate approach to meta-analysis      
Bivariate meta-analysis of predictive values. Oral presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
Bivariate meta-analysis of sensitivity and specificity in diagnostic reviews [abstract]      
Bivariate meta-analysis of sensitivity and specificity with sparse data: a generalized linear mixed model approach      
Bivariate random-effects meta-analysis and the estimation of between-study correlation.      
Bivariate random effects meta-analysis of ROC curves.      
Black art posters, a low-cost incentive to increase cohort study enrollment [abstract]      
Black participation in the Prostate, Lung, Colorectal and Ovarian (PLCO) Cancer Screening Trial      
Bladder-health diaries: an assessment of 3-day vs 7-day entries.      
Blind man's bluff: effectiveness and significance of psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy blinding procedures in a clinical trial      
Blind versus nonblind review: a reevaluation of selected medical journals [letter]      
Blind versus nonblind review: survey of selected medical journals      
Blinded assessment of the methodological quality [abstract]      
Blinded subjective rankings as a method of assessing treatment effect: a large sample example from the Systolic Hypertension in the Elderly Program (SHEP)      
Blinded trials taken to the test: an analysis of randomized clinical trials that report tests for the success of blinding.      
Blinded vs unblinded peer review in a non-English-language journal: a randomized controlled trial [abstract]      
Blinding and exclusions after allocation in randomised controlled trials: survey of published parallel group trials in obstetrics and gynaecology      
Blinding and exclusions after randomization in controlled trials [abstract]      
Blinding decreased recruitment in a prevention trial of postmenopausal hormone therapy.      
Blinding during data analysis and writing of manuscripts      
Blinding effectiveness and association of pretreatment expectations with pain improvement in a double-blind randomized controlled trial.      
Blinding in acupuncture research: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials for pain using a sham acupuncture control      
Blinding in peer review: the preferences of reviewers for nursing journals      
Blinding in randomised trials: hiding who got what.      
Blinding protocols, treatment credibility, and expectancy: methodologic issues in clinical trials of osteopathic manipulative treatment.      
Blinding reviewers improves peer review [editorial]      
Blinding techniques in randomized controlled trials of laser therapy: an overview and possible solution.      
Blinding, unblinding, and the placebo effect: an analysis of patients' guesses of treatment assignment in a double-blind clinical trial      
Blinding was judged more difficult to achieve and maintain in nonpharmacologic than pharmacologic trials.      
Blindness and bias in a trial of antidepressant medication for chronic tension-type headache.      
Blood pressure and stroke: an overview of published reviews.      
Blood pressure as a surrogate end point for hypertension      
[Blood pressure measurement. Criteria employed in scientific articles published in Brazilian journals]      
Blood pressure response to percutaneous transluminal angioplasty for renovascular hypertension: an overview of published series      
Blood spots as an alternative to whole blood collection and the effect of a small monetary incentive to increase participation in genetic association studies      
Blood transfusion and infection after colorectal cancer surgery      
Bone pain from granulocyte colony stimulating factor: does clinical trial sponsorship by a pharmaceutical company influence its reporting?      
Book catalogs versus card catalogs      
Boolean versus ranked querying for biomedical systematic reviews      
Boosting enrollment in neurology trials with Local Identification and Outreach Networks (LIONs)      
Boosting qualifies capture-recapture methods for estimating the comprehensiveness of literature searches for systematic reviews      
Borrowing missing SDs from a previous meta-analysis or from other studies in the same meta-analysis [abstract]      
Borrowing strength from external trials in a meta-analysis      
Both clinical epidemiology and population health perspectives can define the role of health care in reducing health disparities.      
Bottom drawer papers: another waste of clinicians' time      
A bound for publication bias based on the fraction of unpublished studies      
Bradford's law to predict the size of the literature in Cochrane reviews. Oral presentation at the Joint Cochrane and Campbell Colloquium; 2010 Oct 18-22; Keystone, Colorado, USA [abstract]      
[Brazilian biomedical publications in the international scientific literature. Endemic communicable diseases]      
Breaking traditions: sexual health and ethnicity in nursing research: a literature review.      
Breaking up is hard to do: family perspectives on the future of the home PC      
Breast cancer consensus meetings: vive la difference?      
Breast cancer on the world wide web: cross sectional survey of quality of information and popularity of websites.      
Breast cancer patients' attitudes toward clinical trials in the radiation oncology clinic versus those searching for trial information on the internet.      
Breast cancer patients' expectations in respect of the physician-patient relationship and treatment management results of a survey of 617 patients.      
Breast cancer practice patterns: evidence of a shift following a consensus conference (CC) or clinical alert (CA) [abstract]      
Breast cancer prevention in community clinics: will low-income Latina patients participate in clinical trials?      
Breast cancer risk and duration of estrogen use: the role of study design in meta-analysis      
Breast cancer risk assessment in a mammography screening program and participation in the IBIS-II chemoprevention trial      
Breast cancer survivorship in a multiethnic sample: challenges in recruitment and measurement.      
Breast cancer treatment in clinical practice compared to best evidence and practice guidelines      
[Breast pathology: evaluation of the Portuguese scientific activity based on bibliometric indicators]      
Breast self-examination web site of the Institute of Oncology Sremska Kamenica vs. breast self-examination web sites in English language and languages of former Yugoslavia      
Breastfeeding studies: culture, biomedicine, and methodology      
Bridging research and practice: community-researcher partnerships for replicating effective interventions.      
Bridging the gap between methods research and the needs of policy makers: a review of the research priorities of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence.      
Bridging the gap: making health services useful for people in a position to use it [abstract]      
Bridging the gender gap in research      
Brief communication: adjacency and proximity searching in the Science Citation Index and Google.      
A brief history of research synthesis      
A brief history of time: the power of botanical systematic reviews      
A brief introductory guide to chronic pain resources on the Internet      
A brief measure of perceived understanding of informed consent in a clinical trial was validated.      
Brief reports versus full systematic reviews: when is enough really enough?      
A brief study on the quality of clinical trials in 11 medical journals of traditional Chinese medicine from 1995-2000      
The Brighton Collaboration: addressing the need for standardized case definitions of adverse events following immunization (AEFI)      
The Brighton Collaboration: enhancing comparability of vaccine safety data.      
"Brimful of STARLITE": toward standards for reporting literature searches.      
''Brimful of STARLITE'': towards standards for reporting literature searches [abstract]      
British and Canadian views on the ethics of paediatric clinical trials.      
British studies which measure patient outcome, 1990-1994.      
Broad versus narrow questions: empirical evidence of lumping and splitting of topics in Cochrane perinatal reviews      
The Buffalo Medical Journal: 1845-1919      
Building a clean and comprehensive study-based register of reports of diagnostic test accuracy studies [abstract]      
Building a database of validated pediatric outcomes [abstract]      
Building a database of validated pediatric outcomes. Poster presentation at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium; 2011 Oct 19-22; Madrid, Spain [abstract]      
Building an expert system: a systematic approach to developing an instrument for data extraction from the literature. [Review]      
Building and maintaining trust in a community-based participatory research partnership      
Building blocks for meta-synthesis: data integration tables for summarising, mapping, and synthesising evidence on interventions for communicating with health consumers.      
Building bridges between systematic reviews and Brazilian decision-making: methods for disseminating evidence [abstract]      
Building capacity and recruiting for HIV epidemiologic studies with African, Caribbean and other black communities in understudied urban-rural locales: the BLACCH Study [abstract]      
Building capacity for evidence generation, synthesis and implementation to improve the care of mothers and babies in South East Asia: methods and design of the SEA-ORCHID Project using a logical framework approach      
Building community partnerships: case studies of Community Advisory Boards at research sites in Peru, Zimbabwe, and Thailand.      
Building HTA systems that impact on policy: analysing the evidence from impact studies [abstract]      
Building up a disease-specific trials register in hemato-oncology: experiences from a project of the Cochrane Haematological Malignancies Group (CHMG) [abstract]      
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